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I spent too much $$on going to the mall. Wow, I didn’t shop online (try it).

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone. As you can see today, I am surrounded I’m surrounded by some shopping bags, which can only mean one thing: your girl went shopping. I actually went to the mall and usually I’m online shopping like crazy. Like usually, I enjoy online shopping more than actual shopping, but I don’t know what took over me. I just was like. I was fed up honestly with my summer clothes and I was like let’s just do. so I’m very excited got a lot of bags around me that I got to go through and some not bags, some just clothes that are out.
I couldn’t find the bag from it. It’s been a while I’m ready to get back and do it I’m interested tohear if you guys, it’s kind of an excuse for me to shop. Sohopefully you do, but without further ado, let’s get into showing these products that it is gonna, be a try on haul. You guys will see it all on bawd. You just think that’s a lot more entertaining so let’s get started first thing. Is this sports bra now I’ve told you guys a lot. I started rock climbing and I will do a vlog where I go rock climbing, so I can show you guys how that all works, but I wear sports bras when I rock climb. So I thought I better get another one. I only have one right now, so I thought to not to made sense. So this one is from pink. It’s called the ultimate on the back, it’s just like mesh and I got a black and white one. It’s pretty cute, I thought I think it’ll be breathable for when I’m climbing and literally sweating my face off okay and then from Urban Outfitters. I got one of these bags. Okay, I see these everywhere. I have no idea how to pronounce this Vaghela Ravin k√•nken bag, and these have been like a thing on youtube for a while, like a lot of people, have them – and usually I’m not one to be like mood drawn in by that. But it actually seems like something I’d really like to use. I got it in this kind of like navy blue color. I have yet to use it and you can use it with straps on the back or you can hold on to it like this, which is kind of nice. I don’t know I will keep you guys posted if it’s worth the money cuz. These are not cheap. I think this was like $80, so it’s kind of it’s kind of expensive, but I mean if you’re gonna use it everyday for all your stuff. It might be worth it alright and then I’ve got this huge pile of clothes.
You guys I hit brandy. Melville, actually brandy melville hit me brandy, melville punched me in the face I personally really like brandy, melville, because it’s super easy to shop back, because it’s one size fits me like a glove. I know a lot of people, don’t love it because it doesn’t fit them and that really really is too bad like they should just do sizes. I tend to shop there quite a bit because I’m a little bit hard to fit. So then, when there’s a brand that fits me without me having to try on like a hundred sizes, it’s kind of nice but even being said like it is easier for me, but I still think that they should have sizes. But I don’t really have any say in that, so I got a few things from there though. So first thing I got is this checkered mini skirt, actually you’d think it’d be a mini skirt, but it’s actually fairly long. It’s really really cute and it’s got these two slits over both of the thighs, and I just think it’s really cute because normally skirts like this. Are this color, the red kind of patchwork patchwork, alright Mia. This is the time in the hall when I start to just spit out random words, but, like I thought this was a really unique plaid tohave an all blue plaid, but I also did get the more predictable plaid, the red with, like blue and yellow and White and black, I think this is really cute, and surprisingly, these are two different fabrics like this one’s very stretchy and this one’s a little bit more taut I’ve been really into wearing skirts because, all of a sudden, I came to this realization that, like skirts and Dresses are comfortable because you don’t know we’re like tight, pants and then boom one thing led to another, and now I have a million skirts. Sohere I also got this jean skirt or it’s corduroy, and it is bright. Pink almost doesn’t even pick up on-camera how bright this is. It’s an eye-catching skirt, I’m gonna wear this with neutrals and then I also picked up these fabric shorts. These are really really comfortable. This is kind of the stuff I like to wear in the summer. Mainly just fabric clothing that is really flowy and easy to wear. So I got these shorts. They’ve got a little stripe down the side and they’re this like waffle, stretchy material, they’re, basically sweatpants, but shorts. So I like them now. This was a tough decision. You guys I got these white sweatpants they’ve got a little Navy and red line down the side.
They’Re super thick, so soft on the inside, but these I literally haven’t even worn these yet and they have stains on them like just from being in my presence. They’ve got stains on them like I don’t know why I thought I could have white sweatpants, but I don’t know if my relationship with these sweatpants is gonna, be quite like my other sweatpants, a nice relationship more pants. These are pretty cute. Okay, like I don’t know why these make me think of like old-timey styles. Maybe it’s the pattern to be this, like really small, checkered green, but I really like it and it’s super flowy and then around the waist. It’s got these little things that you can cinch near the thighs, it’s kind of like a straight leg and then, as you go down, it’s definitely very flared. Okay, last pair of pants from Brandi, these are corduroy. I love these. I wish the waist was a little bit bigger, it’s a little bit tight on me, but I do make it work like when I really want to wear these. I just will, even though it’s a little bit tight, they’re, pretty cropped on me as well. Navy blue corduroy color, they look more black on camera, but they are like a navy blue and then I got one dress. I actually have one like this and it is navy and it’s a button-up collared dress, and then this is green. With white stripes, this one’s a little bit more flowy as you go down, it’s not like a bodycon dress. If you guys know the one I’m talking about yeah, so I got this one. It’s really really cute, I’m excited tohave it and it’s just another really comfortable dress for in the summertime like. I just need to be surrounded by comfortable things at all times, and then we’ve got four shirts, so I’ve got this wrap around leopard print shirt. Now I never thought I would be that into leopard print, but, like sign me up in the biggest way, I am so on board with leopard print coming back, leopard cheetah print, like all of that, I’m into it. This shirt is so cute and it’s quite a statement I must say, and then we bought my new favorite shirt. It’s this beautiful, beautiful, bubblegum, pink shirt. I like the way this one fits it’s super cropped and like slouchy, and then I picked up this red super super cropped, sweater like there’s cropped and then there’s super cropped, and this is super cropped like.
If I lift my arms, you can almost see the bottom of my bra, but it’s nice and cute, I was thinking of wearing it. Kind of was like a like. A high up, jean skirt might be cute, might be more like a winter thing. I don’t know. I never really pay attention to seasons when I’m shopping and the last thing from brandy. I got this flowery shirt. I love this.. It was on theme and I really liked the cut of it. It just fits really well, okay, so that’s everything from brandy, I think maybe I’ll just show you guys that I got it Sephora. I just got one thing: this has been something I’ve really been wanting for quite a while. This is Jeffrey Starr’s, favorite foundation. It’s the Giorgio Armani luminous, silk foundation. I got mine in the shade 3. I’ve tried it a few times now. It’s like light coverage, which is new for me, but it doesn’t like crease or clump up anywhere. On my face, like I don’t know, if you ever have this problem, but in the side of the nose gets like crusty, I know this sounds gross, but, like you got to know what I’m talking about this eliminates that not entirely but like very, very, very much Better, all I’m saying is this is an expensive foundation. This was like $74 like I, I would never have just went out on a limb, but because Geoffrey suggested it I just had to see what the hype was about. I would say almost worth it like: I’m really liking it so far. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t break me out if you guys have ever tried this one. Let me know what you think of it: okay quickly. I will show you what I got it arrey, I’m an underwear hound, I’m just gonna, be honest. Like I love underwear, I like comfortable underwear, I like cute underwear, I like underwear all right. I’ve never really got underwear from Airi, but I was at the mall with my friend Emma and she was saying this was her favorite underwear, so I bought seven pairs of it because why not now I don’t really want to get into like underwear, but I’ll show You this style just in case you guys, are curious. Um, I don’t know what they’re called. Actually. Let me see. Okay, this is song tanga. I was taking a song in a different language, or is this a tango song? Songs can be uncomfortable.
Okay – okay, I don’t want to get into this for long, but I’ll just say it really, quick just in case because thongs can be so uncomfortable. These ones are not uncomfortable they’re like so soft. I’m not gonna show all of them, but here they are all right. Now we will do America or wait Abercrombie and Fitch. I haven’t been in here since I was probably 14 years old, but I thought you know what. Why not so I went in, and I found two things that usually I would never buy these full-price, but I just really liked them and I didn’t want to wait for them to go on sale. So I just did it first thing. Is this rusty, colored sort of overall dress, it’s so cute, and it has like really nice pockets. The only thing with both these items is the fabric is gonna be sohard to keep. Not wrinkly like this is the type of fabric that you sit down. Like you freshly iron it or you freshly steamed it then you go somewhere and you sit down and boom it’s wrinkly, so I’m gonna have to deal with that Here. I am pretending that all my stuff is wrinkle free, it’s not I’ll probably just leave it. Wrinkly kind of slouch you look and then the other thing I got is this army green color, and this I’m obsessed with. I can’t wait to wear this. It’s a jumpsuit and it’s got the zipper down the front pockets again and it’s this really really comfy flowy fabric, and I’m just really excited tohave this. I feel like you, could dress this up and dress this down all right. The bag. That’s been tempting me. The bath and Bodyworks bag – you guys, I love that the Body Works Bath & Body Works is just one of those places that is like a guilty pleasure of mine. Like I just love going there, I love getting new candles. I’m a candle addict like I really can’t stop. I really can’t stop so I got two new flavors. They are both different oranges. I got mango mai, tai and peach Bellini. They just both smelt, really good. I already burnt this one once it smells like mangohurricane from Booster Juice, which may help some people, if they’ve smelled that before and may not help at all smells like a good peach. You guys these are a great summer sense that I’m really excited tohave, and I don’t know I just love a good smelling place like I love when people walk in to my house and they’re, just like it smells great in here.
I’m just like. Thank you. Thank you all right, let’s go tohmm. Initially, when I went to the mall, I wanted a black shirt and a white shirt. That’s what I went out for. I just wanted a black and a white t-shirt. I know kind of boring, but like that’s, what I wanted is the first or a white t-shirt, not very exciting. It’s a little cropped. Actually, you know it’s kind of like a normal, like it hits rate where the pants and waist meet, and then I got the exact same one, but in black, so literally stepped in the mall found. What I was looking for and the rest just the rest just went crazy. Speaking of crazy. I got leopard print. I got a leopard print button up tie-up, wrap shirt and you tie it up right with these things in the bottom and it’s a button-up. I don’t know you guys, like this print has really been calling my name. I don’t know what that means for me, but I’ve been so into it all right. American Eagle Dynamite. I know for a fact: I didn’t get much of dynamite, but I got quite a lot of American Eagle will do dynamite first, so patio season is on us. I never really go on patio or any of that, but it was a good excuse to get this dress. Another white dress, which is very scary for me because literally just having white things in my presence, get smudges on them gets dirt on them, like it’s, not great, but this is super cute. It’s almost like a painter style dress. If you took like painting uniforms but made it cute and then it’s got really nice pockets a thick thick belt for the waist, it’s so cute and zips up in the back, and surprisingly, it’s actually a stretchy fabric. It looks and feels like it wouldn’t be. I’m gonna protect this not let it get dirty. I might never be able to wear it because I know when I wear it literally the second I leave the house it’ll get so dirty and last, but certainly not least, you guys. I went crazy. An American Eagle – I don’t remember the last time I even shopped at American Eagle – this has definitely been the most I’ve ever spent there. So let’s dive in okay. So what I mentioned before I wanted a black and a white shirt and I bought it at H. & M first store, and then I saw some an American Eagle that I kind of liked more with this little lace detailing at the bottom They were more cropped, so I just thought you know what I wear black and white t-shirts so much.
I guess I’ll Just have to now all good both a little different Oh my gosh, you guys another like cheetah print Here we got some blue and black and like tan cheetah print, this is a mid length skirt with a slit Now I’m going to rush back to American Eagle to buy this in every other color they had it This is like a very, very silky light airy fabric amazing for summertime like seriously when it’s so blistering hot out This is a great fabric to be wearing with those cropped shirts It looks really really cute together It’s like an easy outfit that I feel like looks put together, but also not too dressy and then okay Ever since I went to Japan, I wanted to get like a little dress Blazer like this and finally, I found the pattern I had been looking for it’s this black and white checkered pattern It reminds me a little bit of clueless I’m not really sure why I guess it’s just sort of that print, but this was the absolute fit was perfect like it’s exactly what I wanted and I just couldn’t not snatch it up like I’m just really happy I found this This was exactly what I was looking for for like months now, so I’m super happy I don’t know how I’ll wear it or win, but I have it now I don’t have to look no longer and last, but certainly not least in this entire haul I’m throwing things everywhere I got this really flowy Airy dress I don’t know if I’ll ever wear this I know I overuse it, but this is a cute dress It’s super short and flowy and around the top it just kind of puffs up a little bit with these ruffles, and this tie I just think it’s like the perfect going out summer with sandals dress and it’s comfortable, so I’m on board I love the fabric and the color of the flowers so yeah we started with a full desk, full couch, full of stuff oops, my donut blankets, in the way, the way donuts but yeah So now it’s empty Let me know down below that Thank you guys so so much for watching Oh and let me know down below what item was your favorite or if you’ve been shopping, tell me what you’ve been getting but yeah see you guys in the next one bye

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