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I ordered every drink.

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s up guys, so I was watching, try guys the other day, and they have this thing where they order everything from a restaurant, so we’re gonna call Starbucks and see if they can make every single thing for me. Hopefully I won’t make the mad I’m so scared, hey, Dexter, um. I was wondering how long it would take to make every single drink. Is it possible to order every single drink? Okay, okay, sweet! Ah, yes, let’s do it. We do that and then I’ll just come and pick it up.
Oh wow, all right! Thank you. Thank you! So much um, I’m sorry! If it’s it’s a lot I’ll make sure to tip the way all right. Thank You. Chad, Dexter Dexter, thanks, Dexter, bye, all right! Good news we could do it feel bad. Let me try it. Let’s head over to Starbucks all right, everybody, we just got back from Starbucks, it’s crazy! Let me show you boom boom babe, it’s crazy, because all this 48 drinks in total, so shout outs to Starbucks. Not sponsored by Starbucks, by the way, also, we managed to get every single food in there. Every single biscuit sandwich dessert cake pops, like we literally ordered every single thing at Starbucks man. I just feel like it’s like never-ending, constant pastry pastry, Hey wah, pastries pastries. Here you have it. This is every single thing you can order at Starbucks, excluding the secret menu. This is the basics of the whole store right here. I’m gonna tell you what’s good and what’s not all right, everybody. Cuz, I’m gonna need it.. So I need all the support I need by the way, if you’re wondering watch, everything is alright. We’Ll start from the top to the bottom baba baba. Grand total is right over here, two hundred and twenty six dollars and sixty-five cents. So if he ever wants to order every single thing – and you want to budget for it for some reason – that’s how much it is. So let’s get started Wow guys so we’re gonna start with this one, vanilla, Frappuccino whoo and his like ice cream with a little bit of coffee. That’s basically a vanilla four by the way stay till the end. I’m gonna mix all of these drinks together and drink it. Okay, big thumbs up for this one. Would you mind pouring a little bit? Thank you. Look at this one. A little bit of uh was that cinnamon on top, you can tell that all the whipped cream has been dissolved from the very top, but that does not stop me all right.
Oh I’m, not a big fan of chai tea. If you are a big fan of chai, you should try it. I’m gonna give this a alright look at a little bit of like, but cookie cookie cookie on top ah brew this one, I’m gonna, say if you want to try this peppermint mocha, you better prepare yourself right here. We go Oh cinnamon for bread, more likes, cinnamon, bad bread, boo! Look at this one. This is like something you actually got a mix around here to actually get it going Wow if you’ve ever had those like Strawberry Shortcake ice creams, exactly like it big thumbs up for this one, strawberry frappuccino more like a straw. This is very good. You know all right, so this is one of their new ones. I believe, if you’re supposed to like mix it up and then just drink it from the top like this, not strong baby. Okay, like a super caffeine rusher, oh just take it. I have no jokes for this one mm-hmm Wow, that’s very, very caramely, you guys say caramel or caramel. Here we go. Oh, that’s! That’s weird espresso you mean Express. No. I want to try this one. This one’s been staring at me right in the eye holes. Ah, you actually got a like mix it around mm-hmm I gotta say if you really love matcha or green tea. This is where you I don’t like it that much of let’s take a break from the drinks. Let’s try a food here. Look at this breakfast wrap all nicely just the drinks, just the drinks. No, no just the drinks, yo yo yo, it’s all white, oh okay, this one tastes like a treasure chest. I don’t know what this is. Oh, my goodness, it’s probably like my least favorite look at how pretty this one looks. It’s just like all, pink and purple. You have little seeds on top hmm, okay, I taste the mango.. All right all right, all right here, man go! Oh this one’s sour by my second-favorite okay. I say you, oh whoa, look at this one! This one looks super and healthy. You like my arteries, will just get clogged whoa. Imagine a thousand Oreos squished into one sugar! Scoop it tastes like dude like this is delicious, like I want to say whoa. This is definitely the worst tasting one.
Don’t get us we’ll just take it. This one doesn’t deserve a pun, all right. This is like the double ultimate one, but less ultimate mmm good whoa. Look at this Illuminati y’all! Oh gosh, knew you a big thumbs up for this one. You guys see the la-la-land move it with um actress Emma scone, all right. Let’s move on back here cuz! These have not been getting any attention. Oh Ryan! Let me just pick this up. That’s a good one! Oh god. She probably has basic as it gets cappuccino. No, no! No! No! No! So this is the most basic of basic drinks. Caramel macchiato! It’s alright! Hmm! This one, I was very – you – can see the berries on top here. That’s right. This will taste like perfume, isn’t very good alright. So the name of this one is interesting. Cuz, it’s just a color and a drink. I don’t even know. What’s in here open it. We see like a little strawberry random thing, subscribe, mmm whoa, that’s too sweet for me. Don’t you pink wow? What a very interesting combination? That’s delicious, very good! Again! Okay, I feel this one I feel like this is going to be a little light just kidding. I don’t like this one. This one looks a very trusting like berry, strawberry. Surprisingly, it’s too sweet, I’m too sour for me up. I was gonna be a lot better, but it’s pretty good. So definitely not on my top. Oh, what an interesting name they just like colors! I may want to call the green drink. This like candles or dispell, looks delicious. It sounds delicious. Oh this one tastes like water man woah. At this point I feel like all the frappuccinos tastes the same. I can’t tell the difference between this one and the Java chip is good, though I feel like this will be good one, because I like to other cherry one. So I’m sure this one tastes similar. Ok, this one tastes a little bit different. I don’t know what to say about this: one: okay, I’m just she don’t know this one so only come here. I don’t know about this one. If you really love your sweets – and this is probably a good one for you – and I am correct – this one is triple sweet Whoa yeah, I’m not gonna lie right now everybody go go, go, go so much sugar in my body here I know I don’t right, don’t worry.
I have all these foods here My partner’s got Sarah For later I mean I at this point If you’re gonna mix all the flavors my little makeup Java chip, coconut cappuccino, macchiato, coffee and cold brew, oh no! I can’t do this one I can’t do anything say what that’s interesting name That’s good, though whoa alright game changer! If you want to try something new, try the syrup Frappuccino, that’s good, alright, like seriously, if you’re gonna put all these like random things come on I bet you this one’s good, though nope, I’m not a big fan of mint, but I am, I don’t really know, depends on the day was Thursday: okay, maybe tomorrow, okay, okay, so this one is ariana grande’s, Starbucks coffee Apparently, let’s see if it’s good Ariana no comment Thank you next, oh, oh, alright, this one seems very promising So hopefully it’s good It’s alright! It’s not my top lip It’s refreshing! Definitely something you would want to drink in the summer, though I get that, ah very great This is vanilla bean, para mel, rapper, tea, no white, chocolate, caramel Frappuccino, it tastes the same, come on alright, so these are all drinks all right So, in conclusion, these are the top five here in strawberry, frappuccino strawberry acai syrup to carry mocha frappuccino and Java chip Frappuccino If you take my suggestions and don’t like it, I’m sorry blame ariana grande and if you’re wondering where all the food wins how’s the food over there, it’s good yeah, alright cool eating all the food over there So don’t worry about it, alright, so uh! This is all 48 drinks mixed together Look at how delicious that looks Look at that We see a little bit of uh-oh I don’t even know what you if it goes, give it a shot It’s not horrible Cuz everything’s, like I don’t know, I’ve tasted a lot of horrible things, so I’m very immune now to like horrible nasty things It kind of tastes like a strawberry caramel emit milk, green tea, lemonade, strawberry, passionfruit, lemonade, tea cappuccino That’s all I gotta say thanks for watching You see,

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