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I shaved the whole face? |+ Simple Skin Care Procedure for Acne-prone Skin

30 Sep , 2019  

Shaving my face, I know that sounds crazy, but we’re gonna do it what’s up guys, we never secured your name welcome to my channel, so I know you’re, probably wondering like girl. Why are you shaving your face like anything kind of weird for a girl’s appreciate her face, and this is something that’s helped me with my skin tremendously and I feel like it’s a vital part of my Skincare routine, I haven’t done in a while, so I’ve been breaking out so you can see.
I have dark marks like right here right here, so yeah I figured this will be the perfect time to do this and shaving my face has helped with my acne and my breakouts, and it’s also helped with my makeup application. When I do this and shave my face, my makeup goes on so so smoothly. I don’t think I have the best skin in the world, but for somebody who has struggled with acne and acne prone skin, I feel like I’ve gotten my skin pretty under control. I still break out and get dark marks around my psycho, so I just came off of my cycle and this is like you know the aftermath of that. I know you first think of somebody shaving their face. You probably think they’re gonna be using a razor like this to be shaving their face, but I’m going to be doing something different. I’m going to be using a eyebrow razor that you can get from your local beauty supply store for around $1. I think I got this for $1.99. So what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start off by using an astringent to clean my face, and I want to dry my face out. So I’m just going to be pouring that on a tissue you want to use a cotton pad, but I don’t have any right now, a tissue and you just want to strip all the oils away from your face. So now you want to make sure your razor is clean. I like to disinfect mines with alcohol when I do shave my face. What I like to do is hold my skin taut like this and then just go in a downwards motion. You can see that, but basically that’s the hair that I had on my face. So we just looking at me. You don’t see all that hair, but it’s there.
It’s like peach fuzz. So a lot of times I break out in these areas because of that hair. On my face, because I’m a very hairy person, so I like to keep all that off and it reduces my breakouts tremendously. I also like to go along my sideburns and get rid of some of the hair right there, because it goes like onto my face yeah. My grandma hates when I do this because she says that she’s like don’t do it because the hair is gonna grow back faster, but I can tell you guys that that’s a myth, like I don’t know about other hairs, but here’s like peach fuzz. They don’t grow back thicker, they just grow back like peach fuzz, so I do my whole face my mustache area and I also arched my eyebrows during this whole process. It actually feels kind of soothing. I wish I could have used my camera to like record the uh record. so you can guys, can see in like HD like the hair, is coming off my face, but my camera is working right now, so I’m using my iPhone to record, but hopefully you guys can still see like the amount of hair. That’s coming off. My face and like if you just look at me from you know away with distance, you won’t notice all those hairs. But when I look up close and like uh a magnifying mirror, you can see the hairs pretty good and I just like to get rid of them because they really make my face break up and that’s why I got all of these dark marks. Cuz I’ve been breaking out lately when you’re doing this. You want to make sure you’d be careful if you had any actual breakouts, because you don’t want to scratch the breakouts and you know make them bleed. So you want to be really careful about that. So now my face is nice and smooth, and I’m just gonna go over it one more time, just to make sure I didn’t miss any spots, because I’m telling you guys like this hair, it really makes me break out when I don’t have this hair on My face like it really helps with my breakouts. Like I don’t know, I don’t know if you guys like know how serious I am about this, because once I do this like, I will not break out into like when I’m on my cycle I may break out, but I really don’t break out that often, and You guys, I don’t know if I recommended you have like actual course like hairs on your face.
Only you know have experience with doing it with just like peach, fuzz and stuff like that, so you know you want, you might want to do a little bit more research before you do this. If you have, like actual you know, coarse thick hairs around your face. After I finish, all I do is take some more um of that toner or astringent, and I like to actually go in with alcohol too. Just to make sure my face is like you know, I don’t candy bumps or anything, and you just want to go over your face a little bit, alright guys. So now my face is nice and smooth. I got all the hair removed all the hair for my skin, so not going to get into my everyday skincare routine. It’s so so simple. I think I use like four or five things and they’re pretty inexpensive, so yeah I like to keep my skincare routine. Pretty simple, because if I use a lot of stuff I end up breaking out and that I don’t know what you know maybe breakouts I like to keep it really really simple. So if I do break out. So the first step in my makeup, routine, is to take off my makeup. I like to use a makeup wipes to remove most of the makeup before I go in with my cleanser, and these are the Neutrogena makeup wipes um. These are my favorites, and also sometimes I go in with some oil to remove my makeup today, I’m taking 100% argan oil and removing the remaining lipstick for my lips. Sometimes I also like to put oil around like my eyes to remove like mascara and eyeliner. You now I’m going to go in with my cleanser. This has been my favorite cleanser. This is the be your charcoal deep cleanser and you guys this has like a tingling sensation and it feels so good On my face, I like to pump some in my hand and put it on my face before I add water and kind of just rub it around a little bit before I add water and then, once I add the water on top, I just like to lather It up – and I kind of um leave this on my skin for about like three to five minutes and just make sure I really massage my skin and get all the dirt and impurities away you.
So now you just want to rinse all the cleanser away before I go in to dry my face, I’m going to use a clean towel, and sometimes I rub my face, but I try my best to pat dry my face So I don’t irritate my skin and I just use a clean towel You wanna make sure that’s how it’s clean Sometimes I exfoliate my skin with this st Ives apricot scrub, but I’ve already done that I do it about once a week, so I’m not gonna do that today Next step is to tone your face I just go in with this equate duty astringent to tone my face I pour on a cotton ball It also helps to remove the remaining makeup that you didn’t get from the makeup wipes and washing your face You you, you see, it was quite a bit of remaining makeup, so I make sure I go back in and told my face until there’s not much makeup Like little to no makeup lip, oh now, this is my favorite part I go in with my hunch percent, pure argan oil, and you guys what I say this has been helping tremendously with my skin and I just put about it depends on the time of day In the morning I just put one pump at night: I usually put about two pumps to moisturize my skin, and it makes my skin so glowy and so soft and so supple So I really really love our you know and I’ll also put shea butter and argan oil on my lips to moisturize my lips and next I don’t know why I didn’t show it, but I use survey moisturizing lotion to moisturize my skin I got this from the dermatologist when I visited the dermatologist, because I had really acne prone skin in high school and she recommended it and I’ve been using it ever since so yeah you guys this is my skincare routine I hope you guys enjoyed it

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