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I regret buying the second part of cosmetics!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey you guys.. It did really well a lot of people wanted a part two, and I don’t think I can do a part three anytime soon, because, as most of you know, I am on a no bi and pretty much everything that I have in my collection. Now I either really really like, or I like at least enough.. I get one of two comments that I’m really confused about the first one is, if I say anything, good about a product people are like. Well, I thought you were the girl Turner, but not the Besim.
It’s me gay. The thing is, I’m not telling you guys to never buy anything again, I’m just saying like think about what you buy and even more so like not everyone wants to hear anti-consumerism content all the time I’m trying to find like a good little balance between being like, Yes, I still love makeup and I don’t want to spend all my time and money on it. So like take what you need and leave what you don’t, I don’t know. I thought that was a really weird position to take. Another thing I get a lot of is, if I say I don’t like something, I’m not trying to imply that no one could ever like it whatever like it, they’re wrong for liking. It, that’s not the point. So, if anything I mentioned in this, don’t take it personally, like it’s okay, we can have differences of opinions and, more importantly. Everybody went banana sandwich about the fact that I said I regretted buying the sultry palette from Anasazi of Beverly Hills because they’re, like I love that palette. What are you talking about and it’s like it wasn’t so much the product itself. I regretted it’s the reason I bought it and the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to like it anyway. So I’m really just trying to give you guys examples. This is a very long intro. Let’s just get started good work just get egg before we get started, make sure you are subscribed if you are not to the downbar blanks. Oh my social media platforms and now we will get started so. The first thing I want to talk about is this guy right here. This is the Natasha de Nona star palette. There are some schmutz on it that I can’t get off. I bought this palette when it very first came out, so this would have been in like 2017 late 2016 early 2017. I really can’t remember anyway. I had already heard of Natasha Nonna palettes for a hot minute, like I think. All of us have and, to be honest, I think Natasha de Nonna got all of her juice from the fact that she released two hundred and forty dollar palettes.
It got everyone’s attention. It was one of those like morbid curiosities where it was like. I have to try it if it’s this expensive, I just gotta know if it’s any good. I’ve not bought any other Natasha Nonna eyeshadow palette. I do have her sculpting blow palette, which I actually do like quite a bit. I just have an issue with this. One – and it honestly has turned me off from ever buying another Natasha, no, not palette in general. I know that she does have like smaller ones now ones that are a little less expensive, but I just I don’t need to learn the same lesson more than once. Anyway, so once again I don’t know Bharti said if this is the star palette, it’s really grungy, don’t judge. I’ve only used it a handful of times, but she is super messy. Looking because glitter shadows in this palette, like the fallout and the schmutz just gets absolutely everywhere, and that’s still not even the bulk of my issue with this palette, the main issue that I had and I will say to be honest, the reason I bought this one. I did is because I was bald deep in a magenta red burgundy, eyeshadow kind of obsession, and this had those tones in it. so you will understand that I’ve never been a fan of this. I’m not just trying to like talk crap about Natasha Nonna, for the sake of doing so. I just did not find that these eyeshadows performed any better than anything I already had, and particularly with these burgundy shadows, they really didn’t do for me. What I needed them to do. These are not bad. I shadow is like objectively, I remember. My review of this and people were in the comments and like well, you just don’t know how to use it and I’ve gotten that comment a few times any time. I say I don’t like something people just tell me, I don’t know what how to use it or I don’t know how to do makeup or something which is just ridiculous. Here’s the thing when it comes to products and preferences like you’re, allowed to have a preference without having to like jump through hoops and like summon dark forces to make something work for you. If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work for me if it’s not worth the effort or energy I’m allowed to be like.
I regret buying this, and I do it was a hundred and seventy dollars I hold on to it because, like I feel like I have to because the hundred seventy dollars, not my thing, don’t like the next thing is this Tom Ford, Contour kit.. but upon further inspection. I have a lot of problems with this palette. First of all, this thing is $80, and half of it is completely unusable, like I do not understand in what world, and maybe you can use it for eye glass. I guess, but I was still doing photo shoots, but this whole part of it is useless to me. I get that it’s supposed to give like a true glowy look to the skin, but because I have to powder my skin in any area of my face that this would be useful. I can’t use it it’s absolutely just half of the palette totally pointless to me. The second thing is this: contour color is actually a very, very nice contour color when I first got it. I was like this is entirely too warm. There’s no way it’s gonna be a good contour me and in fact it was some of the time because some of the time when I use this, I don’t know why I think the undertone might be too cool and I’m using it on a warm foundation. So it’s turning grey, which will happen, there’s just times that I can’t use it without it. Looking really ridiculous on me, I don’t care enough to figure out what the common denominator is, but on top of that, this breaks me out. Cream contours tend to break me out for some reason, I’m very sensitive to them. I have to find ones that don’t this one does so I regret this for a few reasons. Number one, like I said, half of the pot half of the palette. I can’t even use it doesn’t work on me every time it breaks me out like overall, this is a very expensive product. Not to get tons and tons of use out of this palette is like $80, so yeah. Obviously, I regret it because I don’t use it next is a foundation. This is the cover effects power play foundation. I know that a lot of people love this. So don’t come for me if you’re one of them. Last year it was like right around this time line here. I think, if memory serves, I didn’t even end up posting it, because my review in my experience with this was so bad.. They have me. Never a hater or whatever, but I’ll tell you now kind of what happened with it. I use this a few times. This works amazingly well for me when I only wear this like, if I don’t need to put anything on top of it, it’s fine and by anything I mean powder products.
So, like my bronzer, my blush contour anything else, I can put a concealer on top of it and it’s fine, but in the instances that I try to do anything else with this all my powder products skip and drag so hard on this. You can’t blend anything out. It makes everything really patchy and dry on me. I actually have had several matte foundations in the past that I love the Urban Decay. All nighter is an amazing, matte foundation as far as I’m concerned, and I think, there’s a lot of benefits to a matte foundation, especially if you’re like me and your oily combo. But in this case I just this did not work for me and this really taught me an important lesson about foundation wear from now on. I honestly think I’m gonna start getting samples, because I have a really bad habit of not returning things. If I buy something and it doesn’t work out for me – I just keep it. I don’t know, I just don’t want to be that guy. I know that this gets thrown out anyway. I don’t want to. I don’t want to bother anybody, but at the same time it is a total waste of money. If I’m not gonna use it. This thing was like $45 or something along those lines, and I’ve used it a handful of times and never revisited it since, because I don’t like it so a lesson I learned from this guy right here is: when we’ll start asking for samples, yeah, coverfx, power-play Foundation, I regret this guy next isn’t as weird this is. You can absolutely take this journey with me and this next part in particular. I am making and sharing with my aspirational beauty gurus if you’re in the beauty community you’re trying to come up you’re trying to work in this industry. This part is for you, because this is a very important lesson to be learned. This is both or not. Both. This is two of the Mack and Patrick Starr collaborations. He came out with last year. I think there was four in total, there’s like several pieces to this thing. I can’t even hold it all up on camera. There are definitely things in this collection that I like and use, often like, for example, this bronzer I used like I don’t know most of this year.
Up until recently, I still have quite a bit to go with it. I really like these lip glosses. Let me tell you something: I bought these for the sole purpose of reviewing them, which, if you’re trying to get into the beauty community, I think, is something you have to be very cognizant of this whole mythology that, in order to grow in this industry, you have To count on other influencers and brands to kind of take you up with them, it creates a environment that really takes advantage of people who are trying to get into the content creation industry. I think that’s my opinion. Obviously, not everyone is going along with that strategy, but that’s what’s happening here anyway. I bought this with that intention.. I’ve done this a lot in the past, and I’ve lived to regret it every single time, because, while I do use these all the time, literally all the time these particular things in general, I am now in a position because they were limited-edition and because Mac doesn’t Make them anymore if I want to use them on camera. I have to be aware of the fact that people can’t go get them anymore and, oddly enough, it doesn’t matter what I do. I can get on camera every day and be like don’t worry about the exact product I’m wearing or using use. What you have people will still be like where’d, you get that. What is that? What’s the lip color? What lashes I need to know, and I’m just like dry so art, so just one of those things where, if I use anything on camera, that’s limited edition. No, I just feel like I shouldn’t that’s what I’m saying is: restore Teej ik about the products you buy, that you’re going to use for content creation because, and I still have the stuff and it’s not that I don’t Like these things, but there’s nothing in this collection that I didn’t already have the exact same thing or like a million other brands, don’t have the same thing.. you as a person apparently Must be completely defective, these are the Stila, glitter and glow. I shadow. I want you guys to like consider something just for a second. I didn’t buy this one time. I didn’t buy it two times. I didn’t buy it three times. I bought it four different times. I didn’t go into the store and buy all four of these at one time and it turns out they don’t work. I tried four different times to make this product work. I’ve used a glitter glue.
I have used almost nothing at all and then spread it out with a brush. I have used a setting spray to kind of try to adhere the glitter better to my brush. Before I apply it, I have applied the glitter on my eye and then looked down and not moved my eyeballs at all, lest it should smudge I’ve done everything that can be done to make these work, and this kind of goes back to what I said before About how sometimes you can say you don’t like a product and people? Sorry, I’m touching my hair. So much like it’s bothering me. Sometimes you cannot like a product because you don’t feel like the product itself is worth the headache that comes with making it work. For you and then for some reason, people get really upset because it’s not working for you like here’s, the thing I’m okay having to schmooze a product to make it work. If it’s like worth it to me, or if it’s a professional product and like you, have to kind of schmooze it a little bit to make it work. For me, this is a consumer product. This should be user friendly and it doesn’t work for me at all. Every time I try to use these, it never fails. I like I said once again refer back to my comment. A few minutes ago. I have tried everything to make these work. All that happened is it gets all over my lashes, it falls on my cheeks. It creases, like I, don’t know what it is and it took me four different times to find just thought: I’m gonna throw in a towel and never buy these again yeah. I do regret the steal of glitter and glow next. Is this guy? I don’t even know if they hi look. Look how reflective this is there. I am hey, I don’t even know if they make this anymore honestly, but I have to talk about it because I am a sucker for this very particular type of product and if I’m not careful, I would, I would easily hoard this particular type of thing. Let me tell you I’m talking about this, is the Becca be a light face palette and when I heard this was coming out, I was so excited because I love hourglass powders. I love glowy face powders. Anything like that. I look glowy face palette in general. I typically am a big naysayer about contour kits and things like that. For some reason.
In my little mind, a glowy face palette is very different, not a highlighter palette, a boy if it’s a very niche down product anyway about this, because I thought this would be like having just kind of like a new version of the hourglass luminous or they call The luminous, no, the hourglass ambient lighting powders. I’m kind of tired right. That’s not what happened here so basically immediately upon getting these powders, I found them to be a little bit too dry or chalky, or something they’re. Just not quite what I was hoping they were going to be, and then you have like the little pan sizes in here for the blush and like the bronzer element that are so weirdly shaped and small. I don’t understand how I’d even get a brush in there without getting everything else on the brush as well, was so excited about. It couldn’t wait to get it. I think I used it three times and I never pulled for it again after that, and the funny thing is. where I talked about products that I would buy if I wasn’t doing a no buy and the Charlotte Tilbury glow gasm face palette was in there because, obviously I didn’t learn my lesson. I haven’t even seen that Charlotte heir shall hurt Charlotte Charlotte. I haven’t even seen the Charlotte Tilbury glow, but oh my gosh, I haven’t even seen the Charlotte Tilbury glow gasm face palette in person. Just like. I didn’t see this one in person before I ordered it. I just knew that it was a product that I typically like, and I was ready to spend the coin and risk it all and that’s a lesson I am going to take to heart from now on. If there’s a product out there that I’m particularly susceptible to purchasing, I will not do so unless I see it in person first because, like I said I just don’t return anything so I’ll be stuck with it. Lessons learned them last but not least, are two bronzers. which is crappy, because I have like 15 16:17. I even know how many bronzers I have. I dunno. I only use like two of them. So first things. First, this is the Gila terracotta bronzer and the color natural, Oh two blondes, I’m not gonna lie. I bought this because it was just one of those things like I feel like in a makeup collection There’s like these iconic or in my mind at least, they were like these iconic products that, like just I don’t know you hear about when you’re coming up and then one day you finally have the money to buy one.
So you do The girl on bronzers are supposed to be kind of, like famous for their like really terracotta kind of undertone, which is fine I don’t really know so much if I have a problem with this bronzer Suffice it to say that it’s just not for me, I don’t like this Like really orange e tone, it was very expensive I want to say this Bronzer was like $60 So once again, I’m buying things that aren’t for me that I just feel like compelled to buy for some reason and that I’m not gonna return it because I don’t return things This was way too expensive of a bronzer for me, never to use and that’s why I regret it and the next one in the same category is this Kevin of quoi desert night matte, bronzing veil, it’s literally the exact same story: the bronzers aren’t bad They don’t perform poorly They just don’t look good on me in fact, they’re pretty damn similar and they were super expensive Once again, I think the Kevin of con 1 might be 40 50 60 bucks, though, to me: if I’m spending that much money on something I need to be using it often, I need to love it I don’t need to just hoard it because I had an extra $300 that month to blow on makeup, so I did like I’m trying to get out of that habit and really keep my collection down to things I love, and these are not those aren’t This is not that I don’t love these They were expensive, they’re, just collecting dust So therefore I regret it anyway, you guys where I talk to you guys about stuff that I don’t really care for in my beauty collection So if you want to see more of them I would like to do that, but I just need to get my thoughts together on it, because I’m definitely no expert and in skincare I do feel like I know fair bit about, but I don’t know how many people want to see that so leave a thumbs Up, skincare products, that I regret, but you know what I’m trying to say I hope you guys are having an amazing day check the damn bar for links to all my social media platforms, and I will catch you The next one Bye

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