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I made a fried chicken pizza

1 Nov , 2019  

So scared – it’s almost painful for me to say this, because this is objectively the most horrifying recipe that I’ve ever watched on the Internet. It starts with like chicken breasts and seasoning and like barbecue sauce, and it seems like everything is going to find and then they turn it basically into a cold chicken cake. But if you thought that was it no you’re very wrong because what they do next, is they egg wash it they fry it? I don’t know, hurt these people, but in the end they transformed it into a pizza and they bake it.
Once again after it’s been deep-fried and the final result is just as horrifying as it sounds, so you know what’s happening. We are attempting to do this. Deep-Fried Pizza, barbecue chicken. I don’t even know where this is like the most horrible thing someone has ever created, I’m gonna call 9-1-1. I’m gonna call a priest, I’m gonna order a few Bibles on Amazon, because I’m sorry you have to watch this. There’s no easy way to do this. I’ve got the recipe on my iPad, so we’re just gonna go straight into it. So we starts with basically two tablespoons of vegetable oil. We’Re gonna do a little bit of cumin, it’s a lot of chicken. So, honestly, I’m gonna do quite a lot. You know what let’s do a little bit more, if anything at least will taste nice, so we’re also going to do some powder, mustard or ground mustard. I don’t really know what the difference is. This recipe is so bad. The spicy is the least of my worries, so this is chili powder. I think they use quite a lot of this, but this is like mild one, so it’s not gonna be too spicy and don’t think we’re not gonna worry about diabetes, because with this recipe, jesus take the wheel. Jesus honestly crash the car because we don’t deserve it. Is this? How people make like barbecue sauce has got all these spices and then brown sugar, you’d think that this is like the barbecue part of the recipe, but then later on, they use actual barbecue sauce. On top of this, like so so, this is the delicious sauce that was goggling on. I feel like it’s a little bit too thick, so I might do a little more vegetable oil like six chicken breasts, is a lot one. Two and six chicken breasts like honestly. Whoever came up with this, like they were really confident that six people or more would enjoy this, I’m not joking, but also kind of serious, because this is something that I could potentially enjoy like. I know myself well enough to admit that, like we know like my taste, is questionable, honestly, though this part is pretty easy, this actually wasn’t that bad.
So this is basically our very quick barbecued chicken. Anyone who knows how to cook barbecue chicken is probably horrified, but this is know my recipe like I’m just following instructions, so this is going to cook in the oven now for one hour, so it’s not gonna be the oven won’t be too hot because I Think this is supposed to be soft because we’re basically making pulled barbecued chicken, so I’m gonna cook this and I will check in with you guys in one hour. So this is a very hot and honestly, I know I’m trying to be difficult, but this actually looks good. It smells good as well. It smells like Indian food, no barbecue, sauce weirdly. and we’ve talked about that, but look how easy it is like it literally just falls apart. That is a lot of chicken, though like Oh, as you can see here, we’ve got the chicken and he actually doesn’t look that bad, but if you thought that I’m exaggerating and that this is actually nor that bad, allow me to change your mind in this next Step so first, I’m gonna transfer this into a separate Bowl. I don’t see the point of it. The chicken did soak up all the sauce, all the liquid, so that is a good thing, but now this is when things are going to get really interesting. so so far, nothing too bad. That seems to make sense just to add some thyme sure and like some vegetables, the second thing they add is one whole red onion like one onion, is huge like this is like 10 kilograms of chicken and onion. The next thing they add, is cooked bacon. So I guess we’re supposed to like cut this into like pieces. I’m gonna use a knife for this, because this is honestly gonna take a lifetime.. This is like more stressful than that, so we’re gonna add the pieces of bacon. So now this is when I honestly don’t think this makes any sense, so we basically season that chicken to be like a barbecue chicken, so you’d think then that’s it for a flavor. No, because what they do next is add an insane amount of barbecue sauce, barbecue sauce that you can buy at the supermarket. I guess this is gonna make everything like just come together. Oh, my god, I’m gonna give you guys a look at this in action, but do you really want to see it yeah like I want to look away. I would if I could. It smells like the food court of a shopping center when it’s called like six different restaurants from like six different types of cuisines in the world and altogether it smells like this. So this is what we’ve created so far. Let me give you like a close-up, because I feel, like you, guys, really need to get in there and see that they say and image speaks for a thousand words.
Something like that. Well that if I haven’t offended any chefs or like people who love cooking so far, please allow me to try once again, because this next step is basically creating the cake that is gonna, be the base for the deep-fried paper. This is like such an insane sentence that makes complete sense. They usesome tortillas. You know the white like soft ones. The first thing we’re going to do is put the parchment paper, because I guess he matters whether this sticks or not. So we put the tortilla and yes, this is gonna – take a lot of cheese like if you thought it wasn’t one of those arrested. This is one of those recipes and more it’s got chatter. It’s got mozzarella. It’s literally got everything. We’Re gonna. Add the chicken mixture on top of this. Why does he start to smell kind of good? I honestly, like I, don’t play with demons, but this is as close as I’ve been getting to it. I’m not trying to be funny just being real for a second like there’s, nothing wrong with all the ingredients in this individually. I think it’s, the combination that I find off-putting me and a lot of people. Imagine if it’s someone’s birthday – and you arrived with this like happy birthday, I made you a dog food cake, so we’re gonna do the remaining cheese on top, because I guess he has to like glue on both sides like sort of create like a seal. We might need a little bit more cheese honestly like this is taking so many ingredients and I’m making this literally. Oh, this is not very round okay. Let me try again okay. This is a lot better.. It truly doesn’t make sense, it’s no logical, but what they do. but I’m just going to use theirs and, like they squish the chicken.. What they do is they put this exact thing like just the way it is now inside the fridge for one hour. So by the time you remove it, you’re gonna have a cheese, chicken, barbecue sauce tortilla cold cake, which is. I cannot wait to see that I put the chicken cake in the refrigerator, so it will be in there for like about an hour, so what they do next, is they kind of make this sauce that I guess we’re going to use later on, so this sauce Uses as a base, some sour cream, so we’re gonna start with that, so I’m gonna do the whole thing, because, honestly, that is the base.. So this is some onion powder. It’s got Dell. No, this is not Dale. This is chives. This is Dale. I think I’m so confused. I honestly have never cooked with fresh herbs in my life.
Just so you see the effort I want to do things right. because I want to be able to honestly tell you whether this is like a joke recipe or whether it actually tastes good. I’m gonna usesome Mayo as well. This better be worth my money like honestly, this is like one of the most expensive. I think the most expensive recipe I’ve ever done. Why am I scared of this? It’s actually been longer than an hour. It’s been like two two hours and a half. I think it’s leaking a lot of like juices like it’s like orange II, like a barbecue sauce, see it smells like dog food like I’m just gonna keep you real just gotta make sure this is balanced, I’m going to imagine if this falls apart. After so many hours of work, what have I done? It’s like a meat cake. I hope you see like this side here where you can see the onions like it looks so wrong. This has to taste good like otherwise. Why would someone even create this? But honestly, but the main thing we can judge this on is whether it works or not the recipe, and so far honestly, you know it’s like tough. You feel so wrong to cut into this. Do you hear they say crunchy? Listen to this, we had a little spill on this side. I’ve never had more insight than cutting this and, like the chances of me, ruining the whole thing we’d like one wrong move. Why does this sound like something that Taco Bell? Would come up with it? The sides are kind of falling apart, but honestly I follow the recipe it was in the fridge for even longer than you were supposed to so honestly. If he fails, it’s not on me, I’m so nervous about this, because it’s not coming off like I can’t seem to get a slice because of the parchment paper. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this, so you probably already know what the next step is. We are going to remove one slice which is going to be very difficult by the look of it and then we’re gonna coat it in flour, egg wash and then breadcrumbs, and then once we’ve got the complete pizza, we’re gonna deep-fry it it’s literally falling Apart, I have no idea how they managed to do this. They definitely put it in the freezer. Like look, I’m gonna try to code it as much as I can. You literally have to use your hands, for this also feels kinda nice. Oh my god. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you have to watch this. I need two breadcrumbs. Oh my god wait. We need more of the egg on top Wow. I love that. For me. I’m gonna have so much to clean up. this better taste like that does not look like it’s going to taste like the best thing ever so this is gonna, be our first one.
I am definitely gonna put the rest in the freezer, so hopefully the next ones are gonna. Go a little bit better than this. We’ve had a slight change of plans, because I realized that this doesn’t actually fit in my freezer, so we’re just gonna have to move really quickly, so we’re gonna dip this now, oh, no, the topping is coming off. Okay, that’s a lot easier than the previous one. Maybe there was something wrong with that. One specifically, this is actually not working. Why does it look good? Why do I wanna eat it I’m so confused? Oh. How smooth that is, I’m gonna double coat it. I think I’ve got enough egg for that. If I don’t, I’m just gonna double coat, the first ones just to make sure it looks like smooth, I mean, I know it’s not perfect, but like it’s a little better than I expected at least it’s not fully apart, it’s like it’s actually solid. So this is the most difficult thing that I’ve ever done in a recipe honestly coating. These slices of whatever this is was extremely difficult because he kept on falling apart. So I actually started really well like the one I showed you specifically like it’s pretty smooth on every angle, this one, for example, it’s literally falling apart, as I try to show it to you like this, will break as soon as we try to fry it and There’s pieces of, like bacon, just glued to the back with the breadcrumbs I honestly hate, deep-frying stuff. fried foods for 24 hours and I’m no exaggerating when I say this: it smell like deep, fried food in my house for 3 months later it still smelled like it. So I never ever fry stuff, but there’s no other way to do this recipe so wow. That is a lot of oil. That is also probably the healthiest meal. I’ve had this week, alright, so I’m going to use literally the best one to show you on camera, because I want this to look good, but the other ones are maybe not gonna be so easy, but I’ll worry about that later. So this is gonna. Like I’m so scared, what is not the right temperature I feel like I should have a different heat so like. for this is honestly a solid block like what is that, because this is gonna go into the oven again, and I feel like it’s going to get a little bit darker. It’s actually quite dark on this side, so I am just going to remove it into the paper towel and honestly that wasn’t that difficult. Let me try to show you what it looks like on camera.
Honestly. Maybe I didn’t cook it for as long so it’s a little bit lighter but like it’s, it works, so I’m gonna do the whole batch. This is one us it gonna. Take me like an hour. So next I make sure you guys, hopefully we’re gonna have a beautiful, fried pizza. I was gonna, be really dramatic and lift this up, and then I realized it doesn’t even fit that’s how big this is. But are you guys ready for me to show you probably one of the weirdest things we’ve ever done? This is, and that is the sound of the church bells telling us we need to go and pray because holy. Oh, my god, I can’t show you like. I don’t know what I’m trying to do. It smells so good in my kitchen it smells a lot like deep, fried food, but I kind of like it, but it will definitely stay for a long time, but some of them were so easy, like the first one. I did like look how compact this is. Is this ever gonna be done, because the next step is possibly the one that I think bothers the most people like everyone who said that this looks gross? I think they talked about this next step. So the first thing we’re gonna do is spoon some pizza sauce on top of this. Yes, on top of something fried so much work to make these toppings look so nice and like smooth and then we’re just gonna spoon, some pizza sauce on top. I honestly love that, for me, it looks like when you go with a child to McDonald’s and they put ketchup all over the chicken nuggets then you’re like. Is it too late for adoption? I wish we could tighten this up a little bit more kind of like a pizza, but it’s honestly difficult like he doesn’t because of the shape of it is so like your regular you’re gonna fill this hole in the middle with mozzarella cheese just to make It for aesthetic reasons I mean I will still eat it so, but mostly for aesthetic reasons. It smells so good, though, that I’m starting to warm up to this idea, I’m gonna be honest.. Slowly then they might be on to something or I’m losing my mind or both I mean at this point. Nothing will come as a surprise to you guys. So, yes, we’re gonna do some pepperoni on top, I think they used 18 slices. I find that that seems a little excessive, because there’s just no surface area, so I’m gonna do like one per bite and then a few in the center. so we’re gonna grill it for 10 minutes and hopefully we’ll be enough for the pepperoni to be crispy the cheese to be melted. The sauce to soak up into the chicken BBQ layers of cheese, tortilla, bread crumbs, you know the whole thing. Oh shoot! It’s burning. It’s burning! It’s burning! Oh my god. You need to get it out Oh my god that was so quick.
We got the fire alarms I don’t know what you do this I don’t even know how to transfer this into the table holy schnitzel This ID right here maybe went a little bit toastier than I was expecting, but overall, as you can see, the cheese maybe went a little too toasty in some places like this by here, and the actual scene was really really good Like your smells great, I I’m not gonna lie like if this sucks, I’m gonna, tell you the truth, but if it’s good, it’s good so on this Lake that was better than I could have ever imagined The pizza is cool down a little bit I haven’t cooled down yet like the pizza was, I feel like I deserve an a-plus for effort and probably like a D for participation I feel like one of those MOOC bangers on Instagram They have giant like bowls of sauce, but then they never finish it I’m like what do you do with the rest that she’s definitely went a little too toasty, so it’s not even stretching like Oh, my god, there’s so much cheese Let’s just go all the way Let’s just do exactly as the recipe asked okay, so I’m gonna get pepperoni the sauce, the cheese, the barbecue chicken The coating like the whole thing, only one go Wow, I feel like Raven like I just had a vision, a vision of every food I’ve eaten in my life that is so confusing I was like Oh it tastes like pizza and then suddenly was like it tastes Like chicken schnitzel and then barbecue, I’m honestly so confused right now, the sauce somehow makes this really enjoyable I like it like it is confusing If you get past that the weirdness of having so many flavors in one go, it’s actually good and look it’s honestly He holds shape really well, which is well A lot of people were guessing that it wouldn’t happen, but look you can honestly dip it Hopefully you guys liked this If you did – and if you appreciate my effort that I put into this, and it’s annoying You know it So those of you have done it a huge Thank you It really does help out my channel I honestly always so much to you So those of you press the bell Thank you I know this is a lot, but I feel like I’ve burned more calories making this then I could eating the whole thing I’m honestly exhausted I think tomorrow or the day after – and I will see you guys very very soon – bye, bye,

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