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I bought a Mystery Box + luxury gift on eBay

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello friends, it’s me! Oh your favorite, French youtuber. Today this wasn’t even planned. I saw a while ago I did a mystery box. Video and ever since y’all have been bugging. Do another mystery box, more mystery box. Videos! Please dark web mystery box. Next, I’m pretty sure all the dark web mystery boxes are fake. So you know, if you want me to ask someone who knows a guy. That knows a guy that knows another guy to get me dark web mystery box, but today, in the meantime, I have two mystery boxes that I’m gonna be unboxing for you guys today.
One of them is a luxury fashion, mystery box that I got for $100 on eBay watch cyber wolf $100. I wanna see you throw your whole paycheck on a mystery box. I got bills to pay okay, so over here we got this big ginormous. Foxhole of yes, big, shout out to Poshmark for sending me this mystery luxury box. It’s got designer things in it, I don’t know what’s in it and I’m going to be giving away almost all of it to you guys on Poshmark, but only three dollars. I can’t wait to open these. I am so excited, so if you guys don’t know what Poshmark is it’s an app that carries clothes, handbags shoes and it is the easiest way to buy and sell your stuff. So when I’m done unboxing everything I’m going to be listing them on my Poshmark, my store name is little. Lea the same as my youtube channel C, my nails are also a tool, so if you guys want to get these things are super cheap. Only three dollars hooked link at the description below download Poshmark, all of my closet heart, the items that you’re interested in and you’ll get a notification. When the price drops the $3, then tomorrow I’m going to drop the price to $3. So then you could snatch it. Oh, we got some white converse right here: brand new yeah they brand new. They got that brand new stench you trying to snatch these for $3. Let’s go next present. Oh dad. We got some Louboutins here, some red bottoms. Oh, I can’t wait to see this haha man who go get this for three dollars. So when you buy from Poshmark you can trust Poshmark that is gonna be authentic. What you’re getting is gonna be the real deal when you purchase a luxury item. Five hundred dollars or more on Poshmark, its shipped directly to Poshmark, HQ bra authentication. They got luxury experts, they make sure it’s real. They check everything. The tags, logos, material, Hardware, quality everything to make sure what you’re getting is legit and that’s what this card is because it’s been authenticated BAM whatever you buy. Oh, oh, my god. These are brand-new. These are gorgeous.
They are suede, Oh size, 38. If the shoe fits, you know, I could be and keep these for myself, even though they don’t fit me just barely, but look how gorgeous these are right. Bottom brand-new! Oh, these are gorgeous and I love these and I wish I could keep them, but these are gonna, be on my store for three dollars. So make sure you heart them and don’t forget, with luxury items you’re covered under posh protect, so you’ll get a full refund with its fake. It doesn’t match the description completely shh-shh you safe, I’m gonna put these back where they belong. This is red bottoms. This is bloody and shoes. Oh, this is the biggest one. Yet I’m like a kid on Christmas. Mat just got a new mascara, I’m ruining it opening all these with my nails. What all? Right though, we got a Michael Kors wristlet, Oh fancy, beautiful we’ve got a, but you know for your nights out on the town, but that’s not all. Oh. I like this. What is this this blue Lou lemon? It is lugal and I knew it just by touching it. I knew this was a little woman. Oh I loved it. I’m keeping us I’m keeping this I’m keeping this cuz. I wanted a jacket like this. This is perfect. I had one a few years ago. No, it was more like five six years ago and I don’t know where it went. I think someone stole it from me when they have the I love this. It’s none as and it’s mine. Now, all right now we are going to check out the eBay, mystery box. I’ve already opened this one. I took a peek at the top. I haven’t unfolded everything yet so the first one and I’m seeing this for the first time, is this dress. So after I bought the mystery box, they asked me what size I wanted. The clothes and, I said, a small or extra small. So it’s like it’s used. I don’t know if it’s just like older. Like me, it has a tag on it. The brand is privy and it says privately privileged privately privileged I’ve never heard of this brand, but it’s supposed to be luxury. It was actually pretty cute. Like a lace dress, I really love lace doesn’t smell funky, but if you guys can see this, it’s like frayed. It’s not showing up literally can’t see it. It just looks old like it has these fuzzies all over the dress, I guess maybe not all. Over okay, I dropped my camera. Whenever again, you are safe. My sweet child nobody’s gonna hurt you anymore. Okay. So, let’s see what this looks like on, if this even fits on me because it looks like he’ll smile, I don’t know if it’s like it’s stretchy cuz your girl, she got a little Tuesday. Okay, I’m trying to get this dress on right now and this does it does not fit.
It does not fit. It does not go up past my butt. It’s not working. I tried so hard and got so far. Yeah doesn’t even matter cuz. This dress ain’t it. It’s not it’s not going up. Trust me. You guys gotta trust me on this. It’s not going up next up. We have this pink. What is this apron or whoa? Okay, okay, okay, it’s a party today. How does this go on, so it’s like a spaghetti. Strap but you just tie it, it was literally like an apron made in USA. This is size. Small/Medium is so big for the zipper, not even in the middle. Oh, yes, okay, it’s a very, largely awkward dress. I don’t know how it’s supposed to work. It looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s try it on. Let’s do the smell test: first, no unpleasant odors, which seems to be a big problem when you order things from eBay or the site, it comes from somebody’s household. You are not they smoke or have pets or like to take a dump in their living room. Y’All know these things you’re another life, you don’t know what household is coming from. It looks new. It was from this sketchy seller, I might add, with zero feedback boy. Why does going on? I like the color. I really do it’s very like bubblegum pink, but I mean this is not a smaller. I don’t know if it’s supposed to fit like this, it’s just a very, very, very ugly dress. I don’t like this, I’m taking it off now there is a blonde hair. There was nobody blonde, didn’t her smart, like a fuzzy? No, that’s a hair, someone blonde package this here we got what is a like a one-piece. Oh, it’s like one of those that shunova looking things. It’s got a slit, a hole in the midsection, so your tummy can breathe. I’m really feel the air cherry mellow made in the US of A this is actually really cute. I feels really nice. It’s like that. Spandexy material, oh she’s, stretchy she do yoga. This is really nice. I actually really like this. I hope it fits me. Okay. I don’t know if I like this make my booty pop. If it does, I like it, I like the feel of it. It feels good like I wish I did. It was just shorts, but I don’t like the top part. I don’t like this like weird random hole and it’s kind of like a little baggy right here. Man I gotta get rid of the glasses on the beret. Going biking you gotta go biking at 5:00, gotta, read a book at 6:00. No, no, my head’s a mess. It’s dirty! You know 99% of the time that I wear hat is because my hair is dirty here. We have another. Oh nice feeling dress. It’s got some butt ends on it. It’s like a very basic black dress. I love it It’s basic it’s made of like that nice ribbed material.
I don’t know about you guys, but I love this material It’s so underrated, and sometimes it’s like really cheap, like cheap laces will sell it, but also very expensive brands will sell it like I bought a skirt this material for like $20, but I also bought a shirt from seven jeans for like $120 That was this material I don’t know, I feel like cheap brands and expensive brands use this material and it feels just luxurious Oh, my god, this dress is actually perfect If it just went over my knees like that it would have been perfect I don’t know what I hid, but this fits like a glove, this material I’m tell you guys what was it called ribbed when you buy in clothes, you want some stretchy and comfy You go for ribbed, like oh kill I am living for this This is adorable like this dress is something I would actually wearing This makes like the whole box like worth it My foreheads itchy, who put lice in my beret the last one is Owen nother black dress Oh I like how most of these things were black One of them was Lacey black and the pink one was, I don’t know, what’s going on with the pink ones That’s enough for me dog Oh, this is another nice, very nice feeling Form-Fitting dress Oh, I really hope this goes past The knee Oh, this actually looks very, very cute, very nice material It looks small, it’s got a zipper in the back This material feels really nice like it actually feels expensive What brand is this Park Avenue? I I don’t know it sounds familiar got like, of course, that thing in the front which it’s not gonna do anything because it’s like bigger than the dress so doesn’t really make sense to me it’s like here we have the dress and the course that goes Way out which, like the feasts, the purpose of like a corset, front type thing, but I like the idea of this dress and I feel like it could be really cute wow, wow, wow, wow wow I can’t this is like everything I love dresses that are like posture knees This is so gorgeous and perfect I am living for this like this zipper, and it’s just like holds everything in, but I got really nice material like this is so classy so perfect for tea time I am in love I am in love with this dress and see if I can snatch it up more Oh perfect This is all okay, five stars man, but yeah follow my store and wait for me to drop those prices I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye, guys,

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