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How to use eyeliner

1 Nov , 2019  

which was how to apply and blend. I shadow has been doing really really well and I feel, like a lot of you, guys, have been really enjoying that. So I want to bring that back and do a how to apply winged liner. I always get so many requests on how I apply winged liner and because most of my tutorials don’t really have liner in them. Because you know when you just feel like you, don’t want to sit there and really be intricate and send so much time. And then, if you mess up the whole eyeshadow messes up, so I basically just don’t include eyeliner in any of my tutorials or I just don’t even do it on a daily basis anymore, but I kind of figured out own new method that kind of makes it Easier and quicker to apply liner, so that is only sharing with you guys today.
So if you guys want a cigarette, see how to apply winged liners and just keep on watching I’m going into an assassin, Beverly Hills, eye shadow and fawn, with my Sigma e-40 tapered blending brush, I’m going to run the shadow through my crease. So what I do is, I just run this back and forth kind of like in a windshield wiper motion, and then I do a little circular motions on this outer corner to blend that up and diffuse that out. You don’t need to apply a shadow through your crease that I kind of like just a little bit of definition through my crease, so my lid just doesn’t look flat, and this brush is perfect for this, because you want something: that’s just fluffy and it’s just going To distribute the color throughout your crease and not make it super harsh. Now I’m going to pick up some of my favorite black shadow, and I think this is the blackest shadow that’s out there. This is an assassin over Lee Hills, eye shadow in the war really quickly before I go ahead and do my liner, why I use a brush. This is the sigma e60 8 line Perfector brush. I like this one, because it is pretty long so and it’s angled, which makes it so easy, but it kind of makes your liner much quicker to do and also why I use a shadow is because it’s easier to clean up a shadow. If you mess up than it is to clean up a liquid liner or a gel liner, so I like to do that first, because when I’m using liquid eyeliners, I find that it’s sometimes more difficult for me and I can mess up easier. So I like to map out first, where I’m going with the shadow and then go over top of the liquid liner. So I first just start lining my lashline and I go all the way into the inner corner.
I bring my shadow all the way into the inner corner kind of use, just like stamping motions that you place your brush down and then kind of like swipe away after i line my upper lashline. What I’ll do is I’ll take this brush, but this time I’m flipping it not this way, I’m flipping it the other way. So the point is facing into my eye basically and I’m going to be placing this brush. I kind of like widen my eye and then I’ll place the brush right between where my upper lash line and lower lash line meet on this outer corner and I’ll wiggle. That into between my lashes and then I’ll start I’ll press down a little bit. And then I use a really really really light hand and I make sure that most of the work is being done from the tip of this brush and not the outer corner of this brush. And also I press down the hardest down here and then. As I start coming out to this outer wing, I lift off and make sure that the last few bristles on this brush and the very tip of it will just create that diffused wing and then I’ll place the tip of this brush. At that point, where my line ended and then I’ll start meeting it up with the line that I created on my lash line and then I’ll start lightly filling in that wing. Also, what I like to do is I place my nail right at the tip of this wing and then I’ll just lightly kind of like clean it up and with shadow that helps so much it wings it out and makes it really nice and sharp okay. So that’s the liner done. You can definitely leave it as eyeshadow and skip the step of applying a liquid liner or gel liner overtop. If you want it to be more softer – and I do do this all the time as well – but I like to apply a liquid liner, sometimes when I really want like a jet black liner, and that’s I’m going to do right now for liquid liner, I’m using The ICO black magic liquid liner and carbon black, I have like a love-hate relationship with this liner. I absolutely love, love love, how dark and black and matte it is. I don’t really like when liquid liners are shiny, so I like when they’re matte and this one is stunning it’s so easy to work with. But if you have teary eyes, I would stay away from this. So I’ll show you what I do. If my eyes will tear and most time my eyes tear on the center, so this is why I brought the shadow all the way down to my inner corner, but I’m not going to bring the liner into this very, very inner corner.
I’m going to do the exact same technique that I did with the brush with this liquid liner. So I start on this inner corner, but I don’t bring it all the way down. I’Ll start like a little bit away from it, and all I’m doing is just following the same shape of my liner, so I’m just going ahead and filling in exactly where I applied that shadow. This is why I think it’s so much easier, because then you don’t have room to like mess up, because you already have that whole base already laid out. Then. Once again, I replace this too to where my upper lash line and lower lash line meet, and this time I use a really really really light hand same with before I use just the tip of this brush, and then I lighten up pressure. I just don’t press down really hard. I lighten up the pressure of the brush at the outer corner of my liner and then I’m going to meet up again place this tip of this brush on this outer corner and then meet up with the line on my lid and then you can just fill It in so that is the eyeliner done and obviously then, after you can go ahead and step back from your mirror, see if both of your eyeliners are even what you need to fix up and just work from there. So I like to bring my liner straight out and then slightly up a little bit and then I’ll curve down here and make sure that it rounds up on my lid because my eyes are slightly hooded and, as I get older, they’re getting a little bit more Hooded, so my crease kind of comes down and if I bring it to up, then you won’t see my liner and will look kind of weird. So you can obviously play around with your eyeliner shape to see what best suits your eye shape, apply. My waterline and tightline I’m picking up the Smashbox always-on gel liner and fishnet. So I like to do this because I think it just makes your eyes look a little bit more sexy and sultry and more winged out and like kind of like squinted. I don’t know. I kind of like that, if you’re really small eyes, don’t do this, but I’d like to do this on myself and I’m just going to line my lower waterline if you’re going to line your lower waterline or not I still recommend that you always line your upper waterline, because when you apply mascara or lashes or anything, you don’t want to have little white gaps in between you want to just be all nice and black and really kind of flow with your liner.
So I’m just going to line my upper waterline as well, and I’m just going to apply some mascara on false lashes and today I’m going to be using these Tarte TARDIS Pro lashes and center of attention and that sale is done So I wasn’t going to show you guys my lips I was just going to end it here, but I don’t know why I really quickly want to show you guys my new obsession of a winged liner with a red lip I don’t know what it is about A winged liner and red lip that just does something to me every time I wear this makeup I just feel like a new person, and I just I don’t know it just makes me feel so sexy and sultry and I’m in love, and so I wanted to show you guys I my new, a favorite red lipstick and that is the ofra liquid lipstick in Atlantic City, it is such a beautiful red that I feel like I had to include it in here and show you guys this lip, so I’m going to go ahead and apply this, and that is the completed look, and that is how I apply my winged liner I hope you guys enjoyed I hope it was easy enough to follow along and if you guys, create winged liners and you follow this tutorial Please send me snapchats or instagrams or just send me somewhere, so I can see and I’ll be so proud So also, please If you want to see any more, I was thinking of doing like a how to apply halo smokey eye I know I already have a lot of halo smokey eyes on my channel and I do show you guys step by step, obviously in every store, how I apply shadow, but I feel like it would be more in-depth to show you how I hold my brush and Why I use certain brushes and when I use certain brushes, so let me know if you guys want that If not, then tell me no, but if you do, let me know in the comments and I’ll be definitely checking them out and if you guys want to follow me on snapchat, Instagram and Twitter then be right here, as well as down description box and also a List of all the products that I used today and brushes obviously will be links down below to make life easier for you guys, don’t forget to Let me know what other how-to tutorials You guys want to see down the comments and that’s you yet I hope you guys enjoy Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time Bye!

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