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How to silk natural hair secret, pro don’t tell you!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys is lena b and today i’m going to be showing you all the tips, tricks and secrets for a silk press on natural hair. So, as you can see, this beauty has natural hair. It hasn’t been relaxed in over four years. The first thing you want to do is use a thermal heat, protectant and you’re just gonna spray. This all over her head you to try and tackle the at once. You always want to work in sections when you’re working with natural hair always split it down.
The middle and then I’ll make another part for ear to ear, dividing it into four even sections. Sometimes you might have to do a lot of finger work and not necessarily use your comb, because their hair is natural. It might be a little tangley. So just take your time and work through it after you have all the sections divide it, you want to make sure that you’re evenly distributing the product. I did use cheap products for the silk press on her hair. I use the silk infusion there. As you can see, I used a dime sized amount of the silk infusion and then a dime sized amount of their silk nning cream. And I’m just going to put that on each section and as I work my way through you’re gonna notice that I am going to use my paddle brush, you want to make sure that you have a paddle brush when you’re working with natural hair. So I’m going to use the paddle brush and I want to detangle, as I work my way through each section, you always want to start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up when you’re detangling all right now we’re gonna start, I’m gon Na start on the blow-drying, the blow-dry, as well as the product, is very very important again. You want to use your paddle brush, because, if you’ve worked with natural hair, you know that their hair tangles very easily. So you always want to keep your paddle brush handy and work your way through the hair and on your blow-dryer. You always want to make sure you have an attachment. The attachment is going to make sure that the air flow is being directed in one place versus blowing all over their head and drying it out before you get to the sections needed.
So you take your paddle brush and your blow-dryer and you still work your way from the bottom to the scalp of the hair as you’re working through after I use my paddle brush you’re gonna notice that I’m gonna use a round brush and when. When I use the round brush, it may look simple, but you want to make sure that you practice if you’ve never used a round brush, see that extra curl at the scalp this round brush is going to take that crinkle out and it’s gonna stretch that Hair out and get it straight before you even start the flood iron and this part is very, very important. The straighter you can get it with the blow dryer the easier your work is going to be for you and so you’re, just kind of gripping. The hair with a round brush and you’re, stretching it out while you’re putting the heat from the blow dryer on it. But again you definitely want to practice using a round brush if you’ve never had experience using one, because the hair can get tangled and caught inside. The round brush – and you don’t want that and you’re gonna notice – that over half the work is going to be done once you’re finished. If you give them your client, a good, blow-dry and you’ll even see some of the shine coming through just from the blow dryer from the products that were used, everything you do on one section. Of course you want to do on all four sections. The chair, she’s sitting in, is kind of rocking back, so I’m really not putting much tension on her hair at all. Okay, guys, just notice how straight is gonna be checked from the blow-dry. If doing the fourth section seems like is still a lot of hair. You can always break those sections into smaller sections and work the hair that way, sometimes if, depending on the texture of the hair, it can seem like it’s a bit much, so you can always break it down into smaller sections, but four sections is definitely the minimum That you want to go with again you’ll notice that I start from the bottom and work my way up to the scalp area.
You never want to just start at the scalp and pull down to the ends and if you’ll notice, I keep going through with my fingers to kind of feel and see how straight is getting. If I think that it’s a little too curly, then I’ll still go back in that’s when you’ll see me go back in with the blow-dryer and the round brush to kind of stretch it out a little bit more so same thing on this final side, you don’t Need me to talk you through it. It’s the same thing we did for the other three sections and, as you can see, is straight and it’s silky already and we haven’t even touched it with the flat iron. This is the Kenya Moore growth serum. If you notice at the beginning, she had a little bit of damage from doing self care at home, so the Kenya, Moore health system, kind of revives you’re in the ends or damaged ends over here. So I just put a dime sized amount of that through her hair, but if you have healthy hair for the most part, I won’t use that, but she did have damage. So I didn’t use that in her hair, just a dime sized amount and then we’re going to go through and now we’re going to start straightening. The first iron I’ll use is just a half inch iron. I don’t have a particular brand that I think is better than another, but the one that I’ll be using is the saleya c-shaped flood iron and when I go through with the small one. You’Ll see me pass right at her root area about five or six times. But I’m moving so quickly that the heat is barely touching the root of her hair. So that’s why I go over it a few times just so she won’t actually feel any steam or heat, and I move very very quickly when I’m that close to her scalp. If you do decide to take silk press as the service, you definitely need a half inch flood iron and a very small pressing comb, depending on the texture of the hair that just determines the size tool or what tool you use. Her hair is not a very coarse texture, so pressing comb wasn’t needed This is the one inch straightener and after I’ve done heard, the root area, then I’ll just take this through her mid-shaft two ends to straighten it out and again, whatever you do on one section, you want to do the same thing on the other sections, you’ll notice, That when I start using the one-inch flat iron that I do the flat iron over comb method, so I’m chasing the comb with my flat iron and you’ll see that in a minute.
So I put the comb underneath and then I put the flood iron right above and I slowly chase my comb down with the flat iron, and that gives it that bouncy flow and you see how much shine she has So when you’re doing your silk presses, they should never be weighed down They should be full of Bounce body and shine just like with any other service When you’re working with your clients, you should really do a consultation That way, you can determine the type of texture of their hair, the coarseness or thickness, and that way you can determine the heat range that you’ll use when it comes to your straighteners and your heating tools like your flat iron or if you use a pressing comb, You always want to first determine their texture of their hair and the porosity see how fluffy and lightweight that is That’s how you want your silk press to be when the wind blows her hair should just move all over and if you paid attention in the beginning, like I said she did, have damage from doing self-care she’s a college student So you know she has to take care of her own hair when she’s away, so we’re just going to trim off those ends that were kind of neglected yeah This part we’re just going to do the final touches I did cut a few layers in her front area and we’re just gonna curl it going away from the face, and I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial today If you’d like to follow me on social media You can check me out on Facebook Hair underscore baptism by Lena on instagram at hair, underscore baptism, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button

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