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Huge cancellation dates for beauty subscriptions: February/March/2019/glossybox, birchbox, roccabox+more

30 Sep , 2019  

My lips are tingling, so much go and get your loved one, don’t chuck the body lotion at them like I’ve. Just done. Oh gosh smells like a hospital, pretty girl. I’m really sorry. I do have a cold. I love subscription boxes. If you did not know. So if you’re new, please hit the subscribe button down below and give me like a 30 day free trial, I mean it’s completely free to subscribe and if you don’t like me at the end of the 30 day trial, you can o subscribe easy as that, so glossy box is one of my favorite subscription boxes to get per month.
It is 10 pounds every single month, but if you sign up in advance it actually works out to be like 8 pounds 50, and there is a deal at the moment that if you use the code Cupid at the checkout, you can get the first box for 7 pounds, so if you’re not subscribed to the glossy box, you can get your first box plus 7 bones so inside this box. Apparently there are five products worth fifty pounds inside, I’m so excited because it’s the Valentine’s Day, one and huda beauty is featuring. So, oh my god, I just love UWC. This is what the box looks like for this month. This is so beautiful. They really do well on the packaging every single month and again, wrapped up beautifully. First up, we’ve got a rose gold dusk of sheet mask, and this is by feet. Immerse. This is a popular Korean face mask. It is very moisturizing at the moment my skin is very, very dry a little bit problematic. So I am very excited to try out the gold dust and Rose extract face mask. Oh, I feel very happy to see this. This is by alien, and this is a perfume. I tried alien perfumes a few years ago, and the scent of them are actually very nice, there’s only a little Tessa size, which you probably could pick up free from the parfum shop or something it smells. So flipping good is actually probably my favorite sense. Oh, we’ve got another alien, but it’s an alien man fusion and it’s a completely different scent. What does this smell? Like will Joe like this, that is yummy that smells like a Schwarzkopf product, a hair product, but it’s very nice. I actually think those two things were just additionals because there’s four more items in the box: next up, we’ve got a looksie product and this is a makeup brush. I think Luke see brushes, are a very much up-and-coming makeup.
Brush brand they’re, actually very good. I use this to pop on any translucent powder or any highlight. I think it’s really good for that, but I’ve just got a little Ferren brush. Oh nice, we’ve got a nails, Inc products. So over the christmas i started using nails, incnow, varnishes and they’re. Actually, very very good: they dry extremely quickly, like probably the most quickest nail polish, that i’ve used on the high street. This is in the color, steady ready and it’s a really great size. It’s full-size! This an expert has definitely been in the subscription boxes before and it’s regenerate and there are all science toothpaste. I have tried this before. It is pretty good for me. It’s not really something that I need in my life right now, but it’s good to give a go. Then. Finally, we have the huge beauty product, so this is a lip contour in the color flirt. So the shade of this is very much a brown color. It’s a what can I describe as chocolate or maca or latte yeah, a good latte? I actually have two glossy box subscription boxes. Is this identical? The reason why I get two is because I like to see if I get given the same both times, the only difference is that I’ve got a different face mark. So this is the multivitamin mask, and this is by Vita marsuits by the same brand. But just a different mask and I got a different makeup brush by looksie beauty, so I got a contouring brush and this is in the number-5 one two. So not every single bossy box box is the same next on two Birchbox. So this again is 10 pounds per month, but the posters and packaging is a little bit cheaper than glossy box. Glossy box is three pound. Twenty five and birch box is to pass ninety-five. This month you can get a free, 23 pound pallets by beauty crop. If you use the code latte at the checkout, so just to let you know. It’s just give you guys the heads up so this month. It’s also meant to be a v-day kind of theme and they have collaborated with not on the high street. The box is very pretty by the way it’s very v-day, floral love that and on the front it says: let love grow. Okay, so first up, we’ve got two an anatomical product and on the front it says no one gets 30 with the dirty pick-me-up body cleanser.
This is something you can use in the bath and shower and you’re meant to put put onto the palm of your hand and then love it across your body scent wise. What does this smell, like that? Has a very unique smell? It’s very fresh, exactly we’ve got a Coco and Eve product, so a product that we’ve definitely seen before, and it’s called like a virgin and it’s a super nourishing coconut and fig hair mask by the way. This is a very good product and when I used it last time my hair felt super soft and nourished after I kind of wished that I had a bigger part. I wasn’t like to get one, but I’ve got one. I’ve got a smaller size now, but it’s something that I have learnt to love through subscription boxes and yeah definitely definitely give this a go. If you can next up, we’ve got a sebum ed product, and this is an anti pimple gel Wow. So this is for impure and acne prone skin. So on the front it says it’s a fast relief from pimples antibacterial gel, reduces irritation and dries pimple readily out. Basically, it just dries pimples out, and it also helps to regenerate the skin as well. This is something that I definitely need if you did not know that I have for suffering a little bit from acne and I’ve had to completely stop wearing foundation. I’ve actually switched minerals. Last time I started using foundation, I got really spotty and it’s happened again. So I have had to change back to bare minerals and last time I did this. My skin got really clear. So you think something like this would be great to help the spots right now. Oh gosh smells like a hospital, so it must be good right. We’ve got a lot product next, and this is a liquid shimmer shadow and it looks like to be a beautiful rose. Gold color, and this is called Eclipse. Well, it looks like a lip gloss. Doesn’t it let’s check out the shade? Oh wow, okay, pigmentation is beautiful. On this I definitely say it was more like a copper rose gold rather than a pink rose gold. If that makes sense. Lastly, we’ve got another luke see makeup brush. This is very cool. Got three new lip see brushes. This is great. So this time I have a tapered blending brush and it’s the number 205. I definitely need this. I need a new blending brush, so I’ve done zipping we’re out of luck, see this time around Devon time.
Okay, so that is Birchbox, I’m dropping her down below which one do you prefer so far, glossy box or birch box. I think it’s a very hard one to call this month, I’m gonna. Let you guys folk down below up next. We’ve got rocket box and a lot has changed a rocker box this month. So, as you can see, the box is very different and the reason why they’ve done this is that they’ve gone more recyclable, which I actually think is great. So you can definitely recycle this very safely. I just like that, they’re being conscious about the environment, so starting at first we’ve got Charles were thinking products, so this is the take aways 1, which is the volume and bounce conditioner, and I’ve also got their matching shampoo. Yeah completely agree, I think, having a shampoo and conditioner it’s great, especially for going for like a little mini break. You want a pack small, shampoo and conditioner, so I really like that. I’m gonna shoot these two together and I love this by the way. So this is a sense to pay self-tan purity, and this is a bronzing gel and we’ve got a mitt and I need a brand new mitt. So I’m really happy to see this. Admittedly, I have not tried the gel as of yet. I will give this a go. It does scare me a little bit not gonna lie, but as it’s a water gel, it tells me that it’s gonna dry, much quicker on the skin um. I’m going to get back to you on this, but I’m really excited to give this a go. This is the whole point of subscription box by the way to give new things a go. Next, we’ve got a perfume sunport and this is called lovely and it’s the Sarah Jessica Parker one again, you can get this free from the perfume shop, but just I think this is an extra gift. Oh that smells very floral if you’re like Estee Lauder, it’s very similar to that next up, we’ve got a sanctuary spa product and this is a wet skin, moisture miracle. On the front, it just say that this body lotion locks in twice the moisture up to twice as fast. So if you got really parched skin, then this is probably a great product. Try it actually doesn’t smell of much um. It isn’t thick it’s much more of a lighter product, but does film it does feel hydrating not like an oily hydrating, but like a hydrating hydrating.
If that makes sense, then finally, we’ve got a CB and co product, and this is the perfect pout volume and shave. I actually think this is really exciting. I’m quite dubious honor these products, but I need to give this a go. Does it make my lips tingle, it’s very minty whoa my lips are tingling, so that is rocketbox this month. I’m actually really impressed with that. Oh, my gosh, I think this month has been so strong. I think this box is something that I would definitely use, so I actually think rocker box might be winning it for me. Okay, moving on to a brand new subscription box that I’ve never opened and it’s called describe so those of you who like stationery, then this is a great box for you, the cost and 14 pounds a month and each box comes with a personalized gift for you, Which is pretty cool, my lips are tingling so much it does work first up. Oh my gosh. This is amazing, it says go for it and it has my name on the bottom, so this is just a notepad. I actually use Notepad every single day, so I actually think this is a really lovely little gift. Oh my gosh, this is crazy, so I have a little bag here. So I guess I could use this, for I don’t know. I reckon like use this for makeup. If I wanted to, but as is the stationary, so Scouten box are probably put like pens and pencils in here, but it has my initials on the front SP and it’s sparkly next I have by a looks of things or Arby’s. I think these are like copper paper clips. That is very different and I quite like the look of them. They look like little tear drops next. I’ve got, I think, a couple of pens here, so I just have an ordinary biro and it has my name on it again and is this a pencil or pen? This is a pen and it does have my name on it, but it’s pretty good to have pens and I have sticker markers um, then little animals, so I’ve got penguins polar bears, seagull, no sea eagle, a sea lion and I think I have a whale Then I have a little card which says: let’s celebrate so I guess this is something that I can maybe use for the future, but I really let the colours and design on that and lastly, I’ve got a card with my name on it: al Toria.
I guess I could frame this and pop it something I think this is actually really nice, so that’s scribe I hope you enjoyed that One drop me a comment down below if you like stationery If so, I might do more stationery subscription boxes This box is not a subscription box, but I just wanted to show you guys, because I think it’s awesome, so this is bye We are the knitters and this is like a DIY knitting craft kind of site So inside this box I do have something for Valentine’s Day, which I’ll show you in a second, but on this website you can create your own scarfs, blankets, it’s awesome, they do kits and they do instructions which I just think if you’re into that sort of thing It’s awesome, so this costs are 41 dollars and, as you can see, you can create your own little love, heart pillow, which I’m so excited to do You can choose your color, so you don’t have to go for red they’re so on there, and you can also even choose your knitting needle That’s also something that’s very cool yeah This is different and it’s something that I’m gonna do So if you wanted to have a little tip up their website, the link is down in the description, as b-day is only a few days away I just want to show you a very quick and easy affordable gift by the body shop So this is the beautiful strawberry love, heart gift It only cost 10 pounds It has three items in side, so I’ll just drop the lid inside you’ve got the strawberry body wash and you’ve also got a body butter and also a lip butter The strawberry scent is one of my favorites, and I just think that this gift is an absolute bargain, so 10 pounds and go and get your loved one Don’t chuck the body lotion at them like I’ve just done, but a very quick, easy and affordable there We go guys This month, I think, is a very hard one because they each have different aspects and but I think the one I’m gonna use most is probably Rock box I just love the items inside, don’t forget So if you are new, please hit that subscribe button and turn on the notifications, like I said, give me a 30 day free trial, and if you don’t like me, you can unsubscribe, it is all for free, but it’s always guys

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