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I bought a $2000 tray and found this! IPhone XS Mystery Box!

1 Nov , 2019  

You guys gonna take a look at the top of the box with you, Johnson. You want to show that this is thing is completely full. I know. I flew you all the way out to Ottawa, I paid for your ticket. Oh wait! No! No! You said you paid for mine. I pay for beau. Remember that thing that happened last week that we promised we would never talk about again. You said that we’ve never know. There are two people, two very specific people. It’s your boy in chat with a J.
. Are you serious? Yes, yeah, Jeff jazz ball, just where you going on our gonna settle this like real men and like how we know best by opening boxes of stuff. Hey just like we are gonna sell this. The way we know best by opening boxes of random things, because that’s just all we have for content we’re gonna this giant mystery box by each getting half of the stuff whoa dude. We shouldn’t film this at 3:00 a.m. but I need you guys to do is because I know the g-spot is so much stronger than the like. It’s you, you should go over to Sean’s. The comments with g-spot, because that’s all I want to see in his comments section – is d-squad. That’s it and also quick, set up the person who sent us this giant box of stuff rubbish calm. They just posted a picture of me and Sean on their Instagram right here be sure to go over spam. It show it some D, so I love and also check out all their links in the description. Hey guys, Jess ball. I thought they came for vacation vacation, for you know, vacation, like everybody gonna make a person on him. You have no idea what’s in here. It is all you guys see the size of this box and what we could fit in here. we are putting on the box and shipping him across the world. Why everything that was in here? It has body muscles any surface. Full body heated, massage, there’s gonna be a lot of them, because these guys only have a few words in their vocabulary. Think somebody had a little bit too much fun. It’s 50,000 yeah, it’s true I heard about it. I heard that if anything else is like this, I mean you already made your money back. This is it this? Oh, no way, you know that’s great, and you know this is worth a lot. It’s been worn. We have a shower wrap for men. Wait what shower! Oh so this is meant to be worn after the shower no Julie. No, you ain’t in the shower. You have so many goddamn things in here. You guys, let’s take a look at the top of the box with you jasmine you wanna show them.
This is thing is completely full, oh crap, so here we have another box, there’s like 16 pounds of tape on the boxes and it has something good they’re trying to hide it. Oh it’s a double puff. You know a circus, oh no. We just want John’s fault, but we got some air buddy when you Air, Jordan, 2018 guns Olivia there. You guys want to see us test everything in here. It all works, 100% for sure we just need to test it out. but if you want to see that you know we have to do subscribe, I’m drought! So this is you put this in here and then you swim so here we have which I’m feeling something great coming out of this 100 and no it’s nothing for your card. Oh found you at least it’s on empty box. Am i right kind of today. I thought it was a ps4 DVD player, so lucky there’s so much stuff. What would you put what? No, what? No, what ya do so you know he’s charlie. This is the iPhone XS. You guys see the box right. Oh there’s! No way. What do you do out there being the fact that I just got an iPhone access and there besides what everybody else’s? There’s haters guys haters are motivators, don’t listen to them, even if they’re right, you’re gonna be mal just going through a lot of the things that I got in my half, because we really want to see me beating Sean in this challenge. So let’s go rapid fire mode, we’re going fast boy! It matches the Sun point. Oh so, if you ever wanted to turn to Mega Man, you can do this with this. I’m from Wichita calm that apparently helps your leg circulation, so worth a million dollars guys to do on the town. This is an amazing, lower back piece for fellas, like myself very tall. My back aches all right, especially wonder that stuff to me make it makes sense. I pull this our back. Anila chronic is really good when they put the best in the title. It’s not like they’re trying to convince you, because it’s completely trash. Oh, no, it’s real nice when it says dirty like you, do get good stuff, but some of the stuff is going to be. No because I want to because I have to what is that for images. This is actually a aquarium for jellyfish. So if you want to own jellyfish somehow to just shown in your room, like my bank account, are you talking about? Oh, we got a fatty light bulb in here this underwater light camera, but it looks like it’s missing everything controller.
This is probably actually worth a lot of money. This is the spy cam aqua, an incredible underwater adventure. Camera and again, you guys want to see us test that Sean. What do they do and guess what else I found been doing a lot of work. Shawn got to take out some stuff because it’s a gang Benny, you got. A diamond watch, got a Mickey Mouse on your watch.. There are. There are big balls, no the only shot finding of the box. It says how much this entire thing weight right now go in the comment section down below and guess, and I’m going to be hardening liking and replying to every single person who gets it right so span the comments as many times as you can with your guesses. Those figures are you so you’re falling and then, like the water, goes up. Music know it. Here we have my used to see Instagram ads for these all the time dual power. Actually, you know I probably check the box to make sure that’s actually. What’s in these things, to sell for like a hundred bucks, Derek yes, it was I’m loud and proud right and it’s still sealed. Unless there’s something else in here, should we should we open you’re on YouTube? If you yell, you’re, actually lost Shawn is still going. I can see this actually being useful. This isn’t a lot of bug stuff in here. So this is a bug. Whacker full of mystery boxes like this box right here right here, all right. The boys are going on 45 bucks. What $2. He only got a bang watch it. Oh no way. No, you got D. You got the D no 2018, when I ask why this is real: an IO Robot, Roomba basketball. You wanted to vacuum my house anymore, every Saturday, like you always do, but you stop the way the French write off one fill. This is a moment I swear to God. If I open this and it’s full of goddamn scuba mask guys. Please smash the Lakeland subscribe. The channel, please just be an actual room Bob. You have no idea. This is a mystery box. What stop? Oh! We have been returned from yet right there. Oh, it might still work but they’re scratch. So it’s a flop on that room, but you never know we might find something else. Another box in here is something tiny and sharp. They are pens. I know, there’s gonna, be something amazing inside one of these boxes guys. This is what happens with mystery boxes. okay, we’re looking it’s almost like, they knew I was vegetarian.
I have no use for this at all, so that goes on my table. This is a grill meant for lettuce. You can grow lettuce, you zoom in right here you can see. If you want some added flavor, you got some dog hairs. You got some dust and everything like that well and it says perfect to all condition. It says perfect. Perfect condition you guys say that you guys see it says perfect. Oh, what are you how to make sense? Why you can’t walk these are actually really really good. You guys can use this at this house. It’s a hose. What are you trying the water? It gets long to me, I don’t think anybody cares, but it’s really cool a floating Gator head decoy. Oh it’s led to that line up another box and whatever product we get, we have to sell to the audience. Okay, everybody robbing us, so you can get the camera data. I can have you encounter right now. Why? Because of my hair, your hair. Look like a bowling ball. I don’t know what this is, but this is by far the best product. It is a multi-format printer vacuum. This is bad. You know you’re polarized. This is like a giant for one. No pcs were okay, okay, but no real. I honestly don’t know this is yet the real thing you want. Oh, you guys ever want a doughnut, but you also want whatever the thing is. I think this is what you put on your toilet. If you have a bad back eating a poop, those products are great and all, but here we have. Oh John John, be careful. Please, and it also once it kills the person you can just tie them up in the back. I think that’s gonna happen. We any other 2018 version of this, but now somehow we’re getting to end of my half the box here, but I have this one for you guys right now, yeah no clue all right, I’m not really sure what this is. We have not use the word. I think I might have actually found something cool. I don’t know what this is. All of this is the New York Times your special day from 1918 New York Times. That’s a hundred years old. All right, I don’t know if this is like. Does it have newspaper articles in it if it duck? No, oh my god. I said nice beer from 1918 reprinted on floor cake paper. You know where that is. What is that you’ll? Never guess it’s a picture of you and jazz. We should sue sue them for this. This is, we should sue wait so anyway Okay, so come on, let’s be real, I’m obviously pound in jazz ball over here we have no, is that the vibrator 2005 rates, this little pillow area thing.
This is an electric blanket So you plug this into the wall and it heats up and also vibrates If you wanted to it’s actually during the winter, is there a function, we can just have a vibrating certified space technology This blanket is out of this world I welcome one more box R2D2, coffee press, you know how much I love my coffee Let’s see if this is legit, hopefully I don’t break this one like I did the last cool thing: yo, that’s! Oh, that is honestly R2D2 coffee press! You go up here, put the stuff! I’ve never made! My own coffee, I just buy it from Starbucks hit, have you up for a sponsor guys at dare jarred is desperate at gmailcom put your coffee there you push it down and then he makes the What does he make? He say is a guy who says that with great power comes great responsibility right, that’s yoga! No, that’s spider-man! So what we’re gonna do these last two boxes? This is mine This is Shawn whatever is because right now, as we look around there were way too many good products, and we just kind of tie all down to this guy’s you decide in the con down below who got the better end of the stick no way So that is it for this entire pallet, but guys we have some, it’s just a looker You can tell all this stuff, we got was very high and we wanted to keep it all safe, because it’s literally tossed around your room everywhere, quick shout out to BC Canada for supplying us with the box guys, if you want to see another beer, they’re ready to supply us with another box That is the next tier I don’t know if you guys can tell, but this was not the highest here They had because we wanted to start off low and next time, just tricky to go all the way to the top of the charts rocket rocket suit for the moon dance to Sean But let me just use his garage and completely be sure to go check out Sean’s been in the description down below and show some d-squad love Thank you guys so much for watching this Video always remember the motto of do good where the motive to get a great, we will see you all very, very soon

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