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I bleached my African hair for the first time

1 Nov , 2019  

I consider myself a dramatic Z brought me unique with my own stripes anything I do anything. I touch it’s gonna be different like no one ever looks the same. My name is India and I will be bleaching installing my natural hair cutting the prep all right before I get my hair transformation make sure you subscribe below my hair inspiration is Easter egg actually get her as a lookalike a lot, so it’s perfect always amazing. I definitely think natural here is a thing right now.
It is a think it is a noun, it is a pronoun, it is a gesture, it is a statement is the style, it is a boob back in the 70s or 60s. You got the puffs, you got the front, you got the pics and now we’re here again with the same thing and it’s 2018. When I meet other women that have natural hair, it’s like such a glow when we see each other like hey, like we’re, both so happy to see each other. So I usually wear my hair. Just like this. I wear my twist out or I put in the pup. It’s not easy, like it’s a whole thing. Sometimes struggle wait. He’s my agent like I actually have a full, bald spot on the side of my head, but you can touch it in this skin. I’m actually tired of it. I need something new. I need something fresh and edgy and that’s what I’m about to get. My name is tippy shorter and I’m a celebrity hair stylist today, working at the dpq house, which is an invite-only salon in Beverly Hills, hey Andy! I’m Tippi thanks to me too, super excited to style your hair today, I’m so am i let’s get started to be shorter, has done all of the celebrities here. I’m talking real onna, I’m talking me out of it and now India. I’m ecstatic we’re basically gonna. Do a frohawk taper down your sides and your back and then really focus on elongating, the top, where all that glorious mix of color is gonna happen. I’m gonna do as an overall base colors like a chocolate brown through the top. I’m gonna pull some beautiful golden blonde. Some caramely pieces, some honey pieces. So it’s gonna be really stunning on you, so I’m gonna start with our cut doing it. I’m emotional! I really tears of joy. First, I’m gonna tape her her sides That’s gonna establish the foundation for her haircut next, I’m going to cut the top, but leave a lot of length for fun so when cutting textured hair always love to do it in its natural state, so you know wouldn’t blow you out.
I wouldn’t do any of that, because, if you’re not wearing your hair straight, I wouldn’t cut your hair straight all right So now we’re moving on to step two, as I mentioned, we’re gonna do the chocolate brown and then add a layering of highlights On top of that how’s, it feel I’m loving it Alright Now I’m gonna give India a base Color, I’m gonna make her all over color a chocolate brown I’m like praying since we’re in this big beautiful, glorious space It’s a little chilly so to make sure that your hair processes, we’re gonna, have a seat outside gorgeous view So I think we’ll be all right Yeah mmm estimation, Tuesday, oh my god, so we have just rinsed out your first layer color, so we’re gonna now do your highlights, which is gonna, give you that beautiful pop of all those gorgeous colors, I’m gonna leave a lot of her natural color In there for dimension, so India we’re toning, your hair right now, so the golden blonde that I spoke about This is what will give you those shades Now we are going to go into setting your curl doing the two strand twists Now I’m going to apply a moisturizing cream and gel and twist set her hair Oh good, I just took India from the dryer Her hair is 100% dry and I’m unraveling her twist This is India’s finished Look My heart is beating faster, okay, ready, yeah, all right I love it Oh, my goodness, I can’t believe it like I really love it as sexy as edgy and it’s super-new So I get this holy Easter a thing I said that before I’m saying it again, because I definitely think I should be in season four as like her sister or like her ex new girlfriend One of my concerns was the whole edges things was she definitely hate her to that? I think I’m more confident Now that the size are trimmed down, India was great to work with her personality is out of this world like I just want to sit with her and talk with her all day People put women in boxes when they have straight hair, but there’s a lot that I can do with my full hog I can still get my hair braided cuz there’s still length there I can still do other fun styles I can still even add extensions if I ever choose to my hair means life It’s my image is who I am is,

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