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I paid £ 200 for the strangest fashion item on eBay, success or failure? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Wow, I’m very uncomfortable just so questionable. Ah hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel.. I found some more items that I really wanted to share with you that I personally would never ever wear, but if you guys would that’s great, this is my previous.. So obviously, I’m doing a part two, but before I start couple of things to mention number one, I’ve missed an entire portion of my arm while fake tanning. I don’t know how this has happened. I don’t really understand and number two.
I did. An exercise class came home and thought it would be really fun to do some squats with some new resistance bands that are really really strong and not my legs, don’t really like me. So if I don’t jump around quite so much. We’Re gonna try on some very questionable pieces of fashion item numero uno. I have purchased some jeans um, I’m not too sure where these were from Zaporozhye and they were from one of them. There are pair of jeans, slash shorts with the rest of the Jean put back on with chains um, so I saw them and thought well they’re. Interesting, I will give those ago they could look okay to be fair, but so just so questionable – and it also looks wait. Oh my goodness, I’m gonna make this even better. I’m gonna detach one leg piece and wear a pair of shorts with the one leg. Ah, I just cut my toe on the chain, so that’s spiffing. These are actually quite a nice pair of shorts. You look a lot better on wearing this. The jeans are not Amazon delivery driver approved. I got a very, very, very strange, look for wearing it and that may be why um I haven’t done them up and it’s sticking out, and that must look really really weird great. All right. You haven’t cut the buttonholes, so I’ve got to do it again. It’s just not a really clear were meant to be cutting, so I mean I’m not a seamstress. I don’t really know what’s happening, I’m just gonna do my best jeans are on, and I really didn’t think I was gonna say this, but I don’t hate them. I don’t hate them. I don’t know if I would ever wear them out, but I don’t hate them. These jeans are extremely comfortable, just the short area I mean. I can’t really fill the legs too much, and this bit does feel a little bit weird, but the short area there are really nice comfortable.
Wear our jeans, I’m very happy with them, and they do not look as bad as I thought they could they. Actually, they look pretty fine, I mean I may not wear them myself, but I would not question someone wearing these. I don’t know they’re really quite cute and if I’m out and about – and it gets a little bit warm, I can just disconnect my leg because, like oh, it’s a little warm out toodle-pip now I have shorts. Look at this. I’m gonna stick with this fashion. Choice because it looks more interesting via the both legs actually looked, okay, but this this is something else. Okay, item number two: it’s also from xie na’s apple, like I di wide one myself um, and that is a long-sleeved sweater like so long sleeve sweater with no front to it. Um, so it’s cropped all the way to the top so you’re, basically just wearing sleeves. Oh goodness, oh the makeup is gonna go we’re through. So I have a back to my sweater but no front to my sweater. It’s a it’s interesting. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn stripes, maybe that’s putting me off. Maybe I should have. I don’t know how to make this better. What are we thinking? It look better with a crop top. I don’t really understand. What’s happened here, it looks a little like I’ve been in a fight and they’ve taken one leg of my jeans and the front of my sweater, and then they left. So I can friends well he’s like I’ve been mugged and they stole my shirt pocket um. That is how I’m feeling right now I don’t know. Let me know in the comments: what are you thinking? Would you wear this outfit? Maybe maybe, if I put the other leg on, but that I’m too lazy for that? What am I wearing? This is a look. This is a look, it’s not a good one, but it is. One. Next item is from pretty little thing. It doesn’t mean I would have to take my great new jeans off to switch them for this item, but we’re okay with that. We can do that. Um. The next item is questionable: it’s fluffy. This is feathers. It’s a fluffy, feather high-waisted nappy, basically um. They don’t want to be harsh to people, but I mean who came up with this fluff in my face. I just want to kind of see the team behind these.
These shorts, now they weren’t festival, where I know that I know that festival was you kind of get away with very out-there items of clothing, but does no one else think that this looks a little bit like a nappy or, if you’re from the US a diaper? They were worn as shorts, but to me they look like giant underwear, nothing on the back and, as you can already tell, you can see the tag through them, so pretty pretty see-through and they have fluff on the front and I just thought they looked really interesting. Look at this. I’ve got like a massive red indent from where I’ve sat on that. That is not kind. So this is me in my adult diaper tell me this doesn’t look like a nappy. These are the short shorts nappy same thing. Basically, if you have a fancy dress party – and you wanted to go as as a baby, this would be part one of the outfit where these this is your nappy sorted, get yourself a dummy and you’re ready. I would love to know how many people wore these. This year, because I don’t know how they’re getting away with it, I just this doesn’t look right on me. Maybe I’m some people. This looks like sexy to me. This just looks a little bit weird and just weird that that’s the only word. No more! That’s all I’ve got that’s all I’ve got, I don’t know what I’m wearing and I’m going to take it off, because I’m very uncomfortable in it also. No, I won’t show you the back of these because I do think it might be against YouTube’s guidelines. These are a pair of shoes, but I haven’t opened yet because I wanted to do it on camera. They came from eBay, they weren’t cheap. I’m gonna try these on and, as you can tell, my foot will move this way in them. It will go this way in them, they’re ballet shoes, basically, I’m actually quite scared to put my foot inside, I don’t know actually gonna get my feet in these. How are these shoes? How are these shoes? I’ve had one ballet lesson in my whole life and I hate it and I cried so ballet. Shoes probably don’t know how to correctly walk in them. I’m gonna go ahead and try first issue. I don’t know where that this is my left or my right. Foot, oh wait: okay, they’re both slightly bending one way, so I’m assuming this is my right foot, so I’m assuming around and this way around does that seem right or am I being stupid? I just don’t know I just don’t know this looks reduce.
There is no way I’m standing on that. Oh, this is no! No! No, how the heck do I stand in these. Please give me at least half an hour to do these laces up to start with I’m getting there. I am going to fall flat on my face. The second I stand up, I’m not going to let myself stand in these until both are on properly so that you get the full show the full experience of these shoes. Oh, Oh! What are these? Oh! These are my toes, oh oh. Why would I find these I’ve already done the laces on the other owner? Oh interesting, I’m gonna I’m gonna go ahead and say these are some of the softest things. I’ve ever felt. They’Re, like silicone, but silky, matte, silicone, squishy, greatness um and I’m gonna just pop that, on my toes I mean gonna go ahead, say toe protection, obviously, but what they are missing, a little buckle thing. Look all of these bits are just popping out. That’s not good. Meanwhile, my foot feels like a flippin sardine. It’s not that I know water. I don’t know what a sardine feels like, but my foot does. Shoes are on we’re gonna. Take our first steps, I’m actually really nervous and also I’m sweating, because that was a workout, I’m just gonna waste myself. Oh my goodness, okay, I’m up, I have to hold on for support good. Oh my god. The pain is so real. Oh I’m gonna cramp in my foot, oh wow, but a silicon pad is really helping. My right foot, I didn’t put on the left one, but I’m going to get it off. I’m gonna go ahead and put the left silicon pad thing in because my left big toe is in agony. So is that stilt? Oh, my goodness, the balance is like not there. Oh, my goodness. These are not easy to walk in yeah. I thought my right. Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous. I’m very hot breath I feel, like you’re gonna think I’m acting, but I mean genuinely serious. These are impossibly hard to stand in. Oh, my goodness, gracious me I think I can the hang of it slightly, but it is so painful and I don’t see how you could like walking these anywhere.
Oh my feet: okay, just oh my feet already so much pain Look at the shape of these My jeans can just slip over the top look at that That is great, genuinely need A breather still haven’t quite learned how to balance You know when horses are just born they’re like that little legs do this, while they try and walk for the first time me Okay, so heel is here toes are here My foot is like this awfully painful, like so painful to stand in I’m half balancing on my big toe and half balancing on my heel, but barely balancing on either and the arch of my foot isn’t balancing on anything and, as I said to you, I’ve never Done ballet before so, my big toe hasn’t been like work just so that that feels normal This does not feel normal This is painful I’m trying to work out how you walk in these and make them look normal, how you stand in them – and I do understand him talking to someone in these Only people don’t even stand anyway Do they they do this Oh wait I’ve got way more balance If I do this, oh, I can stand in these, although that is really painful Okay, as painful as business I can balance like this If I tipped her around, which is what ballet people do, I can balance, I can’t stand, but if I just constantly walk, I can balance, but it does really really freaking kill who’s wearing these who’s whoa All the pain taking one foot off is not worth it on the carpet It’s a little bit harder to balance, but on solid ground, there’s way more pain in my toe like a lot more pain in my toe shooting hanging in a tote Oh hey, hey! You could lay on the sofa and you don’t get the bottom of your shoes on the sofa because look at them I’m coming for you Oh my good Oh my goodness, my feet hurt so much and also I ripped the sofa You see this nice butt of thread, there’s been ripped out yeah That was the back of the jeans, the back of the jeans just ripped by sofa That’s great, isn’t it just ripped the sofa with these stupid jeans? These are actual torture They are so painful Never never again, never

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