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*I did a drug test?! *Try the dollar store with the pound Rand Mystery Box? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello. This is the dorsal, so basically I don’t actually every shot at Palin. However, when I do go over to the US, I baladi love the dollar store side, but my mother, things Palin is like the most underrated shop ever. She thinks it’ll be a great idea to get a mystery box from both Poundland and the dollar store. Now I have absolutely no idea what she’s got me, but she spent 10 pounds and 10 dollars, so I actually got a box from each door of mystery things that she thinks is gonna suit me most mom.
Did you actually buy me a drug test? So I want to put this to the test and vote which one, I think is best you guys can also help in this by voting in the polls somewhere on the screen. I don’t even know what site it is. I always get it wrong, so I’m guessing. It’s this side cuz. Normally I say that so anyways, let’s dive in to the big box of mystery. I have no idea. Is this power line? Is it dollar store? It’s helmet right? Let’s join me, oh, I hope you guys enjoy. I need to do my classic. Like subscribe, what’s up fess up, we have jhinsley. This is death money because I’m such a party animal always right. No, it’s not. I actually don’t drink gin, so I don’t quite know what mom was thinking with this, but you know what it’s actually quite a good game. However, I don’t know how often I’m gonna use this pretty sick, though for a pound like that is kind of great but a bit last year. So I’m not too sure what you’re thinking of next all we have argan oil shampoo, and actually this is such a good purchase like wanna see my mom buys this all the time. Oh, you know what I want to give myself down to pan and I really want to get the condition out of it as well, because it’s so so so good. So thanks mom, they also have like a heat protector spray, don’t know if they do and Poundland anyways. This stuff is so good Nick. So, okay, this touch, okay, the lids kind of fallen off, but this is so sick, like they have picky makes in power land. I never knew this was a thing, and I tell you what I’m going to the cinema tonight. This is actually gonna save me fortunes. This would have cost like what four pounds fifty literally got. My son bargain there mom Stefan, definitely talked it up. All of my favorite don’t wait to treat myself right. Make someone get me a wish. No way you really been well, I don’t even know. I think this is funny really no, but I know which, if it is efficient bus, it’s a really big but goes on a desk.
That was probably the one thing that really does like a pound, but you know what I love it and it will actually sit right behind me on my death. This is just so cute some days you just have to create your own sunshine, there’s. Actually such a sweet quote, and I really like the colors and I just get. Let me see myself hanging, it’s not yeah. I actually really like this. If I have my own house as well, probably hanging up somewhere, not just in my bedroom, I like it. It’s very me, this is actually so cool. Okay, so we’ve got Southie phone clip and you know what actually always wanted something like this. My friends have things like this, but they cost a lot more than a pound, so whether this one actually worked, I have no idea, but apparently it’s like a fisheye lens, so it’s gonna be pretty cool if it does work so switching it up a little Bit we have these abbath crystals. That actually looks so cute wanna see this. That’s like such a cute gift. I really like this little bit on the side as well makes it look a little bit more premium, but let’s actually see or what they smell like make this silvus, I mean they smell. Okay, if you like that kind of like there’s a Oh a generation smell, I don’t know that’s really offensive. But if you like, a older kind of smell hand, soap kind of smell, you’re gonna like this, but it does look cute and actually this is like a really cute like present or like stocking filler. That kind of thing it’s pretty cute. I just don’t past me right for the smell make sure you put on my vlogging channel, because I test out over there see what it’s like put it to test those look like a really sweet, thoughtful things, my mom she, the best. Oh, my goodness, this is so cute. Okay, my mom knows me so well now I literally I mean I don’t go to school or college or anything like that. I don’t study anymore, but the only reason I did likes that I mean I hated sober nights, but the only reason I enjoyed going to school was because when it was like a New Year and stuff and you got to buy new stationery, I love stuff like That and my moms will use paper clips and, oh, my goodness, how cute they they’re actually the best things ever so I love them.
Okay, a power bank. I have about thirty of these and don’t use any of them, even though I should just because I have the worst memory of even charging them up, but the thought is there and you know what it will probably come with charge. So at least I get to use it once, but oh this is actually pretty good for a pound. I just don’t know how long it would actually charge my phone for, but it’s pretty cute and also I like factors pink, okay. So next up we have a candle. This is also really cute. I feel like it’s very thoughtful, because I I love a good old candle, so this is cotton fresh. I feel like it’s gonna smell, so nice. Let’s look at Yankee Candle, it smells. She don’t eat smells like talcum powder, I mean it’s, not the Senate. I would normally buy if I was getting a candle but like. If I look at the bar, this is actually quite like an ice. Then it makes me feel like fresh and clean. So I actually quite like it wait, I’m gonna go, get a lighter. I wanna go like this see what it’s actually like. Now, how do I blow it out or do I wait? Do it any wonder, sounds different yet, but wait for it and I can’t smell anything. That’s enough! Oh no, it smells good, but he just wants like every other card or smells like. You know what it smells like birthday cake. When you blow a candle out, then last but not least, this is actually so exciting I used to have actually this is that calendar that I think I’d yeah. I must have got from Pamela. I mean it was pretty similar. It was the same thing, but I it was a square shape. Obviously this is rectangular, especially really cute. I never really actually used it, but it always looked nice on my side. It’s overly 2019, a New Year’s resolution. I can be a bit more organized and actually use my calendar because I have loads and loads and loads of exciting things. Coming up so it’d be very about to use my calendar and look it’s so cute they’re different colors, the last time as well, which is really cute absolutely living for the lime-green. That was my mystery pound box number one and then we’re moving on to the dollar store there. We go Oh dive in first, oh, we have okay toe socks. These are so you definitely need some socks in your life. Oh come on dick does in Filipino. Do so much, you know what a foot fetish doc! Oh, what the hell my feet, don’t actually fitting them. My toes are too big. I don’t know how to write for you jeez.
If my mother he’s gonna be another story. Tell me even worse. Oh, my god, there’s two one: oh my god, little baby sticking out that they guide bloody nubby. I mean they aren’t the most calm fears of things, but the thought was there they’re. Quite you I mean I just don’t know why you would ever want to wear these over normal socks, if I’m being honest, they’re just like weird to go out, sir, but that’s still cute, and I guess they are super soft. So momma knows me too well. She has thought about me Hershey’s, cookies and cream, which is honestly the key to my heart. I love these so much. I mean I feel, like I’m gonna love them more, because you can’t actually really get these in the UK or at least they’re harder to get hold off. Realistically, though, it’s just the same as buying a bag of chocolate here and when you actually throw it down, don’t really get that much in there. It’s not exactly a bargain. You can probably go and get this from your local Walmart whatever, but I mean I’m not complain because I love these so much. Oh, my goodness sad she’s sick. I love this movie so much and it came out so recently. Well, not so recently. That’s all! I didn’t come up that long ago, so I’m actually really surprised that she got this from the dollar store. This is the movie Paper Towns. I didn’t even know mom knew that I like this movie, but it’s a really good movie and I recommend it what an absolute bargain a dollar another great classic cut for me, cuz, I’m such a party animal, not really, I’m probably more like each type of chocolate. Much liking this, but there’s actually really cool, I’m really cute and to be fair, I haven’t actually ever sent a cup like this. I don’t know why I just like pretended to sit with straw, because there’s nothing inside a bear. Just gets a big thumbs up. For me, like that, next up we have cinnamon barnett candle, anything first, honestly food-related in the candle. I am most likely going to love it well, especially if they’re from Bath and Body Wash now, I rave about their candles, I buy all of their sweetest candles. I don’t see my favourite thing: it’s like heaven allowed. However, I don’t think the dollar store. One is quite gonna live up to my expectations. If it does wild earth, am i spending like $20 on a candle? I do not know, oh my goodness, it smells so good. Why on earth? Am i spending the money that I spend on a bottle? Buddy work at all I mean to be fair, the bottle buddy, what kindness might look prettier, and this smells absolutely insane.
I would do anything for you guys right now to be able to smell like if this smellivision was a thing. You would also be an a. This is worth burning, my finger for because it’s so strong like I can actually smell it already. It’s so good. I feel like I just want to go back over to America purely just to go and buy a ton of these candles and then look there’s another one. She’s also got me bourbon and maple, which again smells so good scent is so strong, and I love it though the donor saw, in my opinion, has definitely want over the power line candles. This is so cool, oh, my goodness, okay, I would never just in general. Even in supermarket, I might be wrong correct me if I am, but I would never actually see like pack it like this of cereal. I generally think this is the coolest thing ever remember. Cody doesn’t know me that well because I don’t actually like peanut butter, so I don’t know if I’m gonna like this, but you know what I actually like. I love cereal so much so that must be the reason why she got it. For me, I’m actually really excited to give this a go, and I really love the fact that it’s in a packet as well. I think that’s so cool right, so I’ve got all of my bits and I’m ready to put this to the test they smell. So Oh peanut butter, though Cheers taste test here we go. I mean if I like, peanut butter it’d be great, but I just stopped cheers so mom, it’s definitely there. This is a cutest thing ever. Oh, my goodness, she’s got me a little cat, Kirin right and I mean I’m actually more like a dog person rather than a cat person. Let me know down below you, don’t punch in you a cat person. I do not all animals purr like I have a dog, so I have to say I’m a person. This is the cutest thing ever, though, because they look like these pom pom fur things. I don’t really know what to call them, but they’re. So in at the moment like hanging them on your bags and stuff, I’m like on your coats – or I don’t know just even using it as a keyring, I’m so gonna put this like on my backpack I think it’s gonna look so cute and could actually believe that’s a dollar last few bits from the dollar store.
What the hell is this I mean I know I said awards: will this be a unicorn as a kid? Oh, the you know content Oh, that’s such a kind of cool I mean I’m always losing my pens, I’m always getting asked Do you have a pen, it’s pen that also makes noise I’ll Tell you what we’ve got three and one here, kids, it’s actually really cute! I mean it’s not exactly a bargain, but it’s a pretty cool pen So next up we have what the half ma mum did You actually buy me America and mate I can’t even pronounce the flippin word I drug test right into your entity Buy me one cuz I mean I can’t even pronounce the words that were being said that I do not need I take your dropped I couldn’t believe it You can actually buy that in the dollars Well, folks, go out at night when you come home, I’ll be testing All right got results in five minutes That’s, as you know, classic month Think she’s Funny Very last thing we have is a bomb and it’s actually really sweet They say hashtag think pink So obviously this goes to cancer awareness, which is actually really sweet So I definitely will be using this bath bomb and I actually really really really like this I actually love a buff on throw a tent it I guess better than the drug test Okay, everyone it’s! So there is a panel on mystery box versus door, so mystery box I actually couldn’t tell you which one I think’s best I am probably reaching towards maybe more power line which I’m actually genuinely really surprised about Cuz, I’m never really go and shop there, and now I definitely will be knowing all the great bargains that I can go and get so I feel there’s certain things that I buy You can get it for a pound from Paola But, however, I do feel like you know the dollars table, dude you better with the candles So I don’t know it’s kind of hard, but obviously you guys, let me know down in the comments below which one you guys thought one and obviously up in the poll somewhere on the screen right now I hope you guys do enjoy it Don’t forget to hit a big thumbs up and subscribe down below, go and check out my blogging channel as well I will also leave that down below and I hope to see you guys very, very, very soon, Wow guys

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