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I bought a $2,000 wishful return tray and found this. (Mystery Technology Returns to the tray to unpack)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey yo, what’s up, ladies and gentlemen. I got a wish palette, so you wish to bake, but the big mystery box, essentially from which this is easily the biggest mystery box we’ve ever opened on the channel. So if you haven’t already, you definitely probably haven’t but baby. That’s a big boy all right. So we settled one week, but we got another one. Ladies and gentlemen, who is the king of which we’re gonna settle that today we got this giant box right here.
be at the top of the description and we’re gonna see who the King wishes. Alright. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get into the box, we’ve already started a little bit for Derek’s right now, just stuff, but it’s still open. You know I could still take home 2w. Look at the kicks, but big shout-out to BBC Canada for sentiment with bad boys. You guys want to see more boxes, or do you guys want to get a box? I mean this wait. Wait, wait! Yeah! There’s a phone ringing inside here great closer, it’s a phone vibrating! Oh! It’s like interesting guys. So this must be a girl’s phone or was this year. This is your phone. Are you running? Why are you on your side so back into we started off strong. You got an iPhone X as of the game. Oh this sucks, so Sean. What, if Sean’s for his items here is uh? This is insults for your shoes as old as as a bad back, yeah or or thick heel. Insole Jack should probably worth like three months which, as you guys know at home, these 10 billion Canadian yeah UK pounds. Oh, this is like something that’s jelly yeah. This is, I think, it’s the ice bag. Oh oh yeah! Okay, here we go guys. This could be huge. Is a Julie box that we found in the wish da mystery box? Yes, I will for Minnie Mouse watch. No! No, no that’s like legit, though, like it, that’s an actual Disney watch. That is like real material that can be worth a lot of money. Yeah, oh just on when you’re heading this to just like cut this part, all L, please, okay, it’s already route! You could use this GPS actually worth a lot of money. Don’t they don’t do it like one? I’m not sewing it right now. Oh, it’s a some sort of let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It also has an alarm on it. Let’s news in case you’re sleeping: why do you need to figure out? It doesn’t say the sign. It doesn’t say this on it. Plus. Each item has a little description.
If it’s like warrant or anything like that, oh my god, it says Harry you! No! No! No! That’s, that’s not you at all. I think they just mean like the description of the garment itself. but this is your side of the box, so I’ll give it to you buddy. Thank you! A burning camera. Oh, it’s not just a regular hearing aid, it’s Bionic, which means that the back to your year changes the way you can hear and allows you to hear better than the average human being currently going on the black market for $10,000, but also to the right Person is the major key. A bird watcher will pay big dollars, that’s actually cool. I would be surprising these things if it wasn’t from Wichita, that’s very cute, bro they’re actually $100 for those hearing, aids actually yeah this. We need to test this out. If you guys want to see this test, some of this stuff out smash the like button.. So that’s a translator, hola como estas, oh dude. I found something in the box: Michael Jackson’s, glove! Hmm! That’s why it’s one, because if you guys remember you got the the the pre-1985 one, I’m not putting that on the dolly see he’s not try it on it’s a sport! Oh it’s over you’re right! I was. I was at hand the wrong way. Okay, it’s a lot more. No, I think, okay, I’m okay being in this, has to be worth, I would say, 50 bucks, because I did recently by a bunch of tarps for my shower Jenny. Oh go check it out. If you haven’t already but they’re expensive, all right guys, as you can see, we make some serious progress over on Derek’s tally, but you’re done both literally and physically. I may be dumb, but I’m the king of rock paper scissors never lost all right, so we’re gonna finish things off right now, but Derek got some really interesting stuff, including this toilet bowl. You guys want to see that you should check it out. You go with you. I know we got some heat left. This is the irobot scuba. We have. We got one of these online and, if it actually isn’t is worth $900 is what it’s supposed to look like we’ll see. If that’s a good action, Oh, Oh God, what so it’s clearly a little used? That’s not you think a little bit! Okay! So, like I said, if you want to see if, if this actually works. Okay, I mean I have no idea what to do. This is the biggest boss yeah, so there coffee something recently guys.
The more you screams, especially when you’re, you are and the more abuse um good. So that’s you. Are you ready, I’m actually 8 there’s one of those little wireless charging pad? No, it’s not portable CD player, oculus, so Derek can finally see sorry. It’s big, it’s big. This is old like this is old man Epogen, my grand is dummy nor they use something they look kind of like Derek shoes. Oh yes, what’s with all these like eat things for you, but why does everybody walk that visits for, though these are the leg ones? Oh to Mega? Man hit points beep American coin treasures. No, it says these are the jackpot. Oh my god $2,000. That’s. Why does it take coins because there’s a coin? Oh, what the hell there’s a penny from the year 2000. If you guys don’t know in Canada, we don’t have pennies anymore, but and but that makes them worth a lot more money. It’s Americans! Oh! This is worth 90, nothing thousand. We can open the packages the right way. That’s not, I don’t think that’s vibes. This is a Bluetooth, hands-free car kit, good thing Sean has a Tesla. We might use that tonight honestly looks like the other invites like a little. It’s in really good condition. Okay, yes, if it works, I think it does. I wish I could say the same for these. Are you stupid? Wait, Michael Jackson’s life. That’s actually what I think it is. Isn’t it. I think that actually is wait. You have a few Z’s at your house. Don’t you well, you have mine. Are all brown holy Sh everyone else to see if it looks like the elbow boys are going camping? Ladies and gentlemen, oh, oh, I think, there’s salt soap on it from the actual slaughter. All Bravo’s a pretty good company. I think this is their voice recording on there from Michael Jackson, who says subscribe to it boy, oh my god, they’re fast, I was gonna, say something funny about this, but no money in it. Oh, my god, is on this. Traditional beautiful those are honestly, very expensive, so guys over the address is eight five. Five, six three one Derek’s house, a vac. No oh, wait! Plucker! You speed weeds away the what it’s a steamer for weeds and you can see you do this and then, if they like die cuz, it’s think we can use this on people we don’t like. Oh my GAD comes back out. We just like Please help us out smash the like button won’t believe me can get a couple bangers to finish things off waterproof mattress pad just in case you, those wet nights when you and make it you know.
I know there’s someone in the house to be himself every night, but I’m not gonna expose Those John can do that If you want that’s right this, actually we got a light The lamps, it’s like a full fledge of lamp, but you got the special edition Yeah you got the working one, oh my god guys We got two boxes, I mean box on box, they can We came full-circle started with no started boxing and our bomb unboxing anyways point is This is what it comes down to Whoever gets the best thing from these two boxes: wings, because everything else just so good, I think we’re both losers But the point is this: is it so? I need you guys to Let me know in the comment section down below who you think won and I didn’t see the top of the box support me disease I think it’s a just say Shawn might have won this condition I mean, have you just clean out the inside? Obviously, it’s an ice maker, it’s actually an ice cream maker You guys what ice cream rollers like Sean, like you’re like before you like this is 10,000 50,000 This is just the beginning Okay, it’s one nothing, possibly depending on what you guys vote in the comments section down below It is up to you guys, but we can do this again We can be redemption This was just the beginning This was a random palette of this random wish pal concept, but there’s other levels too There’s tears dryers to this player anyway The point is, there are a lot more palettes that we can try out There’s type B’s palettes, which I’m Chris might be pals yeah, there’s a bunch of different ones, Derek in table this time So I know maybe I’ll go twist will go visit, Vancouver and film Another one big thanks to Derek for for filming with me I know it’s You won that rocker should at the beginning No, that’s! Alright! You literally got the best thing at the very end I didn’t get that sense All the big thanks to Jasper, Pullman and jazz he’s kind of sickly just inside right now So sighs always thank you guys so much for watching, and I will catch you next time Kudos

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