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I tried a $400 light pen… Is it worth it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Look at this backdrop slowly coming along. Thank you Matt for that, incredibly obnoxious cameo from your car. So this has been a long awaited review, I’ve, gotten tons and tons and tons and tons of requests for me to do a review on glossier. So we’re doing it now, they kind of recently like within the past few months, started shipping to Canada, so now’s my time to shine. I’ve been slowly picking up little pieces here and there from the line, and I ended up just ordering everything because I was like you know: let’s just make this a head-to-toe review.
Okay, because I mean like when you’re thinking of words to describe me, I mean what comes to my thorough, consistent, never cutting corners, and I intend to stand true to that today. I picked up their body wash. This is the body here. Oh, it is a daily oil wash so I’ve been using this in the shower. For the last like two or three weeks, uh, it’s it’s nice! It reminds me of my grandma the smell in a good way, yeah yeah in a good way. It’s kind of it pumps out like a very oily oil and then it kind of lathers and gets kind of like rich and milky as you put it on your body and it’s nice. The only thing that I find is that I’ve used other oil cleansers like the one from Kiehl’s. I started using kind of recently and I find that this one leaves kind of more of an oily residue, whereas I felt like the keels weren’t actually washed off and I didn’t feel oily after I just felt kind of moisturized. So that’s my only beef with this guy would, I recommend, buying it for hold on. Let me see how much this puppy costs this guy cross. Oh, actually, that’s not bad! That’s less than I thought it would be. That’s this cost $18. Would I buy it again? Maybe I’ve also been trying there milky a jelly cleanser. I wanted to pick up a few little things from their skincare range, so this is a conditioning face wash and I felt like this was pretty forgettable. It definitely smells like. Oh no. No, it smells like the hand soap at gas stations not overwhelmingly so, but it’s reminiscent I didn’t feel like this, did anything that I was like. Oh wow, a new favorite cleanser, it was, it was a cleanser and it worked and it’s fine. It wasn’t particularly harsh on my skin. It didn’t cause any kind of irritation or anything like that, but I just wasn’t it wasn’t like. I walked away being like oh, my god, my skin so glowy, my pores are smaller.
My taxes are paid like it was just like this games, pretty cleansed I’d, say, and then we move on to Seleucia. So this is the glossy solution. It’s an exfoliating skin perfector, ten percent eh-eh-eh-eh peach, a salicylic acid, acne treatment, I’m gonna read what this is supposed to do on the website and then I’m gonna tell you what it did for me: okay, so solution! First of all, I love the packaging. It comes in kind of like a oh, don’t don’t do that. It came in a bag like that and it’s just cute like this packaging. I love it’s kind of like this iridescent baby, pink. It’s so aesthetically pleasing to me, like it’s just tumblr in a skin care product, so this says: transform skin in four weeks, unlike physical exfoliators, that scrape off the surface of your skin solution. Gently slough sloths Slough, dead cells away through chemical exfoliation, dissolving the bonds with gluing, problematic, dead cells to the healthy skin beneath with daily use, expect cleared, acne and blackheads. Smaller pores and reduced redness skins. Texture will be smoother and softer, and the fabled glow of balanced, healthy skin will be in full force. Oh wow, here’s the proof. They say in a clinical trial of solution daily users, three or four people said after 24 hours skin felt cleaner and softer. They felt it working right after they applied it after one week, skin looked smoother brighter and clearer after two weeks, pores are smaller and skin. Look glowy solution reduce blackhead around the nose after three weeks solution, unclog, pores and reduced redness skin with you and more even after four weeks, seven or ten people said the skin looked transformed three out of four people said this was the solution. They were looking for. Uh-Oh I’ve been using this everyday for about three weeks. I don’t notice anything with my skin in terms of glow eNOS. I didn’t feel like it made my skin anymore glowy. I felt like it reduced my redness, maybe a touch, but nothing that I was like wow. My skin’s transformed this is the solution waiting for in terms of pores and stuff. I it’s not something that I particularly struggle with, or I’m self-conscious about, so I didn’t notice anything changing with my pores and acne. Obviously, I’m now acne free, not from that from other things. Here I am skin here’s the thing I use skincare already. That is worthwhile. I think if you had never used like a chemical exfoliant before some kind of skincare, that’s actually going to make a difference.
I think that you’d probably use solution to be like wow. This is like making a huge difference for me because I’ve been dabbling so heavily in different kinds of skincare over the past like year to years now I wasn’t as impressed by the results of this, but I think that you probably would be if it was like Your first like real skincare purchase, I’m seeing some people talk about the fact that this is like really really dried them out. I do have dry skin and I didn’t feel like this dried me out at all. That said, my skin doesn’t really seem to react really poorly to any kind of like a Ajay’s, be a chaise anything like that. I’ve never had like some really intense reaction to it. My skin might be a little bit more resilient than others. The one thing I will say about the packaging is that I find that I’ve been using, probably more than I would in other skincare products. So I’ve been using about this much already, which it’s been three weeks and it has kind of like a little pump top. They recommend taking a cotton pad and pressing down on the dispenser and pumping to saturate. I just find that I end up using so much product soaking into a cotton pad that way, rather than like just kind of patting it on my face. That’s just something that I kind of noticed I felt like. I was going through this pretty quickly, I’m considering that it’s just like a liquid, so I also picked up super glow and super bounce. Super bounce is to ease and soften tight rough skin. This has hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5, and then super glow is to brighten and energize dull, tired skin. It has vitamin C and magnesium again. I really didn’t notice much of anything with either of these. I’m gonna use super bounce just for shits and giggles. I just didn’t really feel like anything kind of came of them. I didn’t feel like it made my skin any glowy or more soft or anything like that. Then any of my other skin care does so yeah. I’m gonna apply my glossy a coconut So this is their lip balm. I love it. You guys might remember that at one point I had discontinued use of this because I thought that it was breaking me out and I’m still kind of convinced that it was so. I think that when I had more problem skin – and I was more acne prone – this did break me out loved this lip balm.
When I first started using it and then I just felt like every time I applied it, I would get like little whiteheads. That would pop up around the outskirts of my lips and it was driving me nuts because, obviously, like that’s the worst place, to have a pimple, it’s so embarrassing and I just felt like I would stop using it. The pimples would go away and then I’d be like okay, I’m gonna try and use it again, cuz I liked it and then I would start using it again and I would have little pimples pop up again, so I stopped using it for quite a while And started using it again once my skin cleared up, and now I’m loving it I don’t know I just I just can’t shake the feeling that that did break me out at one time in my life, I’m gonna go over top of that super bounce. With my glossy priming moisturizer, this is a buildable hydrating cream after cleansing massage dollops all of the cream, into your face, with upward, strokes up and down okay up and down, there’s a spider on my ceiling. This feels great, though I’m actually quite liking. This right now. Oh, my god, it’s headed in this direction. This feels so nice on my skin. I know that I’ve tried I’m gonna build this. I know that I’ve tried I’ve tried this before and I don’t think I was that impressed by it before. But again maybe I had problem skin at that time. I can’t really remember I’m just building that up in my smile lines, where I tend to get dry, I’m just gonna pretend that I don’t see it and therefore it does not exist. I picked up the glossy a skin tint. I picked up the color medium and dark and I’m the color dark. So if that doesn’t tell you a little something about glassy shade range. Ah, I don’t know what well and fair enough dark is definitely a word that I would use to describe those of Scandinavian heritage. Ships $26.00 Christ. Okay, so dark is the middle shade, there’s two shades that are darker than this. I mean, I guess those are the shades there and I guess for having five shades. The gradient is okay, it’s not just like white white white white, and the other thing that I will say is that this is an incredibly light coverage closer to purified water than it is to foundation. I think that’s basically the only point that could possibly save glossier in this miserable miserable shade range, because it is so sheer. Even if you were a couple shades deeper than the darkest shade, it probably would still shear out to do basically the same thing that it would do on a shade that it would actually match which I will showcase to you.
The sleeve one thing that’s weird about the packaging, it’s kind of like this little dropper type packaging, and I find that I have to squeeze like very hard to get the product out and I just don’t have that kind of upper-body strength. What I’m gonna do is apply the skin tint to one side only so that you can kind of see the difference in in coverage and all that kind of stuff. I would describe this as a no coverage foundation, but rather something that’s going to offer evening of the skin tone. I’m gonna play this with a little brush. So the reason why I describe it that way is because I find that it covers nothing. If you want, like freckles, covered moles like acne anything like it’s not going to offer you coverage, you will still see all of that texture through this product, but I do feel like it kind of evens out the skin tone just a little bit so that you Kind of get rid of any little bits of redness that you might be experiencing. I tried applying this product a couple different ways. I’ve tried applying it with a Beauty Blender, which I felt like a Beauty. Blender is, is beautiful, with like full coverage, Foundations, medium coverage, foundations, even sheer coverage, but when it comes to something like this, that has virtually no coverage at all. I really think it’s not the best application, because, even if you want sheer coverage, you probably want some coverage and the beauty blender for me just didn’t seem to do that with this product. I tried it with my hands as well and I felt like the best way to apply. It was with a short, dense brush, it’s a very, very liquidy, watery product. So if you apply it with something that’s a little bit of a larger foundation brush, you probably will find that you’re getting a ton of streakiness. I really think it’s important to have a smaller brush that is really densely packed with bristles so that it will really blend out and move that product around, and it’s going to help keep that little bit of coverage that exists in this product in the areas that You want it to be in so I just kind of sweep it all over my face like I would normally and then you can go and take the brush and kind of stipple over any areas where you feel like.
Maybe you need a little bit more evening of the skin tone, so that is the difference between the skin tint being on and nothing on at all. I actually really really like this skin tint. I think that it looks really beautiful. It looks like skin. You can still see my freckling through it and my acne scars, which I’m totally fine with I like that appearance of skin, but you can just see on this side that I’m a little bit more uneven in my skin tone and stuff like that. So I like that this kind of just offers that a little bit of skin tone evening, but nothing crazy. Obviously this is going to appeal to a pretty small demographic having had such problem skin. I just can’t see myself ever having been like oh yeah. This is a great product for me, so I just can’t see people with problem skin reaching for this ever, but even people that have like beautiful, flawless, perfect natural skin also don’t usually reach for something like this. I mean we see on Instagram all the time. People with the most beautiful magical, skin and they’re wearing like calves on D lock-it, tattoo coverage foundation all over their face. That’s like why, but I do I do. I just think it looks so beautiful on the skin, like. I really just feel like it. Evens everything out without adding coverage we’re making it look, cakey you’re feeling like you’re wearing a ton like it is literally just like a what four of attent encapsulated in water. So, the first day that I tried this, I had a little bit of a sunburn and then I put on like my full coverage, like heart-shaped tape, concealer this foundation, it’s not a foundation, this gentle suggestion of a skin tint. It’s not like the most long wearing thing in the world, which is fine, if you’re not wearing a lot of makeup that day or whatever, because it is such a light coverage that it’s you’re not really gonna notice, if it feeds a little bit throughout the Day which, for me, I actually prefer, because I hate when I wear a super full coverage foundation and it’s like caking cracking and patchy and, like all that kind of stuff towards the end of the day like I would rather have something low coverage. That’s gonna come off and be far less noticeable than something high coverage. I applied this vague memory of foundation to my face with that high coverage concealer and it kind of came off throughout the day and I, as I said, I was burnt. So it was literally like my like red face and then like these, like white circles, where I had my concealer, it was a look, but not a good one if you’re somebody that sets your foundation with like an actual colored powder.
You might really like this because you can add a little bit more coverage that way and you probably will get a little bit more longevity out of this product. That said, as you guys know, I never set my foundation and it’s so thin that it’s really really easy to reapply. I found that I would kind of like put this on in the morning and then like towards the end of the day. If I needed to like quickly touch-up, because we were going out for dinner or whatever that it was super easy to just like go over and reapply, whereas normally I feel like, I can’t do that with like a more medium to full coverage. I kind of find I have to like actually remove my face makeup and put on like a fresh layer because it just gets patchy and texture and weird-looking yeah I’ve really been liking that a lot actually. So this is the stretch concealer I got in shade medium. I’m just gonna take a dense small concealer brush for this and I’m going to pack it under my eyes. I really really like the color and the coverage of this guy. I just feel like it’s the perfect amount of coverage with a light coverage concealer if you’re somebody that deals with a little bit more pigmentation under your eyes and probably opt for something that has more coverage than this. I definitely feel like less is more with this concealer, I that if I’m really trying to layer it and add more coverage that it does start really creasing and moving around, I rarely rarely rarely if ever set my under eyes, but with this I just feel like It doesn’t really set it kind of stays more like moisturizing feeling, so it will move around on you. So I do actually set my under eyes with this. One really just feel like glossier was a brand developed by naturally pretty people for naturally pretty people, because even with the skincare, I feel like with the skincare like, if you had a naturally good skin you’d, be like oh, my god, yeah, I’m so glowy now, and It’s just like. No, that’s just that’s just God that intervened while you were being made and was like, let’s, let’s like really make this one pretty to piss people off like Alana, Jamie page bitches, I have glossy a boy brow. This is in shade brown. It smells like nothing. I am such a big fan of tinted brow gels I feel like they are truly one of the main pieces of evidence that lead me to believe that, possibly there is a God perhaps has gotten really religion based uh.
This is really nice. Is it nicer than I feel like it’s a little bit more girthy? I feel like this has something a little bit more to it like. I feel, like some of my other ones, that I’ve tried cuz I’ve tried a lot. I feel like some of the other ones are more like almost like witty and they’re kind of just like a suggestion of color, whereas I feel like this actually really like seems to coat the brows and thicken them as well, which is kind of nice. I almost feel like I Wow yeah, I’m really actually impressed with this. I feel like a lot of my other brow, gels I’ll put them through and then I’m like, okay cool, I’m gonna go fill in the rest of my brows. Now, it’s not something that I could just wear by itself and be like cool. I am now like a goddess. I’m gonna leave the house like if I wasn’t continuing to put on makeup I’d, probably just need my brows like this. Am I wrong? I don’t know I was just about to on that and say that essence makes the same thing for a dollar, but no they don’t. This is probably one of my favorite products from ba CA. Oh my god, I’m so not excited for this. So these are the glossy a lid stars, hopefully using the devil’s offering that is liquid. Eyeshadow will show off a bit of my makeup prowess. For you, I got two colors, even though I wanted to get zero. There’s fawn and there’s herb Wow glossy a too edgy for me, I’m gonna use fawn liquid eyeshadow is the worst thing on the planet. Should I put down a little bit of eyeshadow? First, I feel, like maybe we’d all be better off. If I put down a little bit of eyeshadow on my crease first and then try to transition into this liquid eyeshadow, where do I begin, there’s no reason for it. First of all, what did powder eyeshadow ever do to you? Nothing, so why why? What’s the purpose nervous, I’m gonna wipe that across my eyelid and pray, and then I’m gonna use my little shader brush to blend out. Actually, this turned out okay. But what do you? What a useless thing like this gives me nothing that I can’t get from an eyeshadow. It’s not like it’s a color that I’m so blown away by that it needed to be in liquid form. I mean, I guess it’s just like a particular kind of look right. Like it’s kind of that more, like almost glassy a type look, it’s giving my eyelid some some supple looking texture! Am I ever going to use this again? Absolutely not in hindsight.
I probably didn’t need to put anything down on my crease, because that was far easier to blend out than I thought it would be. I was really like I be not up to be a nightmare. It was pretty much okay. Well now we have this gentle little. Look that I have created for you enjoy. Okay, I added eyelashes. I put a little bit of that brown eyeshadow underneath and I’m going to put a little bit of this under my eyeball as well. I wish there was something more I could deal with this for you guys, but honestly, like it’s just this product, just is you know it honestly. Just is so sheer that there’s like nothing really to this product at all, but I think for me. I just wished that it was bringing something more to the table like whether that be like kind of a more unique color or a more unique texture or whatever just something other than just like the most sheer wash of color. Ever and now. The eye shadow is going to live somewhere in a dark corner in the depths of Hell of my makeup drawers. Let’s move on okay, so glossy doesn’t really have anything that is like bronzer that I was aware. So I’m just gonna apply a little bit of my own branding. So next I’m going to be using my glossy cloud paint, I’m gonna be using the color desc. I’ve used this product multiple times and I actually quite liked it. I prefer to apply it with a Beauty Blender, so I just have that loaded up and I’m going to just kind of dot it on. The one thing I will say is that I feel like I always end up putting out way too much product. There’s just something about this packaging like it’s just like a little tube, and so you just kind of squirt it out, but I feel like every single time I go to use this product. I squirt out like an Alabama sized drop and then I just wasted a ton of it, but anyways. That’s how it looks. I feel like it wears pretty well, throughout the day it doesn’t seem to get really patchy or anything like that. It blends over powders and creams really well. I wish that they had some more kind of neutral colors like this. This was really the only one that I found to be like kind of neutral. A lot of the other ones are like baby, pink and there’s like a really raspberry color I’d be really interested to try. I’m like bronzers in that formulation. I think they’d be absolutely stunning. I don’t know why they haven’t come out with out yet glossy.
I hit me up moving along to the glossy a halo scope, so this is their kind of version of a highlighter. It has sort of like the highlight around the outer corners and then on the inside. It’s sort of like this moisturizing balm thing, so there’s moonstone, quartz and topaz. I have been using quartz forever and I actually just ran through it and I repurchased it and I absolutely love this product. It’s my all-time. Favorite cream highlight Edwards. I picked up moonstone because I thought that it would be kind of pretty it’s like the lightest version. However, I find that it kind of casts a little bit blue on my skin, which I don’t want in my daily life. Quartz is perfect. It’s like right down the middle and then topaz is kind of like this sort of bronzy gold color, which i thought would be really nice when I have a tan, but it’s it’s very coppery like. I think that this would be absolutely beautiful on deep skin tones. But I just find that I don’t really like it on my skin tone, because I just feel like it’s too kind of like Goldy copper, so I’m gonna go with quartz with this guy. I just like to grab it on my finger and kind of warm it up and pick up a bunch of product and then with it on my finger like that, I just tap it over top. I find that a lot of cream highlights either look really really dry and powdery and kind of like thick on the skin or they’re like very glossy. This one is honestly like right in between. It gives us absolutely beautiful kind of like dewy finish to the skin, but it’s not anything. That’s frustrating to wear like it’s, not so glossy that your hair is sticking to it in the wind. It’s not like it’s really cakey and dry, and it does have a little bit of pigmentation to it. It’s not like a blinding highlight so, if you’re really into that look of powder highlights that are super super blinding. You probably won’t be as interested in this one, but if you like that kind of like healthy skin, glow, you’re, probably gonna love it and I love it so much. This is like my all-time favorite product aside from boy die, which I now really love a lot um. I have two lipsticks here I have Leo and, like I’m gonna put on a little bit of Leo first, oh, I want to put a little bit of that all over. So all their lipsticks are like super sheer, that’s, obviously glossy Hasty’s If we haven’t caught on I’m gonna mix Leo with a little bit of like, I feel like a lot of the things with glossy a it’s just kind of like there’s, not much to be said.
It’s it’s so sheer and there’s so little to all of these products that it’s kind of like you either like this look or you don’t You know what I mean and then I have the little glossy a clear, transparent lip gloss which I haven’t tried yet, but a lot of people been like it’s the best lip gloss, but I’m like look at home on it smell like vanilla That is the best lip gloss as far as clear lip glosses ago That actually is really nice It almost like made my lips look, plumped and kind of like filled in the lines in my lip The one thing about the lipsticks that I like is that they sometimes things that are like more of a tint or more sheer, apply, really patchy or, like they cling to dry patches on your lip And it’s just like sheer here and then like this thick glob and I feel like they apply pretty evenly all over, which is nice Glossier is a range, that’s perhaps a little bit ahead of its time I think people are still really into the like high coverage Intense highlight and contour winged eyeliner big lashes, all that kind of stuff and and glossy is a very minimalist line So I think a lot of people would try it and be a little bit let down by it, because it’s like you have sheer coverage foundation Sheer coverage concealer sheer coverage highlight sheer coverage like blush and lipstick and whatever and – and it’s just it’s just not what’s kind of trendy right now That said, they definitely do have some hits in their line They have some misses They have some things that I could kind of take or leave I do feel like a lot of their products, take a little bit of getting used to just because there’s not a ton of products in the market right now that are more sheer coverage and kind of like about that whole look anyways! That’s my thoughts on the glossy a range Thank you guys so much for watching Let me know you’d like to see next in the comments below Let me know if you’ve tried anything from glossier if you’ve loved it if you’ve hated it I want to hear your thoughts and opinions Alright, you guys peace out,

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