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I paid 400 dollars for Romway. Is this legal?! That’s what I got!

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone said today. I don’t know why. But whenever I go to say romwe I go like Muay Boran. I don’t know why. But yes.. So let me just firstly say that the shipping for my package took under a week which is really weird, because when I was googling, some info on wrongly people were complaining. A lot about the shipping taking like three to five weeks, but for me it only took a week. I don’t know if that’s just like kind of like just luck of the draw that I got it so quick because, as you guys know, I do live in Canada so usually already with that.
The shipping does take longer. But in my case it was good. But I can’t 100% say that it’ll be like that for you, because kind of sounds like that was just me getting lucky why- already without trying on any of the clothes or anything is I had to pay customs on the parcel, and I know that’s not Really the brand’s fault I just like so hate when I have to do this, so I wanted to put that in because you guys sometimes ask me: I had to pay customs so and for this package I had to pay $30 of customs. Here is the box, you guys it’s so big and so full like I got so much stuff. I bought way too much stuff. The last thing I will say before trying on all these clothes, because I know that’s good. What you guys came here to see is romwe is a international clothing store for women and it is based in China so yeah without further ado, let’s get into trying on these clothes okay, so I just switched cameras. So hopefully the audio didn’t change too bad, but I’m in my setup for trying everything on. I did the setup a little bit differently, just because the last setup kind of looked bad, alright. So let’s just start with this, so this is just a pink t-shirt. This looks pretty ripped up, as you can see, there’s like a rip right here and there’s a bunch of rips right on the back. Okay, this is pretty cute. Let’s try this on okay, first things. First, I love this length. Okay, I like crop things, and I like long things, but my favorite length is like that perfect length through it’s like you’re, not showing any skin but, like you, don’t have to wear high waisted things and I like the color, it’s kind of like a blush pink. Oh yes, I like this one, okay on to the next thing. Here we go. Oh, my goodness, this color is like something I do not have. I don’t wear a lot of yellow, not because I don’t like yellow, I just don’t have it. This is like a mustard yellow, this is cute and it’s like a stretchy material and the material feels really good.
It almost feels like something that I would buy at like anthropology. It kind of feels like that because it’s like quite a like heavy knit. Okay, so I didn’t know which way was front on this, because both the back and front are the exact same. But oh my gosh, okay, this is nice. The only thing I don’t really like is it’s kind of making me look like I have no muscle. Obviously I don’t have any muscle, but I don’t like my shirts to accent that I don’t know. Do you guys know that cut that like makes your shoulders look like even splendor er. That’s this shirt for me. Next, I don’t know. Let’s try on some pants for fun. These look amazing. You guys the online picture I was just like. I need them now, keep in mind. It’s not gonna look good with this shirt, but it’s oh. What is this there’s like a thread coming loose? Let me just pull that okay, so these are like high-waisted track pants that button up. They have buttons all the way up the side. So let me just button a few of these up, but let me just stand up on my thing: holy crap. I mix those okay, if you’re just tuning in now, I would be a little confused like it kind of feels like when I used to play like soccer, and you had to wear like soccer shorts. It’s kind of what the waistband feels like it’s like really thick. I’m sure you can dress them up and make them look pretty cool like they’re kind of, but are they too high fashioned for me, this is like that material that, like really just oh, my goodness this is so cute. Could you just like imagine this shirt with like some high-waisted shorts? This is so cute. I actually bought some high-waisted shorts. So let’s just try these on with that shirt and make it a look. but you guys you guys. Actually let me know in the comments that that means in China when the button isn’t cut all the way through. That means that the clothes are new, so I got these shorts all that up and I gotta admit you guys. I love these shorts. I think these are kind of the look that some people are gonna love and some people are gonna hate, and it just happens that I love them. Tell me this. Isn’t an Instagram picture. Okay, I’m getting too excited! Okay! So far, I’m loving, like everything.
Okay, so this one has like kind of a bigger front than back. I almost feel like this shirt looks even better with the shorts. Then the last shirt did feel like they’ve kind of perfected, the tube top kind of like size PS. I got everything I bought in a size small just in case you guys are wondering okay, these are like these pinstripe. They kind of do the same spilling over thing in these. Oh, my goodness, okay, this is what I imagined like when you get pajamas in jail. They would feel like this. I definitely judged way too soon. For these you guys these fit me like a glove. I love finding pants that fit me like perfectly, because I am kind of a weird shape of like waist and leg length. So when I find like a pant that fits me, I’m just so happy they have pockets. Oh my goodness! These are so yeah and you know what the mark I wear them. The more I don’t mind the fabric, so you could wear these pants with so much stuff. Okay, let’s try some long with them. Let’s try on this white shirt. I feel like it’ll look good with these pants. These just hold on wait a minute. The tag says chien, you guys probably already know this, but there’s another brand that is similar to romwe, not exactly called Sheehan, and this tag on this Romney shirt says Sheehan hold on a minute what’s happening. Does this say that okay? So that makes me think that Sheehan might be like the production of the clothes and then maybe wrong. We just take some of the tags off, or maybe they get some of their stuff from Sheehan they make some of their stuff in-house. I have absolutely no idea this shirt is a little bit small. I’m not gonna lie it’s kind of suffocating my arms, it’s cute, but I’m dying. I will say, though, it is kind of interesting that the small that says Cheyenne on it is too tight, whereas everything else has fit me true to size, so this might actually be the only thing that was made somewhere else. I don’t know. I wish this fit better. I wonder if I could make it work, wonder if I could stuff it full of socks till it fits me okay. So next I’m going to try on these, and I know exactly what this is. These are overalls. You guys I’m so excited. I remember the price of these because I was actually like baffled by it $6.99 for these okay. So I just tightened up the straps a bit, and here it is. I have been wanting an overall dress for so long and I don’t know I haven’t gotten one but like it was worth the wait to get this one.
This is so cute. It’s like an emerald green. It’s got. Two pockets in the bag fabric is so soft. It’s a little bit thin, but I mean in the summertime when you’re probably going to be wearing this. You don’t want to be super hot. I bought another one in grey and probably most people wouldn’t try it on because it’ll look the same, but I’m trying it on something. Weird is happening. No, it’s gonna fall out. What do I do? Why is this one not as good? I love this color too but like. Why is it not as good tell me where the production went wrong, believe it or not? I have another overall set set to try and overall it’s Jean. It was a bit more money, so we’ll see, if, like the cost, helps the quality because, as you guys saw this one, I’m in love, I feel like this is all I’m gonna wear in the summer time. Next thing I have to turn on. Is this Navy dress – and this is like velvet like this – is so pretty okay, so here is that velvet dress the one thing I will say, and I honestly hate when like tight dresses like this gap right here, because then then it makes like you look super Flat in the booty like if it was like going like like this, it’s like, I still I’m not bootylicious, but at least like the illusion is there. This is quite nice, like you gotta admit this is quite nice and I’m pretty sure it was quite inexpensive. Now one thing I will say that I noticed is both of these boxes: they she and on them. Is it a secret because they’re not keeping it very secretive, like it’s right on the front of these boxes, they must not care. Here’s. The first pair tell me what I was thinking I saw like Bella Hadid wear like some like really like dramatic, sometimes his and I was like. I need bones – try these on. How did they look it’s honestly, so disorienting, because everything is red and I feel trapped in a red universe, but here it is these sunglasses? Okay, here they are they’re, just some like leopard stripe. I would actually wear these okay, what the Freak okay! So it’s a pillowcase and the backaches is wrong way. I’m guessing this is just a free gift. That’s nice! They give like a free gift, it’s two nights after Halloween; otherwise no it actually use this well use it next year. Thank you wrong. Next thing extra is with little burgundy shirt. So here is this shirt on. I really like the length of this like it’s that length.
I was telling you guys about. I like the color this one. This one makes me look less scrawny, so I like this. I wonder if it’s just the collar that did that so next things I have to show you guys is swimsuits. So let’s open these up and I’m pretty sure it was like, buy one get one for like 30 cents. So I bought two I’m going to white. Very very soon, so I needed some swimsuits, so I got this and just this like unlined top. This is so cute. I’m not gonna try these on just because I feel like just don’t. I just don’t know, and the quality of that pink one felt really good and the quality of this black one feels amazing, like very much swimsuit material. There’s this one, this one’s pretty basic, but I thought it would be nice, okay hold on a minute um. The next thing I have to try on is this checker dress, so I’m gonna put it on right now. I don’t know this kind of feels like tablecloth material like yes, it also looks like tablecloth like this checkered pattern, but I thought this would be cute, but I don’t know I just don’t think it fits right, and I kind of think that the quality of this Isn’t the best yeah, I’m gonna, say no to this one? The next thing I have to try it is this shirt? Okay, I love this top. I like these little like really stringy these straps and I like the colors, and I really like it’s like a knit stretchy material. That’s it okay! So this is the only jacket I got and it’s one of these called like a Sherpa when they’re like fluffy on the inside. I got this and it’s black corduroy. This feels like very good quality like this is gonna, be pretty warm. Let’s try it on. Oh, my goodness, I am going to get so much wear out of this. You guys this is so cute. I don’t know about you guys, like it’s really cold, where I live, so if jackets really come in handy, I only got one pair of shoes and their sandals they are here. Are these shoes they feel actually very good quality they’re. Just like what am i doing. What honestly like this is not how you show shoes here are the shoes. This is not the right way to show it, but they fit perfect. I got mine in a size, 36. Okay and another thing I got were these fishnets. These aren’t those big fishnets I wanted to get them when I have like jeans with big holes.
I’m not gonna take them on the package because the second I take them out of the package, I’ll lose them or rip them or my dog will eat them So I’m just gonna leave them till I wear them, but I feel like I feel like they are gonna, be pretty good Oh, I am so out of breath right now Okay, we have two more pieces, it looks like this and I think you tie it up if you were wearing this with Like I wasted shorts, you would look adorable, I love it We have more stuff This one was hiding okay, this is a tank top This is like a knitted Burgundy here is this shirt on I love this I like I was saying I really like the straight-across with like the straps, that’s like really in style for dresses right now, oh yeah, and this is like a nice fit now The last item, I think that this is a trench coat If I remember correctly, the inside is so soft like this feels such good quality, and it’s almost like silky keep in mind This outfit is not going to do justice to this Oh, my goodness Wow, and it’s got this little back thing I don’t know if that’s cool or not, so that is everything Let’s flip to my final thought Okay, you guys So that is everything I bought at romwe I hope you guys enjoyed watching me Try all that stuff on, I know I enjoyed trying it on It is like so fun to get a new clothes and get to try it on But down to what I think of romwe is, I am curious as to why some of the clothes say chien Maybe that’s like common knowledge, but I don’t know so if any of you guys know why that is comment it down below I feel like someone is gonna know and comment regarding the quality I would say just like the Zap will close This compares a lot to forever21 like a lot of these pieces I could see in forever 21, so I would say the quality is pretty great I have absolutely no idea how they make these clothes so inexpensive, like everything I got was so cheap, like some of the shirts were like three dollars a shirtwe, so I hope I lived up to you Guys’s expectations, be sure to click the subscribe button and don’t forget to follow any of my social medias or all of them If you guys have another brand that you would like me to do and I will see you guys in my next

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