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I tried to follow a cosmetics course in the 1980s.

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, over the past few months we have looked at beauty tutorials from the 6p, the 50s and the 30s together, and today it is finally time to take a look at a makeup tutorial from the 1980s. Now I have kind of been putting this off because, as you may know, the 80s are not exactly my favorite decade when it comes to beauty looks, but I actually found something on YouTube, which is pretty amazing. It’s a tutorial from 1988 and it is by Barbara Dalli, Dalli Dalli.
I hope I’m pronouncing that right. It is an almost hour-long makeup tutorial where she demonstrates a full makeup, look on a young girl and then any kind of middle-aged lady and oh, my gosh guys. This is so good. It is amazing all I could think through watching this was this feels like like this is literally a tease Lisa Eldridge. It is so good, contrary to the previous tutorials. She is not a you know: male professor or a completely savage lady that has made no. This is actually a really really nice lady. That offers some amazing beauty advice. so I am going to kind of skip a few parts I’m going to skip through all the parts where She does make on the kind of middle aged woman, but if you have the time – and you know this interests – you – I highly encourage you to go.. but yeah. I am going to follow the kind of young skin tips today all right.. so they do emphasize. You know obviously cleaning the skin and everything. Now the first stage of your makeup is probably going to be foundation now before you apply it get used to using a damp cosmetic sponge dip the sponge into water or run it under the tap squeeze out the surplus liquid damp isn’t soaking wet like that. Damp means take a tissue or a towel and give it a good squeeze like this to get out any excess water, because water, of course, will make your foundation Street. Then, when it’s just damp, you’re ready to use your foundation. Take the foundation up with the sponge and then you’re ready to begin by putting the foundation onto the middle of the face. First always start by putting the foundation on the center of your face, because you don’t want a lot of foundation all over the edges of your face and into the hairline you have to have somewhere to blend it to a little bit. I don’t think these sponges are made to be tried with tissue, as it’s now just side of you completely soaking up all my foundation. If it’s a good match, you won’t get a tide line a little over the eyelids, but not too much not too much under the eyes.
That’s good for every age, absolute minimum amount of makeup around the eye area and on perĂ³n all right. We’Re gonna skip over Karen, so that’s foundation done. Nothing too. Special here seems pretty similar to the way we do it now a day. So I’m gonna skip on to the next section, whether you’re using a foundation or not. You will probably want to use a concealer. This is a concealer, it’s a kind of a solid sort of foundation. You can use it straight from the stick at all in which tips you draw it straight onto your face, but the best way is with a brush. You load it up like you, would a lipstick make sure that any surplus just comes off on the back of your hand. First, and then you apply it to the face. It’s wonderful for just covering any dark shadows under the eyes, just paint it on gently. You can see why it’s a good idea to use a brush. If you drag the skin under your eyes, you can emphasize bags and wrinkles and then don’t rub just Pat the concealer into place with your fingertip. No dragging and remember, concealer goes on over the top of your foundation or straight onto your skin after moisturizer. That’s going to reduce any redness and then blend it in with your fingertip and again use the brush to get in any nooks and crannies like this around the nostril. If you do happen to have any spots or blemishes. Oh, I do this one and just dot on concealer press it in with your finger and if you’ve got any red areas, you can just put concealer over them rather than using a thick layer of foundation. It’s a much better idea. She used a little bit of concealer and just blend it in with your finger like that, could only agree with that. Yeah we’re looking really good. So far. It looks like a really nice kind of natural base loose face powder. Modern powders, like this, are very light and transparent. We call them translucent and translucent means see-through, so you can actually see your skin through it, but on the other hand, it doesn’t create a thick mask like appearance. It’s very easy to use, and all you have to do is just shake a little into the palm of your hand, not the old flower bag. Look where you used to have absolutely masses all over the place and then use a powder puff Darvish away on the palm of the hand and then apply it to your face, as you did with the foundation, you do the same thing with powder, which you start In the center of the face, because this stone here, we call it – the t-zone is normally the oiliest anyway, so press the powder again, don’t rub just press it into your skin, even if you’re not wearing foundation.
This is the right way to apply, face powder and just dab it round the center area of your face and then use what’s left on the puffs around the cheeks. I feel like. I don’t even need to say anything just cause. It’s so good under the eyes. There’s really nothing left now, I’m just using the last of what was on the part of pop and before you start to do eye makeup. Just run a little bit of powder over the lid takes away the grease and means that if you’re using powder eyeshadows, they won’t crease too easily. I often feel like I’ve said so little so far. Sorry guys, but this is she’s – really really good eye. So we’re really easy to follow it’s not going too fast either. I can actually follow along it’s just it’s amazing powder. Blush is probably the most popular kind of blusher to use, but it’s also the one you can make the most common mistakes with which is basically putting it on in the wrong place. If you try and shape your face with blush all you’ll have a big red streaks down here or perhaps even under your chin. So remember: there’s one really easy. I feel like that’s a very easy thing to do, though, take us probably why she’s mentioning it a nice fat one is the best kind. A nice fat brush does gonna go with my Real Techniques, lush, and then remember – and this is the such thing to remember, with all the makeup that you do my god dust off the surplus on the back of your hand first and then apply it straight Onto the skin, now you can see you’ve got the right kind of brush. It just does the work for you and because it’s in the right place it actually shapes the face. Naturally, eyeshadows contain talc and mica, which is a natural element mined from rock. Remember how I explained that your skin is made up of several different colors. Well, actually, the same is true of your eyes. Take a close look at your own eyes and you’ll see that they’re made up of well up to three or four different colors. These colors can often be a clue as to the eyeshadow colors that you can use and look good on. You maxine has got what appears to be blue eyes, but if you look closely they’re actually dark gray around the edges and copper in the middle, all right here we go.
I have brown. I have green a little bit of gray and copper as well.. She explains what colors to use on brown eyes and that’s what I need. So I think I’m just gonna go all the way to the end here brown eyes because of their strengths of natural color. Look good with almost anything, but the violets contrasts well and look especially good at night gray. Blue is also very effective, but don’t choose pale or pearly colors alright. So I personally like purple better than I do blue, so I have collected a few various shades of purple. So I have this like violet the one in the center here, a more shimmery one up there. It’s like a cooler purple, some darker shades of purple here this one right here, it’s quite a dark kind of muted purple as well. Alright, I’m gonna go back to that eye makeup tutorial and see what to do with these. Now, I’m going to start off by using a copper eyeshadow on her eyelid. First, I’m going to apply the eyeshadow with a brush load up your brush again. Does the surplus off? On the back of your hand, this is a really good thing to remember always because that way the surplus drops off onto the back of your hand and not all over your cheeks and then onto the eyelid. You can blend with your finger, but it’s a good idea to use brushes to blend. If you want a really professional-looking, that’s a different brush. Isn’t it okay, use the contrasting color or more than one color as I’m going to do today. This is an eye shadow pencil. I’ve chosen a gray which matches the grain Maxine’s eyes and I’m going to emphasize the shape of her eyes by darkening the outer edges of her upper lid. This is powder eyeshadow, so it blends very well with the shadow that I put on already. Okay, I’m gonna do the same thing, but with a darker purple instead of gray eye shapes seem to be variable. But in fact, if you look at your own eyes and at someone else’s you’ll notice, for the most part, the eye shape itself is more or less always the same. What does change is the area around it. Some people have a lot of lid here, and some people just have a little bit. There’s a good basic rule, which is anything that you highlight will stand out and there anything that you darken will go back when you’re putting color on the bottom of your eyelashes.
Don’t go too far along just half ways. Far enough, then you’ve got somewhere to blend it too, because blending is really important. Otherwise, it’s going to look like hard lines around your eyes, a nice big fat brush. Oh look at that brush! Do the job without having any particular skills at all, but it gives you a really professional. Looking eye makeup use the edge of your brush to blend underneath your eyes, not the flat bit like that. Just run the edge right along the bottom lid and make sure that you get the eyeshadow close to the lashes so that you haven’t got a white line running too close to the lashes blend. The two colors run into another that way too dark. Before now. It’s nice and soft okay wait. All right said it was way less pigmented to mine. That is not fair! So now I do needs to do some serious blending to get rid of this just like she just magically wiped all of that eyeshadow away. Oh my gosh! Okay, so my look turned out quite dark, but I think that’s, okay. I think I can take a bit of a darker eye. My hair is pretty dark. My eyebrows are dark, so shouldn’t look too super overwhelming eyeliner or eye definer. Pencils can be used for, emphasizing and lining your eyes, sometimes they’re crude cold cold, keep it close to the lashes and don’t don’t close your eye, because you’ve got little puckers all along the skin here, and that makes it look ragged when you’ve finished. So keep your eye open! You can look down into a mirror and then draw the line really close to the lashes like this, and if you want to extend it at the outer edge, just look straight ahead into a mirror and just draw a little line. Not a great big take I mean that looks very old-fashioned now you can leave it in a line like that, but the best thing to do is to blend it. Now you can use your finger, just a clean finger tip to run over the eye line or better still use the brush the brush. You blended your eyeshadow with up or put it on with it’ll be perfect same one and that will blend a line into the eye shadow. So it looks nice and soft, and yet it will emphasize your eye shape. Oh that’s, nice! That’s really! Nice Wow highlighters can be used for emphasizing any area of your face that you’d like to draw attention to they’re, especially good for bringing out deep-set eyes, and they do make your eyes look soft and dewy. I like to pencil like this. It’s really easy to use. Try not to use really stark white colors the they look very hard on the eye, so there’s just a little bit drawn onto the eyebrow bone and then for that soft dewy look a little B in the corner of your eye and then, of course you can’t Leave it like that, you must blend it.
Good thing to do is to use a clean brush a clean brush and just dust over the highlighter so that it blends into the eyeshadows you’ve already put on and here in the corner of the eye, and then it really does look soft. The idea is to have a nice soft Sheen, not a really hard sharp highlight it does look amazing. I love this lady. I think this might actually be my favorite historical makeup tutorial we’ve done so far. Who would have thought the eighties Wow kara amongst the main ingredients of mascara are carnuba wax and beeswax, color pigments, silk almond oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera from the aloe plant Westgarth? Can be one of the most important items of eye makeup. It really does make a difference and it’s important to get it right, one or two carefully applied coats comb through with an eyelash comb, a much more if I used to have those as well. I’m thick mascara from my mom always start with your top lashes and look down and then draw the mascara brush right from root to tip pushing upwards that helps to curl it a little bit. Take second mirror: do it slowly and carefully, don’t sort of jab at your eyes, because all that will happen is you’ll push the brush into your eye, and if you find that they are sticking together at all, all you have to do. It’s use your little comb and just comb my lashes through it’s a good thing to do this between coats anyway keeps them nice and feathery yeah. That’s what I was gonna say I used to have one of those brushes. My mom gave it to me when I was little, but I don’t have that anymore, but I do have a little spooley. So I think I’m just gonna use that it’s not exactly the same bud. You should do the job all right. So that’s one code and now for my spoolie, if you’ve always longed to use colored, mascara, consejo and a worried, because you think they might look too bright yeah if they’re used completely on their own, try mixing them with black or brown. Now, for the bottom lashes, it’s run the mascara brush along the lashes slowly and carefully, and then just comb them out with the end.
You can use the full length of the brush like this, but you always run the risk of getting mascara on your nose at the side. If you do so far, this is makeup that could totally wear on a day-to-day basis, eyebrows frame the eyes and can be emphasized in a number of ways, with pencils and with eyebrow makeup use the little wedge-shaped applicator to pick up some of the eyebrow makeup and Then dust the surface off onto the back of your hand, I’m just going to use eyes. You know you apply it to the eyebrow. You can color the hair and also just fill in any gaps and draw a little line. At the same time, it’s a very soft and natural way of emphasizing your brows alright. So this is pretty standard as well. Basic eyebrow, filling lips are the final part of any makeup. They can be strongly defined or played done depending on your mood, but it is important to learn to put your lip makeup on properly, because those do thy shadow, lipstick injury under stairs will alter the shape of your mouth. But if you do that, remember, don’t overdo it. A good little trick before you start to do. Your lip makeup is just to put a little bit of highlighter here on the upper lip. It’s the same, highlighter that I used on Maxine’s eyes draw it on you. Don’t want a white line, so rub your finger over it like that to make it soft. This makes the lips look a little bit fuller and then I’m going to use a lip pencil and a brawny pink color a color rather like a dark shade of natural lip color, which is good for defining the mouth without having a strongly colored line. So she’s not taking it all the way into the corner. I really like that soften the depth of color of line without spoiling the effect by gently running clean fingertip over the line, because I want to finally unmade outlook instead of using a lipstick which is a much stronger color, I’m actually going to use a lip tint. I’m going to use a lip stick, Karen yeah name’s Karen lipstick, makes all the difference to your look. A lot of people think that, unless your face actually has lipstick on it, it’s not made up at all. Now I showed you on Maxine how you could use the lip pencil to alter the shape of your mouth. You can also do the same thing with a lip brush. A lip brush is really important and it’s a very good thing to learn to use If you want a nice clean crisp edge to your lips, I’ve loaded the lip brush with a lip stick and what you do is just drew the line along the edge of the mouth.
You can extend it if you want to, but if you’re going to over paint the edge of your mouth just do it by the merest hair’s breadth, not very much at all and don’t try and draw with the point of the brush like this That doesn’t work Use the flat edged lip brushes, have chisel edges, so they’ll actually make the shape, for you Don’t try and draw the shape of your mouth by pressing your lips or trying to make your mouth a shape that it isn’t Naturally, especially if you want to do any correction of any kind and then when you’ve got the line, the way you want it to be just fill in with the brush by the way I chose this color cuz you’ll see kind of a bee cyst thing, like Five of all my lipsticks These are the basic techniques of a professional makeup Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to do all of the makeup All of the time you can incorporate any of the lessons you’ve learned into your daily routine, music yeah That brings us back to full 80s anyway That is it, so I think I’m just gonna let down my hair see what this looks like with 20 18 hair Okay, so I feel like there’s a lot of color and it still looks pretty 80s, but I think that’s entirely my own fold because, instead of like coppers and Cray’s and like a nice kind of peachy toned brownish lipstick, I use purple and pink so yeah I could have definitely downplayed the colors a bit, but all in all, I think this looks really good It is a very, very nice basic makeup really easy to follow I think it looks great Thank You, Barbara That was really useful, so, like I mention, if you want to watch the whole thing, which is definitely worth your time, then I will link to it in the description box below My look is done so I really hope you enjoyed doing actual 80s makeup with me If you do enjoy, don’t forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for a lot more beauty and lifestyle content If you’d like to support me on patreon, there’s a link in the description box below, thank you so much for your supports, but you might also enjoy you can go watch next

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