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I let delicious producers go vegetarian for a week.

1 Nov , 2019  

Chicken wild right, so I assume you hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a tasty producer. Back in October, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report on the potential consequences of global warming. They found that, in order to remain at or below the crucial 1.5 degrees Celsius increase, we would need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent of 2010 levels by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2050. Some of the consequences of climate change would be the rise in sea level, severe droughts and water scarcity, the destruction of our coral reefs and possibly even a mass refugee crisis, which is all pretty terrifying.
A study published in the journal Nature found that Western countries specifically the US and the UK. We need to reduce beef consumption by 90 percent, cut milk consumption by 60 percent and eat four to six times as many beans and legumes in order tohelp keep the temperature under a two degree. Celsius increase. So, since eating fewer animal products is a significant way tohelp combat climate change, I decided to challenge six tasty producers to go vegan for a week, so they could evaluate their relationship with food and its impact on the environment. My diet right now is pretty neat symmetric. I have to say I have been doing the high-protein low-carb kind of thing me. It’s just easy for me because I know I like the taste of it. I know it’ll fill me up and I know how to cook with it. So it’s kind of go-to I think, what’s going to be super challenging about this, is that I’m married and my husband not going vegan. He says he’s gonna support me, but it is always hard to do something when you live with someone else. That’s not doing it. I think the hardest part of this challenge is going to be breaking away from the very solid non vegan habits. I have day to day well what I plan to do is all through taste these vegetarian pays and check their work and imitate those recipes and enjoy them. I think one of the biggest challenges will be basically seeing an option of free food that has meat or dairy in it and then recognizing that I can’t eat that. I love that with vegan cuisine, you’re highlighting vegetables and fruit and grains and legumes, and usually those ingredients are pushed to the side but they’re so good.
I just want to push myself to cook impressive, beautiful food. It just happens to be vegan. I do expect them to be kind of hungry. I woke up wanting a Starbucks double-shot and I went to go, get it and then my husband was like that has cream in it. You can’t have it I’m so mad right now, good morning it is bright and early on day, one of vegan Week. I’m excited I’m coming to the office now, even though no one else is gonna be here, because we have the day off and I’m here too meal prep some vegan food for the whole week. My plan now is to kind of cook and prepare most of the proteins and cook some love, like the legumes that way throughout the rest of the week, I’m just kind of tossing together the fresher items and like making a plate myself. I thought it was a Monday. It’s Tuesday, on Mondays. Buzzfeed usually gives us food, which is very nice, but I did not bring lunch today. This is Claire. Claire is gonna give me her roasted veggies, but she was gonna eat for lunch and she’s gonna eat chocolate cake instead, chocolate cake which I’ve got. To be honest, I wish I was Claire how’s it going guys it’s great. Looking Jordan savoriness weirdest persons like everything but the kitchen sink popular, so I didn’t break bread. Maintain! Oh look at this unique plantains. This looks delicious. This would stay to the vegan challenge first and in the office and I’m having breakfast some vegan and cashew yogurt chia seeds for NOLA, dried cranberries. I’m having some of my homemade seitan that I’m made on Monday. It looks like beef, but it kind of just tastes like bread, so I kind of miss protein tonight. So one of my biggest concerns for this challenge was that the producers were still going to be working at tasty and therefore surrounded by temptations. So I was a little nervous about whether they would have the willpower to stay strong. This is the daily temptation that happens at tasty. This is the leftovers table and there is a giant sheet pan cake that I can’t have today see everyone’s coming over. Okay, no one feels bad for me, so we just had chef JJ make some chicken plantain nachos.
They smell absolutely amazing and I watch everyone else. Just loving it out, there’s so much temptation all around every day all day, and you know obviously I know my job. I know that I cook all day. You can’t get away from it. I’m gonna eat one of these. which is like a meat dish, and I really want to eat it. So the day is over. So instead we had a side, salad that I made for it and I’m just going tohave that for I’m. Taking a walk down Grand Central right here to the office, this is Park, Avenue, New York, City, okay and there’s a bunch of propaganda from meaty products. I’m talking about sandwiches burgers from breakfast to dinner, bombarded with images of media and dairy products. It’s everywhere, like you’ve gotta, have some serious discipline to be a full-time vegan. You guys are not making it easy. You guys are not. That is insanely tough. So, even though the first few days were a struggle for some things finally started to turn around and get easier, I’m literally shook. I can’t believe how lucky I am that’s who’s making this today, because I just didn’t have any time to like prep food, and I was just gonna wing it when I got to work, and you know what it worked out for me guys. My Luck is turning around one thing: that’s great about working for BuzzFeed is that they provide a tutor lunch twice a week that always includes vegan options. Okay, sohere’s our final plate, they actually a few options. So we have some lettuce, some potatoes and cabbage and carrots, and what we got here, it’s less than I like this. You know all I can eat. I think I’m gonna be full, which is good, but this is looking good. I’m excited it’s day, four of their region challenge and I need some mushroom Pizza so get in there. Folks, okay, this is what I can keep eating I’ll be a big and today, full time so. Thoughts on vegan pizza make this great yay thumbs up. Hey everyone and now for dinner. Tonight we made a curry a vegan curry. Oh it’s delicious yeah, I’m having fun being vegan. Now it was rough ever go. I’m not gonna lie very tough uh-huh, but it’s gotten easier towards the end of the challenge I decided to treat the producers and order some lunch, because I wanted to show them just how many vegan options there are out there do you feel you can eat this for a lunch a few days a week, instead of real mean yeah.
This is busy Definitely be like this is really good I could eat this twice a week a week five times a week would eat this It’s still a lot happening, it’s just honestly, so good to find out that there are so many options beyond brothel Yes, we went out for vegan food today, it’s like our final day and we ordered a bunch of food I think it was the easiest part of my whole experience so far and there are so many options, mac and cheese I have actually actually really good, but I really like this talking mushrooms that tasted, like bacon, they really did taste like bacon yeah What’s nice, for me, I’ve been cooking all week and even though I love to do that, it would look cool and not to worry about that Just get a great meal, so this week has really taught me a lot about just eating more plant-based foods and how it’s not as hard or challenging as I thought it might be I definitely can incorporate more plant-based staples in my diet and have less meat I’m not gonna give it up completely I just think I will save me for, like a more special occasion, consciously decided to reduce my meat consumption not eliminated, but just reduce it, because I think we are over doing it People we really really are I definitely think it’s important that I make efforts to reduce my carbon footprint in the future I plan on hoping to make more of my meals, vegan deliberately and worry less about having me be a central focus of any meal Although I love me so much, I am open and willing to cut down on my consumption I love trying new foods and I think it’s just exciting to be able to try a new diet and maybe find things that I actually really love overall, I’m so proud of these producers for taking on this challenge My goal was never to get anybody to go 100% vegan, but show them that plant-based eating can be just as delicious and that by incorporating even a few vegan meals a week, you can make a positive impact on the planet

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