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I can’t believe it!! // ipsy vs ipsy//ipsy glass package not packaged

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi, lovely people. How are you oh Jesus? I forgot to fix my hair sorry about that, but it is hot in New Jersey today and I just got back from taking my dog for a walk and my hair is natural curly. You guys can say so. It starts curling up anyway, you are here for my Ipsy, so this is going to be my tip severs FC for July 2018. Now I don’t know what’s in here. What I usually do is i go by tracking number so and then I write down, which is for which, so what I do is, oh, my god, wouldn’t you anyway, let me just keep going so what I usually do is I do my profile, which is a 40, I am 42 and I put that I have dark hair.
I have blue eyes that I’m very comfortable with makeup and then I do a 25 year old, and I say I have red hair brown eyes that I’m semi I’m okay with makeup, but also for myself for my 42 year old profile, I do say like adventurous. Colors and what’s a 25 year old, I don’t okay. So let’s just begin so let me look and if I didn’t tell you, I go by the tracking number and that’s how I know what is what so. This is my 42 year old profile. So, let’s open nice, I have seen what the bag look like. but I wasn’t expecting this is pretty. Let me just show you. I was expecting one for July to be like more like fourth of July and stuff, but this is pretty. This is actually my favorite color this color here and black. Were my wedding dress, so that’s really nice. It has a little oopsie sign. It still has a little plastic piece on here see if I can get that off. That’s gonna bother me, oh god, it’s crap I’ll get that later, because it’s curling, but this feels like vinyl kind of like like it would rip easy um. But I don’t know I usually like the Ipsy bags. I like this as well, so a pretty color. So, let’s open it make sure there’s nothing now! Okay! So let’s open her up so the first thing I say: well, I got a Smashbox concealer. Now one of my friends got this too. So that’s good with colors listen! This is in the shade a light. I don’t think I’ve ever tried, Smashbox concealers before so lets me swatch it that’s a really good color too, because I am thankful. I don’t have a lot of dark circles under my eyes, but I do use this to brighten up but around here. I have a lot of sunspots, so that’s that, let’s see if it oxidizes – and I think these are like $20 plus – I’m not sure so right there – this piece for the bags – these are $10 apiece, here’s the card.
So what is the theme? I don’t see what the theme is, so I guess it’s just July 2018, which I love that lipstick love it okay moving on the next thing I got is from Bree Bree. Oh she, oh. This is Scout revival charcoal and peppermint oil, cooling, jelly conditioner. God, that’s a long word for that, so we got that this. I love this brand. First of all, and I don’t mind, I am somebody that doesn’t mind that I get hair products, skin products and makeup, and I love this brand and this is pretty cool cooling. Jelly conditioner, that’s kind of weird right, let’s say: oh, it has a safety seal on there. So I can’t well, I do kind of smell the peppermint, so I’m excited to try of this, and this does look like it is definitely oxidizing because it looks like orange. You now, okay, the next thing I got is from mint pear. This is a night serum, Oh does it say, like it just says: all-natural, okay and organic. Oh, that is awesome. So, even though this is a small sample anytime, you have any kind of like oil or liquid. It tends to last for a while. So I’m excited for that because I love putting oil different things under my eyes, since I am aging and I am getting fine lines – and you know stuff like that – okay, the next thing last two products are, this is give them Lala. Oh, I think this is the lip gloss and if you can tell I always wear lip gloss now, I will wear a matte lipstick and then put a lip gloss on top on top. This is, I guess, it’s the shade. The affair affair? Okay, so oh! This is a nice package in give me some, Oh, give him Lala. I like that. Let me swatch that. Oh that’s nice! This is a lip gloss, but the color is gorgeous. I can wear this alone. That is really really pretty. I am really liking. My I had this month: okay, okay, so this is an eyeshadow in harmony. Le Eden is the brand and the shade is harmony and Oh figures. It’s gonna be taped up. let’s see how I can do this. Okay, I think I got it. Do I got it. Oh god come on in okay, yeah. I got it alright. So let’s open this. Ah, how do you open it? How do you twist it? This is really pretty. So that’s what it looks like and let’s swatch it feels really silky. Oh, that is gorgeous yes, yes, yes, that is gorgeous. I really really like this. So that’s what I got in my profile, so I got this a really pretty eye shadow in harmony. I got the Smashbox concealer, which definitely oxidizes, so if you guys would like to purchase it on your own always go like a lighter shade, I got the Lala lip gloss up a friend named Lala.
I had the Brio Gio conditioner for your hair and that by MIT pair this is a night serum. So I like everything, I’m really satisfied. So, let’s go on to my 25 year olds. Remember I do say this. One looks like it’s all taped off in this stuff. Look at that. You see how it’s like that clear tape on that um. I just say that I am 25. I have red hair brown eyes, light complected. I always say my skin tone because just in case they do send me a foundation or a concealer, I can still wear it. So there are things inside here and this is Callie. We caffeine rush, snores and she met and I loved she met. But this is weird, so you would think you wouldn’t put sheet mask in the 42 year old profile right, not the 25 year old. But then again I always say that you should start skincare at early age. So I do like that they do put that in a 25 year olds profile. My daughter is 17 and I have her do sheet mask with me, and this is coffee. I’m seed extract so excited I’ve never tried this brand or I don’t think I’ve ever tried. Any sheet mask of coffee in it, so that is exciting. Okay, the same thing is the theme I really like that: lipstick, okay, so this is Oprah eyeshadow in the shade of quiz it, and this is like a black with like shimmer in it. I’m not gonna open this up. I’m going to put this in my giveaway and I do have a 5k giveaway going on right now. If you don’t know, I believe it in my district. It might description. I will leave it up in the cards above and down below. It is over, I believe, next week, so check that out has a whole bunch of things and now because wereached over 10,000 subscribers, I’m going to have three winners, so I’m going to put that in there okay. So then, what did we get? This is a lipstick from who is this by the heck: Oh mellow, it’s very you can’t even read it mellow and god I hate when they put this stuff on here. That was easy. Okay, I have chole is this. I hope it’s not that shade. If you guys can say one camera looks purple, but in person it’s like a bright pink she’s bright. So it’s looking purple, but it’s really like a hot pink So I’m not even going to swatch that I’ll put that in a giveaway as well, because this is like the brightest idea.
Okay, the next thing I got is from wander Beauty This is the glow town lotion, illuminating okay So it’s like a liquid highlighter and I have tried from this brand before I think we got our boxycharm I think we got like the under eye mask and different things I do really like this a brand It has a safety seal which is good Okay What am I gonna put this at there’s, hardly anything in here, because I’m squeezing way up there, so they trick it with that cuz I thought this is a decent sized sample, but if you can say charlie anything in there so there it is So that’s nice, it is oh, I don’t know if you guys can see one camera It is not a blinding highlighter, it is a very subtle, but that’s okay, cuz as I’m rubbing it, and let me show you as I am rubbing it in It goes to nothing just very Sheen not affect Let me write this Smashbox in I should’ve did that and it does I really like that Concealer okay, but this, like I said, is very sheen, so alright and Elias but not least, oh, please a brush from iby It’s an IV Y or IB IB I never know okay, so we have This is like a shade or brush just to say what it is No, but it’s like a little shader brush Isn’t that shaped kind of weird? It’s not like gonna angle, really kind of, but I could figure out something for this I love love brushes So let’s recap what we got on our 25 year old, so we got a brush which we can’t go wrong with that we’ve got this liquid highlighter We got to face masks which I yesterday we get out, we got and the lipstick is that it one two three four What else did I get? I miss something Oh front like shadow, so that’s pretty good I’m satisfied with both um boxes I really really like it and if I didn’t mention that any time I say, I’m gonna put something in a giveaway as well I think I might’ve said I put in my 5k giveaway, but what I do is when I get two of these bags If I get duplicates or things I know, I’m not going to use, I will put it inside a tipsy bag and it’s just about filled up and once that, if see bag is filled up then I will have a giveaway with that So but anyway, it would mean the world to me and leave a comment Let me know what you got in your epsy and do you like these? If Super’s it sees a, let me know

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