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I found another 100 celebrities, and more people answered.*

30 Sep , 2019  

Hello, hello, everyone Riki is here, he’s back he’s ready for a snack, hey, guys, Riki editing here I did not realize how loud my AC was when I was filming I’m so sorry, we were in the middle of a crazy heatwave here in LA and I already Sweat and get hot on a cold day. So what is the hundred degrees outside? I got her my AC on so sorry for that bear with me. Hopefully my backup, music and run it out. So, a little more a month ago.. So guess what we’re back for part two and the other one that I only I titled, that is jamming 100 celebrities, but that’s like the train and the whatever, but I did about 50 so we’ll make this part two I’ll do about fifty more.
so I’m gonna film today me dealing all the celebrities and then I’ll wait a day or two and hope that at least a few Applying I did tweet my second Twitter, where you guys send me some ideas, but before I go to that, let me just scroll through who I’m calling Instagram and just find some more all right. One of y’all on Twitter did suggest i DM Gavin the mean prince himself. The king of Twitter, Prince of means invented Twitter comedy. Thank you for your okay. Hop Jojo, see wha hey Queen. Can you please give me a dance lesson? Would love to learn from the inventor of dance or so? How was the embargo like just a Marvel account? What a marvel big fan? I’ve seen every MCU movie at least twice. I would love to be in one, even if it’s for a split second. So if you need anyextras, I will pay you to be one there scrolling through my friends right now hold on. Let me find the real celebs own ZM Trixie Mattel, who is on my favorite, drag queens. We were close, drag race huh. My teams were already a year ago, but mr. new one, hey skinny legend, can you teach me how to be skinny? Did I see him riding around last time? I did didn’t get a reply so moving on how about Noah Cyrus, hey legend, you know I used to be know his neighborhood. I just moved this year, but before I moved I was Noah’s neighbor. She lived on my street and I was running. I was on a run one day and she pulls up in her car and was like. Oh my god, hey Ricky and I was like look Noah and we talked a little bit by it. What can I say to her? That’s to lunch. I see him to know Dawson chainsaw, buzzes tell them and they’re not gonna reply.
He can read it. I’m gonna damn cupcake the wrapper, hey legend. Let’s come out that name Gaga! You know, okay, we’ll do Baga, hey mom! Thank you! So much for your music, it truly changed the world. Can you do a private concert in my backyard? I have a pig all right. I got a peep um um. It’s been a minute now we’re gonna reply. It’s been a minute and I’ve already got a reply. I went to. Pee came back now to reply. Okay, we’re already on the good start here. Look at this Noah replied instantly she’s, a rare one. She wants to we’re doing lunch – oh my god hope you’re doing well. Let’s legit, you know miss young fine.. Thank You, Noah. So much you’re a legend for that dose all right. I can chain that you’re here we’re done it’s over thumbs up, see you next week. Okay, I’m gonna DM, the all-time low band account. No, my favorite band. I’ve been a stain of them, since that was probably like what 13 you’re my first concert. I love them and I have fortunately met them a few times and they’re incredible. So, let’s DM that a legends hope you’re doing well nothing personal, an album. They dropped changed my life. Thank you. Samba DM Janel Parrish, who played Mona Belarus legend Mona, is the most iconic character to ever race. My TV screen, you are a virgin that deserves the world. I wanna see em Kylie Jenner. Thank you for inventing makeup. I would love to be on your PR list. Cuz. I really wanted Kylie hook me up, she’s gonna block me. She don’t block Taylor Swift. She calls nobody. She follows: zero people loving the new era, these songs Wow. I was wondering if I could be the first person you followed. Oh gee, I promise I’m worth it by half a cute pet pig. She don’t love me comedy in YouTube. Hey you two was wondering good. Could you recommend me more because the boy needs it? Your account is deleted.. I did update update. I took you to bother if y’all miss that I did confirm that the Colton Haynes I have a Pokemon go is the real Colton Haynes? So you know what I got ignored by the CM but mean Colin Haynes, ten gifts, almost every single thing, a Pokemon goes who’s a real winner. Here, I’m gonna damn normanni, I’m obsessed with her hey goddess. I am so proud of you keep playing the game to thank you for the bomb. Next, I’m gonna DM Shane Mitchell, who recently announced she’s pregnant better third of the family, man Vic she’s pregnant, I’m so happy for her.
I love change so much and that’s what period love ex hey mom Congrats on the pregnancy. I am beyond happy for you and I know you’re gonna make an incredible. How do you twice a month now tour left me on scene. The last time I diems him look at that. You see that now this one is a loophole. We made sure all friends, we’ve been friends since what 2013 we can collab together, we were really close around them in then he blew up become a pop star and I don’t see any more gonna talk anymore. It’s fine. It happened for him, but you know I need. I need a few that I can try to get a reply on then select Rory, I’m a chance to the replying hey, Troy boy, miss you there Justin Bieber Justin Bieber. What do I say to Justin Bieber? How about just Justin Bieber cash she’s not follow anybody either. I just wanted to let you know you are literally literally so put back jobless and that’s the reason why I have a career today. and it inspired me to start my own channel and do the same other know my channel started. and I literally did because I found people making them to her song so because of that song that she made, I made a channel. So thank you truly changed my life okay and which how they go pee. Somebody replies I’ve got another reply already, this lemon isn’t too much boishakh, it is Troy, so this one is like a loophole. I did for myself just to get some replies in, so Thank You, Troy for replying Rickster, miss you too, I hope you’re doing well. We got to hang out and catch up soon. It’s been too long. Okay, so I ran the people that I’ve fallen Instagram to the end. So now I’m going to go to what you guys suggested on Twitter, I’m going to Billy Eilish love your album. You snapped on insanity, let’s play pokemon together with any suggestions: oh okay, okay, okay, here we go how about Billy Bobby Brown? What is your favorite number she’s gonna be like Beyonce, who also follows nobody, one Supporter with these celebrities. Penguin. Can I be your first follower? I promise I’m worth it. She gonna be like walk the dad from Wizards of Waverly Place, perfect David Eloise. That’s right! What dad daddy? Okay, that’s Instagram, because Bob Duncan did not David. He does. I was about to say this is him now, but he did the whole face out.
I was about to say like the age since the show: okay, all right, hey Dad. Could you please a dog to me no offense to my real dad, hey dad? If I watching this, just a joke, don’t worry about it, but David delis. Could you please adopt me har-har, I’m obsessed with them they’re one of my favorite artists, bands groups, whatever you want to say they’re, so good. I love every song. They make the recent album. The earth eater is phenomenal from start to finish, I’m obsessed with them and they use trumpet a lot in their in their songs and, as you all know, I do play trumpet. I love how you guys you I play trumpet, but no, I would love to do something with y’all with trumpet Oh Troy. How are you if you all need a trumpet player on tour? I’m your boy I’ll! Do it for free, I’m gonna be like blah, enhance a Troy, I’m doing pretty good, Oh back in the u.s. for a second, so happy, okay, I’m gonna do my favorite one of my favorite pop stars. Right now she dropped an EP this year and it’s so good it who is Gabby Hanna. So I know this is another like loophole she’s, always gonna reply. We’Re really close friends, no less damn to her with a duck mean your EP is the best thing. I’ve ever heard thank you for inventing music she’s gonna be like Ricky. What are you doing? I have to do if Dean that will reply, okay, otherwise there will be a flock Ricky, Martin, no such a good one, because obviously we share a name. I ain’t Ricky Dillon. If you know hello, I’m Ricky Dillon. I can’t tell you guys how many times I had called Ricky Martin in my life, when I was like a kid, he was really popular. You know like livin la vida loca with like the bots, and I was called Ricky Martin. Oh a lot and still AM all the time. His name was falling on the line: hey Ricky Ricky here. Could we collab or my youtube channel since we’re both named Ricky? I’ve been called Ricky Martin my whole life and would love to finally meet hi Carnac. Imagine let me actually follow him. Jlo ninfa Lopez. Do you know who Mariah Carey is the rock? He has a hundred and fifty million followers whoa. He won’t answer me. Hey Brock. Can you be my personal trainer? Oh you know, I’m gonna do I’m into a Christy, Carlson Romano, who voiced Kim Possible in the original series and playground even Stevens and the iconic that Kelly movie.
I love her. I support everything. She’s a nucleon. I think she’s incredible, I love her and she just followed me on Twitter randomly out of the blue, so you know what we’re gonna go to Twitter for this one, because she follows me on there and I’m gonna ask her. If I can be a part of her good cooking, show, she’s been doing cooking, show on YouTube and I don’t have to cook with her because as y’all know, I am a really good cook. one good, why? Oh, my god, Wyatt I’m dizzy from that. What so just put my dance team Kristy, and I already have one from her from Sunday childhood me – is shaking me. We need read this two things, one. We should definitely lab just check out YouTube channel and I love it. What there’s my career peak right here? It’s a mic peak of my career. I can quit everything now number two.. I just stayed with your followers lunch dinner and coffee on me. I bought the president’s first of all she’s talking about her iconic song famous Stephens. We went to the moon in 1969, 1970, but you’re sooner and when we got there the astronauts was fine, but it was solid and I was it cheesy legendary. She we created it and it was so fun. You also go watch and support her. She wants to get lunch dinner and coffee on me. okay, I would absolutely love to collab, let’s totally meet up and brainstorm some idea. This is actually five minutes right now, let’s tighten up and bring some some ideas. We could make something iconic. Let me know, let me know how do I live? Oh, my god, I’m not good at social skills. She watches like she’s gonna see this hey girl. I am three most of the time. Yeah, don’t get up my house and lunch, but I will feel good girl. I will for you pawn. I need a moment. Oh we waited to the moon in 1969. This is weird I paid three times aluminous, I feel like I know, and to my feet. I come back to a reply from someone and Gavin the Prince of means himself just replying past, his bedtime Gavin. Why are you awake, Ricky you’re, the best? No, you are all right: dr., Phil, hey Doc. I need some help. Peppa pig, so apparently peppa pig is releasing an album. I don’t tell her that hello she’s got an account.
Okay, hey I heard you were releasing an album. I have a pet pig. She has big dreams of being a pop star. She wanted me to ask you if she could make a song with you. She has an amazing voice. Let me send a picture of her to say no, I’m not kidding, I’m not joking here got to make sure it’s a good glam shot. You know I’m a couple to be like yeah. Let’s, let’s do this there we go that this model, someone suggested Donald trum, doesn’t even have Instagram. He does. I didn’t know that Donald Duck outsold. He did you know what I a museum Warner Ramsey. So, let’s tell him huh, hey Gordy.. I want him to roast me Gordon Ramsay roast me, Jason Derulo, Jason Derulo, I’m just gonna be like Jason, Derulo, just adjusted to jr.. Okay. I would you have team or someone just suggested, AJ trough, who is from even Stevens. He was Louis, his best friend, but he did the theme song. The original theme song for the american dragon jake long and it was iconic – I mean it was a bomb. Now we’re telling then what’s he up to where is his music cookie good? That’s him! Okay, we’re getting a flight we are getting in flying just wanted to. Let you know that theme song for american dragon jake long is such a bob ends. I still listen to it. It’s so great bill. Nye villain, i, the science got a king, the king of science invented knowledge. Thank you for teaching me so much in elementary school. Let’s collab, oh my god, imagine imagine doing. Can we balance on. We could do that. An experiment please apply. Alright, I’m gonna do Jamie Lynn Spears, who is the queen of 101 Britney Spears and sister, the mastermind behind the BOP. Oh hey. I know you see me standing here. Do I look good idea? Do I look good today? Fun fact, leader show same birthday, she’s exactly. I think one year older than me same birthday same birthday, so I was thinking next year. We should have a joint birthday party. Okay, so that’s about enough. I didn’t feel like counting. I think it’s around 50. I’m now. I’m gonna wait, 24 hours and hopefully I’ll reply, but even if none reply this is our victim says y’all. I got replies already. Chris calls. Romano didn’t eat first, so I’m good, I’m hoping for more replies, but we’ll see what happens so I’ll see y’all in a few seconds hello. It has been two days and I got one more reply well technically to gather reply but she’s one of my closest friends. So that’s no surprise there You know what’s gonna make one day and I got one reply.
I was like wait one more day because you know last time I got quite a few while I waited and this time I just did, but whatever I’ll reveal these last few messages we’re headed up there and, yes, I know I’m wearing the same outfit I didn’t feel like changing communism apart because you are an outfit repeater, but you know what I’m grateful of the messages I had as I was coming before The final person who replied to me in the next day, drumroll, please fans like Jojo, see you Ah here’s what she said There’s got to be some a blonde girl through the super jealous right now and I’ll take it You know, and I mean I wanted to reply it from Marvel and then put me in a movie, but if just see what they were applied to me and I can make something darker out they’re jealous and I think I did something there well Let me show Gabby’s first, so Gabby she played along Do the words restraining order mean anything to you Please don’t get this mess again, the eye of the stump Sorry Gabi thanks playing along, and I should give me a reply Let’s get on to Jojo hi a star like a queen Can you please give me a dance lesson and would love to learn from the inventor of dance herself and Jojo the gracious giver? She is for fight with OMG haha, yes, but I’m on tour when I’m back So I guess what I got out of this You know what this is Okay, it’s good! I got a couple things under me: increase across Romano, then the collab I’m hoping to cook with her in her iconic kitchen, and I guess joke doesn’t H, teach me how to dance so I’m just making content out of this If you did please thumbs up, please subscribe put on the belt all that stuff and if you want me to do a part three, please thumbs up and comment below this some more celebrities I should do couple below some to think that will actually reply I think that a decent amount of this, but you know what’s more – I won’t have all these up up the ante each time I’m not gonna go lay in my bed and sweat myself to sleep in this heat wave

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