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I only ate vegetarian food for 24 hours!! (that’s what happened…)

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everyone hello today is a day that I try and go try and go vegan for 24 hours or basically trying to attempt a plant-based diet. You know I’m actually really excited for this, because I would honestly love to be vegan. Hello, like I’m just being completely honest, I am the fussiest eater ever so I do actually eat a lot of me. However, I would love to try and cut this out, but therefore I have no idea what I would eat. Apparently, there is tons and tons of tons different alternatives nowaday, so I’m actually really excited, though I have actually attempt this on my vlogging channel before.
However, it was a bit of a nap attempt, I did actually technically say vegan for the day, but I just kind of walk through it. Anybody cook anything. I never had anything that I wouldn’t normally go out and eat today. I really wanted to try things. I never would normally try and actually went to the show this morning to get my breakfast. I decided I wanted to make a sausage back. So I went to the shop this morning and here are some bits that I got sausages cheese and then I got some become rap. I was getting really excited, so I got myself two chocolate. Raisins, don’t be half of my breakfast and then I got this here, which is Kiwi mango wheatgrass and matcha tea. I don’t really know this just looks healthy and had a vegan sign on it. So I was like okay, let’s get this, so I’m gonna go see what it tastes like. I do. Love sausages, I’m gonna have to have their exact. You know what the vegan ones are gonna taste like if I love them. That would be absolutely amazing, so big has crossed everyone. Oh there’s a little person hi. You want to be vegan with me for today. Kiyo confuses I’m cooking, my sausages and they look red like they actually look right, which is a little bit concerning. I don’t know. Well, I’m waiting for my sausages to cook. I thought I’d show you the cheese I bought. So all the cheese that was Lincoln was like a crusty color and it wasn’t like a normal or like typical cheddar cheese color. So I went for these ones. I don’t know what they’re gonna taste like, because they’re a different color to every other vegan cheese. They look more like normal tragedies that I would usually have that’s why I picked up these I’m so confused. My sausages are actually red more so I really want some source with my rack kind of looking a bit plain and boring, but I don’t actually know if you can have ketchup. It’s ketchup be good. I don’t no idea. So let’s go to Google and simply hunt Sketchup that cleans help ingredient is ketchup.
Can mislead not a hundred percent bigger okay, so the upset is most catch. Well, actually there is ketchup that you can. You know that is a big gun, but the catch is that I have is, unfortunately, not a hundred be good, so I don’t want to like cheat in any possible way. I really really really want to do that, so I ended up just chopping up tomatoes at little trade tomatoes and put them in my wrap instead, which, to be honest, is probably a lot healthier. Anyways – and I know anyone was speaking right now – is gonna be screaming down the camera, like God for happens, have that so I know there definitely is like other capture that they can go and get, and I should off, but I didn’t think about it. There’s a lot I need to think about when you’re not be getting fried ready, I mean it’s not bad at all. I think it’s a really thing just because obviously I haven’t got any sauce. My definitely doesn’t taste like me. That’s for sure I’ll be able to tell this was a meat straight away, but actually it’s pretty good. The cheese is so good. It tastes, like you, know the fake American cheese, that’s what it tastes like and that’s honestly my favorite is ever so. I could sit eat this all wrong. Let’s get the sausage for go on its own ready. This up same thing, it’s actually quite good. I would just right away know that it’s not me, but actually it’s pretty good chance to breakfast very aware. This is kind of gross. This is how much I’m left with, because I’m actually really full, but that was actually there was an OK breakfast. It was actually quite good. I’D say: I’m in town I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping and I met up with both my parents and Harlow, and there were parents, because I told them I was going to take them out for lunch, which I am I am sticking to, however, or They don’t know is I’m I actually forgot. Is I’m actually eating vegan for the day? No you’re, not it’s good. You know it’s better to really help three that I found in Brighton anyways we’re gonna head to one of them now. I did find this one though that basically is a Pizzo vegan restaurant, which I thought might be better for you guys. I think you guys are myself yeah, but you might like you know you just gotta get, but I think you’re gonna like it. I hope so I like it too. Here we go just oak. I guess the door, nice Wendy. You don’t really think about this, because the restaurants fall so we’re gonna try another vegan restaurant. There. We go restaurant number two. So this is a restaurant that we’re currently in it is actually vegetarian, but it does have this and all the symbols here which helps me out a lot.
So I know exactly what against otherwise I don’t really put into myself and eat two eggs, two something I wouldn’t be realized hello. What vegan feeling you’re gonna have, why are you gonna, have feel and design? Oh thank you. So our food has arrived, and, oh, my goodness, mom and I actually so excited – aren’t wait how good, okay mom’s just go right in with the chips. Oh yeah, we got, we got some thick-cut chips as well. I’m not exactly sure what this sauce is. I need to see if I believe this, but I’m excited to try this, because this is topic. I’ve never tried toffee before or this also in their version of KFC’s, which is what wouldadd some more again 24. I qualify, I’m not sure good, be honest is actually. What is that so I’m having this, I have to know what it’s tofu and which battle on top and some thoughts. I don’t really know nice I’ll show you. What I am is nothing look at my food wash up everything that you’ve tried so far, ma’am clean up in all of it. I am also loving the old love that you can still have chips, great stuff, you’re. So bad. I take you to this vegan restaurant. Now guys on, you actually ready, but it is a nicer person normally, if I’m like, we just finished eating. Actually my boy quite enjoy this experience. However, topic is the word if you have ever eaten and I never. What do you do again? Another about maybe a bearish date are done, a bit more shopping in town, which is always fun. But honestly, I don’t quite sick. So I drove to the marina, which is like another side of Brighton, where there’s a massive, a star to basically go and make myself some dinner and get myself some food and ingredients for dinner. However, before loving and more food is actually making me feel so sick now all of us was saying because there was so many different flavors and so many different like sweeteners and just labors in general. We just awful stick honestly. It was so good, but it felt like I was eating so much more now, like the thought of getting dinner. I’m, like oh honey, just been sitting here on my phone like thank you more to make so don’t want to make a whole nother milk, but was honestly lunch was the biggest meal. I thought maybe I’ll get like some ingredients for vegan pancakes because that’s like kind of quick and easy and it’s like very sweet, but it’s like not as a massive meal. So maybe we do that. Oh by the way in case you’re wondering suffered.
How come you suddenly got to cool place and made you one? Basically I got my makeup done and by my friend actually in town, because I’m going out outside my friends, so I thought I was done, get up and look around and there’s a literally one packet. Oh no there’s two buckets of strawberries, but once all that we look at this, it’s actually begun. Hang on vegan. Can we just witness this I’m so excited at Ben and Jerry’s a chocolate fudge brownie today go everyone cheers to that clicker pancakes for dinner, right and home and, as I mentioned, I’m very very, very stuck to hopefully it tastes amazing. It’s doing. However, I have such a sweet tooth, so I am ready for their bamboo ingredients and I’m gonna get my recipe out and start making a vegan pancakes, and I pull all the sea strawberry soup on top as well. So hopefully, oh I was a vegan ice cream that I have you asked me with it too, and hopefully it tastes good. This is the recipe I’m using for anyone wondering and I will see I’ll leave it down below the ingredients is so now it’s time to actually just mix the batter right. So good luck to me doing this, maybe I put too much oil in the bottom. I don’t know, might stick. I don’t really know how the pancake can possibly look that considering they are the easiest things to make. My family actually looks pretty good it’s thick, so I’m gonna flip it in a minute, but I’m going to cut my strawberry while some waiting. How amazing does this look? Doesn’t it no? It’s not for you, but like just how good I’ve actually made another one. These that same thing, so I’m so excited hollows, good mmm. That is my own one. Dad hollow really is good. Yeah, try it. So that’s Ben and Jerry’s new ice cream that actually came out yesterday, because it’s world vegan day is it ice yeah. It looks so good, doesn’t it okay? What I’m really glad I made myself is pancake. Do you guys have talked in? Is it good? Is it oh yeah everyone’s like happy to try this one no way seriously, your dress might be a pancake and ice cream. Oh, but she looks like she likes it, she’s stopping that in Oh, this is Kenny was better. My friend pancake hurry up. Try some of this. It’s actually insane. How insane is that? Doesn’t it one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life, literally nicer than the oh yeah? That’s what I think Tony making for breakfast yeah is enough What if you actually walk? That’s so good, like obviously this actually remember the best things I’ve ever eaten.
Yet and two happy people later many moments later, that food was so good Honestly we ain’t like an hour ago, then we started watching movie and then we didn’t realize the time was like oh wait we’re supposed to be going out to eat I still don’t have a little nuts nut sitter I didn’t really have dinner, although I feel like I’ve eaten so much today I got these jar chocolate raisins, it’s fun at me For a long time you and I talked about raisins, I’m I’ve everything on the whole world and they don’t stop people either hate them or love them So let me know down the comments, although these become ones who actually tastes pretty different to normal shock, a raisin That’s already on me: I’m going to sit here and enjoy this The pancakes went down such a treat Honestly there was so good Harriet was like honestly We need help become pancakes all the time So I recommend I won’t leave the recipe down below, but you know I don’t know if this is quite naive, but I kind of just thought being vegan was just like vegetable was like I never really thought about it enough I mean it is really really really hard to be vegan like I really did struggle, I didn’t realize the amount of things aren’t vegan, so those are a lot of things I picked up that were vegetarian, but not be good So it is quite hard, but there is actually I think you just it’s one of those things I mean I can’t talk because I’ve never personally been vegan myself only today, obviously, but I think it’s definitely one of those things you would get used to and there’s also alternatives for pretty much everything So I mean I would love to do this, but I think there’s one of those things maybe I’ll get used to so maybe I’ll think about it, but all in all, I just don’t really know if I have the time to be vegan because I feel like It is probably quite time consuming, but obviously let me know down in the comments below if you are anyways I’m gonna carry on sit here, munching my chocolate raisins and then I’m gonna go out three evening One of my friends and I can’t wait so I hope you guys did enjoy this vlog I try to be as vegan as possible I mean, actually, I think, I’ve completely stuck to it So I think I did a pretty good job today better than I did over on my rug in channel Save you guys enjoy to smash a big thumbs up, subscribe down below and I’ll see you all very, very soon Bye,

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