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I went to the worst and best-rated nail salon in my city (one hand for each person)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s Laura, be really exciting to film, I’m so excited okay, salons food place and stuff like that, and I thought It would be a really fun idea to do a one star versus five star manicure, so I’m gonna go to a one star rated nail salon and get one of my hands done, and then I’m gonna go to a five-star rated nail salon and get My other hand done and I’m gonna be comparing at the salons and the end result. So basically, I’m going to give them both the same set of instructions.
I’m gonna say to both of them and give me a French manicure and that’s all I’m really gonna say so. I have a set of acrylic nails on right now and it’s time for a fill, so I’m gonna see where they take it. So guys it’s still January it’s a new year. It’s a new me. I’ve been doing some good things for myself. I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks on audible, so one of them that I’ve been listening to is the evolution of goddess, and this one makes me feel good. It makes me feel powerful, it’s all about what it means to be a woman and the powers that come with that I listen to audiobooks when I’m at the gym and like especially when I won’t like the treadmill. It’s actually really cool to listen to books and not like sit there and read them. You know what I mean, because you can do stuff, you can multitask and you can still soak in all the information you guys can actually get your first audio book for free. If you try audible for 30 days, you go to, slash Lawrence or, although or you text Lauren Geraldo, 2. 500. 500, guys it’s honestly the best, while I’m cleaning or doing my laundry and doing stuff that I have to be doing. While I’m listening to a book, it’s better than listening to music, sometimes because I get to actually learn so there’s audible, originals, which are exclusive audio titles created by celebrated storytellers from world as diverse as literature, journalism, theater and more so again, you can get your first Audible for free, when you try audible for 30 days, go to, slash, Lauren, Geraldo or text. Lord Rahl go to 500 500. So here I am I’m at like some random-ass Plaza in some weird part of LA.
I met the one sir nail salon. I don’t know what I’m gonna like tell the girl like why I only need one hand done and I feel so bad lying, but I might be like. Oh I’m getting like surgery on my hand, but I’m just trying to get a real-life comparison of what the difference is between one stars and five stars when it comes to man, Cheers hey guys. I just got here so I came to the bathroom and the bathrooms are actually really clean. I just want to know that so really clean and this lunch looks like huge and clean. It’s nothing like super fancy or anything, but it’s clean. So this is the official before of my news and I’m just gonna ask for a classic fresh manicure. Oh my god, guys. Okay, I cannot believe these nails. I cannot believe these nails. Okay, I’m gonna show you them in a second, but literally, all I said was a classic French manicure like he didn’t. Even he didn’t even ask like how thick I wanted the white part. He just made it this big and like. If this is your style, then this is your style personally. This is not my style like. I would never in a million years like when he started doing it. He just started glob it on the white. I was like huh and I was like, oh my god so then he’s like. Should I just do pink over it. I’m like yeah and like you, could see like the nail from where he just kind of like clamped it off. Oh, my god, but what I will say the Balthus worked clean and the place was like kind of cute. It wasn’t like anything, crazy, fancy or anything, but it wasn’t like really gross by any means and something that I saw on a lot of the Yelp reviews for like a lot of the salons were like complaining that the people they were rude and he wasn’t rude. You know he wasn’t like super nice, but he wasn’t rude at all, but I were just never like in a million years, I would be extremely disappointed in my manicurist. So now I’m about to arrive at my five-star nail salon, so I’m gonna give them the same directions: just a classic French manicure and we’re starting off with these bad boys to use.
So, let’s see what the result is – oh my god. So I just sat down – and I was created with a glass of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, which I most definitely was not greeted with at the other salon anyways. I showed her what we are working with today and she basically explained to me that it wasn’t realistic for me to go from this and then keep these nails underneath to then go to like a French on top, because obviously you’re gonna see through. Basically, what went wrong with this one, but the first guy never really told me any of that and now she’s explaining it for me. So we can’t just go in with like a light pink and a French, because you’re gonna see the cracks like you did on that. First manicure, so she’s gonna fill these nails and we’re gonna go in with a nude color and then we’re gonna do French? Yes, yes, you want to say hi, okay! Yes, what do you think of my manicure? Ah, what do you think of this? One, what do you think yeah? Just because you know disguise not good? Thank you. So what these little like lines that you could see through the nails are called scars and it’s not good, but we’re gonna we’re gonna fix it. So – and these are my three options to choose from she said any of these – will work I’m trying to decide which one I should get. I wish I could ask you guys, so I can’t have you guys both down below which one do you think I can’t decide? Maybe the charges Amy Pascal you, okay, whoa, we’re trying to like it. Oh it’s so hard. I think that’s why I’m skating, let me see your ski yeah. I like that one, just ski yeah I like that, match your skin. You look right, yeah, which I like it’s the middle one middle finger, yeah! Oh, you do the way after yes, that’s above me right, okay, so this is what it looks like so far. It looks really pretty and now she’s explaining to me that when we do French there’s like a couple options that we have so it would look best if we did one car. It’s like the tracking yeah, so basically for the nail shape that I have we’re. Gon na we’re gonna try we’re gonna try the triangle and see if that with us, and if not Elena, we’re trying this out to see.
If this is it yeah? Oh, that’s so pretty. So this is the one store side, and this is the 5-star side. Obviously, up close, you can see how much of a difference everything is. So the reason that we did this side, like a different style is because she explained to me that, because of my nail shape, it would make more sense to do it like this, because they wouldn’t long gave my fingers and make everything. Look like my fingers. Look. Skinnier and stuff, which I really appreciated, because the guy on this side didn’t tell me anything, didn’t even ask me how thick I wanted. It didn’t really give me any options or choices or personalization or her like. Allow me any room to make them custom because he kind of just like did whatever he wanted. So I really appreciated that this woman actually asked me what I wanted to talk to me about what would look best and we decided together that this would be the most beautiful and flattering result. I mean come on guys like honestly. This side is just way better. So this is the price difference between the two, so this one cost this much and this one cost this much um yeah. So I told the salon I’m like. I really need you to fix the one star side for me. So right now I’m gonna go in and they’re gonna. Take this off and they’re gonna match it to this side, so that I can have all five star nails, because I’m not trying to walk around with one hand full of one and one hand full of vibe. You know I mean I’m trying to be a ten, so let’s get in there and let’s um, let’s get it all right guys. So now that I get to match my good side. To my other hand, I’m like relieved, I’m not nervous anymore because, like I don’t have to like walk around with my fingers, but Michelle who I’ve been sitting next to you, the entire time as I’ve been getting my manicure done, we’ve been talking about it and well The one that was here it looks great but the other hand looks tragic, she’s like if I didn’t know you, I would offer to pay for that to get Thanks yeah So I felt like I just needed to agree on in Isaiah ya, iconic, alright guys.
So she has recommended that we go in with some silver on, like the white part and do the borders I’m gonna put some silver around it That it’d look really cute, so she’s gonna take this like pin little brush right there and we’re gonna put some silver on it, and it’s gonna look really beautiful I will give you guys a little update, so I got my nails fixed Luckily, so both nails are good Second salon did such a good job on my nails and long as they obsessed towards the end We decided to add this, like silver lining onto it I don’t know if you guys can see it in this lighting, so we added like a little silver lining to it Um, honestly, with the first one, I was expecting it to be a lot dirtier and I was expecting the people to be rude, because that was like a common denominator that I found with the one stars on Yelp with the nail salons like a lot of them Were dirty and like a lot of the people were rude which honestly I didn’t find, but what I did find is that the work was very rushed It seemed like he didn’t really care if I liked my nails or not, and he kind of just like did whatever he wanted to do, and my nails did not look good towards the end and then with the five-star one Everyone was talking to me like what do you want? This would look best, giving me recommendations taking the time it took way longer at the second appointment than it did at the first, so yeah all right guys Let me know your thoughts down below and very curious to see what you guys have to say Let me know your worst nail salon experience down below and let me know your best nails a lot of experience down below I’m excited to travel with you guys and talk to you guys and hang out with you guys in the comments both of my nails Look great, I’m really happy with how they turned out so yeah I’ll talk to you guys down below Don’t forget to subscribe to My channel, if you haven’t, subscribed already and yeah, I love you guys, see you next Video

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