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I gave myself those awesome Ramen nails.

30 Sep , 2019  

I’m giving in I’m giving in to the fact that people have been tweeting at me, ramen hacks, for months now. Yes, I’ve seen someone fix their bathtub with it. Yes, I debated going out and buying a sink and then trying to fix it with ramen, but I decided that that’s fucking wasteful and stupid, but then I really can’t when people were like Jenna, do you see these ramen nails and I’d be like? Unfortunately? Yes, I see those ramen nails. Unfortunately, yes, I feel compelled to try it.
I feel like this is gonna work. You grind it up into a fine powder and you use glue to adhere it like, of course, it’s gonna work, but the bottom line is it’s disgusting. You have food on your nails and not like encapsulated and some sort of like acrylic. It’s just like on your nails with glue. It’s disgusting, the bathtubs and the sinks like how would it ever be waterproof again ever it’s not people just tweet this at me all the time Jenna. Please do some ramen nails. Okay, I’m gonna do ramen nails and you know what they’re gonna look fucking fine and then I’m gonna have ramen on my hands chicken ramen. I brought my nail tech along with me, he’s Robin nail expert, so I’m just gonna do it and I also got a surprise in the mail. Oh surprise, all right give it to me. I can’t I’m bad at like holding surprises in my Canadian spirit. Animal has sent me hollow taco, Christine of simply illogical, came out with her own line of nail polishes, and I got I guess this is a PR package I in the few tuber Christine. I love you to death, but I’m going to put your beautiful amazing nail. Polishes onto an abomination, you know: what’s nice about using like actual nail supplies, is that it doesn’t make a big Romany mess everywhere. I don’t even think I need a lot of this. I’ve seen it. I need that, for my nails, don’t do that. I have to it’s all chunky, I’m I’m really counting on you bud to like go on the floor and clean up all this mess, because I don’t feel like pulling out the vacuum cleaner today. That’s why I got you, tell me a scenario in which your acrylic nail breaks. The only materials at your disposal are nail tips, nail glue and Raman. In what scenario do you not have a curly powder, but you have ramen and you really just need to be fixed in your nail. I’m a grown woman crushing up ramen, so I could glue it to my fingernails.
What’s wrong assistant this? Is it like, cost-effective or time effectively, nothing about this is effective. When you want to call don’t make a mess, though that’s cute, you say: don’t make a mess. Well, do you want one? Do you want one ramen nail, these aren’t gluten-free ramen, otherwise, I’d say yes, so you honestly I’m making a mess of my home. Yes, you are. This is terrible. This should be enough to cover one of my hands like I’m trying to do one hand, not fuck up my entire life. Let’s give credit where credit is due. It’s very resourceful. I get alright. If all of your resources are wrong, oh no, she has awoken. I have so many nail techs. I am not even a beginner and acrylic nails in it. Could I help you it’s just like inviting fungus and bacteria into your nails. Isn’t it alright? So this is what we have nasty powdery, ground-up ramen, though, is that they don’t just do this they’re, then opening the seasoning package sprinkling in nursing, giant, nail tech, that’s not for you. Thank you for your assistance. Now this kit comes with white tips and clear tips, although I doubt either it’s gonna make a difference because I’m putting ramen on my fingers so because this is so disgusting, I’m not gonna be prepping my nails at all you’re. So cute – and I love you but like that’s really not that helpful like how does anyone function like this? But it’s such a look, it adds so much dude immediately and I wish I could have more tuned to my look, but I can’t I want to be able to speak with my fingernails Wow feels good huh hey. What did I say? Mommy meets that for her salon. These are salon materials. So, unless you’re gonna reimburse me for eating the products, you can’t have any look at all this tude. Look at this. Do you think I’m the kind of person that could get away with having these like in real life for real? Yes, there’s no chicken in there here more acrylic cuts. So what you wanted, Kermit kameena creamy calm remain calm here, Kermit calm. Do you think if you’re a dog this makes it more or less confusing to get a sign way? More like this is sit. You just sit sit down good girl bunny. She expect to fuck that off. Oh, so I’m I’m covering the just my nail apart with nail glue and then Oh see this to me is one of the grossest parts like when you have nails this long and yeah you’re slick stuff gets in the ball.
Oh boy, it really smells so Romany. You know I have to do like several coats of this, so I’m just padding the ramen into the glue making sure that I get a nice even coat of ramen on my nails. It is wrong, oh so nasty. It smells like chicken smell over here, I’m going in for a second coat. Now it’s just like getting chunkier and chunkier like the layer of ramen, is so chunky and uneven, like I can’t fill in these gaps ill, I’m just like attracting animals. That’s my signature scent whenever I walk in a room people are like. Is that ramen, or is that Jenna damn that bitch? Oh, it smells so good on your nails. Are you impressed it’s just wrong? You know what I should do is I should sand these down file them down and go sit in that jeans, chair and just stew. In my own anger, let’s do one more ramen coat and then I’ll start filing this down like what’s a grosser combination, glue and ramen, there isn’t one like I swear the person that just like thought of this just has like a ramen fetish like what, if you Were a person that had a nail fetish and a food fetish, do you think this is like the ultimate I’m so upset? Because I know this is gonna work? I can feel it like. The nail glue is solid. I’m going to buff my ramen pieces of nail down now. Look at that. Like this, it’s working I can smooth that down into a viable nail yeah. I need to get like the chunky parts. Look at that you see that all the ramen coming off – I’m just gonna – be here creating ramen dust on my pants for a while. I think this is the most time intensive part, but, as you can see, this is clearly working, unfortunately, for all of us, so I will say the nice thing about working with ramen is that it’s much softer than acrylic, like you know, you’re trying to file down Acrylic and it’s very hard, it’s pretty soft, because it’s fucking food, I’m trying to look on the bright side, doesn’t as sad how well it’s working when I go like this and I’m creating that like heat and friction, it smells so much like chicken. Well, it’s a really neat and tidy way to do your nails. You know that doesn’t cover your whole house and powders Raman glue.
It does kind of look great. Am I wrong? Who is this like half for the same thing with cornstarch? Is it for people was like my mom? Won’t, let me get acrylic nails, but I’m gonna show her I’m gonna do some in my room Raman, who is this for this is like the part of the process, everything’s real dusty, so I’m have the overwhelming sense to go like rinse them off. You know, but I don’t think I should yeah. I worked so hard and I got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter no so now that I’ve ruined every single nail file and buffer that I have and I’ve also gotten this all over. My outfit I’m gonna go ahead and do a base coat. I can like feel how dusty it is. I’m gonna go ahead and put a nice base coat on here you what it’s like picking up chunks of ramen. I can’t really describe how disgusting this smells like the mixture of ramen and nail polish. It’s disgusting. Are you proud of me today, Julian every day, I just sure I can wake up and make you proud of you proud. So here are my ramen nails, so I’m thinking I’m gonna do four black ones and then one blue one Julian, which hollow should we use or we can mix them like. We have so many choices. This is so exciting. I feel bad like even using this, because I know it’s sold out, and so many people want it like. Why do I deserve it? Look at what I’m doing with it. I’m a terrible person. Look at the thin mom beautiful ramen nail. I’ve never even had a hollow nail polish before lookit that she created the blackest school. This is nice and rubbery the blackest black, that she could. It’s literally called one coat black. I know it looks a little chunky because of the ramen base that it’s on, but I really tried my best to get a good thick. Oh my god base coat under there. So no ramen is gonna ruin this nail polish for me, listen all right! If this nail polish can work on my stupid, ramen nails, it’s gonna do just fine on your actual nails. Royalty blue, my hair, is getting caught. Look at that! I’m really like not very good at painting nails, especially if they’re this long and acrylic. So forgive me for butchering this everywhere, but the Polish is really sick, so never mind how this dried, because I painted it literally on top of ramen, but the parts that are like nail. It’s exquisite, so Julian said he thinks I should use the flaky hollow taco.
I’m so excited, are you ready, but I feel like the more of this I put on here. The less I’m gonna want to take them off, and I genuinely want to take them off. I’m just I’m having such conflicting feelings right now, because this is so tight what holy crap, what you gotta do, though, is you got to get an iPhone light and flash it on there, like this bitch, even making ramen nails, look like normal and beautiful, I’m So excited I’ve never had a hollow polish and I get it like I’ve, always gotten it from afar. You know maybe not necessarily on my hands but, like I totally get it. This is like intoxicating. Are you kidding me bitch? Oh good, you made Robin look sick. I’m so mad that this worked. Why don’t we do this? We could take the dogs for a walk. You know I can wear them for a little while, maybe wash my hands a few times and see how the ramen starts to hold up. I will say that it is like weirdly, strangely more comfortable than having an acrylic on my nail. It doesn’t feel as, like you know, super solid and grippy is an acrylic. Does it just feels like pretty light? If that makes sense, it’s weird. I don’t know it’s weird like I shouldn’t like this, but I kind of like it doesn’t smell like wrong. Well, now the smell of nail polish is sort of over it. So you can’t even really smell the Roman that much all right. I’m gonna put a top coat because as much as I want to layer all of the other types of hollow I’d like I don’t I just don’t want to waste any of it on this. You know I feel bad enough that I wasted it. Any of my literal best nail polish on these Raman nails. It’s like some of the coolest nail-polish I’ve ever seen well, yeah and like the fact that I didn’t have to do like 70 coats is just crazy to me. These are so fucking beautiful. I can’t like I’m not worthy, and I put it on top of Raman that actually turned into a nail, I’m just I’m getting mine fucked right now. Look at that! That is ramen on my fingers. It worked and it looks beautiful why ya-ha-hoo taco literally made my ramen nails. Look stunning I don’t know man, I hate to say that this genuinely works, but this so far genuinely works except it’s expected because I made them on FAFSA they’re, not moving.
There’s really not and they don’t feel like a painful, almost itis acrylics Maybe I think acrylics are painful because I’m really the only person that’s done acrylics on me Well, they didn’t move in water So if you wanted to do this and go swimming for a little while or take a shower, nothing’s gonna happen, so I’ve been wearing these now for a little while I mean it hasn’t been weeks Surely they’ll fall apart after weeks, you should probably shouldn’t have food on your nails for more than I don’t know at all, really we’re being honest, but like I’m sad to report to you that this does in fact work this really works I don’t know what else to say: it’s genuinely works You can genuinely make acrylic nails out of ramen noodles what a jerk it’s like, just as much work to make a ramen acrylic nail as it is to make a regular acrylic nail, but it actually works I thought that this was gonna, be a disgusting failure, but it’s literally not, and I don’t think that it’s good or right – and you probably should never have it on your nails but yeah It does in fact work I’m like concerned What should I do? I like love them, but they’re made out of ramen Julian think about it I give credit where credit is due here Whoever invented this like it just works I don’t know it just does Please don’t call me ramen Li Please don’t call me ramen lady You can get snatched up what, if it like rots food is perishable, what if it rots what if it rots Thank You assistant Thank You, nail, tech Thank you So much for your help You beautiful nails Thank her me come here Thank you for your help Today, nail tech, you’re, so helpful, you ate a lot of my supplies or tried to which one feels better comment, this one or this one, I’m snatched thanks to top ramen They always be keeping me looking my best No yes, it is maybe they haven’t uploaded it Yet Do you think top ramen likes that people are making nails and bathtubs out of their product, probably as much as type odd like that people were eating? My is it illegal to say that it was sponsored inside subscribe? I here’s the quick update I can’t get these off I live in Hell now goodbye

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