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I put on a terrible make-up to see how my boyfriend would react! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Okay sounds dacing. Just texted me he’s like I’m literally like two minutes. Most detective I’ll. Tell you that what do you mean? You don’t feel good. We ready got you tickets. We should just do why I’m legit guy ready to go to the movies and watch spider-man. You want to stay home, I’m going to be pranking Jason Morgan here to my channel Jason is my boyfriend, and today I’m going to be doing my makeup so horrible to see what his reaction is going To be now, but we are basically with each other 24/7.
We live together, we work together and today he went to go, run some errands and he told me you wanted to take me on a date to the movies and I was like yes.. Now I told him I wanted to vlog our day, just so what I make it too obvious and when it comes to my makeup, I don’t want to make it too obvious guys, because Jason has been seeing me doing makeup for the past five years. So I think I’m gonna keep like my usual makeup routine, but I’m just gonna go a little heavy on the eyes, the lips in the contour to see what his reaction is gonna be. Hopefully, he still wants to take me out or to the movies, but before I get started with this. Okay, first things. First, I’m going to put on my hair clips. So we won’t get foundation all over. My hair put these on by the way I got these are forever 21 and they’re so cute. My brows are usually already like, naturally sick. So what I’m thinking is. I want to open it up just a little bit, not too much so that is the water broth. Look like we’re. Gon na take our concealer. Now I’m going to apply a couple of dots, we’re going to start doing the eye shadow. I am so excited to do that. I shall eyes have no idea so from an eye shadow. I want to use this covergirl palette and I was thinking I want to use these three colors. So these three – let’s close this teal this purple and it’s kind of like sparkly black color, and I want to take this opportunity to be freaking great. That way, it won’t be like very well blended and stuff like that, so we’re gonna take the teal color. We’Re going to apply I’m gonna take the purple shade. Oh, this is like a sparkly one, it anyone notice and we’re going to apply on top of the blue. That looks like I just got my I punched. The blue, in the put together are starting to look like a freaking blue guy. What do you think looking horrible over? I think so? I’m gonna take another brush and I’m gonna go back in with this blue just because I feel like I’m, losing the blue in there and we’re not even a don’t worry bum blending girl this last color and we’re going to put this all over the Eyelid, so we did one kind of like thick and then we did one really thin like up higher now.
Remember anything I want to keep lit like the same, how you should always do it like? I said I just want my eyes to be like the main attention and the lips start applying the foundation. I look so pale guys. Oh, my god, are we gonna set the face? Let me go ahead and set my face with my things: bring easy, breezy beautiful, covergirl, a few moments later: ok, so gazing! Just texted me he’s like I’m literally like doing it mostly detective yeah yeah. Did you ask if they had it like them, but we can order it and then just pick it up at the store? Have you delivered 20% of like the total? Yes? Well, then, will it be better to just rent it in precision yeah we’re checking my shoes and bro, I’m ready. I just have to like send my brows in please. What are you standing like that? What do you look like that? Well, I was really competing. You cuz, I was like I wanted to like a smoky blue, but it doesn’t match. What do you mean? He doesn’t manage you’re a guy. You wouldn’t know nothing about makeup like it does match mate, like blue with like people just like sense. I mean what is that right? There say it’s too rough, you forgot to, did you blend it Brad, the only thing that looks funk, you’re. Like my lashes, I don’t feel really tell you that. No, what do you mean you don’t feel good wearing that should take it. We should I let Jake I’m ready to go to the movies and watch spider-man. You want to stay home Yuri started, vlogging yeah. I did like a get ready with me because I wanted to name I like go. Yes, I wanted to like name I like get ready for me for, like a date, night kind of thing. Well, like a date for like a date, and so then I showed him how to do like a look. They can wear like during the day, and I was like during the night to like a date date and then a date night. You know what I mean. You were just perfectly fine right now. You will do like my stomach started to hurt. You want to stay home a little late, Jake already like yeah, like damn I make up, but you stay here, watch movie no, but I want to go watch fundamentally. I want to go, you told me, we work every single day and then you told me today is our day off.
We go, I just don’t feel good. May we can still go yes, we can still go. We have plenty of time we new use restroom. We can go to the restroom and then I’ll wait for you furniture me. I told you this. I don’t know like I feel like. I left them somewhere and they look a little funky, but from a distance someone especially we’re going to the movie. It’s a fight. Dark Nolan won’t notice, I mean again, we can go ahead and go yeah. I even put like a little extra light shimmer in the inner corner. I just don’t think it looks dirty altogether. Like your makeup too, what do you mean? It looks perfectly fine wait. Like look, I did my transition. I did like shimmer on top to like lift up the brow bone because we’re walking today yeah, but you just you’re being so mean not trying to be mean. I just think he just went a little bit too hard. Maybe you could do a better job in that you feel okay today, yes, I feel fine. I just was like practicing like different table. Looks like I wanted to do like this movie, I’m like sick before we go. I can feel like this nude yeah. So do I change my lipstick to go, see movies. I rather you take off your whole makeup, but no, I literally just make it was offensive me. I can’t just like take it off. I tried it so hard for you. I don’t look good good. Did you like, I just think you should just take it off. Do you want me to take it off? I need you, don’t think I’ll meet you halfway. I take off a lipstick I’ll put on a new lipstick like a nude nude like this, with, like this shimmery gloss on top yeah. Okay I’ll. Do that? Okay guys! So I’m going to change my lipstick and then we’re gonna head out to the movies. So if you guys want to go ahead and work for like that during the day can just use like a new and then if you want to work during the night thinking just for like the one that was wearing previously so yeah. Just like look good during the day and then during the night, so I’m gonna put this on and then we’re gonna head out to the movies. Alright guys. So guess what Jason literally loves me all alone to get the snacks because he said he was gonna say glorious, it’s a little awkward. I have to go find him, I always native alright. So I am NOT home and like. I was telling you guys before in my camera, I decided to die So when we go to the movie theater, we got our tickets and then, when I was about to get in line to buy our snacks, Jason is like hey baby.
I’m gonna go save our spot Why you buy like the popcorn and everything and in my mind I was like Are you serious, like this seats are already reserved, but I was just looking out whatever like he was probably so embarrassed to be seen with me I kind of help believe me I already knew like what I was doing, but I’m gonna go home I go right now and I’m gonna call him to finally tell him that I was like pranking him My makeup guys might not look too bad in camera because I bled the cameras, like smoothing it out, but in person it looks bad trust me and I was still embarrassing because when I got in line to get the popcorn I completely forgot I had this makeup on, like I’ve just forgot and the girl that was deregister She was just looking at me like this, and I was like, oh my god Why she’s straight at me like that, and I was like, oh my god, the makeup it was like girl I didn’t even like that like this is not I do my makeup It’s just where I may go, but I was like oh well, but like I’ll probably never even see her again when I start taking off makeup and then I’m gonna call Jason, because I want to tell him like I want to see what he’s gonna Tell me when I tell him that i pranked him today, I’m just gonna take off these flashes cuz Oh my god I feel so good, bang BAE, so I’m gonna take off my makeup for today, because I feel like I’m done with it If I need this anything yeah, I wanted to tell you that today I did I make them like this on purpose cuz I want to ask you what you actually know what I knew it did you really yeah, but then, when we went to the movie theater, though she named four rows or not, I know I was surprised you like Actually, let me go to the movie theaters like this I was like dude If I wasn’t trying to be meeting my baby, let me down make you upset or anything, that’s why I didn’t tell you anything, but it looks pretty bad yeah Is that why you? Let me go by everything by myself I thought you see you really I’m gonna go save our spots I really hoped you guys enjoyed it If you did don’t forget to give it a huge and thumbs up Also, never get to subscribe It’s taking me part of the putative family and don’t forget to turn your post notifications hit The letter Billups, like you, know, guys

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