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I asked my subscribers to choose my hair color

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m gonna, let my subscribers a que. You guys pick my hair color, so there’s a few things going on here. First off I’ve never dyed my hair before ever, but I’d like to do it at least once in my life and secondly, last year I ended up growing my hair out because I was doing a bunch of decades fashion. Videos – and I wanted my hair to be lengthy for the 60s and the 70s. So at this point I’ve got really long hair and I want to dye it at some point, so I feel like.
I should do it now, because I’ve got all this extra space to play and if I’m gonna cut it off eventually, why not have a little fun. Finally, but over the last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to dye my hair. So, let’s do it now to decide the hair color? I put up a couple of different polls on YouTube and Twitter, prompting you to choose from a selection of colors, all of which I’m open to and all of which are also in like an ombre or balayage style. I can never say that word. I always say biologics balayage, balayage vampires. None of those are correct, I’m sure so. The first option on the poll is a natural ombre. Look, it’s kind of like a lighter brown or caramel color. I feel like in an alternate universe, where I’m a contestant on The Bachelor. My hair looks like this option. Number two is a gray ombre style kind of inspired by the fact that I’m starting to sprout a few gray hairs here and there, and it’s also kind of inspired by Jade Thirlwall of little mixes, previously grey hairs. I just feel like this would be a cool way to embrace my graying scalp option. Number three is a blue ombre, which is kind of like ravenclaw. Inspired, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit nervous about how the blue would fade out, but I also think that at first the blue would be like really cool and kind of subtle and option. Four is a lavender ombre I’ve seen this look really cool on other people and it’s kind of like a different take on the so I just threw it into the mix so up until this point to keep everything a surprise, I have not reviewed the results of The polls, in fact I’m gonna, have Tyler, which color she should dye my hair and I’m gon Na find out your guys’s choice in the salon when it’s done all right. Let’s do it good morning, it’s decently early in the morning well early for us, it’s around 8 a.m. and we’re heading to the hair salon right now to get my hair dyed, but because I’m changing my hair today we ended up filming a lot of stuff late Into the night last night, which it’s definitely still gonna, do like, I’m just gonna like have black hair in the beginning, And then halfway through have mystery, hair mystery here.
Did I don’t know yet, but I know so, I’m excited to see what happens and basically everyone knows but me so we were recommended by a friend to go to Natalie at the this or dye hair salon in Atwater Village, everyone say: hi Natalie hi. We had sent her images of all of our options and then Tyler had called ahead to tell her, which one one do you always pull your hair on this side? Yes, usually right here. Okay, do you want layers at all? Maybe I mean sometimes. I feel like that shows off the color yeah I’m down for layers. I feel like I just don’t to take too much length off, because my safety plan is, if I freak out – and I don’t like it – then I’m just gonna cut it off. Okay, not immediately, you know not like today, but you know down the line right, given that I had never dyed my hair before I was a little nervous, especially about the bleaching. I’ve heard bad things and I’ve seen bad things so you’re thinking you want to keep the ombre starting a little bit lower yeah, maybe like a little bit more like ba-bling, okay. Alright, it’s actually better that you’ve never colored your hair. It’s gonna make my job a lot easier. Are you ready yeah, I’m ready, okay, cool. Let me go mix up I’ll be right. Back so Natalie said that since I had a virgin hair, we were going to be able to do all of the bleaching and in one session, and she pretty much got straight down to business. First, she started by teasing my hair and then adding bleach to the ends. Did you warn your friends and family that you’re doing this? No, no. My mom’s gonna have a heart attack. Is that gonna happen? Are you gonna do a tattoo? Well, if I hit 5 million subs, maybe I’ll – let them pick my tattoo next, because after that, what do you do choose which finger to lose? This teasing technique was to make the transition between my hair and the color more of a gradient rather than a harsh line. The vibe was definitely like a aluminum Beetlejuice. You know my initials SN do stand for the element tin. This is destiny that my entire life has led up to this moment, as this was happening, the reality of what we were doing started to set in, but once the bleach was on, there was really no turning back okay, so you can see the color is lifting Really nice, oh wow, right, oh whoa! What’s going on back there? Oh it’s good! So it’s cream already, it’s already great, pretty green shop, which was a different color.
So once she had fully foiled me, she put me inside her warm alien, pod aka underneath the blow dryer. Where are you taking me? I feel like for most people watching who have gotten their hair done before they’re gonna be like you’re an idiot, but for me it was a new experience and yes, the last time I stepped into a hair salon was 2016. I think I’ve reached full Chipotle burrito, do this in foil yeah, based on the way they look inside. It’s almost like a half-eaten taco, hair, tacos Cariocas. That sounds like something else: Natalie. It was very keen on not letting me know the color and actually was like throwing out some misdirections. It looks blue that could be the bleach that could be the color we don’t know yet know is really selling this yeah Natalie Savage. Some of my tacos were ready to be unshelled, so we made a few trips back and forth from the alien pod to the sink. Oh, like a rat’s nest back there, it’s like a rat king and back again, I kind of look like a founding father with bedhead, unlike John Adams, and I up in my curls or kind of just ask you, I’m like Abigail advocate and a couple of my Gray, hair is made an appearance. Is that bleached in there is that a gray popping up for stuff not to bleed it’s bleach? I don’t see any gray is on your head. Oh really, yeah, there’s one or two sometimes Tyler will trim them if he spots them. So we rinsed and we toned okay, see how it’s starting to turn purpley is that the color saw. Oh, it is purple a lot of leading words being said. It could be throwing you off, though, or trying to throw you off and then Natalie and I tried to convince Tyler to perm his hair. Oh, oh, you had a success. Perm. No, you actually get a perm, you yeah! Oh definitely, there’s actually a look right now. It’s like kind of a perm just for it’s a boys cut and it’s called meet me at McDonald’s. It’s like short on the sides and really curly on top Tyler, when your channel hits a million subs you’re gonna get a meeting at McDonald’s and you’re gonna get a perm, you mean if, if it hits a million subs, I just hope this doesn’t turn Into another mustache situation, where I like it, but no one else does everyone’s seen it now. So that’s appealing to you, I guess subscribe to my channel.
So after rinsing out all of the toner I was allowed to see myself in all of my bleached glory. We’ve got the first toner done: okay, you’re gonna dry. You should I look now. If you want, you can look now: yeah tada you’re done, I’m like a man-of-war jellyfish yeah. I’ve got like a mass, and I’ve got tentacles so Natalie and Tyler went into the back to mix up the dyes, and then it was time to put it on my head. Okay, so I’m starting! Oh, if that’s happening, Natalie turned me around to make sure that I couldn’t see anything and then when she like got closer to my peripheral vision. I just closed my eyes. If I wash my hair after a perm, it goes away right. No, not if it’s a permanent problem wasn’t that the plot point and Legally Blonde you can ruin the curls. If you wash it too soon. That’s true how long’s just say four until it grows out yeah. I think you should actually do this to begin. You know once the dye was all in they put me under a towel. I live like an Amish lady. Hmm. How do you solve a problem like money, yeah sound of music? No, none underneath here is my subscriber hair color right now. It’s just like a giant dreadlock. Okay, it’s looking good all right! Is it time I think it’s time. Are you ready wait? What are we doing next we’re gonna rinse down and then Natalie brushed out. My nest gave me a quick trim and a couple of layers. I feel the hair dropping on my hands. Oh actually be careful not to look at what drops. Okay, I’m gonna start the blow-dry all right. I don’t know where anyone is but we’re blow-drying. It was around this time that I decided to take a nap. It was warm I was being brushed. I just I felt like no one would miss me actually a little bit, it’s very relaxing yeah and once I awoke it was time for the reveal. So the final results of the poll were 4% or 16,000 votes for natural hombre, 14% or 48,000 votes for the blue, hombre, apparently you’re, all slytherins 38%, or a hundred and twenty-nine thousand votes for lavender ombre and then with forty-four percent or a hundred And fifty thousand votes the gray ombre, which is now on my head, okay, guys well at first. I couldn’t quite see anything because it was kind of like a dark steel. Color! Oh, is it blue? Oh it’s! The gray, it’s brighter if it was the babe whoa. Oh, that looks cool. What do you think? Oh I look like a Disney villain mummy. It is a little villainy Natalie said she had made it a bit darker at first, so to have a longer lifespan and fade out over time to that lighter gray from the photos awesome.
Thank you so much Natalie This looks so great I look so fun so happy to do this This was really fun I liked the big surprise and, like I said, I think this color is perfect for you, it’s not too shocking I feel like my first time You know I kind of get my feet wet I love it cuz, it’s kind of like cool tone like I’m, just like a little more evil than before Overall, I’m very happy with this hair color I think you guys did a great job Choosing you match the wall behind you Can you see it in the light? Oh yeah, I mean I’ll go full ring girl to show you it’s like steel, hair, yeah, blue steel As I said before, I liked all of the options, but maybe I was a little bit partial to the gray because of my own graying head now You can’t even tell if there’s gray hairs on my head, if it’s on purpose or if I’m just old L’Oreal, because I’m aging it’s now been a few days and a few washes since I dyed it, and I think Natalie was right that it is fading out Now, to look a little bit lighter gray, like the photos, Natalie mentioned that once the color fades out, it’ll turn like a platinum blonde, at which point I thought that I would just want to chop it off and have shorter hair, but I feel like I might Just want to go back to her and ask for the same thing, because I really liked that original dark metallic color that kind had the like is it died or is it not died vibe but, as Natalie said paraphrased once you pop the fun, don’t stop so We could just try out any of the other colors that you guys didn’t like as much Thank you guys so much for watching thanks to everyone who voted in the polls and thank you in advance to Natalie for perming Tyler’s hair make sure to trim ash that subscribe button and if you’ve already smashed that subscribe button, make sure to also smash that little bell icon in The middle to turn on post notifications, you get a notification every time that I post here are my social media handles and make sure to check out My next beat I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q & A zhan there, a big shout out to avocado emoji for watching thanks for watching avocado emoji, and I will see you guys a next time when I let you pick my tattoo What who said that not me what

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