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I tried the delicious buzzfeed’s 16 layers of s’mores… Really good? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my kitchen and today, I’m very excited to be sharing with you guys, where I’m going to be testing out a 1616 layer. No big dessert and I saw it – and I was like this – is perfect. It’s s’mores related kind of summery. The weather is finally getting a little warmer and also there was another reason for choosing this particular one. Oh for those of you that are new to my channel. First of all, welcome hi, I’m Rachel! I don’t know why.
I’m shaking your hand like this. This is like feel like I’m trying to reach for you through the galaxy, but if you are new, all the new people who are like wait, you do makeup, but I’m so excited to share it that I created my very first brand cooperation in the makeup world with Pixie Beauty, and it is the highlight palette. So you can see my skin is like a super super glowy today, courtesy of the Rachel, its layer palette, and it’s called the layers palette, because all the different shades can be used together to create this perfect, like custom, glowy skin. Look it’s going to be launching June 11 on the pixi Beauty website, i’ll link everything down below for you guys, but now less makeup, more dessert, and this dessert is a 16 layer, no bake, s’mores cake and all of those things sound amazing. Every single word in this sentence is great: s’mores, great, no bake, great 16 layers, the more the merrier and, of course, I chose this dessert because 16 layers layers palette, get it ok enough another than make it right job. Let’s pull the recipe here and start baking: are we not baking we’re not we’re not baking at all, we’re just assembling and through the magic peddling voila, and actually this is too many ingredients all at once. Let’s just some of these to the side. What do we need to start with? I always get confused when they don’t start with the actual recipe. Oh here we go. We need to start with 2 cups of heavy cream. It needs to be hot so over to the stove I go and while that is on the stove or just warming up, I’m going to stick the marshmallow fluff, because it’s s’mores you gotta, have marshmallows and s’mores, and I’m gonna stick that in the microwave And they have two separate bowls. One is going to for like icing the top layer of the cake and then the other one is for all of the filling. So we have one cup in one two cups in the other one, it’s because it’s a one cup, but this is clearly more Rachel and to each of these bowls we’re gonna add some milk to help it kind of thin out a little bit.
So one tablespoon to the one cup two to the two cups: now I’m gonna microwave each of these bowls for about 15 seconds or so just to kind of smooth it out and make it durable and spreadable cream is nice and warm here so we’re gon Na be pouring that the chocolate chips – oh look at that. Do you see that? Oh that looks amazing. I could honestly just stare at this chocolate all day long, I’m staring at it very lovingly, I’m resisting every urge of mine to eat this. Just like this. That’s what I’m talking about. No, it’s drip this marshmallow fluff and they seem to like cut into it first, I guess to get the milk incorporate it into it, then they stir it all. Together, Oh already, making a mess – oh cool one down one more to go ohhh all over myself. Honestly, Rachel genuinely trying to be neat just doesn’t happen. For me, this actually isn’t as sticky as I thought it was gonna be. I thought this is going to be so difficult to stir all of this together, but it seems to be coming together really nicely and very very smoothly. This is a lot easier and trying to do this with actual marshmallows. Has anyone ever tried to do that? Like a microwave, a whole bunch, it’s the worst! So now, I’m gonna stick the smaller one cup a bowl into the fridge kind of save it for later, because we’re obviously not going to be icing it for awhile. Let’s clean this up here there we go like a never happened. Now I have this judgy angle. You can see all of my mess in my shame. Okay, so now we have the big bowl, oh and they put it. Oh, oh wha, ah plus pizzas, just go so quickly with these things. Next up is the actual assembly. I told you this could be very easy dessert. I hope it’s really good. So for the actual assembly, you need to have some sort of a loaf pan. So the one I’m gonna be using today is this guy and by the way, I thought this was gonna, be a lot bigger than it ends up being like it’s it’s it’s me, that’s actually quite small, and basically what you Want to remember to do – and I was like looking at this – is very carefully, because what they’re gonna do later is lift it with the parchment paper.
So you want to make sure that there’s enough parchment paper on either side of the loaf pan, so that you can actually do that and it comes out and like a nice little rectangle, if you will so we’re gonna start with the graham crackers whole sleeve. Here very tempted to just eat them. just eating the ingredients and it seems like they put them down on top of the parchment in a row or as much as you can, I guess have to break this one in half there we go A little bit crumbly, but it works oh so close broke that down a little bit. Is that better? I don’t know why I’m trying to make this so perfect. That’s good enough! I got your ears on awesome. Then they take a little scoop here and they scoop a thin layer of the marshmallow fluff on top of your graham crackers woohoo. Oh, this is V satisfying to watch and you at the same time know how thin is a thin layer. Cuz, it looks like they did a lot a lot more than I just did anyway. Show me again: tasty. Okay, it’s thin, but it’s not like paper thin all right. Sometimes you got to be very specific with these things. Oh, this is super fun. This gives me a lot of like slime vibes, but like for adults that, like deserts, don’t eat slime. Kids, I’m gonna make sure I’m going all the way to the edge. That’s what you want to see you wanna see all the layers, I’m not gonna put all the effort of doing layers. If I can’t see them now, we need to do another layer of the graham crackers to kind of separate it’ll be the chocolate next, because otherwise you’re just going to get the marshmallow and chocolate kind of stuck together and you won’t get those really nice separated layers. Now we’re going to do the chocolate next, just say a thin layer, thick layer doesn’t matter: Oh thin layer, thin layer of the chocolate okay. I can do that then we’re just gonna keep repeating this until I’m up at the top. I hope I haven’t made these layers too thick like this feels thin to me, but I don’t know not sold. It feels kind of shifty. You know but everything’s super gooey, so I guess it would feel shifty regardless. Oh you know what I just realized. I haven’t been keeping track of how many layers I’ve done. This will just give up to the top hope for the best it seems to be getting wider at the top. So I feel like I need to add another graham cracker. No, that’s a bad idea. Rachel cuz, then a little bit just be like a cone shape on the top and then I’ll fall over.
So let’s, let’s not do that – pretend that every sometimes oh, I just got to Wow what a roller coaster of a day. Everyone definitely not making this look as cute as BuzzFeed / tasty keep mixing in some of the chocolate. I feel like it’s a little messy tell you. Okay, just want to really get it to the edges, so you can get the laters okay, I’m up at the top. Now and like I have so much more of the chocolate and the marshmallow, I don’t I don’t I don’t I get this wrong. This is like the world’s easiest dessert. This should not be that difficult. So I think what I’m gonna do is because I’ve kind of hit the top of this loaf and, as I’m gonna, make another one and do thicker layers and just see how different it is, if it tastes any different. If it’s better that way, because they didn’t indicate in the instructions – and I kind of wish that they had just in terms of how much to apply per layer since they did, you know, have an allotment in terms of the number of graham crackers and how big The pans supposed to be it would have been helpful to know you know a quarter cup goes on each layer or something like that. So we’re gonna move this one. This side is actually gonna go into. I believe the fridge overnight before I can put whose marshmallow fluff on top we’re gonna bring in another pen and see what this looks like right turns out. I don’t have enough marshmallow fluff, so we’re making it in a smaller container. There won’t be the many layers, but the layers will be thicker. So what I’m gonna stick both of these in the fridge overnight, so they kind of firm up and that we can go on to the marshmallow fluff icing and in the meantime I have a leftover piece that has marshmallow fluff on it cuz I had to Move the thing over to the small doesn’t matter so now: I’m gonna do this and you’re not gonna judge me so good, no, because it’s more most really good, all right! So back gates, you and I have the deserts in the two different containers in front of me. They chilled overnight and now I could do the fun stuff with a blow dart first, we’re gonna do is we’re going to peel off the aluminum.. Okay. So let’s see what this actually looks like he lit away a lot more difficult to peel away. Then they said: that’s what the layering looks like. It looks like a like a Rice, Krispies square or something all the marshmallow.
Goodness, oh yeah, thank you. Come let’s see get it girl the size of my face. Can you lift it off of the parchment paper? This seems to be a bit of a struggle for them as well her I can see now why they didn’t put the marshmallow on the bottom layer. This would have been impossible. I honestly feel like this is just going to fling off into space. I’m not careful. I did it well, it looks like it’s floating whoa. We have our dessert. Looking real good, I mean like delicious. I don’t know if it looks good and now I’m going to take the reserved marshmallow fluff and I’m going to microwave it for 15 seconds or so just so it’s spreadable and then we’re gonna try and coat this 15 seconds years ago. Wow really singing a lot today. Well there it is the whole time it’s not very professional Rachel. You just mix this up, stir together a little bit here. Then we drizzle. Can anyone tell me if I have marshmallow on my nose? No, I don’t you didn’t. Even look okay, so I finished icing this one and you can see it does not look as good as the tasty one. I mean it’s still gonna be good, but like it doesn’t look as good and I ran out of marshmallow fluff. It went through an entire tub of this stuff, so I had to heat up some more to ice, this little guy and then we’ll get to torching this, because really is it a s’mores cake, if you don’t torch it and have like the roasted marshmallow vibe right? Do I need to let this like, I don’t know, sit or go in the fridge for a bit first, or can I just torch it nope, there’s, there’s nothing, says boat waiting. So let’s torch, this waited. My whole YouTube creators.. Why is it taking me so long? I have it on the lowest setting just in case okay. I think I can do it. I can turn it up. A little just had to check, though, don’t want to blow up the whole kitchen. Oh, it’s like makes it spotty. Oh, I have to go a lot slower. I see this is really fun. I don’t know if I’m gonna get that. What can I do it on the sides too? I can, I am seeing smoke so hopefully my smoke alarm. Just go off. This is super fun highly recommend this ten minute. Ten, it doesn’t look really cute, but it’s fun. Oh, I can smell the marshmallow now Oh watch your hand again, no my cutest dessert, but it was really fun to do this.
Look at that uh-huh The marshmallow here, what oh, I need to do, the other one Oh that’s too bad! I have to do more Torching, oh just thought of this Now I should have made like an arc Can I make an arc amazing? I kind of burned it, but I did make an R okay last but not least well chop up some chocolate and graham cracker for z top So, let’s cut into these shall we test him out I feel like they cut these on, like an angle yeah They did they slice it on an angle What a bunch of weirdos all right! Oh this one looks like just graham cracker Oh you guys see that hey I really follow the thin layer rule a lot Oh that’s disappointing! Let’s see if this one’s any better like a bit better, see a really strong one chocolate layer so when they say thin layer I don’t know how much they actually mean thin layer as they do thick layer But let’s test this anyway So now I’m sitting down and I’m tasting a little bit of both got lots of chocolate, chocolates good amount and it called for way too much chocolate I don’t know what happened, but I have so much extra melted chocolate that I need to use for something I definitely prefer the second one with the thicker layers to the first one, the first ones really graham crackery, maybe just needs more, like a marshmallow coating on top, maybe I’ll just like throw some more on But like it’s tasty, it’s s’mores, it’s good Do you want to try some dibs? Oh, give you the good one The chocolate is very strong I wanted more marshmallow I think Yes, that is a consensus It’s very graham crackery chocolate with the graham crackers enough, not enough marshmallow Have you guys tried this dessert before? Did you like it did you have like thicker layers of marshmallow when you’re watching being like no Rachel? Let me know in the comments and if there are any other desserts, that tasty is done, that you want me to do next Leave a comment down below I want to know what dessert or like food in general I should do next – maybe pups alike, maybe since they’re, obviously Possible’s but like some sort of like summery food, and if you see a comment down below of a food that you want me to do, give it a thumbs up, make sure you subscribe You all

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