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I watched my high school football game and it turned out to be crazy.~

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone’s going over and we’re gonna get ready and we’re going all out like when I say all out, like I’m dying, my hair, we just got done with tennis and now we’re gonna get ready. Yeah yeah yeah watch me transform from this and then you’ll see you but yeah. It’s gonna be a super epic and super cool, and I’m gonna bring my drone and I’m gonna fly it and I’m gonna get some sick clips for you and I’m gonna make a bomb montage. So am I gonna have a good time these pants pants pants? Oh, I do not approve of that shirt at all.
I was wearing it. I need really make it really quick, orange hello yeah. You can’t read my mind okay. Well, this is the relevant call. I have to get ready, so I’m going to have to hang up mm-hmm I’ll have time to chat goodbye, sir any song, not long. Your first are our last first wait our last last, our first our first last season. It’s our last first game, this season that you already know what I’m gonna do well wants to do it with me what I’m gonna do both colors. I should I do this or this. Yes, I have no lip line, so this is gonna look horrible, but I look like a crackhead weirdly. Oddly, all out, I don’t know what’s wrong with my camera, but like did record anything, I blew it. I don’t know if I recorded that I’ve braided hair – I don’t know if the record of that we’re not gonna color our hair. I don’t even know if I said that I know I said I don’t know if the record that I go we’re literally gonna paint our hair right now Okay, how do we do it right? I’m just gonna go with the strands.
Oh my gosh Are you scared, it’s actually permanent guys, yeah we’re actually gonna Have us in her hair for about two to three months You’Re here, yeah get ready, I’m ready! Oh! I want to do it I get to you you’re, not doing okay What’s pink, that’s not pink! That was red What if this takes? This is gonna pick so Massey We need all hands on deck, we looked for spra guys and they didn’t even have it at our local warmer in Target or than um yeah We literally been to the next town also, but so otherwise we totally would have sprayed our hair, but this is the next best option My house is so professional It was like I did my eye, so you better grades I wish becomes into music, but like not trying a copyrighted Maybe we should like come back when this is done We’Ll update you guys Evan still looks good, we got done, but they they’re interesting Like look at Grace’s like this is what we got going on and we’re blow-drying them because we’re in a rush and they have to dry I do my face Paint hurt my face litter We care about the skills, hi, guys, here’s the hole fit my hair Oh, it doesn’t even look colored right now What yeah whoa were the most USA honestly look at Gavin He didn’t have anything so I gave him that hat might even buy Madison there Okay, oh I’m! That’s not even gonna fit yeah! Oh okay, we’re like kind of rushing, because apparently the student section is filling a blast and we’re going away we’re not even late this soon Our psycho, I don’t know the rest

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