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If the school is a teen movie back to school 2017

1 Nov , 2019  

I was trying to like be one of those cute youtubers when we’re like nerdy glasses Okay, these are going yo I don’t know about you guys, but when I was in middle school going into high school, I literally would imagine high school as being like this perfect thing Like you see in the movies, I thought I would be the captain of the cheer team dating the quarterback, but high school is not like the movies and for this week’s challenge I want to see If you’re not already and leave a comment, letting me know what grade you’re going into in the time it takes me to try to do a somersault, okay Chloe I don’t know why I struggled with that so much okay anyways here we go take a deep breath when you walk through the doors it’s the morning of your very first day, so it looks like your seat is over there Are you watching Chloe couture yeah So if you could all take out your cell phones, please and you Sam all right now we’re gonna get up in here movies You know, show you the light got you so far It’s been awesome Literally, my teachers are so cool You mean attention students This is an announcement from your principal Press subscribe, if you’re not already and leave a comment below letting me know any other circumstances Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, at Chloe couture and on snapchat at real Chloe couture All my links will be in the description below including my clothing line, glow back Chloe couture That is it, and I will see you guys next week Love you bye,

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