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I tried to control the mask with my cell phone

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m gonna be trying out a face mask controlled by my iPhone. Yes, that sounds weird and I think it’s going to be weird. I’m very excited about this product, mostly because it’s a little contraband, this face mask is called play. Skin it’s made by an Italian company, called the bald on group and it’s only sold in the UK in Italy. So I had one of my lovely uk-based subscribers smuggle it to me and they ordered it on my behalf and now it’s here, this face mask supposedly sends electric micro currents from your phone to your face to revitalise plump and generally shocked.
I think so. My questions are: does it work? Does it hurt? Will I be electrocuted in any way, and also will I be able to play my skin like a game boy? Okay, let’s get into it. So I like my box of masks here on the front. It says: there’s an average increase in hydration of a hundred and fifteen percent in one session tests carried out on 20 subjects at the cosmetology center of the University of Ferrara, so at least 20 other people have tried this before and ostensibly have survived it. So I guess I’ll be number 21. Let’s open this up and see what’s inside okay, so it looks like we’ve got some directions. This looks like a pair like airplane headphones, but I think that this is the connector from the face mask to your phone and then it looks like we’ve got some electrodes. It kind of looks, like you know, a little heart monitors, but I guess you’re gonna put that onto the face. They look like things you put on an 11 from stranger things and then we’ve got some machetes or masks. I’m sorry about my Italian accent. I feel, like my Italian accent, goes straight to Spanish and my French accent goes straight to Italian and then I also have this play skin anti-aging renewal cream. So that looks like something I’ve seen before. Are you here selling an electric conductor? Let’s hope not alright, so the first step is to download the play skin app from the App Store which I already have and then the second step is to tie up your hair and cleanse your face all right. So I’m gonna go take my makeup off and I’ll be right back for some shocking good times. Okay, so this is my before I’ve got a couple of pimps down here, a couple things I’ve been picking at and I also tweezed some mustache hairs for you guys so you’re welcome.
So we are on step number three, which is open the mask and take the two mask components out of the package: oh they’re very dry, usually when I open up a sheet mask, I’m used to it being like super wet like dripping. Okay, so step number. Four is put the two components on a flat surface film facing upwards. What’s that, guy from spirited away moaning, yeah looks a little bit like no named okay, so step five is remove the protections from both strips something about the word. Protections seems high stakes to me. So hopefully this is not the part where I get electrocuted step six is adhere the electrodes to the strips after removing them from their base. Is that really the word they’re using electrode yeah we’re going with electrode attach this to a toaster and drop it into a bathtub? Here are my electrodes that will spermies position the electrodes while keeping the cables up. I think that’s right, because both the electro I’m stuck to it, because both the electrodes are facing up up facing up. Okay, so step number seven is remove and position the double-sided adhesive discs and adhere them to the electrodes and then remove the protective films from the mask all right. I think that we’re we’re ready. Shall we oh yeah, it’s a sticky one. Oh oh, it’s pretty cooling. It feels cool Tyler. What’s that it’s sticking on my sideburns, it’s in there, isn’t it yeah, you might be in for an involuntary waxing, oh my god. Actually that really hurts. I think you just please get it on there and then we’ll just pull the band-aid off. I literally and figuratively later I didn’t realize I had significantly more sideburns than 20 Italian college students. I’m not surprised. Okay, let’s do the bottom part now. My sideburns are really involved, oh they’re, in the line of fire, okay. Well, that was unfortunate. What’s next, okay, so step 11 is connect electrodes to the cable, supplied and position the right side and left wires over your ears tie. I think I might need some of your help. No, I put on my face mask so askew, it’s not the best placement, but it’s on you see like I thought these like little places to plug me in yeah, so plug me in was like nineties, electronics right here.
That is blowing it first! Oh! No! Please don’t: oh I’m with horny sideburns yeah, my bad okay, I plugged in yes and then 12 is connect the connector to your smartphone where’s, my cable attached to your head. There we go it’s like the longest rat tail. I know you know what it is. It’s like one of those avatar ponytails. Oh it actually is because I’m plugging myself into my one true mate, okay, so I’m plugged into the matrix. So let’s open up my computer and we’ll start screen recording and seeing them. What happens when I turn this mask on. So I’m opening up the play skin app, it says hello: are you ready for your beauty treatment, I’m pretty much as ready as I’ll ever be. Step 13 is use the mirror function to check whether the mask has been applied correctly. It’s not great, but I don’t really know what to do to fix it. The problem is, I can’t readjust without completely ripping off my sideburns, so I think we’re just gonna go with it so step 14 is start the treatment for ten minutes of pure relaxation. Caution, the micro currents of your smartphone have a very low intensity. They are not invasive or perceivable. I like how they say caution even before like good or like not dangerous things, they’re, both reassuring and also threatening they protect and they attack. Okay. So I’m gonna press play and we’re gonna start the electric microcurrents. Oh no, suddenly the active micro currents are happening. You put on your face uh. I feel like almost like a little bit of like buzzing around my mustache area. It feels almost like I’m bleaching, my mustache, but at the same time it could just people see, though okay, so I think we can rule out being electrocuted, which was a bit of a stretch to begin with, but I still wouldn’t recommend taking this in the bathtub. Something that’s a little different than I expected was that they’re kind of just going like the micro currents are just like happening. I kind of thought I might be able to like control them a little bit more. You know almost like shock myself or let me like play a little game or something, but it does look like. I’ve got some shopping recommendations up here. So let’s see, but this is about seductive glance. Impeccable look mascara, plumping complex cream, okay, so it looks like it’s. Maybe it’s trying to sell me their other products that they have.
I love that they say this is ideal for Nordic photo types. Maybe from my last name they were like. You should get this blush! You Nordic person, you look like the screamer as I’ve been thinking that Picasso painting yeah anyway, especially we do that. We’ve got a 20 second countdown to the end of this thing, wow that was 10 minutes that went by so fast cuz. I’m not shopping to do. Oh wow, seven six! Oh, it went directly from 7 seconds to done. Okay, so that was it I guess um. Shall we take it off? Yes, okay down there, it looks normal. It does look red or anything red. Oh! No! No! I thought I’d gotten it loose. Oh wow, actually that did hurt is that I, like it there, okay all right. So let me take this side off now. Oh, oh, that one was better alright! So, let’s put on the cream, which is our last step, it feels pretty normal. It tastes like lemons. You guys have eaten lotions yeah that one doesn’t taste good they’re, not really all edible okay. So this is me a couple minutes after applying the cream. I think that it’s absorbed pretty well in, I think in general I do look shinier, so I do look more hydrated in that sense, but because I put the cream on it’s hard for me to tell if the mask is what was special and like the microcurrents, Really did anything so just to have a second opinion. I’m gonna put the mask on Tyler, okay, ty. Let’s do it alright, so I’m really quick setting up Ty’s mask. I don’t think South, because I could do this on my own. Well, you started doing it on your own and then you asked me for help almost immediately yeah. It’s actually true. Oh, it is cool. Oh wow, you look like a sexy Santa ho ho oops. Sorry, I got your sideburn that wasn’t on purpose or anything his revenge. Alright, so let’s grab your little avatar tail and uh plug it into my phone, so I guess we both now had avatar sex with my phone, you ready for your beauty, treatment, yeah. We show it to me again we’ll look at your face. Yeah! You put it really asked you to really stupid-looking. It’s almost am i well, let’s do it ready, yes, press play. Do you feel anything I’m trying so hard to feel? If there’s anything, I think if there’s something it’s not like an electrical buzzing, but it’s more like a message to cool down the mask.
You think it’s actually temperature controlled yeah. Well, I assure that it wasn’t. Do anything persevere? No, I’m like sure it’s doing something. For me, I brought Krusty to see if he also thought you look like sexy Santa wait. You know what this does feel like a little spa treatment, we’re not relaxed. I know kitty, they have a cool on face, mask I’m gonna be as hydrated a watermelon. After this all right, how much time do you have left five minutes? Jesus, it’s gonna, take forever Krusty! I’m very sorry! I don’t think we should be giving you a mask all right. Take it off here’s the money shot right here: uh, yeah, okay! So the last step is to put a little cream on. I think I look more hydrated. I don’t 115%, but definitely uh more than 0%, more hydrated. Okay, so Tyler seems to think that this thing changes temperature on his face. I couldn’t really feel anything. I think that what I was feeling was placebo, so I’m almost wondering if there’s like no microcurrent and it’s just all the cream, so we’re gonna head to Home Depot really quickly to see if we can’t find something that can help us see if there’s any Actual electricity going through this thing, okay, so we’re in the car all the way to Home Depot right now, too multimeter which will hopefully hook onto the electrodes and tell us how much or if there is any electricity running through the mask. All right, hydrated tie, show me in the fluorescent lights out and how nice and hydrated you look. I’m sparkly! Look you hydrated! Thank you alright. So this is a digital multimeter. Hopefully we should be able to see if there’s something being conducted, all right. Let’s get it! Okay, so we’re back from our quick excursion to Home Depot, we’re not sure exactly what we’re doing we consulted our friend mark, but I’m not convinced that he knows what he’s doing either okay, so I’m gonna turn it on. I think that 200m is like the lowest or maybe more like 2m yeah, it’s good to it. So I’m gonna use these little detectors and try and touch this mask and see if I can’t detect any microcurrents No, maybe here no okay, I wonder what would happen if I unplug this right now, so I pulled this one out halfway, so I’ve got some exposed metal.
Basically, so, let’s see if I can now find the micro currents this way, I know we made little jump It did I swear They went up to three Oh yeah I did look Oh my god That’s working yeah there It is yeah holy crap, there’s electricity in here for sure It’s very interesting, though, because I can’t detect any electricity when I’m touching the actual mask, but they are putting electricity in this thing So it’s not just nonsense, not confirmed what that necessarily does, but maybe you could sense it a little bit I sensed it after a quick google search There seem to be a few legit looking scientific papers that link the use of electric fields to skin rejuvenation and therapy for degenerative skin diseases I’m not sure if that’s exactly what’s happening here, but there seems to be some science behind it all right So that was pretty exciting I am very excited that we were able to actually detect some electricity running through the mask, but I’m still not convinced that my face is a hundred and fifteen percent more hydrated, and I also still wish that there was more of a play element to the place Skin mask, like I thought I might be able to do more concentrated, bursts almost like tap on different things on my phone and, like you know, sort of send different types of electrical currents to my face So there wasn’t as much control or fun in the actual app, as I thought there might be, and I also wish there was a little more sensation, I’m glad it didn’t hurt, but I would like a little buzz just so you know it’s working I just I need it to be a little more shocking, not too shocking, because that seems scary It’s like a little! Thank you guys so much for watching if you like, that If you’ve already smashed that subscribe button make sure to also smash that little Bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications, so you get a notification every time that I post here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my next beat I do a lot of daily vlogging in q and A’s on they’re a big shout out to pumpkin daddy for watching thanks for watching pumpkin daddy, and I will see you guys a next time

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