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How to take and edit Instagram photos on the iPhone

30 Sep , 2019  

I look like I’ve been swallowed by my hair. There is a person under your held off for violence. Welcome back to my Channel today, I’m basking your screen. Looking like the natural goddess that I am because today, I’m gonna show you how I edit my photographs. Yes, I had my photographs, like 99% of everyone on Instagram look at. I did a little questionnaire kind of thing. If you will on my Instagram asking people what to think of whatever to think of Instagram.
A lot of them was, like you know, creative looks or, like you know, photography, and then there was the other side which was like thick bitches Photoshop in their body Photoshop with her face so that it looks like play-doh and while I understand both sides, I really Do the reason why I like to edit my photographs is because I, like my Instagram to look a certain way, I don’t use it to alter the shape of my body or anything like that that people get very angry advice, I’m very much coming at it from Like a creative side for like my makeup photographs, I want my makeup to show up certain way. Hopefully the tips, I give you a be able to help you if you’re on separate scrum game or whatever. Now, while I was there is alright, the stuff that I’m gonna show, you is because, obviously I want to help you, but the best piece of advice I can give is to not copy everything that I do step by step, I’m showing you the apps. I like to use 100%, put your own spin on it. No one’s gonna want to follow you if you’re just copying someone else, because they could just follow the person that you’re copying in the first place join me. I want to show you this to help you guys and because all you obviously to be asking me, put your own spin on it, be cool; alright, no one likes sloppy seconds: ahaha, okay, my phone slightly askew, as always, okay. So, first off the big thing that I get asked is: what do I take my Instagram post and put some makeup on and the answer is my ass on my iPhone. I think this is the ten. It doesn’t sit on it, but well so you don’t even go on by in fancy house cameras. You can use your iPhone. I always use the back camera now. What I will say is, though, and why eviden is such a big thing for me, is sometimes your photographs can just look so shit. I can less. We take my 10 photographs in Rome here. I was all a completely different because the iPhone camera has a mind if it’s fucking, oh and I can’t cope with it.
You’ve rollers can sometimes trying upper great. I prefer using my iPhone. I just think a professional comic show up too much, and you know what I think: people prefer iPhone photographs like when you’re scrolling on Instagram you’re quicker like an iPhone photograph. I suppose the professional, a slutty iPhone photograph and reduction means slutty, like what I mean is. I phones are slowly in comparison to massive ass fancy camera. I prefer a slutty ass iPhone pick. The reason why I think is because if people see on a professional camera the autumn, I think it’s more edited do their. No all right, I am putting my screen court on Ned who and I’m putting my air pen mode on no, because I don’t wanna be getting any naughty messages. First things. First, I’m going into my photographs now I always take like a million and one photographs. What I do is I favorite my favorite ones and then edit them. It just makes it a lot easier to see which one do you like, because I have chose this photograph here. I thought it’d be great when I show a lot of the little tips and tricks that I can do to really change a photograph. I guess this is what the photograph looks like now, and this is what we’re gonna turn it into nice. So, like I said, the big thing of me and my photos is the lighting lighting is key key. I said you might not have loads of money to go, spend on big-ass lights or that bro and even if you do have big eyes, like sometimes they’ll show up properly. So this is when editing really comes in handy or stop. By going to face you done. Yes fast, you know, I do not alter my focus on this, so you can all calm down. You see, there’s a lot that we need to do here. I actually, this is all right, maybe a part of the hairline, but I want to make this super vibrant to show you how you can make your makeup really Sunday, okay, so the first thing I always do whenever I open up a picture like this, is I Work background first, have my backer and super white super bright. I like it to look cohesive. I don’t know what that word means, but I’m using it there. Okay, so first thing I do is I go to filters. This is something that I find every setting enough. I’D say in like the last few months – and this is what’s really up to my background game – if you will so first thing we want to is lighting.
As you see, it automatically comes up 50% lighter so that lightens the whole photograph. We don’t want that. So I’m gonna click clear and then I’m gonna click apply and we’re literally just gonna apply this all to the white areas here. So what this is doing is it’s making your background whiter? What I’m, having to whiten the whole image, I kind of wash it any color, etc, etc? Make sure I haven’t whitening, my hair isn’t like that. I’m gonna show you by the way. How would you and I have the photograph too? So if any of you are interested in, I keep on watching you see the difference that was meant already great. Isn’t it Wow, I’m such a big bitch? So that’s the first filter that I go back in the filters on what I do is I go to black and white silver. So what this is gonna do it’s gonna edit that and you can really bluey tones of green tones. In the background, I only put it at around 50. Again we got a clear and play. You have to be very careful with this one, a lot so cut it in your hair because it make your hair green, and this is where you can kind of be clocked a little bit, I’m actually just going over the wooden frame. I don’t really care whatever. Just watch your hair, so this really just does make a super white as it can be. So I just press this little blue button in here. This is how you could see. Oh, it looks before, and after with this picture in particular after I’d done all the makeup, I was like shit. It would look really good if my body was actually white just to really make it look like. I was coming out of the photograph you know, so I’m gonna go back into filters back in the black and white silver. I put it to bed 78 wife. I’m gonna play there’s a plan. It’s all over. Normally I would pants my body white, but, like I said it was an idea I had afterwards – and I was not about to put this all over my face again, all right. That’s all contact! Okay, that’s the background. I’m happy enough with whatever no well my skin. I don’t actually smoothen it sometimes. I just think it makes your skin look like play-doh. If I do get any spots, I just turned them into freckles. What I do later on is I apply a green which I’ll show you later on my other apps. So for my skin, I don’t really do that much to be honest, if there’s something that I don’t like, I might smoothen it or like.
Sometimes I get dry patches. So if I want to sweeten that, then I will next we’re gonna tack up my hairline. So I wear wigs and I put them on shit Lee because I’m gonna have to spend it four to six hours. Do it and like crazy look, I just need to stick my wig on for the photograph. I’m not arched. All right, that’s probably become when I get most this oh wait. Yeah, I don’t care okay, so I’m gonna go into tones. Put a fake picker, I’m gonna pick the closest color to my hairline and then we’re just gonna run this over the edge shot, the wig. What this does is it kind of just makes it look a little bit more naturally, kind of like your skin is peeking through the front ish. I don’t know, then we’re gonna go to smooth I’m just very lightly, going to smooth the edges. If I’m ever smoothing anything, I literally only use smooth, I don’t go to smoother, because that literally looks like you’re just taking a rubber to your face, see already how much better that hairline looks hello now we’re gonna move on to the fist, so straight away With this, my eyes look so dark, and I hit that so we’re back in the filters with a little lighting lighter and we’re just gonna lighten the eye area. Here. That’s because there were such big eyelashes just upsetting sort of this, and still I feel like my eyes, look so dark. They nearly look black. So what I wanna do is go back into tones click. Picker, I’m gonna go to a lighter blue. I’m just play a little bit there just make them look a little bit lighter because they just feel like they’re getting completely lost in this photograph. Now one of my favorite tools in this app is called details. I think this is super important for me. The letters and a lot of makeup details completely get wash. I went to take the photographs, that’s literally the way it is. Unfortunately, I can’t change that walk and help is details, so you’d be very careful with us again everything that I’m using I’m using very sparing me this mood to tones to details anything just very sparingly, because I feel like that’s what can make it look super over Added it, what this does is it kind of Springs it any of the details of any of these little hands letters here that I kind of want to mix not that a little bit more, especially lighter colors to kind of blend in with your skin eyelashes and I’Ll corner up all these little backs here I almost do my eyebrows and you know, makes them look more hairier kind of makes the hair son people always asking me about this.
Little see this little pinhole that I have. I never ended it out. I don’t care about it. I think it was a spot for I literally it’s just a hole in my face. Now I don’t know what else to tell you. I just leave him there he’s fine. I don’t really care. Oh actually, the one thing that I might smooth is see. I wanna live a crazy away lips this day. I cannot over like them a little bit too much. Sometimes that’s smooth, and I just thought that right there such as just annoys me like when you can see it so yeah. I just I’m actually happy enough with that image, but I just want to show off a few more things. So I’m just gonna look through these little tools. Here there is whiten which obviously whiteness things I used to use this, what my background, but it’s quite punchy and I find the filters work a lot better. What you do with this is tap it on any highlighted areas that maybe you want to kind of show up more looks a bit aggressive. I always go in with white and and then dive alright again, because I just feel like it always goes on for at you harshly, the first time, just kind of makes any white areas really stunned it off. You find that some of your whites come out quite grey or quite blue. This kind of helps that oh, how it changed my eye. Color will do that for you now just to show off a little bit. There’s a thing called red eye in this and you can actually change your eye color, so you have to color your people and they have like certain colors there for you, so that actually lightens up your eye. For you know you can see that pretty much. That’s how you do it for like natural colors, but if I’m wanting this change, but I thought I just something crazy, I go to tones. Let’s say I want to change my eyes to pink. I get the pink and I just thought over again that looks a little bit crazy, so I’ll do a wrist. Do this again keeping most of the color to like the bottom half the people think so Chris and then I got the details too and just run over that because I don’t want any the black getting lost. That’s how I changed my eye. Color, you see! You have to be very careful, though, because sometimes that’s what can make it look really out of it like that, has made that photograph look so added, so I’m just gonna go back. Are we done? No, we’re done. That’s history autumn doing for fit student! I’m happy enough for that. As you can see, the major differences are the hairline, the lighting, like nothing major again, people think this student is literally changing your whole thing.
It’s not it’s less. You making minor improvements that you might not even notice but really does add to the whole effect of the photograph. So that’s that I’m gonna save the camera roll. Then then, these are kind of the apps that I go in and out of sometimes so next thing I do is I put it into the filter loop battery. It was Jami who showed me this jibiji. I really really like this just for the filters. I do actually use nothing, even though I want my photos to show off my makeup. I still want them to have kind of, like I don’t know like them or whatever, so you can download all these really cool filters or whatever, obviously, that’s far too aggressive for make a photograph, so I normally bring it science it, but maybe right there or so I always add some dust over top because I just think it makes the photograph again look less professional and editors. I like them to have more of an olden feel to see if that the next up I go into is Snapseed. Remember earlier on, whenever I said that I don’t like to smooth my skin, I just put a grin over. This is what I mean so we’re going to Snapseed. We go to tunes and I go to granny film. You swipe up and get rid of the style swipe back down, and I put the Korean till about 17 ish. What that does is it puts like an old film kind, grin across the photograph? What I actually smoothen your skin are getting rid of anything. It just gives the overall photograph or more old, and what is this Wow? Oh here’s not one to do so. Yeah, it just kind of gives the photograph a really cool to feel the final step that I do then wet my photographs is I put them onto Instagram, so we’re opening this up an Instagram. The first thing we’re going to is edit, I always make a brighter. I always put the contrast up. I actually make them a little bit cooler. I prefer that a saturation definitely is a huge thing when doing makeup like you can see, already have much difference. Saturation can make to your photograph. It makes all the colors kind of pop a little bit more eye, makes them sound more true to color. So I produce saturation. What I went to next is sharper. This is a huge thing for me. I absolutely love it so because we put a grin on the photograph.
Sometimes I can lower the photograph too much so I like to blur it with Grant and then go back in and sharpen the shit out of it that really kind of makes a detailed sundae. I just really really liked that too yeah. So when you zoom in, as you see still see my pores lines, show there’s nothing like. I don’t think look and I thought that that looks super out of that or that you know it’s not me. I think that’s. What’s super important when showing off this stuff? Is that I’m not actually changing myself? I’m just make sure all my photographs are to an Instagram standard or a center that I’m happy with. I know people can bitch and moan about edit and photographs as much as they want and that’s absolutely fine you don’t have to, but I’m more so all about making my photographs really stand out. I’m making the makeup that I spent ages on stand that make sure the colorings crack the Lighting’s correct and that’s what’s gonna really make your page and your makeup standard some more against everyone else’s. I believe so. You can either be a hater and talk shit about it. You can get on this party bus just have a good time all right. So now, next, I’m gonna show you how to edit, like body picture of mine, you can remake photograph, looks so much better. So I’m going to tick. This is a photo of me for the VIPs here tonight. Now, when you look at this, this literary was the worst location, sick photographs. Everyone was all outside with the wind blowing are like angriest, you know all white places, and I was here literally there’s food behind me like, oh, not some foods, that’s jewelry! As always, I’m going to show you how I took this to Instagram and have I instagrammed it so first thing I did was actually whiten the whole background. Anyone seeing me at the awards, over my house, literally just sitting there, like this, massaging my phone being careful not to get my skin looking like a white Walker or the dress, it’s more so just for this background see that carpet. Why do all hotels, no matter how fancy it is, have ugly carpets, I’m sorry, but I can’t cope it up. I think it’s the same with the bus situations. You know, buses all have shitty patterns on it because it’s distracting you from the dirt. Maybe that’s the same of hotels. Is it? Oh, my god am i exposing people. Should I be a drama channel.
I swear. Editing just makes me go from heading a photograph to me actually liking it Wow. So now that the background is all white and it kind of just mix most of the focus on the center of the image and what’s really going on, which is my badass outfit next, I’m going to do, is I’m going to detail. The details are super important. I feel like for F the photographs, especially with this, but I’m wearing so we’re gonna run this all over. Oh no, this do ass all this, while goes because it was probably at my jewelry, Oh get that pop in my tattoo. Actually, this reading makes it kind of sundae’s. You can actually see it like. I like to drag it down where I have glue on the legs and Diddy’s get it on the top size G Lucas, a big job I have details just makes them stand out. Okay, you’re just climbing: what is there all about us, I’m going to show you how you can get rid of things in the background if you like as well. So this is how you can do it see this here and a little bit of thing. Don’t like you don’t want you micrograph your bad knees. What we’re going to do is going to patch now this only really works whenever you have a kind of clean background like this, the fact that was white we’re gonna patch we’re gonna make a big bowl or just see. Do you see what we did there yeah? That’s basically it I mean like this see. This is the road situation. I am hundred percent kinetic like that. I don’t care about it, so we’ll leave it there. We all have roads and bridge them. People please just on that topic Ashley. I know people get really upset and annoyed when they see someone edit in their body and stuff, and I can completely understand why, especially if it’s promoting something it’s supposed to make you like, skinnier or stuff like that and they’re at it in their body. In that sense I can understand, but I can also see it from the other side. If someone is in their body, they’re not editing it to be like a fool. Everyone, unperfect they’re, editing it because it’s something they’re really really insecure of I carry in their head. It’s something that don’t like about themselves or something that they’ve been bullied over or had harsh comments over and they’re, not okay with it, I’m changing it makes it feel a little bit better You see, that’s what I mean by there’s two sides to everything.
That’s the way I look at it, so I don’t have like a really negative I see someone is in the photograph, I don’t think all they’re a bitch I try to be perfect or filled all of us I think wow I feel bad for them like they Obviously, have issues and insecurities – and it’s like I don’t know – I don’t know, I’m not saying I agree with that Obviously we should feel beautiful and perfect in their own bodies, but that’s not the world we live in Is it especially not when there’s hundreds of people ready to give their opinions and comment them online, and I know what people are gonna say: they’ll put yourself online if you can’t handle it, that’s bullshit I’ve said it before I don’t care you’re, protecting the bully by saying that all right, instead of telling me or anyone online, to put up with it, how about you tell the bully to stop hello again, put it into filter loop, and I literally just do the exact same things, but Over photographs I feel like I could put a little bit more of a filter on it, just because I feel like filters and kind of mess up your makeup or this kind of stuff That’s alright! That’s really pass some really cool, like light leaks as well So if you wanna add any cool light leaks, you can, I didn’t do it in the original photograph, but you can do it If you want, you want to add something cool I don’t know, there’s something different I don’t make the roots these apps are so cool and I’ve got so many more amazing things you can do with them I just don’t really do them, I’m sure you could do unbelievable things if you wanted again straight into Instagram kind of just same thing, which is every photograph I feel like when you find your little your little nice, you kind of stick to it boom So here we have the before and after of the makeup picture, so as you can see, it’s just a hell of a lot brighter, just exact, cleaner, a lot sleeker, just better more polish, I haven’t added on makeup I haven’t done anything bad essentially, industry autozone is mint everything kind of pop Here we have the echo photographs again, nothing rain chance or get background a little bit of details here and there just mak

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