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1 Nov , 2019  

but ever so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today, I’m hanging out with Courtney Quinn from Color Me Courtney, to see if I have what it takes to be a blogger. This is Lucy for hire. While I have a pretty substantial Instagram following myself and I occasionally do paid brand partnerships on social media. I find that I am occasionally lumped into the blogger category, just because of my Instagram, but the truth is I’m not a blogger. Courtney Quinn, on the other hand, is one so I spent the day with her to see if I have what it takes to do.
Her job hi, I’m Courtney, Quinn and I’m a blogger at Color Me, Courtney Courtney lives with her fiance Paris and her adorable French Bulldog waffles who’s paralyzed in his hind legs, but does not let that stop him. So I became a blogger kinda by accident. I went to school for marketing and I had a degree in finance and I looked kind of like a numbers nerd on paper. I started a blog, so I could start applying for fashion jobs and eventually get hired. So I think people think blogging is really glamorous and it’s not a lot of work, but it is. I always like to explain it like an iceberg like the tip. Is all you see, but there’s so much work underneath the iceberg that goes into it, that you would never see most vloggers, don’t work for a big corporation. Instead, they work for themselves, they’re, aiming to build their following, grow, their personal brands and, of course, make money. Okay, so let’s talk about money, someone would like about a hundred thousand followers on Instagram who’s, maybe just doing Instagram, and then you can bring in about a hundred thousand dollars a year somewhere in that range. You can charge like anywhere from like on the low end kind of $500 for a post to maybe on the high end, like twenty-five hundred and it’s important to remember: that’s not just taking a selfie and like posting it. It’s all the work that went into it all like the back and forth a lot of times. You have to pitch your idea to a brand ahead of time and kind of go through all these hoops. Before that actual content gets published, people pay way more. For blog posts and they pay for actual Instagram. So even though it’s only 25% of my content, it accounts for 50% of my income, because people pay more for them yeah.
I got a start, a blog and based on Kourtney’s formula. I’D say she’s doing pretty well for herself, so after gathering a little bit of background about her day-to-day happenings, she put me to work. Your first challenge is self management. One really cool way to grow. Your following is to partner with other influencers, and it’s an also a really good way to pay it forward and share your followers with other influencers and kind of get exposed to their followers too. So it’s just win. Win, win, win, win! I’ve done a few of these collaborations with other influencers, but Courtney does them all the time. It’s an amazing way to grow and expand your audience. So today we partnered up and we each put in a little bit of money to give a gift card to one lucky winner to one. We shared our posts at the exact same time and each told our audience is to follow the other. By the end of the day, we had each gained a few thousand new followers from this. Now that we’re growing you’re following a bit, let’s go make a pitch deck. Next Courtney showed me what a typical media kit would look like, and we sat down to evaluate hers before I made my own. So basically, you just want it to be like a quick one. Snapshot of your personality, satisfaction figures, contact information. If you have a manager or all that kind of thing, are you ready to try yeah, I think so yeah. I think I’ve got a good idea of how I want to arrange the photos yeah, and I think I know a few photos I want to use most of daily life as a blogger involves creating original content. So you won’t get that far by reposting. Other people’s photos be creative, be innovative and stay true to yourself as a blogger, you’re responsible for building your own brand. So the best thing you can do is set yourself up with all the tools. You’Ll need to truly sell yourself. Your second challenge is content prep. So one thing I spent a lot of time doing is scouting locations about one day a week when it’s nice weather I’ll like go out for like 3 or 4 hours to a new neighborhood walk around put in a podcast and just look for colorful ideas. The two of us took a little walk to scout: a nice shooting location, they’ll use capsule time for yellow. How far are in this radius? Do you usually go to get location scouts done? Oh a lot of times I’ll take a car to a totally different neighborhood.
All right try to figure it out, because I kind of get sick of doing like the same neighborhood. So you would never do something like no this. Ah okay, it’s raining how we’re gonna shoot out here. I don’t know I’m sweating, you gotta push through, it was hot, it was raining. I stepped in a puddle and all-around exhausting experience, I’m just about ready to shoot right here. No, that’s not gonna work. This is how to keep move down. Describe it have to keep going, but for Cortney location scouting is a major part of making sure that her feed stays colorful and vibrant. This would be cute of you because you have like a cute little matching outfit. True whoa. Well, once we returned Cortney showed me the other major part of her content. Prep base the prop closet over time. Cortney has accumulated a ton of gear to shoot, with different cameras and lenses, various types of lighting tons of backdrops and more, but when she was first starting out just like I did, she just used an iPhone once we were ready, we started our shoot. Your third challenge is to shoot. I’ve got a Sam, pretty happy it’s pouring and we can’t take this outside because of the rain. We set up indoors by pinning a solid colored sheet to the wall, to use as a backdrop, and then we steamed it to make sure there were no wrinkles. Then we set up the cameras and lighting. I actually really do love shooting and I could shoot every single day, but it can be challenging because a lot of times I shoot on my own by myself. So I have this little like pop-up tent get in. There change hope it’s not a windy day, because then you’re like falling all over to change into the next look, so that I can get out and keep shooting after we were happy with what we shot. It was time for my final challenge.. I just used Adobe Premiere. It takes a little bit longer than a stop-motion app would, but it gives you more freedom and flexibility, but the real test on whether or not I’m bloggers worthy comes down to photo editing My mom took this photo, so it’s just on like generic settings and that’s for the background like this is a really yellow building, but it’s kind of blown out, but now adding this like warmth to it.
When I’m traveling and like my mom’s, taking my photos just like someone random on the street, like I don’t always have the best opportunity to get the right settings that I want right, creating great content is obviously where it starts, but what happens post creation? I’m really able to just transform it with the editing process and make you know a not-so-great photo something that’s up to par with the usual standard of what I create before after I want you to try one and this photo is really cute, but I think you Can make it cuter yeah yeah, okay, this photo of me and my brother on horses, where were you guys, Anguilla huh, but like I feel like that water was probably bluer than it looks in this photo The sky looks totally gray yeah I blown out and, like my brother’s, not even paying attention he’s taking a selfie all right, I’m gonna fix it yeah I think you can fix it and then I gave it a go I edit all of my photos on my phone like using like free apps, because I just want it to be something that other people can do too before after is really crazy You ready for this before Astra goodbye Ravi Well, that’s what you get for thinking, though, that is amazing, being a blogger for the day was not only physically draining, but I really did get a taste of what it would be like to work for myself your success and how much income you can bring in Are tied directly to the amount of work you do and the amount of time you spent hustling, I pull all-nighters all the time at least one a week usually two to three a week, just because there’s so much to do, and it’s only me and if I Don’t do it, it doesn’t get done and everything relies on that So the next time you think blogging looks effortless Just remember how much work actually goes into it and just know the market out There is highly saturated So if you want to do this, full time make sure to bring a fresh angle and something completely original, there’s only one You so show the world what you’ve got we’ll see you next time, I’m Lucy for hire, hey youtube, thanks for watching click here to watch for my sorry, did I just hit my mic personal YouTube, channel, woo, say cheese

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