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I bought the most expensive things as I wish!!

1 Nov , 2019  

A deep fryer, they say, work 100% Bullock. Is this a troll? You can buy a full-fledged wind turbine off wish for $6,500. Oh, I know what’s up, ladies and gentlemen. A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to get sponsored by wish, and today we are again just shopping on wish we’re not not sponsors and unfortunately.. I think they were fairly rated. A lot of them were actually really good products, and, typically in the past, when we went on wish, we would just buy whatever without looking at reviews.
Without looking at anything – and I think that might have been one of the main reasons why a lot of the stuff we got was, it was questionable to say the least, but today what we’re gonna be seeing is, if you buy something, that’s expensive. Does that also mean it’s gonna be quality, or is that not a proper indicator of a good quality item? So we’re gonna be scrolling through the Express section and we are gonna. Also, we can possibly find on wish and see what kind of craziness we get be sure to smash the like button. If we can get over 15. So with that being said, let’s scroll through wish and see what we got. It’s got to be expensive. I’m not talking 25 bucks, not talking 50 bucks. Maybe like 100 bucks minimum but we’ll see what shows up. I am a little bit stressed about this, so hopefully we get some good quality items that we can actually use because I’m gonna be spending a lot of money. What in God’s name is this? It’s a wireless microphone system. Huh. Can I use this for a potential podcast. We got a comment. Maybe it’s normally 400 bucks, though so you know you saving some money. I don’t know what this is, but we got to buy it. It’s over a hundred bucks. It’s the first item we found we’ll see if it’s any good okay. What is this flexible, solar panel for an RV boat? Lot? Okay, this is in German. They say worked 100% gold. Is it only for RVs whoa? I wonder if we can like power something with this one to fit functional, wall-mounted, pull-up bar okay. This is kind of cool. I might be able to put this in the office for one hundred. Seventeen bucks holds three hundred thirty pounds all right. Okay, that’s something we can try out folks, throw it on there, a $95.00 knife. Oh it’s a sushi knife, no use for it. They sell syringes what the okay! This is pretty expensive. 48 bucks not insanely expensive, but it is one of the more expensive things and pretty much everything. I’ve seen so far is the same thing just different variations of it, so we might have to try out some fake air mags all right. Let’s do it. They’Re, like thousand-plus dollar shoes – I don’t even there might be $10,000 shoes only 48 on here, but they’re still very expensive.
What the a shirt press, Oh, like she’ll make our own shirts and it’s got six reviews. Why are two of the reviews saying? I haven’t tried it yet. What’s the purpose of those reviews, what the point of this isn’t it’s to? Try it so there’s another item $350. I really hope I can make much with that. Maybe sell some of it to you guys, cuz. Otherwise, I am NOT making my money back. Dave is dumb H, little adjustable weighted vest, but it’s too cheap 27. What is this? That’s it. What the does this? Like? A Lego, car, fifteen hundred and eighty six pieces, all right added to the list, a deep-fryer! Are you serious, there’s some deep fryers on you you’re joking? I got. I gotta. Try that out a deep fryer. What else we got it’s a portable reclining chair, but you just what do you just put it on the floor? Huh no way can you actually buy a chainsaw felishj, there’s no way what it’s a chainsaw like. I have to find out. If it’s legit is this a troll, you can buy a full-fledged wind turbine and off wish for $6,500. Okay. There is a line this. This is way higher than I thought they would ever get on witch, but apparently you can buy a $6, but otherwise we’re keeping most expensive to A somewhat reasonable area $6,500. How do you even ship, a wind turbine, fan? Okay, so now that I found out they have wind turbines on the site for $6,500. It’s really making me wonder what other insane things they have like. Do they have what? What kind of like, like a bike like a motorbike? Okay? No! These are parts. Okay, you know what I think we found enough for today. We’ve got at least five, maybe more items we’re gonna order a bunch of these in and we are going to test them out and see if they’re worth the money, because some of them are extremely extremely expensive. I really hope that they deliver on what they say: they’re they’re supposed to do. I’m just looking through the car together like this makes those sets well all right. I’m gonna place the order and I’ll see you guys when everything comes in, we got our first package check this bad boy out. This thing is huge: I’m gonna pop this open right now. What do you guys think it is on then down below all right? Let’s find out BAM virtual expecting me to be opening a package of me. We’Re gonna go open the rest of the packages now, alright, folks, we got our packages right here. We’ve got our second camera angle right here.
You see the box and we are gonna be popping into so many interesting things, oh by the way before we get into these. Unfortunately, like three of the packages got refunded for whatever reason, probably because they couldn’t shoot me a child, but basically some of the things I tried to buy. They wouldn’t send it to me, so I had to order a few different things. So surprise, surprise, not only are you gonna get some of the things you thought we Bob, but we’re gonna get other things as well, that are actually pretty cool. I think, arguably more cool than what we were originally gonna get. So, let’s get into our first package: let’s go with this one. I don’t. Even I genuinely don’t know, what’s what beep this upper angle for the slicing and dicing? Oh, I hope you guys can see what this is yet pop. You on view, as you guys can see, we’ve got the 919 sports car. I think it’s basically a lego sports car. To be honest, it was kind of hard to tell when we were buying it. I didn’t really know what I was getting at. All I knew was it was expensive and that means we have to buy. It looks like there might be a remote control for this, so this might actually be a Lego, RC car. Does this say how many pieces it is? Oh, you know this is a joke. This is gonna take forever there’s so many little toy Yoyogi, I’m stressing you have stickers for it kind of leave. You actually, please tell me these instructions. Oh my this booklet of instruction, I’m really tempted to pretend this one didn’t come in like a Harry Potter, bug there’s so many page. Is you know what I have an idea? I have an idea. I have an idea, one step at a time right. Boom. Look at that tires are already done. I’m like I’m flying boom, see the vibes it’s the this is about as much as you’re getting. I can’t. I can’t do this. I need the light I need.. The only way I have to finish building to finish building it they’re, like I’m almost almost almost that I can finish it, alright, guys. Moving on to our second item ban professional microphone system – some vibes – I think if my memory serves me correctly – this is essentially a karaoke machine. You see the Bob’s. Are you dumb keep this my keeo, this like looks lik. This is the mic. Was a nice mic? I’m not gonna lie alright, so we got our mics and we have. It looks like a VCR. I don’t really know couple chords a lot easier to set up than our first item. Who’s got me feeling some type of way. Ladies and gentlemen, can’t we just all right folks, we got our mic, we’re gonna actually test out and see. If this thing works, we’ve got the little like VCR box vibe. Here we’ve got an amplifier, it’s all hooked up, so this should work if the product works.
Let’s find out hello. I don’t know how it sounds to you guys, but it actually sounds pretty legit from where we are for a hundred, I think, was like 150. I don’t remember, I don’t know if this hooks up to a TV and does anything else. I don’t think it does in terms of life showing lyrics, so you can actually sing them while doing karaoke bad.. So I would say this is a certified vibe four and a half out of five stars. I’m gonna keep it I’m gonna use it sorry Jay, it’s gonna get annoying alright. So we had two interesting first items: let’s move on to our third now, if this is what I think it is, it’s probably the thing I’m most excited for, and it is the thing I think it is. I mean, says shoes. So, let’s pop these bad boys, I don’t see how they are fashion, we’re gonna be styling on them all right, it’s time for the grand reveal of our nike hyperadapt. These are like no, how much at least a thousand, but they might be up to ten thousand the real ones. We’ve got some fake ones for a hundred bucks and we’re gonna see how they compare well. I guess we can’t really compare them because I don’t have kinda granted by the real ones, but I’ve seen pictures alright time for the grand reveal switch to this camera. Whoa. Okay, like I said, I haven’t seen the real version, but something tells me they’re not quite the same somebody weird these before me. These don’t even seem like real shoes. These seem literally like like toys like there’s no way in hell these selfless hundred percent. They they don’t selfless. There’s nobody! That’s. How do you turn the light on? Is there? So I think you know nothing in this box. I’m missing know if you guys can see this, but there’s some kind of light vibe going on in here, but I don’t know how to turn it on. There are light flick it out. Uh-Oh that hurts. Oh, I found a cord, so you can plug these in somehow. Oh, this is somewhat promising. I was kind of worried about these. Oh there’s a button. Oh now we’re talking baby lights up like a Christmas tree. Alright, that’s it that’s a little bit better! I’m slightly happier that this works there’s a little cord here that you can use as well to charge it up. This is definitely not the highest of quality all right, so this is what the ones we got look like, and these are the real ones. I think it’s safe to say, there’s quite a large difference, but now that we got these bad boys Liz it’s time to try them on hi guys you trying something new overhead angle bags. Let’s see how these bad boys fit well, bad! You know about them.
Apples! You see the vibes transformer vibes, let me get the other one huh, you see the light blowing up, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. These aren’t very comfortable might be a full two sizes too big. I don’t know what kind of feet make I in China, but these definitely don’t fit my feet: they’re hideous, they’re, just they’re, really not nice, like baka, I’m not now with these would I recommend giving these shoes no? No. I would not, but that’s why I buy them so that you guys don’t have to, and I can waste my money instead of all of you. I love you. So please smash the Lakeland, but on the plus side you can see walking. Oh my god, all right. Our next item and potentially our last item, because I don’t know where the other one is how we’ve got what I think might be the funniest thing now this one wasn’t included earlier when I was ordering things so you guys are in for a treat. I think this was like 300 bucks. If my memory serves me correctly what’s wrong, I like I, must have an addiction to building things. Oh some, that, as you guys, can see from this camera. This is kind of like our first item, but just bigger. This stresses me out: it’s actually pretty well organized though, and you guys might be able to tell this is an inversion table. If you don’t know what that is, oh you’ll find out shortly back to building. Oh, if you all the blood rushing through my head about the heavy barley rushes to what you know am I read right now: oh I’m not sure why anyone would do that. I don’t know. Maybe I went too far but, like I honestly feel like my nose was about to bleed. Oh, it’s not comfortable at all, but it does do what it says it’s supposed to do, which is you know you can go upside down in it. So if, for whatever reason, that’s what you’re trying to do then well, this is a good product for that. But if I had to give it a rating, I’m gonna say like a three and a half out of five, it’s solid. It does what it’s supposed to do. Price-Wise, I feel like it’s decent, but I just don’t understand the purpose of this. Unless it’s gonna make me tall it is it you think it’ll make me taller, I’m doing it, alright, guys it’s time for our fifth and final package. I guess six. If you include our first package, we’ve got another item from one to fit your a likkle one to fit trying to get a likkle one to fit. Essentially, you know we’re trying to get back in shape. We had to get something to help with that We’Re gonna see if this is any good, some box user manual – okay, okay, okay, I don’t know why everything I got it seems like for this.
Video is something I have to build I really should have thought this through ahead of time It’s like I’m gonna have to build something again Hopefully this goes a little bit faster than everything else see the red and black vibe It’s pretty nice, the one to fit logo right here, looking pretty smashing how to put this together, see if it’s any good set it up in the office and see if we can get nice and high guys, we managed to get to pull up our portion of Our little one to fit fitness setup after the wall This is kind of sketchy, cuz, apparently based on the manual It says, you’re supposed to hook it into brick or something a little bit stronger than drywall, but you hold a little Sometimes you live life on the edge and that’s what we’re gonna do right now So, let’s see if this holds, you know what this is great for assisted she does see This is not bad Okay, that’s not supposed to be happening fully separating from the wall Hi folks, as you can see, we brought in the big guns Not only did we screw this into the wall, but we actually added a second wall so that it sticks better and it’s a little more secure because, as you guys saw in our last attempt, it wasn’t very secure So this should work now Let’s take a closer look: we screwed this to this, so it’s a little thicker a little stronger and hopefully this will support your boy While I work out so I can get nice and eased in the office there we go Maybe if you guys want to see a one ramp equals one dollar with chin-ups We can do that, so I’m gonna start with the chin-ups it’s kind of high, but it’s holding all right the chin up our holes Now you guys see if the dips hole Yeah, I’m gonna start in the side, so this is some app box Look okay and now for the dips Okay, it all works Yo short too long to fit man I can lean You know, work out, get a little one to fit Overall, I would have to give this product also a certified vibe snap, I’m pretty happy with it I’m actually excited to use this in the office on a regular basis, and it was only like 120 bucks, so not bad for what you’re getting it’s Basically, you can do most workouts You would need to a little bit of rest from us, please smash the like button right now, as always Thank you guys so much for watching and I will catch you next time Toodles, you

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