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I spent $700 on fashion stars!! How to match… Is it worth hyping? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone. We are going to be doing a massive fashion, Nova, try on haul for the majority fashion. Nova’s models are all pretty curvy girls and they got a lot of love of boom. You know I don’t know what it is. Basically, some of you guys have been wondering how these jeans, mainly the jeans and also some of their other items, fit on a girl with less curves. So who better test that than me. We have so much clothes to try on today. We actually have two rubber meets full.
Can you believe it two rubber meets? This is actually insane and these rubber meets are so heavy. So we got a lot to try on but funny story about this clothes. So I bought a lot of these clothes at three months ago and when I was making this order, I ordered a bunch of fashion Over clothes, because I wanted to do this big haul, and that was not sponsored or anything. They just happened to see it and they emailed me and they were like hey. We want to send you some stuff just because, so I ended up putting it in with this haul. So majority of this stuff I bought, but there is probably I think, seven or eight items that they sent me so that’s exciting. It’s all my personal opinion. It was more just to be like thank you for doing this. It made us some sales, so obviously it like. I always do no matter if a friend sends me something or if I buy it, it’s all gonna be an honest opinion. Don’t worry about that you can, but I did want to put that out there because it is kind of exciting, like I was really happy to get some free items. I love free things. Okay, anyways done done, rambling on let’s get into trying on all of these clothes. We got a lot to try on this. Video is probably gonna be like an hour long. Let’s go okay, you guys so first Rubbermaid and if you guys can see these pink bags, they actually are full of shoes. I got four pairs of shoes, but I don’t want to go through them right now. Cuz. I just set up the camera, but we will get to the shoes okay, but for now we’re gonna do some clothes. Their bags are very loud. So, okay, so here is the first item. It’s just this white blouse and it has like this clear pinstriping on it, so this is clearly very see-through, so I’m gonna have to find something to put under it, but it just looks like a little cropped blouse. So, let’s throw this on we’re starting off early, we have to get into reasonable clothing. Here is the base of the outfit before we can put the shirt on. Firstly, I want to say you guys asking me about these jeans all the time. These are the Jaime jeans from Topshop, oh wow, okay, so obviously there’s these down here to tie it up. Okay, here is this little blouse on. I think it looks really super cute.
Actually, I think, underneath with this white shirt, I like the look of it. I definitely have nothing like this shirt. It’s pretty unique. It’s definitely like a little twist on a business shirt. I really like the way this looks. Moving on. Okay, I think, with this shirt, we should try on a pair of jeans, the infamous fashion Nova jeans. You guys have been asking about this so much so I got mine in a size one. So here are these jeans they’re just like this dark blue denim, but they feel kind of like jegging, but a little bit tighter. So I’m gonna really back up the camera and make sure you guys can see my full body when you can see these jeans on because I know the jeans are important. So let’s try these on. Okay, guys here are these jeans on so, as you can see, they are very high waisted they go past my belly button and a little bit more, I think the fit on me is really good lengthwise and actually just wait. I will tell you guys how long my leg is, because you guys are always wondering so up to the top of the pants, which is a little bit above. My is 39 inches, and these are fitting me perfectly to the floor. Okay, just because my legs are decently long for how small of a size I am a lot of times I’ll – have issues where the jeans will cut off right here and they’ll be more like capris, when I wanted them to be jeans, I feel like my head: Is like pretty much cut off, but you have to see the jeans pretty decent, hopefully the rest of them fit like these ones, but so far so good. Okay, the camera is really gonna, be going like up and down and side to side and up and down, because I really want to get the full body but yeah, so it’s gonna be moving around next thing we have to try on is another shirt. Oh, my goodness, okay, this feels really really soft. Oh it’s cute! Okay! So it’s this lavender color and it’s long-sleeve, and it has like this ruched bunching detail on the sleeves and also down the front, this kind of hard to show. Okay, let’s put this baby on. Okay, so here is this lavender shirt on the first thing that I did notice when I was putting it on, is you can see my bra through it? So it’s a little bit of a thinner material, but I actually don’t think that would be a huge deal. If you didn’t have this bright blue bra on, I probably shouldn’t have or this one but oh well, it’s almost like a really thin knit. Also, sometimes you can’t tell when you’re wearing high-waisted jeans, but this shirt is very cropped.
My belly button is like right here. So it’s a cropped shirt I kind of wish it was a little bit longer, but I definitely don’t not like it cropped. So yeah here is this shirt. Fits me really good. Super soft, comfortable. Okay, next item, I think, is a two-piece set. This has a built in bra, the top does, and it’s all this striped material, and it’s actually like this really cool kind of wofully fabric. It’s got definitely like a feeling pattern to it, and here are the bottoms they’re. Just these really flowy pants. I love two-piece sets with flowy pants they’re just so comfortable and I feel like they look dressed up. Okay, let’s put this one on. Hopefully it fits me. Okay, so here this set on, so I don’t know if you can see this, even though I am trying so hard to show the whole outfit, but the pant legs are a little bit long for me, which isn’t the worst thing ever, because I think a lot Of people with a set like this would want to wear high heels. I don’t think you guys didn’t see, but when I was putting this on, this shirt is like insanely tight and I got it in a size small which is my normal size, and I was looking for a zipper, but there isn’t one so I had to put It over my head – and it definitely took off like 25% of my makeup, with this shirt, the pants feel the right size or even a smidge too big, but the shirt feels like a size too small and it’s not a fabric. That gives a lot. I think I’m kind of disappointed that this doesn’t fit perfect, because I like the way it looks, but I don’t think I could put up with this shirt it feels like it could possibly be ripping off my circulation. You guys, I genuinely don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get this shirt off like it kind of feels like I might have to cut it off how tragic anyways, okay next item, the next piece I got, I believe, are short sure enough. They are. I really like these on the website because they are like the longer shorts, but they kind of look super stylish with, like all the rips. Let’s try them on. I have yet to try any shorts from fashion Nova, so we will see alright. So here are these shorts on first off these fit me perfectly, there’s absolutely no gapping in the back around the waist on the thighs. This is another item that I most definitely do not have another one up like this is this is the only pair of shorts like this in my entire closet that I have for sure I think passion Nova did a really good job on making like long shorts. Super cool and in fashion I know they’re kind of coming back, but this is definitely another spin on them. Oh, my goodness, I’m definitely gonna be wearing these so much in the summer.
I really, and they fit me really great, okay, so to try on with those shorts. I have this black bodysuit and, as you guys can see it’s just black and it’s got these things on the side. It actually looks exactly like the one I got from honey. Bum except the one from honey bum was white, so here is the black one. It’s a thong bodysuit and okay, let’s try this one on. Alright, you guys. So here is this black bodysuit on this fit really well, I don’t have any complaints with the sizing at all. I think it fits true to a size, small. It was easily fit on me. The bodysuit doesn’t feel too short or anything also. I don’t show it very well, but there are these little detailing on the side. So if you were wearing a low-cut pair of shorts or jeans, you would see that more. But since these are high-waisted, it kind of covers it. A little bit feel soft good material. Chick-Chick, okay, I think now is a good time as any to try on a pair of shoes. Okay, so here are these little runners they’re just this kind of whitish silver color and they have this fake suede, I’m guessing fake suede and I got them in a size, six and a half. So, let’s see if they fit. I have no clue the best way to show a shoe, because I’ve never really shown shoes on my channel before so I’m just gonna stand my meds. They are really super comfortable. I like the way they look, I kind of like how they go like high up right here and high on the back, it’s kind of like a fun runner and it goes high up on the heel too, which I think gives good support. Oh, no, a piece of it broke off what the piece on the tongue broke. I guess I’m just gonna have to sew this piece on. Hopefully more things don’t break. Okay. Next thing we’re gonna try on is another pair of jeans, so this is another pair. It got in size one and this one actually feel still stretchy but kind of a different denim feeling, probably because it’s black denim, so it feels a little bit more like pants. We are just going to see if they fit like the other jeans. Oh, let’s try them on okay here are these black jeans on these ones actually fit a little bit different than the other ones, not really in a bad way? I just think there’s a little bit more fabric right here other than that the least fit me really good. There’s no gapping back here and I actually still have room on my pant leg, which is really surprising. Like I swear when I go shopping for jeans, it is not this easy next thing that I want to try on I’m just going to stay down here, because I don’t want to move my camera, because this is another pair of jeans.
So this pair of jeans is not like the others. It is camo. I love camo jeans. I swear they’re like one of my faves and then on the bottom. They have like this little distressed. Look! So, okay, let’s try these on this one feels not like jegging. It feels more like a jean material, still is a little bit of give, but not nearly as much as the ones I’m wearing right now. Okay, here are these callow pants on love the fit of these. The only thing that I don’t know if it was on purpose is they’re actually shorter than all the other jeans have been, and this is what I’m talking about. This is usually how a normal pair of jeans fits me. I have like a little bit of my ankle exposed when they’re not supposed to be ankle jeans, this pair having a little bit of an ankle showing makes me think that they were sold as ankle jeans, just because the other ones haven’t had that issue. But I’m not a hundred percent sure, hopefully we’ll see in the picture once again, no gapping on the back. They actually fit me pretty seamlessly, which is nice, love them, I’m a little bit biased because I love camo print, but these are pretty good. All right. Next item I want to try: is this denim jacket, I’m so excited about this denim jacket? You guys it is a short denim jacket. Very short, it’s like super cropped. I’ve wanted one of these for so long to wear with like dresses, and hopefully this is it like. Hopefully, this work smells really freaking good. It smells like the like beach. It’s amazing, but um haven’t smelt a beach in a while looks super good. I’m actually cheering up because I’m getting so excited because I really want this to work. I’m actually crying what the heck my eyes are actually watering, because I want this to work so badly. That is so weird. Okay. I need to get a grip. Tell me this isn’t cute, just like one piece of the denim jacket. That’s like sticking up, so I think I’ll have to iron it, but that’s probably just from being into the package so long. I actually think with this outfit. It looks the kind of cool I think like. What I want to do is wear this with the dresses. I don’t know if I ordered any dresses. I don’t think I did, but just picture this with like a checkered dress and like a little black choker. I have jean jackets, but I don’t have any that are short like this. I really like it love it. I’ve been wearing this shirt for much too long. Do I have a different one? All right we have one dress, this dress is the dress. I’ve been buying.
Other dresses are the fake of this dress. I actually saw Patricia brights fashion overhaul and she got this dress and I was screaming so I needed to get it even though it probably won’t look as good on me, but I actually got this dress in an extra-small just because I had a feeling that it Was gonna be kind of big on me, so let’s try it all right, I’m in first off this does not look very good with my bra I’m happy. I got an extra small because it is a bodycon dress and I think it fits me good as the extra small I think small would have been gapping a little bit. This one is definitely not gapping. Sometimes I have a little bit of gapping back here, but not today. Moving on all right next thing to try on is a two-piece. This is like a silk two-piece, it looks so cute here is the top, and the bottoms are just these pants. That’s really soft and silky here is this two-piece set on the pants are a little bit big, so I think I would have to get them tailored. I think this is so freakin comfortable. It’s like silk, it’s just sliding all over and you like the style, and I like the pattern of this alive, so yeah. Hopefully I can make it work. Next item is another pair of jeans. You guys asked to see jeans, so I bought quite a few. Here. Is another pair? Ok, this pair definitely feels the thinnest of all of them. So far, most jegging – these are size 1 light wash. Let’s try them here. Are these jeans on Wow? These are very, very tight, like I was saying, these are definitely the most jegging of them all and I think that they actually probably were sold like that I’ll link everything down below just cuz. I don’t really know what style these ones are. These are the only jeans so far that don’t have pockets, so they clearly are jeggings. They really do cinch in nice at the waist. They are long enough. I really really appreciate that it makes me want to buy more jeans from fashion Nova because they actually are gonna be long enough. These are definitely the most comfortable ones. Okay, I think, with these I’m gonna try on another pair of shoes. I really like the styling right here. It’s like pretty extra and I like it again. I got them in a six and a half I like how they offer half sizes a lot of places do but a lot of places don’t, and I’m just like. Excuse me. Okay, I guess I’m just gonna do the exact same thing as I did last time, I’ll jump up on this chair. Alright, so here are these shoes on kind of weird. Actually, they feel like they’re a little bit big, mainly in this main part right here, and it might just be because I have kind of a narrow foot.
But then my foot wants to slip in here and then I have all this heel room. I almost think I could have got a size, six or even a five-and-a-half. I don’t know if that’s just me or if anyone else has experienced the shoes being a little bit big. That is too bad. I really like the way they look. I wish that they fit me better. I believe this is the only accessory. Oh yes, I’m so excited about this. Okay, here is this. I really love these mini backpacks. Keep in mind it’s a little bit pushed down, because, obviously it’s not full oh yeah, that is so cute. I love it. Okay, it’s actually like this kind of soft fabric and it’s got these stripes on it. I really like this okay next thing. I have to try: it is a pair of flowy pants. I got these in a size. Small and small has been really hit or miss with me for pants. So we’ll see it’s got this really nice elastic band around the waist love this fabric. Super flowy feels so comfortable this child right here are these flowy pants on they fit perfectly. I’m really happy. They fit good around the waist good length. Also, I’m a little bit bothered that my head is like being cut off, but hopefully you can see the pants good enough. That is what is important, not my face. Okay, next thing that we have to try on is actually a jacket. I’m just gonna throw on a different shirt for this. Okay here is this black denim jacket. I got this in an extra small, but I do not remember ordering this collar to be cheetah print. I already know I’m not gonna love this collar. I’m just thinking of ways I can get it off this outfit is such a hot mess, but just looking at the jacket it fits me so good, oh, my goodness. I hope I hope I can get this cheetah print off. If you guys know any ways to get this off, I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I would really like to just have this be a black distressed, denim jacket on its own. I really like this. I hope I can figure it out. I don’t know. I’m just not a fan of this. I know a lot of people probably do like this, but I just would rather it be plain: I’m playing. Can I almost forgot. I even had these. These are little sandals that I got here is what they look like. They have like this little detailing I got them on. Here is what they look like. These definitely fit true to size. My foot looks nasty me trying to show shoes here is what they look like. I’m super happy with them Alright, last pair of pants are these green kind of like sweat, pant material actually, but they have they’re way more intense than any sweat pants.
I’ve ever owned They rush at the bottom They look like some stylish joggers, let’s put them on okay Here are these pants on they fit me good around the waist they’re really comfy They don’t have pockets Oh the pockets on the back work They are long enough They’ve got a lot going on they’re Definitely like this really sweatpant comfy material, their like tight sweatpants Definitely like a jogger style, I would say I keep going to put my hands in the pockets I like the color of these They fit good yeah, not bad on to the last item, and this just happens to be a pair of shoes that I don’t think are gonna fit here They are they why I don’t think they’re going to fit is because they’re the same style as the black pair I got, and they were too big, so we’ll see we’ll try them on anyway What’s the harm in trying them on okay, I have the shoes on I will show you guys: these shoes are almost the exact same colors This stool thetic is done here Are these shoes on they fit definitely better than the black ones? This spot right here, isn’t as large or too a true six-and-a-half I love the big heel How it’s like super square, it kind of it reminds me of like the seventies, all right, you guys that has been everything so now, let’s get into my final thoughts Oh, my goodness, you guys that was a lot of clothes to try on I don’t know if that was the biggest one we’ve done yet, but it definitely was up there I feel exhausted and looking around my room, I got a lot of cleaning up to do I know you guys have been requesting it for a while You guys have been curious to see how the jeans were gonna fit me and they fit me pretty good I can’t really complain I think the only thing I would say to you guys is a lot of them are more jegging material than real Jean material The two-piece sets were really hit or miss for me, but my favorite item of everything was definitely the jean shorts I love those shorts I’m gonna go and buy them in the rest of the colors I really like them make sure to click the subscribe button and if you want to be notified every time, I post click the bell notification so yeah Thank you guys so so much for watching, and I will see you guys in my neck,

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