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I blindfolded my girlfriend’s clothes

1 Nov , 2019  

. So.. I think I was just like too many things at one. It was a lot of things yeah. it’s interesting to see if there’s some level of deductive reasoning that can be reached, but I feel like with Tyler. It was like women’s clothes and a thrift store and blindfolded. So it was just like literally feel anything and then just pick it. So we didn’t want to let the footage go to waste cuz. We had so much fun, filming it. This way, I was like this way, which way is equip you think.
What is it that way when you’re editing this it’s just there roll that clip Tyler, I’m at a thrift store I’ve never been here before. I don’t know where anything is. I need five things to build like a whole outfit. I need a top a bottom shoes, like maybe a jacket of some kind and an accessory, and if i play my cards right, maybe like a bonus accessory okay. So it’s an interesting layout in this sort. They’ve got a men’s and women’s stuff mixed, but the more concentrated women’s stuff is towards the back of the store ready. Okay right, let’s turn around, I will not lead you into anything at least not on purpose, so I think, let’s start with the top. What do you think yeah all right over here come come with me. I’D see here feel a fabric. That’s very interesting is almost like. It could be like a the outside of a pinata. Maybe it’s almost like a mermaid outfit. Maybe it’s sequins. It feels like it. Could be shiny, feel the bottom ooh it’s like a little skirt thing. I don’t know exactly what this thing is. It feels kind of fun it feels like confetti. We want this alpha to be lively, so few wears a lot of black, so we want to make it pop alright. So is that an option? Yes, where I keep, this is one of our options and that’s supposed to be a top. Is it on the top? I didn’t say anything: I’m gonna just peruse through hangers and just kind of feel mmm. This feels like something it almost reminds me of like the this shirt, the the terrible shirt from the Seinfeld, I think, between the first one and the second one I like the outside the texture of the first one, but I think we can find one more option And then we can make a decision all right, I’m just gonna. Take you to the other side of the rack. Okay tie. Okay, so tie you have shirts on one side of you there it is. Is there anything in particular that you’re going for or you’re just kind of letting your heart decide I’m going for something loud? I think I want something that just screams I’ve been clothed by my boyfriend, blindfolded speak to me. Tell me your secrets. Oh I like this.
This does feel like that. Loudness that I was looking for. I’ve got some sequins some jewels. I like that. It feels like it might be. Colorful does your three options. These might be my three options. This is option one. This is, I think, sort of like a pinata type outfit, and I know it has like a nice material on the outside. This second one feels a little standard. It just feels like normal fabric, and then this one is pretty bedazzled. This one’s got some potential reflecting reflecting type in it, so I’m going to be building this off at one by one. You want to have cohesion. So if you choose one item, it’s like really loud and it might overshadow other ones. Unless you go loud all around you keep on getting bigger and bigger and bigger, so I’m gonna go with the third one. I want to keep on matching this one’s energy with other ones that are also equally loud, so this outfit is gonna, be it’s gonna be fun. So next we should do bottoms. Do you want to do skirts or pants because they’re in very different parts of the store – and I don’t want you just truly wandering – I mean vision like Beetlejuice pants or like leopard print pants? It’s like that. Would you know go with whatever this is. How are you gonna figure that out fate? Is this romantic? It is yeah. I don’t know why you said it wasn’t romantic last time. Okay, so in front of you. Yes, our pants walk a little forward. So pants are an interesting situation, because we’re gonna have to also figure out my size right so find ones you like and we’ll see if I can fit into them. There’s a lot of pant fabrics in here, I’m trying to just like reach in and feel stuff that might feel like it has a print on it. This is interesting, some people say don’t pair sequins or something with suspenders. I say turn into that skid challenge your assumptions lean in. I hope that they’re a wild colour if they’re, just like your normal blue, denim suspenders. That would be a disappointment if they were like red almost like Ronald McDonald style. That’D, be interesting to me. Let’s uh. Let’s move away from this just a little bit, let’s go back to what I think our other style pants. This is interesting. What is it? It feels like a little bit of a different fabric which actually hints to me: that’s not denim. It’s not a pair of jeans, it’s not a pair of khakis. I am kind of envisioning like stripes on this for some reason, or maybe polka dots, let’s see other pockets on this thing or is there oh there’s a zipper.
I actually I’m very I’m very interested in these ones, maybe even more than suspenders, because I thought the suspenders would cover up the shirt that we got. So I kind of want something that is just a normal pair of pants. I’m gonna choose one more and I’m gonna make my final decision. These wouldn’t feel like they also might be a thinner material, they feel giant. I don’t know what these things are. Are you laughing sorry myself? That’s a good sign! Oh, No here are my three pairs of pants. These are my suspenders. These are the first ones that I found they might cover up the shirt too much, so I’m gonna rule them out these ones have a thinner material. I feel like there could be a print on them, but these ones got an audible reaction from Sofia and I have a good feeling about them of the three bottoms that I found. If there’s one that is going to match with the bedazzled one, this one is the one I feel so I’m gonna choose this one. As my bottom now I figure. Let’s go choose a jacket in case it’s cold out, so if you might need something to bundle up with alright, I’m gonna take you to words the jackets okay babe. Let’s go, you keep almost grabbing my boob. It’s great all right, tie, okay, I’m putting you in this aisle right here, so all along that entire way. Basically, on that side is jackets, so do whatever you feel this, that is a hat whoo! Sorry GoPro! I think that I do want to pick an accessory like a hat or something, but let’s not jump the gun, real, quick. Let’s put this back for now, so I’m looking for some kind of accessory on the jacket to be honest and then just make these a little bit more whoo. This is just got like an interesting interior kind of like a sheep. Wool might be a little too warm, but let’s keep her hands on that one mm-hmm. I like this, almost like a windbreaker material. Maybe it’s even like a like a whoa. I was not expecting this on the front, there’s some kind of does. Oh, you know what that’s the back. That’s a promising sign we’re gonna find one more jacket and see if we can’t, you know, make a decision from there. It’s almost like a ski jack Tyrael. It’s not! You know that cold right now, Los Angeles is only fall, but winter is coming and we don’t have Jack’s that are that heavy? So you know, maybe we could go with something like this. Like a parka. What do you think it looks like purple, so this is the first jacket.
I think this feels like something that Sofia might have already, so I’m gonna eliminate this one from contention. You are not receiving a rose. These last two are both very appealing to me. This windbreaker material feels very practical this one though little meteor there’s more to this one. I love a pup. I almost put the hanger my mouth, it’s a little puffier, I’m excited about that. I know how well it go with the outfit between these two. I know neither of them will go with the outfit, so I’m gonna go with this one cause it’s more exciting to me. Alright, so what’s next up next are accessories, and given that we’re in a thrift shop, I’m actually gonna proposition that we get more than just one for accessories are a lot of options. There are wigs, there’s jewelry their hats, but I think the number one one that I want to go for is sunglasses. Alright, so you are right next to a sunglass display you’re in there in this okay. I do not wanna knock these over. It’s almost like operation like that, like the cat, winged eyeliner on these ones, all right, here’s another rack, these ones almost feel like they have like a a flower rim to them, so I’m gonna grab these ones too. Oh so it’s between this one, which has almost like, I think I can cloud like a flower to it and then these ones that have that little cat eyeliner way, but I think I’m gonna go with this one. So I said I might want multiple accessories and, although I didn’t see it, I think my heart wants that hat that I found earlier. Okay, I’m gonna grab you your hat. I mean my hat, I mean whose hat I don’t know alright. Here it is so what else is left what other torture do you have left for me? Torture, I mean sorry what other wonderful present do you have whatever makeover is one way to put it so. The last item we need to complete this outfit is a pair of shoes all right, so that is like up a little set of stairs. So let’s take you up there yeah! That’s! Let’s guide me: you’re nice firm grip, there you’re doing very well in terms of wandering around and not destroying things. Okay, picking the outfit is a little bit of a different situation, but you know we’ll get to that later. Alright ty you’re in a bud Bastion of shoes you’re about to hit something Danger Danger. I got shoes. Are these all shoes? Oh whoa. I like this man. This is interesting to me. It feels uncomfortable though I don’t be too cool to sophia’s feet. There are also shoes on the wall in front of you, so if you up the wall, these are like open-toed now that I open-toed but they’re kind of like sandals they’re, just they’re like converses, okay, gotcha I’ve tried so hard to put together a look over here.
I don’t want to ruin it in the final step, so I think the key is to go with a shoe that doesn’t get in the way of it too much. This is interesting. Okay. I like this shoe. Actually you know I was gonna, say converses. We were like my early choice, but I think that these ones with this tassel here are probably the way to go South Scott converses. Does she have a moccasin like this? These are the shoes just completes the outfit. We have a top a bottom pair of shoes to accessories sunglasses and this hat and what else we get a jacket. Yes couldn’t forget the jacket, all right, ty, so we’re gonna get this outfit and then hide it from you until I try it on. For you, you’re, not gonna, have any idea what you picked until you see the full effect. I feel confident with my decisions. I got a good sense of style. Okay couple days, I still have not yet seen this outfit that I picked for Sofia, blindfolded she’s in there right now, putting it on she’s kept it in trash bags. I’m very curious to see how fake and I did she’s he got his outfit. So Sofia was ready, it look good. Let’s do it. Oh my god, it is. I it looks like you came out, like you have a time portal from like the 60s Time Machine. I love the pants. They do not work at the whole outfit, but I pad it’s fun. There’s definitely a lot of elements that are kind of having their moment. That is one stylish mama, yeah mama comes to mind. You know it kind of makes sense to me why you chose these things, because each of them are pretty tactile in their own way. They are definitely feel them a dress. Pants like you, can definitely feel some squares. It’s a little bit warm inside, but faithfully. It’s kind of like a cool laj outside so we’re behind by the way what I got, something for you also is it cool? It’s revenge hold on revenge for what this looks, good, ready, what you got. Those are me yeah, oh joke’s, on you, that’s not revenge. I like these things. Yes, I’m ready I’ve just been groovin. Oh good yeah! You look like beetlejuice the train engineer there. You go it’s kind of a good look. Oh, don’t do that alright, should we just go and see what the world thinks of us yeah Look at us! That’s a good look! Okay! So that was my blindfolded outfit for Sofia.
What do you think? I think we look like idiots, because Halloween was yesterday I think that our initial instinct, that they were just like too many elements thrown at us right like it just, was really hard I think I couldn’t really do it I don’t think that the outfit is like terrible, and I also like wasn’t naked So you did succeed in some way, you’re fully clothed, it’s almost miraculous that none of the items actually go together No, they don’t They look at five different outfits loudest piece but, like I do think that most of the items by themselves are fun yeah, I wouldn’t say like Oh, I hate it like No, it’s fun like there’s nothing really wrong with it It’s also kind of fun to just like walk around and like a stupid-looking out ya, know just to kind just be like well, it’s kind of liberating what tools could people use to judge me when all the tools have been thrown out the window? You look like an eccentric merchant I look like a villain, yeah they’re, like the murderer on the Orient Express I did like that You threw in the suspenders, I looked like the Hamburglar or something do you think those are called overalls? Look, you call those suspenders yeah suspenders suspenders suspenders, like you kept calling them suspenders it’s kind of cute I didn’t want to really tell you, but they’re called out with you The only thing that I really didn’t like was the pants yeah I, like those pants, I mean I actually do have a pair of pants like that yeah your dad has a blazer that is that same past Gallagher couple doesn’t one so we’ve both found It really fun to pick out this outfit, but there just wasn’t really that much of a strategy to it, but we’re really happy We have those overalls, not suspenders, not too spent they’re your overalls okay we just posted it, which is gonna, be me making a week’s worth of Pinterest recipes So if you guys want to stop by and hang out we’ll be there, the link to that is gonna be in the description below Also, you can still watch it on next beat click If you want notifications every time that we post make sure to smash gently tap the notification icon, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys next time Also press is here to move us out Ah, there we go that’s more of his forehead and boy I don’t think you like I try

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