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I found a rare statue while searching for a drainage River underwater! VR180 (Hebao)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey, what’s up guys Jake here today we’re back on the river located in Columbus Georgia joining me on this adventure. a little bit more so today we’re just gonna use. This paddle board swim around, hopefully find some cool stuff, but ultimately today’s job is just to go out and just clean up as much as we can. You know like beer, bottles and fishing line and get that out of the river and throw all that stuff away. But what makes today’s special is like, there’s actually a cool event: there’s over a thousand people going down the river rafting a lot of people out here.
Having a good time and we’re just gonna enjoy the day, so let’s get some spots on the wet water horse and that’s pretty cool. I so that that’s good! Thank you. If you guys want to check out their website, I’m have a link in description below help them out they’re a nonprofit organization, and maybe with your help, they can do more. Things like this in the future, so definitely check them out, yeah, alright guys. So we made it into the water, it is absolutely hot right now. The plane right now is just to cool off we’re gonna get to that Island over there jump into the water get her all wet, so she can cool their body temperature off and then we’ll team up and look for some treasure. So I guess the the challenge now is to see if we can make it across to that Island over. They understand that paddle board – we’ve never done this before, but we made it with a jetski. So I think this would be maybe a little bit easier. We’Ll see hold on she’s got water New Year. Yeah. This right here is what life is all about. Man treasure has such a good life. She gets to come to the river anytime. She wants well anytime. I take her foot but seriously. She just has a great time, and I’m so excited to bring her here and I wanna say.. You guys left so many nice comments that I definitely want to bring treasure again and we thought about actually had a really good idea. I wanted to make treasure dog apparel, so if you guys want to check him out by the link in description box below I’ll get some people if they have noticed treasure as well, some of the proceeds from that apparel will actually give back to other dogs in Need so it’s more than just a shirt, it’s something you can stand behind and I just want to do something a little bit better.
You know Serge and I were teaming up and hopes of helping other dogs, but today we’re just gonna get out there and help out the city a little bit and just enjoy the day. So let’s get started now treasure and I are going to be going from spot to spot and looking for a fishing line, fishing lures beer. Can, you know any debris unique. Any trash can try best to get out of the water put in this trash bag and throw it away at the end of the day, but we’re also keeping our eyes out for good stuff like treasure as well. So let’s get at it she’s, not very good. At jungling, her way around oh she’s, going P, don’t step there, Justin, alright, so judge, and I found this metal rebar here – we’re digging it out because it’s seriously like a spear sticking out of the ground if anyone failed or a dog had like impaled himself. For this, so we’re showing the niggas now get rid of it, so no other dog or person can get hurt. Oh my gosh – and I was sticking out of the ground like that, so we’re definitely gonna throw this away just some plastic. The way it was sitting in the shadow it looked like a handgun, I was about to freak out over there pretty good at swimming. She used to be pretty scared at it. She’s hanging in there doing my foot got some plastic in the trees here judge and I we were just walking down there searching for treasure and right next to the railing actually found my favorite item of the day. So far I found an iPhone check this out. I believe it’s pink or like gold on the back, but it looks like it’s been on there for a while. I don’t think it’s gonna work anymore, but I’m gonna go home and put in rice, we’ll see you know, but uh. It’s always pretty cool to find an iPhone in the river. It looks like this person was maybe taking a photo over the railing and it happens more than you ever know, but uh yeah. Today we found another one, that’s pretty cool all right. We made it to a new island, got my trash bag. We’Re gonna walk around see what else we could find over here.
The cool thing about the river is like there’s not that many snakes here. I think I can count on one hand how many snakes I’ve seen here, so I think she has to worry about him too much you having a good time come here, come on got a beer can and another can growing up. I never had a dog that swam in the water. Actually my older dog, who passed away when I first moved here. She actually went blind and she’s, never like feeding water, she’s, just really scared. She was a miniature schnauzer and I’ve always wanted a dog that could just go in the water and have a good time and treasure seriously. I don’t know she’s, never really afraid anything but anytime. There’s like a moment hesitation. We always push her to be. You know brave and today was a big standout for her man, she’s out here swimming around having a good time and it’s pretty cool, I mean rabbit. I first got her Brandon interested made fun of me saying Jake, it’s an ironic that you’re always in the water and your dogs, scared of water, but not now, not anymore Jesse. Where are you going? You told me this was the way see which bike all right. So Josh and I we’ve been out here picking up as much trash as possible. So far we have about a half full bag of trash. Here, we’re gonna be sure to throw all this away when we’re done, but we’re gonna come. I get to cover the rest of this island, see what we could find treasures having a great time, she’s gonna sleep so good tonight, and I definitely gotta get her out here. Getting future stuff we’re gonna keep at it. And hopefully I don’t wear out to the end of the day: hey get back I’ll use that for a mask defog, it’s always foggy and that helps. But amongst all the trash I did come across one cool thing and that’s an apple airpot. I believe now I didn’t find the other one, but I’ve actually never found one these before and that made my day. So by far probably one of the coolest find so far today we’re back at the gear we cleaned out here at this location, we’re gonna move to a new spot and see what else we could find there so treasure night. We searched this area on top found. Some trash try to clean up as much as possible, but what we’re gonna do right now is actually grab my goggles and snorkel and just dive around in the shallow areas.
If you think of fast and cool stuff. Sadly, I can’t bring the VR camera with me just because I don’t have a waterproof housing, the other people In the business and see if I can get a camera housing for this setup and do something underneath the water so Jabba thumbs up in PS, let’s see that maybe we’ll have another water shoot next time, but today we’re just gonna dive on at the water. Real quick and see if I can find something, and how about that you guys. If I do, I actually found something pretty incredible: man, I’m not too sure exactly what it is or if it’s super expensive or not. But I asked a couple of people on the way back up here, and they said this is actually like something from the Hindu religion and from what I learned. I believe they can’t throw these away, because it’s bad luck, they actually throw them into the river, and I guess the river is like a sign of like endless life, and the guide told me that it was actually very lucky for me to find this. He said: if you find this, that means it can give you more wealth, or you know. I just give you more luck in the future, so I don’t know the religion all that well, but honestly, that’s really cool has a whole bunch of jewels on it. You tell me most likely the jewels are fake, but not only that I did find an old book and all this was together in a bag and this book right here you know something to do with the Hindu religion. I believe, like I said, I’m not too knowledgeable with all this religion stuff here but yeah. I found a book with it here as well, but we also came across this right here and it has a bunch of coins and medallions inside of it. I’m not too sure exactly what all this is, but if you guys have an idea, let me know in the comment section below, but I believe these are actually real silver, but I don’t know how much that would be worth if it’s real silver but, but that’s pretty cool man. I mean I’ve never found something like this. Obviously this is like the holy grail of River treasure It looks amazing and it looks like it could be a lot of money, but I don’t know I just I don’t think it will be, but it is really cool-looking man, that’s pretty awesome to kind of sell the elephant.
Looking statue like, I said, I’m not too sure what all this is, but pretty cool man never found something like that before I also asked him if it’s bad luck for me to keep it and he said absolutely not it’s actually good luck and so yeah I’m gonna keep it Maybe I bring me good luck and fortunate in the future, it’s time to go ahead and throw all the trash away How did they found some good treasure, but we also found a lot of trash, alright guys, so we’re at the end of the day here shows who thinks keep eating you earlier today The little battle I’m about to chase her down tackler bring her in that water He knows restraining treasurer kind of to save people when they drown better she’s just biting me, but let me show you how it works I’m gonna act like I’m drowning and she’s gonna grab me to put me on I need a breath here: yeah yeah, how about bacon trainer that or she just wants to bite the heck out of me, the waters rising right now and if you’re new That means the dam just right above about a mile up, has to open their gates and all the waters being flooded up the gate Everything you see right now, all the islands are going to go underwater, there’s gonna be giant Rapids here so sure Should i we’re gonna get back on our stand-up paddleboard and get out of here as quick as possible, but we had a great day If you get some new, also don’t forget to check out treasures merch a little bit of that proceeds will go to help other dogs in need But what I say thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see y’all next time somethingspecial on the view on my way home There’s the water park right here All kids, like hang out in treasures, pretty much a big kid come on over there Okay, here my mouth run over there and let her play in it a little bit all right now she can’t run away from the water she’s like put me down Oh man, oh so much boy, all right hope

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