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I made a cosmetic operation for myself on 21st Street! Hair, cosmetics and clothing!

30 Sep , 2019  

You love you, hello, all what’s up and welcome. my hair, we’re about to fix it in like 3.0 seconds. Just give me a second: it’s distracting. Let’s get past it, but y’all know we all wake up in the morning. Looking like this, it’s actually not morning time. It’s afternoon time and I just got home – I’ve been gone all day, running errands.. Let me get myself together. Okay. We are continuing the series honey and you guys suggested next – that I go to route 21.
I kinda feel like that was a setup because I struggled so hard in there you’ll see the footage anyways. We do here make up an out, so I’m gonna start with my hair cuz. It’s just a tragedy. Try to see travesty travesty, it’s tragic so yeah we’re about to do.. We love you Laura. Alright, let’s jump right in that’s kind of cute again, my boobs wouldn’t surrender yeah kind of cute, but now we have to find Bobby smoking. This is small. I am warning you, but we will always make bigger this skirts kind of Cupid like I’m, not like schoolgirls, not my vibe, struggling, I’m still, a big t-shirt, which I would put together for like a t-shirt, dress but I’ll feel like that’s putting together an outfit. No wait you step out of the way is there mango panel or how you wearin section. So it’s about to get crazy, but I’m excited okay. This is what I’m talking about. What the hell is going on. Everything is like broken over here for starters for hair. I’m gonna do an updo, bun and the reason I’m going to is because I got a facial today, which I don’t think I’m technically supposed upon a bunch of makeup. But I will it’s what I do for a living, so I’m happy to do it and they put like obviously lots of skincare and it gets all your hair. Your hair gets super greasy whenever you do a facial, so my hair is super messy and greasy, and so I’m gonna show you a quick hairdo from when your hair is a hot messy. You really don’t have time to go wash it I’m washing it tonight, but not today. So first my root, my roots are wet. You can get a little spray bottle or you can wet your bristly. It splashed me in the eye. Oh, you can wet your bristly brush and just comb it through, but we are going to just comb all through the hair and that’s why my roots are wet and my hair looks so crazy. I’m now going to get my hair on to the top of my head and I’m gonna start brushing the back of my hair with this burly brush, because I want it to be smooth they’re, never gonna be perfect. On my little pea head number. I got really wild crazy hair and it does not like to lay down so one thing that does help is this: is not your mother’s curl talk, give it a shake, always give it some mousse. This gives it a really lined out effect. It helps to tame the craziness, and then I just keep brushing okay and then we are gonna secure it with a ponytail to get nice tightly secure.
This hairstyle is also a great way to give yourself a migraine anytime. I wear my hair up in a tight bun, but in the night I have a major headache because of how tight the hair is, but hey honey beauty is pain so see there. We have like a nice smooth top. We have our hair up and then what I’m gonna do is twist it and get that tight little top knot, and you can twist your hair around a couple different times until you get the bun that you desire, which is what I typically do say. This is the bun I’m talking about and then what I’ll do is just secure it with either a bobby pin with Shh. Do I have one? Yes, I do we’re gonna bobby pin. It can also spritz a little bit of hairspray on it and then I’m just gonna lay some of these crazy edges down my little baby hairs baby hairs on fleek, my baby here to grow upward on this side of my head. It’s weird, but they grow upward they’re like cowlick that way, and then on this side they go down and then down here they go down it. It’s weird they’re, like I don’t know, so I also got these really cute little detailed clips and I think these are so cute. I, like clipping the side you can clip them in the back, clip them anywhere you want to, but I’m just gonna click them in the side like bobby pins kind of like, and they just add, like some detail, and here we have our really tight top Knot bun, I love the way this looks. We also have some little clippies in the side to add some detail. I think it looks so cute and now that my hair is not distracting us, we can jump right into the makeup. I did pick up quite a few things. I didn’t get everything a lot of times that happens whenever it’s these department stores, but I got like highlighters lip products mascara. I should have polished and even picked up this vitamin C. This is a brightening facial oil, which I was like hey. Why not try it out right, so I’m gonna try it out. Before I put on my foundation. Oh my gosh, so I got thick serum. Oh smell, interesting smells like rotten orange chicken. It feels really tacky feel like this might be more stuff for a nighttime skincare routine, but yeah. I just has put it on to clean the skin. So, okay, we tried it out. whenever I’m missing products, I typically replace in the drugstore items, because all the items I got we’re quite affordable. So I’m not gonna pull out a freaking $50 foundation and be like rude Tony would makeup.
That’s kind of the purpose of me using drugstore, so this is just what am I trying true? I can’t get enough of it. This is the l’oreal infallible fresh where i haven’t shaved for 75. It’s just been my son chance. I’m gonna give it a little squirt onto this brush. Oh, do you see how pretty that is? It’s just pretty i’ll Ava I just live, always drag it down the neck area. Forehead foundation is fabulous and I don’t think the serum was skewed attorney or made it look kind of. I don’t think it did. I feel like something was on my arm. Something was about to get me. Okay, um four. I didn’t get couple face products, but I mean all the ice stuff and all that jazz yeah, that’s here, even Braille, stuff, even liquid liner. So what do you get a lot of I product? I am going to do the oath. This is their camo concealer, which I do like, but I haven’t really gotten to use it a lot, because I have so many concealers. I like right now also I’m putting way too much of this on I’m just now, remembering how like think this is not a joke warning. She is concealed. Now, I’m gonna blend it out using the same brush. I’m just gonna stipple, stipple, stipple stipple. It out my darling. Alright, we are blended. I think it looks great in for setting powder, I’m just gonna jump in with my Milani translucent setting powder to set all this makeup set it and forget it set it. I forget. Oh, oh yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am! We are, we are setting some days, I’m just like I’m not gonna bake. Today, I’m not gonna. Do the Mo’s and then ten minutes later Here I am gotta get control of myself, I’m too much. Okay. Now I think we should move on to eyes and actually jump into the route 21 products, my goodness Lord get it together. So they have this brand by color bash a lot of these products. From my me, a lot of the forever 21 make ever seriously we did like the products are very similar. So this is the brow essentials kit and in it you get two brow powders actual highlighter and a wax. I mean they’re kind of huge in pan and this whole thing within $9.99 and you get a spoolie brush and a brow brush in here as well. Sometimes the brow brushes that come in these extremely low cost. Kids, it’s just whack, I’m gonna put a little bit of the wax onto my spoolie and try to stick these brows up. Is anyone and I mean anyone watching Bachelorette? I need to know because I just started it I’m a little late on it. I don’t know why I’m late, I’m Sam, you know what she from Alabama. So I automatically love her because she’s a little Bama girl. Let me get a brow brush before we begin this conversation, honey, I’m actually kind of mixing. So I feel like this Browns a little bit dark and I feel like this one’s a little bit light, so I’m like, let me just mix them, get out of it.
I just live, but the problem is, I don’t like. I liked the guys better on Beca season of The Bachelorette. Then I like the guys better for Hannah like Hannah like girl, and I don’t know the guys just seemed kind of crazy on her Hannah season, like all of them feel like Becca, got the better round up group of guys, but who knows she may found love You guys probably aren’t in the answer: don’t spoil it for me in the comments I’m Molly I’m halfway through episode, 5, but I’ll tell you the bachelor and bachelorette it’s one of those shows what you’re like silly. I just hate them and then you watch one episode or you like, walk by the TV while it’s playing you’re kind of like hey. This is pretty interesting like they suck you in I’m so into um, but I’m so excited, and not only that. But Hannah is from Tuscaloosa and hello, I’m a huge album football game. I watch every single Alabama football game. People always get really competitive to me. When I talk about all about football and I’m like bro bro, I’m not an album. Football fan that’s rude and it’s like we’re. Gon na dump your team. Every time I get comments. It’s like screw Alabama, we’re gonna kick your butt this year and I’m like I’m, not a smack talker when it comes to sports, I’m more so like. Let’s keep our mouth closed and see what happens on the field sweetums like that’s my attitude, torture and if we live, then good game and I’ll be sour at my team, like that is more than my limit, but it was so funny like on the first night, The guys were like roll tide, which is what you say if you’re bad my fan, and I was like girl like if some guy was like. Oh we’re all pod I’d be like. Do you know what that means? I don’t know I feel like it would weird me out if they’re just saying roll tide to say it, but you know producers are all up in that they’re like so I don’t know, but I’m really enjoying the season. I hope she finds love. Hopefully she did. I don’t know most of you probably already know the T don’t spoil it. Okay, we have a brow on the wax. We like super intense, it kind of turned the powder into an immediate pomade. It was very interesting. I don’t hate my brows. Are they my normal? Not really, but they don’t hate them, so the brown kids, not so bad. I mean, I think you have to mix and finagle a little. I am NOT using the brush that came with a kid because I’m gonna be roll with you.
I’ve been through a bazillion of those type of brushes and they waste my time. So I just move on to a decent little angled brow brush and you get a better performance out of the product. But I don’t mind the brow kit so far. So so far. So good route 21. I see you okay, brows check. Let’s move on to our eyes, also just a tidbit. I did use the elf concealer to do that. I pour primer, so I picked up the thank you shimmer and matte eyeshadow palette and it’s a home warm tones. It kind of reminds me of the a BH Modern Renaissance a little bit. I haven’t really done a fiery look in a while and they have this copper shade called squad and just looking at the palette, it just seems like it’s gonna be the best shade. Do I know that I don’t but we’re gonna try it out. So, first I’m gonna go into fun. Oh My look. How much came off? Excuse me that could be really powdery or it could be really pigmented. I don’t know: okay, I’m just gonna blend this. This is really pigmented right off the bat, not so powdery. Actually, it’s like girls, popping okay, we have the color fun. It’s like this, pretty peach matte. So if you’re following along at home, I wanted to recreate we’re doing a peachy matte shade. I want to drag these pinks on out and do more of a dramatic smoky. Look I’m gonna take VIP and mix it in which is another matte pink, it’s like a little deeper. If you can tell then the fun shape and again this color is very pigmented like I am really into it. I’m impressed right off the bat going back in with fun I’m gonna tap into actually I’m gonna go in with a little bit of eventful, which is like even a darker pink, so we’re just like gradually building up colors and honestly, I’m I’m shocked because These cheap pallets that I got from forever 21. They just didn’t, perform like this, so I’m happy, I’m actually gonna go ahead and take VIP and blend it across the lower lash. Next up, I’m gonna take munchies, which is a warm tone like cocoa e Brown. Oh, it looks really nice gonna blend that all the way from the inner to the outer, but I’m gonna keep this color a little bit lower cause. That way. It’s not all blown up everywhere, but like I’m living for the way this is coming out and I I’m really shocked by the first two products. I’ve tried so good news, honey. I’m gonna take a little bit of translucent powder and just sweep it to clean up the edges, and then I like to take these artiste brush, sometimes and just use them just sweep away the excess translucent powder. Okay, all right look like I have a rash around my eyes, but it’s gonna be cute. I promise so what I’m gonna do now is take school squad, which is this really pretty bronzer shade? Oh my gosh, when I swatch it.
Oh look at that seriously. That is really pigmented, which makes me super excited, so I’m gonna get that on a in two to four brush. I did hit it with a little bit of spray. Oh my gosh! Well, I have a little bit of fallout, but I did pack the brush up like pretty intensely. This color is really pigmented. I’m like really impressed with this little palette. I gotta say I really like the fiery look. It doesn’t even really need much setting spray. It’s just really pigmented. I love this fiery. Look and I like this brush because it has that round tip where I didn’t carve out my crease on this look, but I can literally stick it in my crease and just go back and forth and it really just kind of applies the color. So, precisely for you, so it’s great for shimmers, I’m sweeping away that excess fallout. My bad whoa, I’m gonna go in with this shimmery shade. I think I’m gonna use Friday. This is an M 1 to 4 brush. This two has a lot of pigment and I’m gonna hit the Wow look at that. That is really pretty. I’m gonna hit the brow bone with it honestly a lot of times with these cheaper palettes like this, I do have to finagle them to make them work, and it is quite difficult sometimes so, for a beginner, it can be like a not-so-great of a pellet, But I gotta tell you: today’s experience is different, like this is really panning out to be great. I do love it so now we’re going to tie this look together and we are going to do that by adding some. So, first I’m going to add a little more setting powder right here, because we did have a little bit of fallout and I bought this felt tip a liner by color match this liner was $2.99, ok, swatch on my hand, it seems really pigmented, which makes Me happy so hopefully it performs anyone loved Jim Carrey is mature. No just me, ok great! Let’s do it, so the felt tip is like really stiff and big, so it makes it kind of hard to work with, but the actual liner. So far so good. I don’t know if you can tell this on camera, but in person my eyebrows look shirt up wet, so I don’t live for the wet. Look. That’s my bad. I think I just put too much wax. The liner is pretty darn good. I did pick up for $4.99. This is the lengthening mascara. Well, the packaging looks crazy. It has like no brand or label on it. So do you see this? It’s just like um, braid sparkly this I don’t. Even I don’t know, I’m gonna go ahead and give it a Swizzle you’re not supposed to pump your mascara cuz you’ll push air down in there and dry it out, but let’s give it a pump anyway.
I’m just kidding I’m kidding, but I’m not ok. So I’m gonna put that on and then curl my lashes, oh and I bought a cheetah print lash curler because I just thought it was cute. You never have enough lash curler, so this was $2.99. Ok, let’s give her a go watch. It cut all my lashes off. Oh works, pretty good! Alright! Here I go. I’m gonna try out this mascara. The mascara smells really strong kinda like chemicals, which does concern me a bit. I mean it’s super watery guys. I don’t know about the mascara. It’s like a bit too watery huh. I don’t leave for the mascara, it’s a little bit watery. It wasn’t terrible on my lashes and it did separate them. I’m gonna take my butter bronzer and we are gonna go ahead and bronze up these chi-chi’s sweet, pea, coconuts, alrighty and then for our cheeks and blush we’re gonna add miyamura more Loni more along Milani. This is coralista. Sometimes I use the same. Bronzer brush – and I do that because I don’t really mind if a little bit of bronzer gets on my cheeks cuz. I think it makes me look a little more bronzy perfect. I got these glow up a natural glow highlighters for $9.99. Actually they were on clearance they’re like liquid highlighter to use – I don’t trust them. I got a say, so I’m just gonna put some on my hand whoa. I accidentally touched my hand there rub it actually, not so bad. I mean I don’t know why. I don’t trust it when everything else is worked out, pretty good, so I’m gonna take this champagne colored one and with my finger Wow, look at that. It’s really nice we’re gonna. Add it to the cheeky huh that is so pretty and now, on top of that, I am going to add a little bit of this liquidy or I’m sorry. Powdery highlight that I got the brow kid, not pretty. It’s really creamy really like the way this makeups. Turning out guys, okay yeah, I just had to carve out the cheek a little bit because it just helps everything, look sharpen and nicely put together so for lashes. I wanna wear saucy by bad eBay. I did get a discount code with them. So that’s awesome. These are just the prettiest, I think saucy is the best lashes they make. They are a little dramatic, but they are seriously gorgeous, and what I really like about them is the fact that I have probably wore these more than ten times and the truth is. I could keep going with them and I will like you, can reuse these so many times if you take care of them properly. So with that being said like it makes it worth the purchase if you’re not rough on them, and you take good care of them. You totally eat your money out of a nice pair of lashes voila We have a lush gonna just sweep away that excess powder.
Then I picked up for $3 on clearance This is their hydrating facial mist Oh, it’s got quite the sprayer on it So we need to get back about 50 feet Oh my god smells like perfume It’s smells so good Like I’m not kidding, you smells like heavenly It’s actually a really strong smell like poop, and these lashes need to dry Oh for lips I got this liquid lipstick box It was already ripped to open It was in the clearance bin for five bucks So god help me Hopefully they aren’t used This is called chocolate kiss No, it doesn’t match Okay Now, let’s try iced coffee, you know what this needs It’s a great color It needs brown lip liner, I’m gonna take Kylie’s a brown lip liner in coconut and you’re gonna add this in the center I’m gonna Pat it out still a little light, but I think it looks a ton better This is the final makeup and hair look I hope you guys like it I am truly shocked like I did not expect the makeup to work out this Well, I’m shocked I think everything was really wonderful The only thing that didn’t work out really was the mascara and I think the brown wax was a little much I put on too much, though so I’m shocked, and I really liked the makeup my darlings the outfit actually came out like wonderdogs cuter than I thought like this skirt is so pretty cute It’s like this corduroy button, skirt and they’re on this planet, nude bodysuit, and look how freaking cute the necklaces came out when I’m gonna raise it up a little bit, but thinking about really cute, we have our makeup all fall time, as I think the fall Time looks I’m trying to manifest it so okay, you’re quicker, and then how cute are these they’re kind of, like faux dogs? Aren’t these cute with this outfit like these booties, I think they’re so cute Oh, my gosh there’s not a cat hair on my floor for once, but I love the booties I think they look great with the outfit I think this outfit is super cute What do you guys think get the full visual? Oh I love it I love the way came out I when I was in the store, I did not see this a big success This was not going as a success This was like permittee like i was out picking a little bit ultimate to you, but I’m happy it all worked out So you can be the first to watch I love you guys

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