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I turned my sister into a villain at the school ball (semi formal in winter)

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up guys, I’m with Maya and Tory we’re on our way to the hotel right now, the first hotel I’m getting as an 18 Starbucks in our lands? What the heck! What here? Oh my gosh, alright guys so we’re here at the hotel, we’re here yeah! We have a lot of stuff we have to do We have to go, get some finishing things at the mall, because it’s like right next door Also, it’s lighting, though I have to get new brushes, because I forgot all my brushes in Washington and get my Oh Some earrings because she doesn’t have any and yeah, let’s go yeah the goons, like sucks, hey, shout out to the girls that just asked for pictures I love you so much It will look disgusting, hola, hey guys, so we just got back to the hotel and we got all of our stuff and um now and I’m getting really personal It’s currently 12 28 right now I have a lot to do You should take me about like twohours to get my eyes wearing a red dress, so I’m gonna do like red lips and the tories writing a pink dress So I’m gonna do like a new to make up and I’m super excited first things First is nails We already got my eyes Nails then forgot to vlog it I’m a bad, vlogger, sorry and yeah So I’m gonna insert those pictures right now here they are Oh, my toes are totally censoring that out for all the people with toe fetishes Oh, my god, why does my hand look like this? Oh that is so funny Okay, I just laid out all the makeup on this table You don’t have to film this okay How do I turn this out? You saw me to keep keep back I see you guys after wait all right guys, so I finally finished our makeup We’Re about to go run to the store, so I can get some black eyeliner for that like space right there but love it Your stories come here, love it It’s time for dress revealso we got two earrings Both of them are from Claire’s I got her there’s white hoops because she has white booties, or should she wear these like elegant, looking ones? Here’s the shoes cute little booties We got it from Jesus warehouse, but that’s a local stores, Siam they’re, both cute Do you want to wear them? No, no it’ll match your justice silver that yeah here little Sparky and you’re wearing it, I’m putting them on you Sorry Why

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