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I tried to follow James Charles’s Halloween tutorial.

1 Nov , 2019  

because I mean we haven’t even started the makeup. I just like look at my setup like this is already a Walmart version of James Charles.. I thought I would try to recreate a James Charles Halloween, makeup tutorial. Why did I decide that? I I don’t know seeing. The reason I’m stressed is because I want to make this good like I want to blow you away. I wanted to look pretty much exactly the same, is that it’s gonna be so funny better expect a train wreck.
They don’t know what I’m doing like.. You really never know like it’s been such a such a week. You know it’s just been one of those weeks also. I look so ugly today, like usually I’m like, oh, but today is like it’s like extra bad. I think it’s because I’m extra pale today we’ll fix that. Don’t worry if I could just open this. I mean this is an energy drink. Welcome to my channel, please subscribe.. If you’re new here, I god, bless your soul. Oh my gosh, it tastes like straight chemicals, okay, so the makeup tutorial I’m going to try to recreate. Is this one that was filmed a year ago and I could have done like his new Kylie Jenner one, but I don’t really want to put my face: mexic highly Jenner’s, you know cuz, I self esteems like already not like. I just don’t want to do that. To myself today, so we’re going with that one. So I have my handy-dandy computer and we’re just gonna watch the tutorial and well follow it. Hopefully, so, let’s just get started, do the transition to them. Oppa need a charger, lovely sitting right on the plum. If I can’t pull this off, this will be sick for Halloween, like I don’t even need a costume I’ll. Just wear that on my face, get a pinky drink, my intro brand-new crystal ball. I don’t I don’t have that focus everywhere. I go focuses on me. No I’m over here. Okay, I have this barely any a bit less, so I don’t have a neo sponsor today, so I’m just gonna use this stuff.. This is a wreck. This is why I avoided this for two whole weeks. Chapstick done easy. This is so easy. So far, I’m currently mixing caffeine’s right now, so we we won. He completely skipped the like the whole like base. I have to figure out how to do foundation by myself. He looks like contoured and everything: okay, okay, okay, we got this. Let’s, let’s get started, there’s my mirror. How do you food beauty use like use a mirror? We are, we got this, let’s get started so I’m just gonna.
Do I usually do which is like nothing, so I don’t have a literally don’t even own foundation, so I’m just gonna use my heaviest concealer everywhere. Oh, oh, this is a beauty guru thing. This is the torture, silk canvas primer, I’m not even in the frame, and it’s still focusing on me. Oh my gosh look, you know, what’d be the yours, I can move it too much and you can’t even see it. They’Re like this is my new primer. My eyelash extension is fellow. I wasn’t even touching my eye. What’s what is happening right now, it’s really hard to work, Rhoda eyelash extensions. I feel like a little cake. You know, and I’m just like icing it up honestly. If I could get good at makeup, I would have a YouTube for it. I mean. Obviously I actually started with makeup tutorials on my channel. We can roll those Clips right now long story short. My camera is freaking pissing me off okay, guys. So I’m going to do my eye. Look but yeah. So, okay, bye, guys yeah. I was 10 and I thought colored eyeliner was a good idea. I would actually the youngest person at my school to wear makeup but turns out the older I got who works like out of it. So I never got better like these kids did James Charles talks about how he got into makeup and how he just like found it one day and started playing with it and all of a sudden. He just like got good. That good part never really happened to me. So now this is my channel, which is really great. Obviously, as you can tell, I, basically ten million subscribers the same thing, pretty much yeah, no issues there, it’s been 11 minutes and I’m only putting on primer. So this is a little stress: okay, easy, I’m gonna take this concealer and put it all over my face because I don’t have foundation. This is usually the part where they go, get their Beautyblender wet, but my not moldy and my dog ate it. So I have these really should have bought a beauty blender for this. What am i doing? Yep nope there’s my only option. Why is this like? Not look bad yet, especially on camera. You, like Cara Lee, tell if stuff isn’t all the way blended or if stuff looks really cakey. These cameras just like to like slightly blur out your face a little bit.
So if you ever meet me in real life, you’re like she’s like a little uglier than I thought, you’d, be that’s. Why fair warning for everyone out there got to keep those expectations. Low, okay, fingers are so underrated. I just blended that entire thing with my fingers and it’s basically a Beauty Blender. I don’t want a flashback, marries it’s the wrong tutorial. I feel, like it looks scary with makeup on things are about to get stickier yeah. That’s right, Beauty, GU status when she hits pan. Oh snap, she does bronzer badly. I don’t know, I don’t know how to contour it. Okay, there’s powder. My mouth, I don’t have any reason for anything I do with makeup. I do my forehead is just brown. No! Keep going gotta keep on believe it’s gonna keep any was gonna make it look good. I’m fine contour looks so bad to me. Oh, I got it a little close okay. Well now I just look like a bright piece of toes, but I guess that’s better than it’s toast and just like white bread, you know so there is no part of that is purposely being bad at makeup. I’m not a comedy channel, I’m actually trying do you understand why this is sad now this is me trying. Okay, I did the base. I haven’t even started the makeup, yet it’s okay for this pilot online and they dont sell it anymore. To my knowledge, photo Ulta make a pause, wait. What the head? Okay! This was a gift I was like. I did not buy this. Don’t ever get the kerlick nails when they come off, your nails will be so weak. I have not seen a doe foot applicator in years once I open it and it broke whoa wow. I don’t know when you’re supposed to use that, but it’s nice, I’m just gonna blend this very, very carefully, making sure that this doesn’t get too high up that shadow on the brush and just wing it out as well. Okay, okay, well, you didn’t show the brush James. You have to hold my hand during this process. I cannot just be let off the leaves. I don’t know. Okay, I don’t know what you use it. So I’m just gonna use that okay, you said going over with a very light hand, because blues are hard colors to work with. Oh, that is not my fault. This is how it was bad huh he wings it out.. What I already screwed it up – okay, um yep, looks pretty much identical to me. So, as you can see, I really like deepened up the crease with the darker blue color, just right right in that crease, you know just just really deep ended up.
You really gives it a lot of 3d dimension type, looks so yeah just get it right in there and yes, okay, honest! I don’t enjoy this go watch a different foundation. Tutorial go watch a half cut, crease tutorial! I need now for right now. It is smart, though. Now we’re going to give that more dimension in the crease deep color creo que yep good okay move on what is cut my crease I bought glitter. For this I got a baby fix plus this is I’ve. Always watched be to use do this, since I was 10, I’ve never done this okay. So now I’m just gonna spray, my brush with some flakes plus, I completely missed the brush. How do they do that? You have to like literally aim okay? Well now it’s to it Wow even spraying a brush with fix, plus it’s hard. Who would have known wait? That’s so cute! I love my gosh so bad. I am so paranoid living low. That’s that’s! The eyes so pretty good pattern. I make that color. I like don’t have that color anywhere. Oh, my gosh, that verse is sharp and it went in my eye. Okay, now that I look is done okay, so my camera died and I didn’t catch it I mean. Imagine that we really surprised at this point, but what I did is I started off with my two top front teeth and sketched those in and then just started from there. I hate change. You can’t keep doing your makeup off camera, I’m just so lost how James. Why do you do this? To me? This is good. This is great. Basically, this entire top line that I just made. It was completely wrong, so I’m just gonna grab my Beauty Blender and we did this wrong and I was following the tutorial and then afterwards he tells me really Ross. Well, I don’t have a Beauty Blender, so we could. It’s like he’s trying to prank me like he’s just wants me to fail. Why does he do like one half of his face at a time like? I can’t do it. You know what I mean. Okay, oh my nose looks kind of cute at the High Line. Well, the first good thing: I’ve done all day, I’m so confused, don’t worry if it’s not perfect, oh my gosh, that is so an even. How are these lines like I thought I was gonna be good at this. I’m not gonna lie I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m getting a little bored.
Just being honest awesome, because what is on my face? Alright, this is the fun part that I’ve been waiting for I bought the exact same product I believe I can’t wait This is just gonna Take me from drab to fab Why is my not as bright as his what this is a scam? Look at that? Why is this so great? That is literally the most disappointing thing Why is he so pigmented? I literally like just opened this I thought it was the same exact product I am thoroughly unimpressed, it’s not even showing up This is a scam, ah well, okay, back well! So this is the finished look yeah I really hope if he watches this, he doesn’t feel threatened by my makeup ability I went into this really humble, like not really thinking I could make much of it, but it turns out that I, like a makeup genius Just really, you know discovering new avenues of just really my talent with me The possibilities are endless You know I pick up a makeup brush, I’m a makeup artist, basically so yeah that was really fun hope I didn’t flex too hard on you with this look, there’s my microphone in the frame because I’m at youtuber awesome so yeah This is the finished look Hopefully, I could see you guys recreating what I created Obviously this is very original of me yep this one terribly I I can’t even believe how badly it went like I knew it would be like kind of funny, but this is tragic Well, it is Halloween season It’s pretty spooky, ah, okay, yeah that that’s all I got for this fan Friday, guys If you don’t want to type out a comment, you can just click the thumbs up button and if you feel bad for me, you can click the subscribe button to join the family and if you like, extra, feel bad for me, you can turn on the post Notifications because YouTube definitely doesn’t recommend stuff like this to you, which is you know, I think you deserve to see this in your feet every week This is this is quality Okay, that’s enough! Happy Halloween that you can follow me on Instagram or see what I end up being or my blog channel I have one of those I post way too much on it So yeah love you yeah, okay by

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