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I spent a day in public pretending to be my teenage mother!! *Shocking *?

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m going with my mother. I know, that I have to be honest, I can’t tell you it’s been so so cool and loved it. I like reading. I’m really glad you loved it. I thought you’re just gonna set me up here, I’m a little better, be awful, there’s, no way to be fair. It’s really hard to. I was born in 2500. Far as I suppose I was out with 98 it like late 80s, 90s teen, all the fashions that were there, whether in then I in now so like we are like trumpian track, suits and kickers.
I see that there in the shops on there like timber Liza we’ve got so much Adele, but you don’t mean it all comes back round again, so it’s actually been quite hard because most of things that you would wear, I did wearing it. So I kind of went for something which I did wear all the time it is more like always at school. You somewhere throw some shoes with a height of it, really good fun. I love it, so I really hope you guys to do it.. Obviously I haven’t seen it yet and I’m so so so nervous. I really hope you guys to do enjoy it. It’s much a big thumbs up.. I want your kitties out. Sixty is a seed, be really cool, 15, boutique or six you’d be better 70 of these yeah we get excited and they’re shaky dresses makes a diamond. I was in my 20s and that is worse and I will go a long way back kind of like long skirts like those late yeah, so I’m gonna start from the bottom up. So this side, sexpot mistake here and Gary buck leave up. Scholl provokes cloudy. I don’t think these a brush at the moment. I think there was very something that you will really like about these. So okay, this is oh good, Norman right. Oh no, you’re, not right! No more boys icon that we wore is actually half the size too big, because I couldn’t after I tried everywhere to get these things the classic highs. You didn’t wear those IDs. No, you should see the other two movies the way. If I’m gonna cut them, they were called wannabes and they were like Cornish pasty, shoes. They were bright red as well. I think they’ll be better, because these are like, oh, no, so really good. Come on. Like the classics, what in fact July about the shower has even like black ensemble, I think you mean rain. She tried to make this. I know like this in a while at all. This is why wonder where I would wear these to school with my little black skirt, this isn’t it so that’s that same thing can’t wait to see you in there very exciting, and this is a beyond retro bag and I would love beyond retro yeah. So it’s not gonna go much okay, it doesn’t necessarily all go together because it’s quite hard to trying to find like it like.
I just want to do something really wrong about it. That kind of era. Can I go it’s an outfit. This is an element of necessarily war. All this together, I might have done, but the jacket isn’t quite like the one hat, but it’s this kind of style. Okay, can I also just say if we’re going out and about say in this outfit nobody’s at school is half turn and this Saturday so like. Please feel for me, like Siri yeah, that one the reward is that is so fine it when I’m not doing with those high shoes, I think, would be my school uniform. I wear this. This is what everyone around that time: war. Okay, that’s them, but amazing. So I try to get used to have scotch a stock’s down, because I thought you’d like this, because you have likes women taste like tomatoes. Over computer-supported, a nice little opponent work teenager the 1970 better okay, you know yeah my this is what we can make might be a male friend at the time of year, like a mine for me, if I loved Michael Jackson so – and I still do so yeah So that’s I find out that cool, top-tier and they’re, just like sure, obviously shelf suits with a height of fashion. This isn’t the same color for me. Doesn’t this doesn’t come across, doesn’t count? No she’s got red shoes and a powerful jacket, no matter cuz. This is the jacket, but you have to have it my oversized. It hides which it is. This was 27 pounds through secondhand shop. I was like what so people do wear these. No, they are. I just feel so uncomfortable ready. It’s the fact that I know that I’m gonna put so uncomfortable. I imagine the but the last thing you’d wear on this planet habit we’re in public one will know. What’s it worth a these shoes, look worse than is jump last the Jack. You know. I’ve talked my way to they want a bit that a cute, no, no see I dress, I hate hotels and they imply this day, and here it is. Here, is my outfit, my mom’s outfit. I just felt like it’s funny, because I think the jackets, not the worst part like I feel like these shoes are just they’re gonna be below the shoes are the worst part that by a mile I just think the shootings. Actually, the cue, I think, your fashion really soon. No, yes, so I’m factoring on my legs. No, you can’t see my ankles, so they just sold saturation around this is companies. Have a look amazing. You know, let’s go, let’s hit the town right, so we are ready. It’s who’s go we’re gonna start off the day by going into town.
Mom wants to get some bit, as I said, it’s gonna be so embarrassing because, like everybody’s off school and stuff – and it is gonna be so so so busy – it’s so not looking forward to this, but you have to do what you have to do. Who’s gonna call my hair, but we just don’t have much time because mommy’s that go get some bits from tanning ASAP. So we are gonna make the most other day and spend the day in this outfit, not dealing at all, plus Jed. My mom, my mom, goes Jim. What? What do you think the worst thing goes up and he goes everything. That’s like hey guys. This is just a little insight of how busy Brighton is today. I cannot wait to be walking around he’s excited, though yeah. Maybe they won’t, but I noticed me – and I know that I don’t feel comfortable. Why, where it’s a very unusual theme devices very true thanks a lot. Actually, I think I’m embracing embrace it. Yes, my glasses, don’t help. So, let’s hit those are literally only just arrived into town. Had so many pictures with you guys aka viewers – and I did ask my opinion on my outfit and they said it a really nice fighting. I do saying that to be very polite. I would try and get some people’s opinions if we need anybody else, but it’s just I just can’t. I literally can’t I just hear people saying my name and I’m just like please yeah, I know so walk in the stairs in my beautiful shoes I kind of forgot to mention how cold I am as well like so cold in a little miniskirt boy be kidding. These guys look so nice. What about you? Can you film? Basically, this is my mom, so we have you just somewhere that what would you say to some devotee being usable everywhere after table anywhere, but look how amazing my food Birds, it looks so good. Well, was that it’s amazing, but I look, it looks very, very, very yummy, so I’m excited stuck in both samurais as we walked in. There was like the security at the door. Like briefly, curry came out, went through and dinner. They looked my outfit up and down so left-handed in town for like five hours, it’s chilling he felt like the longest day ever and when I got that I kind of thought you know I’m gonna embrace it. You know I can live the moment, but I ended up just being so. It’s so so embarrassed. It’s just really hard like when you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing like I just didn’t feel like myself the entire day and I bumped into so many people that I knew people that knew me and it it was embarrassing.
So, but you know what was different, but I won’t do it again So we’re now on the way to my Nan’s house to go, see my Nana and granddad, which I’m excited for and it’s funny I don’t know if she’s gonna say anything because obviously like this is what my mummy said dress tonight So it’s gonna be interesting to see if my Nana granddad, like a recognizes outfit, I mean there might not They might just said this and we’re going home anywhere Who knows we are going in? No? No What do you think of my outfit? I, like you, did my mother yeah, it’s so funny Oh my god I thought what weren’t all day like there so far, so Barrow yeah turn very true So I have come home and all my family are laughing at me at my outfit opinions, everyone what you think in hello dad Obviously that was white for myself of you know: okay, say the car We think in future yeah I literally copy over now, like they’re like basically like you, should be on your way to like a roller disco, yeah Also, my fancy dress right, told you oh right Yes, my mom, my Casey’s, the shoes is in there No, the shoes are awful, absolutely also Casey said the shoes are worse as well It’s with the leg, warmers Kyle I really hope you guys did enjoy it I am so glad I wasn’t born when my mom was because I seriously do not know how this in fashion, and even if it was I just I just can’t see myself wearing it, and I did torreĆ³n live the moment trying to brace it But it’s quite hard yoga and like says from everybody and like double, takes especially women, my mom’s age, because didn’t these did, though women were actually like double hey, walk past, like a cafe behind then there’s these women nights of my age They were like front of me I was thinking I feel like I’m out with my mates and I’m like 17 again, and I was just out, was one of my mates and then she turns out I think I know sir yeah, it’s just me It’s just me Perryman she was like 15 or 16 anyways I did you, I’m very glad I feel like Maybe I moved a little bit, but honestly it’s just I just didn’t feel comfortable in myself Wearing that I just didn’t even feel like me, so it was, it was definitely different It was a fun experiment Kind of I really hope you guys did enjoy it smash A big thumbs up, subscribe down below and I’ll see you guys very soon I

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