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I broke my back, I don’t know! (very painful!)

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, good morning, guys it’s actually a rough morning in our house. Oscar is still in a lot of pain. he injured himself pretty badly rock climbing. So now we are gonna go ahead and take him to Urgent Care, while the kids are sleeping, good man – and I will take care of you – dude guys, I’m emotionally drained last night – was so hard to sleep. Every time I tried to roll over, I could you I would wake up and I had to like help him no yeah in the middle, and I was grunting and she helped me roll over.
So it was such a dumb decision. Thank you for holding my hand by the way, I’m such a good girlfriend time I feel, like I have like my my pregnant man. Major come on he’s. Okay, I opened door for you come on no, but really um, I feel like Oscar, doesn’t ever really get hurt, so what he gets hurt. I feel really bad, but we’re gonna goes to all these problems. That’s what we’re gonna do. Doctors know everything and they solve everything. So that’s where we’re going. I am so mad at myself, you guys I’m so dumb. It was such a dumb move, but I was so confident myself and that’s that’s what where I went wrong, having too much confidence being overconfident. Yeah, but it was so dumb. I deserve this pain for being so dumb and just I can’t even get in this car. I think the biggest thing I know this is. He was so excited to have someone record him. He wanted all of his skills recorded at once, and you had already been climbing for a little bit so you’re just yeah. I had been playing for an hour and a half, and already I don’t care, that’s like I’m very weak, I’m not crying like. Are they calling high-gravity days when the world feel what you feel heavy in the world feels like it’s like pressing down on you? It’s okay! I still love you even if it’s chronic back pain for the rest of your life lost, because it just I’m just scared of that had to stop and get my drink first. No, I’m just really really hurting hey, but on the bright side I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good posture in my life. I know seriously you’re walking like so it looks like weird though cuz I’m walking slow, but if I let’s go see if you’re dying, bathe, you’re you’re, just gonna fun to take care of you um. I fell on my back and it hurts a lot from a very high. He was rock climbing and did a silly trick and Phillips a down ones back. You know like 19 to 29, okay, so I turned the camera off right as we went in and the first thing she told us was you need to go to the ER.
This is like a trauma when you fall from a height, that’s taller than your height. So they just we instantly turned around and now we’re headed just hearing the girls like if it’s a fracture, they need to check that, and I was like I didn’t, ask any more questions like okay, let’s go, she saw me get up and she still said yeah. It could be a fracture even though you walk yeah, yeah so instantly I mean we were there for about two minutes yeah. Hopefully it was like a hairline fracture and I just like a month off. I maybe even we hope it’s nothing and you’re. Just swollen and sore yeah, please I’m such a man, I all might Chipotle. I am such a man like a baby. I don’t question your man, okay, okay, baby! Let’s try this again, I’m just yes sure you felt my back. It’s been already person, so I just thought getting checked out. I’m gone like my lower back in my buttocks, it’s more like internal yeah. It’s like engineering about over here yeah a little bit up a little bit that like straight right, there’s where it’s the moss! No, alright guys quick update, so they don’t catch me filming but Oscar. I think they’re gonna give him a CT scan right. Baby. Some sort of scan to like just makes sure like a see-through body. What does it call the x-ray my brain isn’t working actually but he’s getting naked, so I can’t show you guys. I know it’s a nice sight, except for when he’s all crouched down like it is right now trying to get dressed, but that is what we’re doing right now: hey there handsome! Oh, can you not make those faces? Tough. Can you be like a little baby? Why are you in your hands and knees, because I can’t think what I can’t bend over nobody get to make it on the floor. They’Re gonna do a new thing. You can do a side profile. You’Re saying make my feet, look enormous! Well, you know time for the dress. Show me: the goods show me the goods. The lighting in here is horrific. Cuz they have this like backlight. There we go swipe up, link down below oh baby. It’s just been noises getting into bed is by far the worst. You guys I’m gonna see this home. This is gonna, be a bad shot up in between my legs.
Oh you just said Vicky’s a sad day. I know I so sorry we can use pause for it on the other, okay yeah. They would get up and walk. It was hurt a lot, but I think the adrenaline it kind of goes like whoa and then yeah we’re just kind of late at night to visit. While he was sleeping, he was rolling around like he had a hard time flipping over. I had to pull him yeah over, but you didn’t ever really wake that for me. I just heard you like groaning yeah. It’s really like that cause. It hurts oh yeah, it just hurts knocking a gun in no position to on my side but yeah the backyards here. No here no here, if you don’t want any pain, medicine right now, yeah! No, that’s that’s! Fine! Let’s get the CT scan. Okay, all right! Perfect! All right, I have a delivery for you. Next in the drink. It’s all ready for you have. I had anything yeah, oh, my goodness, that games so sleepy, quick update. My lips are swelling again, but that’s not the update. We’ve been here for probably three or four hours waiting they’ve had a lot of traumas come in so we’re kind of just napping and eating, and I got myself a bagel and cream cheese at tea. And then I got off your a feta, wrap and then also just a bunch of snacks, but he’s awake and he’s eating. Now. How do you feel time? Are you gonna go back to sleep after that look away, and just I think, mostly just kind of hit your head back. It’s gonna look off to the side. Why do I hate this so much? Why am I so bleep don’t like? Did you forget what it’s like, but then you remember it’s not that bad. It only says. Surely I heard the penstock recently I was in here with to help good you flinch. We go again really. He won’t flinch. He didn’t flinch before he’s just gonna make those noises do hold a hand, look off to the side somewhere support just think about if Levi and Leia we’re watching utility to be strong. Oh wait, that’s never as bad! Oh, relax! The more you intend the more! It’s gonna not really critical pressure, a triangle. Oh all right. It is now seven past, seven actually 742 and dr. Timmerman. Both nurse came in with horrible news. If she came in kind of panicked, I was like what’s wrong and she’s like oh, I need you to lay down. I was like why and she says, because you’re you have multiple fractures and just hearing that like and a few other things, but she needs the doctor to be, and that scares me I don’t want to hear a few other things, so he has to lay down Like this, he can’t move.
She wants him to stay, I might not even cold, but I feel like I’m shaking well, you just, I think, you’re feeling, maybe a little anxiety yeah. Maybe so now we’re just waiting for the doctor to come in and like tell him the actual things. Cuz nurses can only tell you so much like legally, so now we’re just waiting for the doctor yeah and they keep offering me the drugs. I do not want to take it yeah like heavier drugs, because with a fracture like it hurts very bad. So usually I know my lips are so bad guys, I’m having a logic reaction but yeah, so that we’re just waiting on that Oscar is very scared. I’m glad you’ve been here cuz. If I heard that alone, I think you can go home, you can go home yeah just like no. I don’t want that. I want it. I feel bad today I wanted to have fun with the kids to now. I know I haven’t seen like the kids, it’s so stupid, just this snuggle time. I did it for the vlog seriously. I’m done! I’m done, I’m quitting you too.. You believe in four weeks, I’m getting a c-section, I know dude. I can’t have a broken back in a baby, a brand-new newborn thanks, sorry, that makes me sad. You know, but luckily you can hold the baby a lot. That’Ll be your job. Oh man, I’m so stupid. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I should question every decision I make in life right now. This is so dumb. You did your spine, it’s not surgery, but most likely. No, I thought it. Thank God. So what you guys called a compression fracture, but when you win like this, sometimes the bone can. Okay, so more or less it’s kind of like this and it breaks a little bit and then the top comes to hell. You lost about thirty percent, our height. What I did is, I called our spine team, most likely. What they’ll do is want to take some more pictures and you’ll end up in a brace baby. You got shorter on me, dude that is, am NOT p.m. we did not reversed in time. It is the 132 a.m. we’ve been gone for some, so we have some conclusions though. Finally, which is good, I almost have two on the bag. You want to tell us what happened. I don’t really know why I’ve explained I feel, like we’ve been your soul woman, but I know you know. We’ve said one of my vertebrae is fractured a little bit. Yeah um, I gotta, keep it straight and stable, so they gave me a brace which kind of stalked a little look like a fool yeah, but it will help four weeks and we might be able to take it off to be how good I’m doing four To eight weeks oh yeah, 48 weeks I, and then he can’t rock climb or do any activity for six months yeah.
I can’t do any physics in thing anything super physical for six month, which is gonna, be very hard sure. Oscar. If you know him he’s a really crying, he spent at least four hours a day doing physical activity every single day. So it’s gonna be tough, but it’ll be good. He can’t lift anything over ten pounds, so he can’t be lifting the kids or anything for four to eight weeks. I’m gonna have the baby in four weeks, just but luckily she’s she’s lighten up she’s under ten pounds. Yeah she’ll be under ten pounds for sure. So he’ll be able to help with the baby still but it’ll be the toddler’s, but like Lily we have family coming when the baby comes. That was our biggest concern. This whole time is like oh yeah, but broken back Dennis. We can’t believe it will teach me. I will never do something that stupid again, even if I’m a thousand percent confident I can do it, I’m sorry tis. She we’re so tired, though guys like we just lay down and be woken up in a few hours by the kids. I do miss the kids honestly, I feel like I haven’t seen them in days, even though it’s just been one full day yeah, I do miss them, you should get dressed because we need to go, but this thing so he has to wear this all the time. Four four day weeks they are in the shower and when I sleep, yeah, showering sleeping but otherwise historic all the time looks pretty serious, but it’s just holding him in place yeah so that he doesn’t damage himself further and have to do surgery. You’ve got this you’re a strong man. Oh yes, I’m free free at last. Oh, my goodness guys. I am sorry. I’ve been such it down to this vlog. I’m sure you guys understand why dang! I am so upset that we wasted a whole day doing this. Yeah. No, oh, oh you’re gonna have to hold this girl. Thank you. He keeps telling me like I’m so sorry I can’t like I did this. It’s like baby It’s not your fault like it was an accident yeah I know, but do you want me to drive? I mean the height isn’t gonna change, regardless of where you sit, but I need to figure things out what, if I need to do sniffling not tonight thing too, he keeps thinking like he needs to do things because he thinks he needs to figure it out, But it’s okay to take a few days.
So just let me help you oh yeah dude I can’t drive actually there’s no way, No yeah! No! No! I can’t you drew just because the the your arms yeah, the brace and the way I mingled If it really hurts, then I’m so useless man you’ll get more used to the brace and then you’ll be able to will be I wanna get through this Together Teamwork, just first off stop apologizing, it’s okay, that you’re hurt yeah, I’m gonna say: well, you don’t have a fun face today We can, they just can’t be jumping on you It’s actually really gonna be good in that sense, because the Oscar really like he plays with them all the time, but he does like roughhousing and you know dad’s stuff – and this is gonna teach him to like sit down in color It’s gonna be a learning curve, no twisting they said, but I have to do everyday things Well, that’s that’s what the brace is there for to help when you have to do things like that Well, look! How tall I look now, let’s see how the what time we get home It is 151 right now, probably gonna be like 233 Well Tomorrow will be fun with the kids It’s no sleep, yeah long long long day, but that’s okay I miss them 247, but it’s technically 347, because the time change sucks So your dunzo – oh, my god like my back, is sore instead Yeah like the muscles, are something I know it served you indoors, yeah, so yeah yeah, my neck would have been the worst I think about that all the time I could have been so much It could have been your neck anyway, so you were upside down, it was so close to being your neck yeah It was crazy, though we have footage of you breaking your back dude That is so crazy and so stupid dumb decision I blame you dude all right Babies, they’re asleep I do not want to open the last door because I don’t want to risk waking her up, but that’s pretty much it for today’s vlog Definitely not necessarily a great one, but hopefully it entertained You guys and I’ll see you guys smile bye, guys,

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