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I spend too much money on aliexpress clothes, I don’t need to try it*

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys. We guys, because I met an Aliexpress and I accidentally bought for over $200 of clothing, because I have no self-control. So if you’re interested in seeing what I got, then please keep on what I have a lot of packages linked from me like a lot like a lot a lot. This isn’t even all of it. There are still some packages laying next to me right now. Oh, why am I like this? I have no idea, so I’m just going to open them up and try them on and see what I think of it, because you never know what Aliexpress it’s either like amazing or, like the worst thing you’ve ever felt in your life ever so, let’s get started.
Oh first thing: it’s called fist. Also, can we just talk about how fast our delivery is? Literally everything I got right here came within two weeks of ordering it. So that’s pretty fast, because normally you have to wait like five months before something arrives, but only two weeks. First thing: oh, this looks so flimsy and weird what it’s kind of cute, though, but I think this is gonna look really bad. Okay, let’s try it on. Oh, do you guys like how I still have my Christmas decoration up from like five years ago me standing there for four years in this house. It’s always Christmas, so yeah! This is the top that I got it’s not that interesting. I mean it’s okay, it’s very easy. It looks kind of cute, but not that special and you should probably wear this without a bra. But to be honest, I’m not comfortable with that. I don’t like to let my titties hang loose, so I’m not going to do that. I already know that, but I feel like it will probably look a lot better, but you know not in my world I’m sorry. I would break this to Pablo’s out of five. So, okay well next package, and this is gold dress. This is so bad. Why do I like waste all my money on like stupid? Stuff? Oh my god? Okay, oh no! This is this is not a dress. Why did I call it a dress? Okay? This is a two-piece set and I really like it and it’s broken or is it supposed to be like, but it is some shorts with like the buckles on the side. I think that’s so cool, so I got sure and then I also have a matching top, which looks really small and big at the same time. Okay, second, one this, I am indeed we’re in without the bra I faced my fears, but also this is kind of like it’s got a nice material, so it works out.
The top is way too small. I mean it looks cute, but I feel like my titties are just gonna like pop out in a few seconds, so I don’t think I’ll be wearing this a lot. But overall I don’t know. I think I think it looks pretty cute. I would give this outfit for Pablos next Pekka there’s something pink in here. I don’t remember ordering something themed. I would never order something big. What is this? They send me the wrong colour. They ask you how you are you just to say that you’re, fine and you’re not really fun? I ordered these in black. What I would never wear this color and that’s gonna look so bad on me. Okay, I’m gonna open up anyways, but the Ark you go. Oh my god, Luke look! Okay, I’m going to try them on anyways and see what they look like. Maybe I even end up liking it, but the chances are pretty small. So, okay, I’m so sad and they’re big because they are so cute, like they actually fits perfectly, my god and they look so cute. Oh, my god, why did they send me the pink ones? I wasn’t the mean black. Let me show you guys how long they’re? Let me just like a zombie stick. I like them a lot, but also not because they’re pink and I don’t like pink okay, but why would I break these if they were black? I would have definitely given them like five fallows, but they’re, not so I’m gonna go for three right now, but she’s still pretty good. I like this one, so much look it’s a shirt with barbed wire. Oh my god. I love these and I got a size M because I like it to be a little bit oversized because I like to look like a boy. So, okay, oh I really love this. This is like so cool and perfect and exactly what I want in my life. So yeah, I don’t have anything better to say about this. I don’t wait. I have one bad thing to say about it and that is that I’ve kind of said that the inside is white. You know, I think it would have been better if it was like black on the inside cuz. Right now it looks kinda know it looks kind of weird in my opinion, but other than that I think it’s perfect. I gotta find a pot, a pot, a pot, so I’m gonna give this four out of five, but I don’t need to go to the inside.
Otherwise it would have been a five out of five. Definitely what is in here. It says some glasses. It goes with a whistle. Is it all? Why would you send me that what is it or is it a pin? Look what is this scheme? Oh, it’s, not a whistle. Let me unscrew it. Oh it’s not a way, so it’s a screwdriver, a screwdriver. What oh, so, it’s probably to like? I just use some glasses. It makes sense that they send me this. I thought they were gonna be different. I got these, but I thought they were gonna have like mirrored glasses, but they’re, just like regular black losses. How this I can’t really see a way I have to check a few finite. So please don’t look at my boobies, okay! Ah, okay, I don’t know. Do I like that? Well, they’re. Definitely not ugly they’re. Okay, I think you’re kinda cute, not too cute, but kinda cute. Okay, let’s put these away next to the screwdriver and not the whistle. Oh next item this one is heavy. I think I know what it is and I am very excited for this one. As long as it’s fits and looks great – and it’s not the worst quality, ever look a little bit too big for me, but we’ll see, I don’t know if I should like feel like ashamed or something about this, because these are lifts. We just like the knock-offs from the IMG offense. I feel like a lot of stuff on Aliexpress or just like knockoffs, which definitely is not a good thing. That’s happening right now and on the one hand I don’t want to support it, but on the other hand, these bands from I am Jia, are literally like, I think, like 180 dollars and they’re based in Australia. So if I would buy the original pens, then I would pay $180 for the pants itself, then also shipping from Australia to here. It’s probably gonna cost like at least $20, and I also have to pay custom fees, so it will probably end up of being something like I don’t know like $230, for one pair of pants, which I think it’s very expensive, and I’m pretty sure These were only $15, so please don’t hate me. Okay, please don’t remember when I said these were going to be too big. Well, they are way too small. For me, I kind of forgot that they were low waisted, so it oh, my god, it’s so tight. What’s going on, I can’t even move like even my, oh, my god, even like bend my legs. Oh my god. How am I supposed to walk in these? I really hope.
Did these Mike stretch out a little bit if you wear them because they are like really cute, and I really want to show you guys, like the bottom of these pants, but I don’t think I’ll be able to lift my leg up that high. Let’s see cute, I think I’m actually gonna give them five problems because I really like them and they look cute, but I just a little bit too tight, but that’s just my own fault, because I should have ordered a size bigger, so yeah, five Pablos, you Don’t do that Express you don’t do pablo is saying hi, hey Pablo. Why are you always so rude when I’m filming Pablo? I thought we were friends. I guess not! Okay, let’s continue because there’s still a lot of stuff that I need to show you guys because, like I said before, I have no self-control when it comes to shopping. These are two other I am via knock-offs. The first thing is this super cute top: it’s like a top like this. You know huge and I also have a leopard one, which is the exact same top but they’re in a different color. Oh okay, I actually really like this. It does kind of feel like just like a bikini top, because it’s like the exact same favorite, but I don’t know it looks cute. I think I think it looks cute. The only problem that I have right now is that it is like this belt right here when you feel it there’s like something in there with absolutely no stretch at all so kind of like cuts in my neck right now, that’s not a very pleasant feeling, so I don’t think I’ll be able to like wear. It is for a very long time, because then I will just cut my head off. So that’s not what I want. So I’m going to give this three Pablos, but I’m also going to try on the leopard print right now, because I really want to know how it’s gonna look on me so be right back. Oh, I thought, like a leopard print, could look like very cute on me, but honestly, this looks really weird and bad right. I don’t know this is cat. This is a pretty weird look. I don’t think this suits me at all. Ah yeah. No, I think this is gonna, be a no for me, so I’m going to give this to Pablo, because I still like the fits, it looks cute, but it doesn’t look cute on me because leopard prints is not a good look. I mean that’s what I just found out so great. I actually already opened and mortise them, because I just couldn’t help it so we’re just gonna pretend like this is the first time I see it.
Oh God pretty cute. So this is a cow prints. Crop top it’s so cute. It matches my pillow like oh yeah. This is my cow free stuff, but I like it it’s so cute and so call you who you owe the only problem that I have with this top is that it’s made out of like a synthetic fabric. So with this like, if you wear it when it’s hot yeah like very sweaty and gross like I wore this once and I haven’t washed it yet, and it smells really bad because I sweat a lot so yeah, no, that’s not even smell so yeah, I’m gon Na give this for Pablos, oh we’re almost done guys almost done. Okay, next thing is probably a necklace, but I’m not sure. Maybe they send me a whistle again choker, it’s pretty cute. It’s like little handcuffs on them. It’s just a necklace. It’s not that interesting! So fine I’ll do the next thing dad I’ll do something else that I already opened and more this crop top so um. This is a white crop top with like the chains. I don’t know, I think it’s very cute. I also got one named leg because of course, why? Wouldn’t I so open? I haven’t worn this one by the way. Oh, it is like vinyl material PVC, material you’re going, but it’s kind of like the same idea. Oh another white top, because of course I do not own enough white clubs like. Why do I keep buying these like they? Basically all look exactly the same, but yeah. This is my chains up. It will probably be better if you wear it with a strapless bra. Some you like this, I’m gonna give it four Pablos, because it is not very interesting, but also there’s really nothing wrong with it. So you know okay, yeah. I think this one is cute nope. No, look! It’s not like to SM. If you know what I mean, it gives like a lot of these vinyl clothing items. They get like very freaky very fast, but I feel like this is still pretty casual, like you know, like I’m, not a full-blown dominatrix right now. So that’s a good thing Don’t really have anything bad to say about it, so I’m going to give it five Pablos as well onto the very last item – and this is literally my favorite thing affords so I hope they’re cute.
I hope they fit me and I also hope they didn’t send me the wrong color, because if they send me the wrong color, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna cry Quality looks horrible, but we’re just gonna pretend that it looks good because I’m so excited for these bags So these are again I am GN knock-offs, I’m sorry, I feel so bad, but also not bad at all at the same time but yeah These are like these legging type of things with the like straps on the side, so you kind of like open thigh thing going on and I think it looks super cute So it looks kind of weird right now, but let’s just try, you know what Let’s just try them on I am a problem It doesn’t fit over my body, oh no, it’s not going anywhere, it’s so tight How? How does someone even wear this? This is literally like the favorite thing of me that I bought, and I already made so many plans with these pants, like I have like my whole life figured out like I knew exactly what occasion I was going to wear It is sue and like what I was going to wear it with and uh Oh no, it’s literally like cutting off my blood circulation like I don’t okay, so I’m going to give this five crying Lindy’s! Oh so, yah guys! This is the end of the closing All my aliexpress go, you know actually like overall I’m super impressed by everything I got like I don’t know what’s going on, but almost everything fit perfectly The quality isn’t like the best the best, but if they’re free is not a bad quality and like I don’t know like I’m so impressed, which is kind of like a sad thing, because I already know that I don’t buy so much more from Aliexpress and actually Just I don’t want to buy anything there, because I know how bad it is, but at the same time this stuff they saw is so cute and also so cheap So how can I like not buy it? Oh my god, so yeah guys If you want me to make more of these, then please, let me know in the comment section down below and let me know what your favorite item was so yeah I really hope you liked it If you did, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up Also, please don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram, which is in Crystal Nene

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