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How to wear a wig hat to thinn your hair

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone, its Angie – and I am here in 2018 January 2nd and I wanted to try something new for you guys, um. In 2017, I had a lot of requests for myself to show others how to use a wick, topper and a wick. I did a great big blog post about tah-dah, I’m out and I’m wearing wigs, and I love them, and I know that a lot of other people have this issue like I have very fine, thin, thinning, hair, very wispy, baby toddler like hair. This is, and I know that a lot of people would benefit from this information and just encouragement from someone that you know forget the stuff that you know forget the ugliness that you’ve learned from your life about people.
That way forget that girl. Now that I know about wigs, I see them everywhere. I have some hair, I’m thankful for the hair I do have, but it doesn’t make me happy to walk out of the house like this. I feel old, I feel not pretty, and I decided about 6 or 7 years ago to try my first wig topper. I had longer hair and a wig topper seemed like the perfect solution, and it was. It was amazing. I bought one for nearly three hundred dollars. It was beautiful and I left it in a hotel room. Yes, I did, I lost it, so I went ahead and bought a much cheaper one that does not have a monofilament top, which is a top that mimics the scalp, and you can it’s very, very realistic and beautiful. I went with one that has, they call permit ease and you can wear it a lot of different ways in part in a lot of different ways, and it just looks teased on top of your head. This is old and ready and with the way it has worn down, I wouldn’t dare wear this in public. Like this audible, I had no um, but what I do do is I wear this to work when I want to or out when I want to wear my hair up and a clip, it says. Quite honestly, I do not have enough hair to put in a clip my hair, and it clip looks like this. Well, let’s check, let me show you even worse: let’s look at a ponytail. My hair in a ponytail looks like this. Like like a toddler, can you see that little it’s like a little turd coming on my head, so ponytails are not flattering, but I do like to wear my hair up, so I had a lot of requests for people to show how to use this.
When I did my blog and I’m here to do it, it’s 2018, it’s time for some new stuff, I’m here to do it, okay, so the first thing you need to do the eyes I recommend is when you put this thick hair here in the front of Your hair on, when you hardly have any hair to me, it’s noticeable. You can see that beginning hairline and I like to pull some of my hair out to blend with it so to shade in the edges. I just use cheap, cheap makeup. This is Almay and it is. This was um like a smokey eye powder and I just take a regular brush. I got at Walmart and I just shade in some nice area on this side now I did this this morning when I went to work. So it’s already pretty much done. You don’t have to go back too far, but you do want to shade in some areas, but you might be pulling out that might look a little bold to you, okay, and what I do also is you’re gonna want these sides come and that is you’re Gon na want these sides to blend with your new thicker hair. So what I do is I tease this because when I pull it back, pull it back, I want it to look thick there, I’m left-handed! So forgive me my mother, hates watching me do things. She says kiss I do them backwards, but anyway, so I’ve got that doesn’t look pretty, I know, but it will so pull down as much bangs as you like and tease those too okay. Here we go if you want a little tease in the back, so your clip has an anchor do that as well. Now, a wig topper will have clips like these very easy to use, see they have clip in your hair. Now this is a really pretty blonde. This is called harvest gold. I can’t remember what company it came from. I want to say Renea of Paris, maybe, but she was still in the hundred dollars. One hundred and forty fifty dollar range when I caught her many years ago and I’ve learned since how to make my own wig toppers out of wigs and they’re fabulous and I’ll show you how to do that. Sometimes. But I like her because even though she’s like 6 or 7 years old, she’s, still soft and higher quality, wigs wick toppers fake hair, whatever will, I show really a long time if you take care of them, like I said, the front is ratty, but we’re not Gon na see that okay, so what’s amazing, is even though this is blond.
It’s got these darker tones in it that it’s gonna match our brown hair, you’re gonna think what doesn’t match it will match. Trust me here. It goes so hold it your hand like this flip. It flip it over kind of match. Your part with the wigs part, get it close to your hairline, push back and clip click the one in the back. It’s still pretty funky, looking right and still a weird blonde, almost goop, that back just a smidge, okay Brown and want just gonna look good. You know you see people with the roots, that’s what this is gonna look like now. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna blend, my hair back and then I’m going to brush this back and try blend it blend blend blend and I’m using a different brush, because I want to separate the hair, so it blends see. I could probably use a little more powder there. Okay, now to me what this looks like is. I am a blonde in need of a root element, but once I blend it all together, you can tell I’ve. Just got some gradient, some really nice color there, I’m gonna spray this with hairspray cuz. I really like it remember, I’m spraying my hair. I don’t mind you using hair spray on my wigs. They just it just washes out see if I wanted to wear a ponytail. This is how it looks. It looks very real. This just looks like I have dark hair under my long hair, which a lot of people do nowadays. If I wanted to wear a ponytail, this is what it would look like. It’Ll look so cute right, but what I want to do is I want to twist it I just twist it like that, and now I can use this giant clip I’m never able to use these and then I’ll just call it. My hair fall separate it and let it fall. I’m not sure how that looks. Let’s see looks good to me, okay, so let’s look on the front a little bit. I don’t know what you can see in the camera, but I want to have a little bit of this coming down to kind of disguise that edge pull some of this down to pull this down This looks really natural over here and I don’t mind that my hair is a little dark under there.
It just looks like a different color and I’ll have all kinds of colors nowadays and everything is acceptable People have blue hair and it’s beautiful I dyed my own daughter’s hair blue, it’s okay, it works! So if you want to go in and put a little powder there, you can and kind of pull some tendrils and little bangs forward If you want really boost them up If you want both fits that word, we’re gonna tease them together So they don’t look if you don’t like that blonde so prevalent in the front and that’s fine so pull it forward straighten this If you want, if you want bangs, do that see this wig? I had it cut, actually I took it to the salon and had it cut and I cut it to fit my bangs right it put on some cute earrings stylize it and honey you’re ready ready You can you have your own hair line here With the wake topper looks natural on the sides I pulled it down a little, so I don’t really have to shade much there unless I wanted to If you want to stick a little bobby pin in the sides to pull to keep the little stragglers back there you go, it looks beautiful, it looks like it won’t get ramped up in here anyway I hope that was helpful I’m gonna leave some info in the comments below not the comments, but the info section and I’ll Let you know where I got this I’ll try to remember it is the color harvest gold which I believe is discontinued, but I still see it out there um I’ll try to remember where this came from and if you like, this, but I don’t know, it’ll be fun This is a new year, it’s a new year for fun right So I hope this was helpful If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I will be sure to answer you as best I can I’m not an expert I just do what I do through practice Um, but I’ll be happy to help anyone If you want to message me and please like and subscribe, I’m trying to build a channel this year, so I hope you like it subscribe My name is Angie I’ll see you later bye

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