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How to Use Acrylic Resin by Your Opponents – 10 Successful Professional Skills

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi, I’m Susie and you know males can be hard to do sometimes and just when you think you’re getting it, you gotta do the opposite hand. I’m gonna give you some tips on how to do that a little easier. Today, that’s good. My nails are prepped primed and ready to go for acrylic. I’ve got a few of my favorite forms and we’re gonna get started.. Here’s a great example right here: do you see this? That is my natural nail missing a little bit on the side. We’Re gonna bring the acrylic right out from the side there, so we want to make sure the form is right in there now bring the tip together.
First, I’m gonna pitch it in there for a nice curve. I’m gonna do these almond to match my other hand. Okay, so because I am right-handed, I’m gonna move everything over to the left hand side, because I don’t want to cross like this. Okay, so I’m gonna open this up. Take my lid off to my powder. Get myself a good brush, I’m working with an oval-8, I’m gonna get my brush saturated with the monomer. So it is a little easier to work with a little drier. Then it would be too wet because you’re just made chasing it everywhere, so we’re gonna really focus on padding. I’m gonna be very concentrated in our moves and I’ll show you. So I’m gonna pick up my first bead and I’m going to place it as you can see not too close want that to release that’s being a little stubborn. That means it’s a little wetter. So when I Pat this down, I’m gonna try to be very specific. I want to move swiftly because this is acrylic. I don’t have time to wait. Cleaning my brush off constantly and I’m gonna go in and push it a little bit closer to the cuticle and then when I feel it’s close enough, I’m gonna Pat it out, but I want you to note that I’m not doing the whole nail. I’m just doing a section because I just can’t control that whole bead in this one move on the entire nail. It’s just too difficult when I’m using my opposite hand, I am NOT ambidextrous, I can barely say the word you can see. The cuticle is not perfect. I’m going to get a littler beat now see. I’m gonna place it right there as close as I can get it clean your brush off immediately, Pat it down sort of get it in there, but it’s starting to cure up so now, so I’m gonna have to pull this away, see how it’s drawing Up on me, it’d never be as good as your other hand, because you’re, just not you know right or left-handed.
Whichever way you’re going now, you can see that this whole section here is missing. We can add that cleaning your brush off completely and then just being very sure of your moose, not a lot of this and this, and this just be very sure of your move and you want to make sure that’s coming right from that side. That’s the move around time. There just make sure that you’re, you could still see. I still have a gap missing there, so I am going to add. I’m not gonna push the excess back in there. I’m gonna make a whole little bead to go into that side. There yeah I’m getting that little bead and I’m gonna put him right in there see that and I’m gonna push him in there. It’s sort of fitting a piece of puzzle in there and I’m gonna blend him out cleaning my brush every time I leave the nail like that. I am cleaning the brush getting rid of the excess on the brush. Okay, I’m gonna add another little bead right here to blend this out. I just don’t know if I really got it all. You know what I know a lot of people like to do a one beat method when you’re doing your opposite hand, don’t even pay attention to it, in fact, don’t even pay attention to that at all. That is not important. Okay, so you can see it’s a mess. What do you expect? It’s my opposite end. I’m gonna get another bead. Now I’m worried about the arch. The apex right in here gotta. Make sure that that’s happy. If it’s not you gonna break, especially it’s. My dominant hand, so the structure is crucially important on every finger of course, but especially the index finger on a dominant hand, it takes a lot of beating it’s a very busy finger way busier than the pinky pinky doesn’t really do much doesn’t get out. Much just looks adorable, so I apologize if this looks clunky and not very graceful, but it’s my oppas in it. Okay and I’m gonna add a little bit in here. I went a little bit more for the apex, bring it right down to the side. It wasn’t really feeling like that was full enough. Strong enough. It’s all about structure. I can file all the lumps and bumps away right, so we are not looking for a thing of beauty here. Okay, I think we’ve got ourselves one nail here. We go. I’m gonna use another kind of form just to show you all the same outcome, even though they’re different forms right.
It’s just how you form it okay. Now this is really tough too. You see now I’m pretty good with forms and even with my opposite hand, but here might be a bit of a tip, maybe take the tips of it and actually put it together. First, okay, that might help make sure the back end is open, make sure it doesn’t stick together and then slide your thumb in there it’s a little sticky. So it’s going to give you too and see if you can wedge it right, underneath the nacho nail check your sides check every which way looks pretty good. So if you’re having any issues with forms, you can try that, with your good hand and your bad, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you do it and get that form on there. Ain’t stand on your head if it makes it work right, so I do find I’m moving. My opposite hand a lot because I’m right-handed it’s natural for me to want to move this and it’s quite easily of course this hand. This is why I’m saying just be very confident and slow in your moves, because the dexterity is just not as good, so you want to move this one quite a bit that really comes into play when we’re filing case I’m getting another bead, don’t go too big Work with smaller beads and place him don’t flood the cuticle, don’t put it way back there and then sort of just move it. If you don’t make it all the way back there. That’s okay, we’ll add some more turn your brush. To that. I really find that works really really well. If your brush is shaped nicely, your brush will work for you, and now I need to pull back ASAP. It’s gonna start drying right away. It does the moment. You form that bead it starts hardening right up. So if it’s not in place, it’s going to have a tude, it’s gonna be thick where you left it right. I had almost lost control of that cuticle there. No, he doesn’t want to move anymore. That’s it! I’m done okay, so I’m gonna get another bead and I’m gonna do the free edge. Remember: do this in sections! Do not try to do it all in one. Get rid of that dust be very, very sure in your move and your decision, it’s better to flatten it down and then try to shape it. You can see. There’s no arch for this there’s no apex. I can take care of any of that.
We’Ll work on that later just try to get some length in there you can see. My brush is very limited in my movement on my brush. It’s very very, like not skilled at all, I’m literally just patting and just trying to smooth as best I can there’s not a real lot of technique going on. There see that look at it sideways. You can see that there’s no arch, but what I was focusing on was the cuticle area. Alright and it’ll never be perfect. It’Ll never be as good as the one. When you do, with your dominant hand, is you just can’t it’s just too hard, but you got to try it. It’s a really good way of learning how to do nails. I must be honest: whenever I’m training my girls, especially the ones that worked with me, I tell them to do your own nails. It really helps you become better at what you do. You can feel everything you can see it. You can see every day that grow out. It’s just a great way to do. It now take a look at this area here you see that that’s horribleness right happening in there. That is the breaking point. That’s the structure, so I’m going to take a little bead. Now, normally, I would just take one big bead and put it over top of the whole thing, but because it’s my opposite hand, I got to break this down, so I’m gonna take a little err. Bead see that little guy and I’m gonna place that little bead right in there, I’m just gonna work. This area – I just don’t – have the skills, with my opposite hand, to be able to handle a giant bead be disaster. If you don’t get time to smooth it like that, don’t sweat it that’s what filing is all about. Don’t get me wrong! You guys I’ve been doing this for a long time. I can make this look decent like this, but when you’re doing it when you’re first learning – oh, it’s gonna look horrible but expect that that’s okay, I put that bead right there. This is my structure and forget this bead. This bead will save your clients, nails see, that’s a pretty big bead I put in there and I’m just gonna see. If I can blend it out to the tip and here’s a move you can do. You can go this way if you’re comfortable I’ve. Never really gotten into that move, but I have used it on my opposite. I don’t really use it on the with my dominant hand, but you can see how how that can be advantageous.
Do whatever you can to make it work, there’s nothing more satisfying. Then, when you do get this, then you can solely rely on yourself to do your own nails. You don’t have to go to anybody. For the other hand, now mind you when someone says: oh, let me see your nails. I am giving them this hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving him this hand, because I know that this hand is much better. Look at that. Isn’t that adorable sorry focus when I look at this guy again he’s not bad, not bad at all, and just let me look down that way. I think I just might need a little bit more in here, I’ll just look at it sideways. I could pull back this way a little, and I think I’m gonna leave that I can fix that in the filing. That’s good! It’s almost like a square or coffin. Really that’s asking a little too much trying to make it all meant right away. Okay, I’m just gonna grab another form here and finish up the other ones again, doesn’t matter how lumpy and bumpy it is we’ll fix it in the filing okay, see how terrible that can look. That’s okay! We’Re gonna file these up now so don’t be alarmed. These can look pretty scary, but if you’ve got a drill or hand file, I can take down your lumps and bumps and that’s what essentially filing is all about there’s a nail in there and it’s beautiful. We just have to sculpt it if you have a giant lump focus on that month and just go on that one and get rid of that, lump whether your hand filing or using an ePub. So the trick that I do because I’m not ambidextrous. As I said, I cannot work the drill. With my other hand, it is basically a stationary unit, I’m just holding it with the drill on and I’m gonna focus more on. Moving this hand, which I am good at moving at any angles, this hand, I’m not so good at so I’m going to you – can see that I’m moving this hand around in all sorts of positions to be able to get the job done right, especially that cuticle Area now sometimes I can brace it and I will move it a little bit back in place, but that’s about as much movement. If you don’t get, that’s it and then the rest. I am moving the finger, I’m moving my hand. Okay, that’s probably the biggest tip when it comes to filing.
Is you your dominant hand, you’re just sculpting, all the lumps and bumps out of it, and I do use my hand file too now. Let me see: I’ve never really examined how I use the hand if I’m doing my opposite hand yeah. I guess. Oh I do that yeah, so I move this hand too. Sometimes, if I feel comfortable I’ll do it it’s not as strong. Well, it’s strong and gripping the client, but sometimes it’s not you know, doesn’t have the dexterity to be able to do the right angles and stuff. So move this hand, let’s say don’t be hard on yourself. This is it’s a good thing. You’Re doing it on yourself. Right, that’s a good way to learn. It took me about a year when I first started doing nails. I learned to do my own nails right away and I am so glad I did, but I would say it took me about a year to learn to really make it look good. I did a horrible job in the beginning, I used to miss all the sides. I used to make it like too narrow, but hey gotta start somewhere. So when I get it perfected and all the lumps and bumps – or I think it’s gonna look great with nail polish on it, I will take a smoother file and try to make it completely smooth. This is not for shaping so much. This is just for smoothing it over again. Don’t look for any grace and style when you’re doing your opposite and do whatever contortion you can do to get it done. That’s okay just want to spray it, so you can see without the dust. Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to see what it does. Okay, we got one down, that’s not bad! I mean I’m gonna. If I analyzed it, it’s not going to be as good as this hand, but nobody’s got it nobody’s gonna notice. At all. Don’t be so hard on yourself, hey, so I’m gonna go ahead and file it the rest, so just remember whatever lump and bump you end up having in there as long as you have enough product, you can sculpt what you want out of it. Now. I’m gonna add some oil I’m going to polish, so I’m putting the oil on before and what that just soaked right in there see how it’s just soaking right in I’m gonna massage it in over the entire nail and even a little underneath I’m gon Na do that with every single nail it really just gets into the cuticles, make sure all the dust is gone. You can get rid of dust with hand-washing, but you got to first I’ve done it where I didn’t experiment it and it makes a difference Oil gets in there with where the water does not, so you want to get it all oiled up, and it also brings it back to a very natural oil surface, which is what your natural nails would be like right and spread it around.
In your hand, this is a really good oil I really love this company for oil Ok now you can get up and wash your hands, but I don’t want to do that So I’m going to just use some alcohol to remove the oil and the Ducks okay, and now I’m going to polish the chat sent these beautiful nudes I was just taken with them, so I’m gonna pick one today I think I’m gonna go for something A little more on the pinky other side, so polishing your opposite hand is just as hard It may even be harder because we can’t fix it in the filing So don’t get a lot on your brush You do want to pull the polish off of one side completely and then you’re gonna attack the finger now don’t flood the cuticle pull back a little bit, go down one side ever so slowly This is definitely in Polish You want to do two coats It’s one of those polishes that are kind of like milky, and it makes a difference when you’re doing it this way and also the depth So how you’re kind of hovering over the nail that makes a big difference in the application makes a little bit tougher But when you apply this stuff nice, it is absolutely stunning So again the same kind of rule can apply where you move the finger It’s really hard to move the hand with the polishing That is a pretty color, but it’s got to go on right and hence it might have been a lot easier to just do with the other hand, but hey This is reality room and that’s pretty that’s very new tone on the puppet Now don’t be too alarmed If it’s kind of streaky we’re gonna do a second coat right, alrighty, beautiful, okay, I’m gonna top coat those and let’s check out the nude reveals every time I do my opposite hand I get better and better at it, and I really love it when it’s done it’s one of those chores You know it’s finally done It looks good anyway Thank you for joining me and watching me Get, in my opposite hand

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