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I followed the makeup procedures of the ’60s “beauty and beauty”

1 Nov , 2019  

The 1960s was a very, very exciting time for makeup. You have stars like Diana Ross Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton Twiggy experimenting with bold colors, crazy eyelashes and a really unique fresh, take on makeup. That was a rejection of the way that makeup was in the 50s. You guys may have heard a brand called a Revlon. You might have seen them in the drugstore, but reveled actually been around since 1932. I reached out of the brand and I got my hands on real vintage makeup ads from the 1960s, and I have them right here, so I wouldn’t use these as my guide, but before we get into the tutorial itself, I found the perfect person to educate us On the 1960s, his name is Peter Lamas and he is going to give us a glimpse at what makeup was like in the 60s.
So when did you start practicing hair and makeup styling? I started around 1960 late, 64 early 65, very beginning of a revolution. My first client at that time was of Liza Minnelli. I did Jackie Kennedy, Onassis, hair and makeup for 16 years, Diana Ross, Audrey Hepburn, hey Dunaway, I mean there’s so many women, especially were so contrived in the 50s and early 60s. You fit into a mole. You copied your mom’s habits of dressing and makeup, and here – and there was no uniqueness individuality he’s where it started, changing, especially with makeup Cleopatra was Cleopatra, came out in 1963. Elizabeth Taylor’s eye makeup was the rage of everyone that eyeliner that she did both top and bottom. The 60s was an experiment across the board. The political movement took a big toll on us because that youth demanded something different. We wanted independence, we didn’t want to be in war, we didn’t believe in the political system, we were very creative, very entrepreneurial and we were very excited. We wanted to change the world starting with fashion, and it was an explosion of artistic expression and creativity. It was a youth-oriented era. Color was in for the first time we didn’t have to be as conservative us, muted colors back in the 50s. Now it’s like how loud can I be? How colorful can I be in you? Have people like Mary Quant coming in and created the very short miniskirt vidal sassoon, created the structured, more angular bob look, everybody was different, colorful exciting. No one was boring in the 60s. The 1960s had a couple of different popular makeup. Looks we decided to go with the mid 60s? Look honestly, it’s the look that I think is the most exciting, so I don’t have any foundation tutorials.
So I’ve got a little bit of this Ben Nye color cake makeup. Gon na apply it with just this Milani brush the youth movement back then I wanted a clean complexion. Look you used sheer powdered most of the time you use foundation in the evening. If you were going out, they didn’t want it overdone like their mothers used to do in the 50s. I have a blush, it shows. You know a woman applying blush like really nuts, all over fresh young color, you fluff all over your face. Cheeks chin every place. It looks like from the photo the blush is placed on the apples up to that she’s in a little bit lower, almost like a contouring with blush kind of vibe. What do you think is really pretty so I have a blush from Revlon. This is in Rose balm, a common theme you’ll see throughout this tutorial. Everything is supposed to be very soft. The blush is not supposed to be very visible, the foundation supposed to be barely there. I don’t know what the purpose of this is. Maybe it’s only if like you’re wearing enough, so I have actually to advertorials, so both tutorials start off with the brows, so the 1960s red one was coming out with its very first brush on eyebrow powder. In theory, the brow powder was supposed to give you the precision of a pencil, but it’s softer, so I’m gonna use this brow powder on my eyebrows, then highlighting the brow bone. So I’m gonna use this frosty white shade using a shimmery, very stark white shade on the brow bone was a very popular makeup technique. So I did the same to intensify the arch of my eyebrow, really give my face a lifted effect. Hello Ella says a girl can’t get anywhere these days without in I school education haha anyway, I got distracted by the pun, okay, you color and contour the eye with the brush on shadows. So I’m going to use this Natasha Genova palette, I’m going to take a little bit of the one you would emphasize the crease make it darker. So that’s something that you started. First, with green and blue eye, shadow was really in at the time. So from the ad it looks like it’s kind of a jade green. I have more like evergreen shade, so I’m gonna mix a couple. Then it was time for eyeliner now Peter says in the 1960s liquid eyeliner pens were becoming popular according to the Revlon ad. The goal here is to have the least obvious liner you’ve ever laid eyes on gently shined to play up the eyes for all they’re worth so I went for a very, very, very thin line here. Nothing too obvious Remember we’re going for something very, very soft.
What really was in style was the lashes You would just coat it and let it dry and coat it again and let it dry, and then you try to spike it as much as possible, with the tip of your mascara layer number two While I’m waiting for the top lash to dry, I’m going to draw kind of faux lashes on the bottom of my lash line Take a pencil and create lashes underneath by carefully very thinly, apply what appeared to be lashes going from the inner to the outer corner Heavier on the outer corner underneath the eye another layer of waterproof mascara, then I took Peters a device which actually is shown in the Revlon ad I turned my mascara wand vertically and used it to really pull out and spike my lashes of the final step Alright So I have some our del W whispies here and they’re actually pre-cut We would trim the strip of that lash We will go from short to long trimming it first before applying it and then snipping individual lashes blending them all together Add a few finishing touches The Revlon ad says to use a frosted shadow to draw tiny white lines on the inner and outer corners of the eyes to open everything up So I took the white shimmery shadow that I used on my brow bone and apply that to my inner corner and the outer edge of my eye, so last but not least lipstick So I have this shade from our last called I lust for it’s kind of a peachy nude Sosuke, making literally put it in my nose lips were pale It was all about the eyes, so I went for a peachy lipstick from our glass making sure the finish was matte, because that was the finish That was most readily available at the time The 1960s was such an exciting time to be a makeup lover All of a sudden there were more colors There were more textures, the biggest takeaway, at least for me from this, was getting a chance to speak with Peter someone who actually lived through the decade and got to experience what was happening in makeup at the time from what was going on politically to what was Going on in London to arts, culture and entertainment and the 1960s really did set the stage for what would happen in the 1970s and beyond It was such an exciting time for finding yourself and identifying yourself and telling the world this is who I am with my makeup, with my clothing, with my hair, like it or not, I don’t give a damn thanks so much for watching guys,

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