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I tried $275 of Sephora beauty and beauty refining 29

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s me Anne, and this is beauty with me. I am coming back at you with another full brand challenge, this time featuring products from Sephora collection. I decided to do an entire week, long routine, using only it Sephora brand makeup and then a few skincare items as well. I went to Sephora the one near our office down in the financial district checked out. Their entire selection picked out foundations, concealers blushes cleansing, balms brought home and tried it out, and I will let you know how everything went, but first, please make sure you’re subscribed down below with Lourdes buttons.
Vivi’s me comes out every Monday at 11 a.m. and while you’re at it. Please add me on Instagram at me and Chan, so we can hang out and talk about beauty stuff there as well. The first thing I used obviously was foundation. This is the Sephora ten hour where perfection foundation and based off of the name alone, I was expecting a very full coverage foundation. This is actually the opposite, and I prefer that it blends in in a second. I would actually compare it to a slightly higher coverage. Tinted moisturizer, which I really like, because I wear tinted moisturizers and concealer pretty much every single day, although I will say, if you’re looking for more coverage. This is not the one for you, but if you’re looking for something lighter, very breathable and long wearing this guy, so on top of foundation for a little more coverage and some brightening under the eyes, I use the Sephora collection, a bright future gel serum concealer. I tend to like concealers that are lightweight that feel very almost skin care like on the skin, and I was like this is probably gonna, be it and I was right it blends in like a dream. It feels like nothing on again like the foundation, though it doesn’t have a huge amount of coverage, so I blended that all in with this brush, this is the pro flawless airbrush, which is the brush that I’ve been hearing about for a very long time. I’ve always wanted to try it, and I finally did it. It did not disappoint it. Blends in foundation really beautifully. I let the shape it’s a really tiny little brush it’s good for getting like under the eye or on the nose. It’s great once I foundation was on. I set my work using this Sephora beauty, amplifier set pressed setting powder. I will say that if you take too much of this stuff on the brush, it can give a little bit of a white cast to your face. So definitely go in with a light hand with this stuff, it’s not the most long wearing powder.
It definitely sets makeup and keeps your skin matte. It feels very similar to the Make Up For Ever HD setting powder. It has that same very slick, silicone II feel that really like blurs over your pores, but what makes it unique, I think, is the fact that it does smooth over pores in line so beautifully. So next up is blush. This is the colorful matte blush in the shade, so shy does go on a little sheer, but it is buildable. So if you are someone that goes in with a heavy hand, you’re not gonna go too overboard in your blush, which is nice. So instead of bronzer, I used a contouring powder and I use this one. It is the colorful powder in the shade tranquila. It is a good shade for contouring, because it is very a she kind of shadow like tone. This, like the blush, does have sheer coverage. So it is something that you will have to build up if you want something, that’s a very defined contour. But if you want something light you can just go in with a puffy brush, otherwise you will have to build it. Next up is highlighter, and this stuff is so pretty. This is the golden hour liquid highlighter in sunlight. This was probably one of my favorite products out of the whole batch of cause. I tried this week. It is the gorgeous kind of champagne e gold, and it is it like ridiculously glittery, like some liquid highlighters in the market, it has a beautiful shimmer that does catch the light in a really gorgeous way very into it. It’s just a pretty. Am i right now, so that’s the basic done this week. I use an eyelid primer from support as well. This is the Sephora eyeshadow primer. It is a bit more. The oily liquidy sides and other primers i’ve used, but it does keep makeup on next. Up is what i would say this is like in the top two fave from the week, and it is surprising this is the sephora collaboration with the museum of ice cream, which is an experiential art kind of museum. You go in and you’re like transported into this world, that’s literally ice cream themed and they surprisingly age of the collaboration with sephora, and they launched a bunch of like ice cream, popsicle themed products, and this palette is one of them. I was curious to use it just because i mean look at it, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was gonna be like so amazing that it would blow me away. I was pleasantly surprised with the formula on these. These shadows are really pigmented. The color selection is really great. There are some good like neutral tone, so there’s also these fun electric colors, like this really intense pink, I mean: are you seeing this right now, it’s so pigmented and it thought that I did get a little bit of fallout from the glittery shades, but that honestly Happens with a lot of my glitter shadow, so it’s just mean that I’ve learned to deal with, but overall kanade-chan would recommend and this stuff is limited edition.
So it’s gonna be sold throughout the fall in the winter, but once the supplies are gone, it’s gonna be gone. So if you want this cute little palette, you should definitely grab it while it’s still there. The next product I have is a tool related and it’s really cool. This is the Sephora mini color switch by Vera Mona. You would use a shadow and then, if you want to use the same brush another shadow without like mixing the pigments, you would go like this swirl it around and it takes off the pigment and I’m telling you it works. You can go into that orange shade in the palette and then apply a pink one. It’s gonna take all that orange off before you get to the pink. So it’s not gonna muddle. Your eye. Look alright! So moving right along! I did do a lot of my weeks, look with just this palette, but I did also get an eyeliner just in case. I wanted to find my eyes even more I’m wearing it right now. This is the Sephora collection. So a twist up automatic brown eyeliner pencil. It even comes with a little sharpener at the end and a little smudger good classic brown, I’m wearing. Can you can wing it out if you specially, for those tip, is sharpened, it’s easy to tightline with it as well. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, no complaints. So for mascara I use the lash craft length and Volume Mascara. It has a pretty standard brush, it’s just a normal, like nylon, bristle brush, it’s a bit flatter on one side and then the other side to really like get that detail could be a little bit more volumizing in my opinion, but I would say it gives you A very nice fluttery lash, so as a final touch to my makeup, look I obviously wore lipstick and I grabbed this 4 piece set. This is again from the Museum of ice cream collaboration. It comes with 4 shades, a red, a pink, a kind of like berry, shade and then an orange. It’s essentially a very evenly pigmented stain, which was surprising because the packaging on this stuff doesn’t really give you any hints on what its gonna be like. I thought maybe it would be a liquid lipstick or a gloss. It’s neither of those things. It is, I would say, a stain lip lacquer kind of thing It’s very pigmented, it’s very.
Even it smelled amazing I don’t know like gummy candy The brush has a little reservoir tip that catches the just the right amount of product Look It comes off really easily with the wipe with makeup remover It doesn’t stain your lips for like days after you wear it The shades are gorgeous feels really good I think the things that I liked the most out of this entire challenge were these: like limited edition, ice cream things, and really because I was so surprised at how beautiful they are and that they are actually are really top-notch quality products Take it all off I use this cleansing balm, so this cleansing balm is a bit on the denser side You do have to really warm it up in your fingers for to turn into a more liquidy oil, but it does take off Makeup really well takes off waterproof makeup really well, but what I think is the most genius part of this Is this a lot of beauty Brands will sell products like this and a little like school I don’t know what it’s called skincare spoon The little skincare spoon is like supposed to just rest on the top of the product I always lose them, throw them away whatever So, for I had the genius idea of putting this little stopper in That is almost like A little plate, then you pull it your spoon and then you just put it back up and put it in your shelf boom Next up is moisturizer I skipped serum just because Sephora collection actually doesn’t have any serum That should be next guys So I used this This is the rose, moisturizing cream It’s very light It kind of looks like yoghurt kind of watery a little goopy, it’s a very light cream that I think actually doesn’t give enough moisture for me to use at night So I prefer my night creams to be a little bit rich or a little thicker more emollient I will say that the scent is a little overpowering It’s very rosy and I love rose scent, but this is quite strong and that is it guys a week well-spent I’d say I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of these products, some of them You know weren’t necessarily for me, but I can see them working for other people But let me know in the comments below what you guys love from Sephora collection, because there was so much other stuff that I didn’t get to try and I’m kind of Jone than to go back and try more bye thanks So much for watching guys Let me know what you want to see next on beauty with me in the comments down below click here

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