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I’m a liar. I don’t trust influential people. I canceled the brand. – Seriously, Youtuber Tag ft Ali Julia Hair

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. I hope you do well, so I’m really doing like a tag watching when it’s even cold hold on one. Second, today’s gonna be a chit chat, key tag and an attack in like years you’ll be able to do tags, but I did come across this tag. I watched Samantha SSSs Mantha, a koala girl and she did a really cool tag called the triple uture retard, and I thought this is quite interesting. It’s time to spill some tea. There are lot of things that we don’t actually share with you guys.
So I thought let’s dive in it’s under some questions and in the meantime, I’m gonna be styling. My hair, as we go along quick, get rid of me. I guess with this hair, let’s hair I’ve been wearing for about about six months now, and this hair is by Ali Julia hair, and I initially got the Brazilian body wave so that obviously the texture of the hair was like a body without probably like. Oh insert picture here some: what happened, what it actually looks like the raw form? Obviously it’s been my card is straightened and all that kinda stuff, so it’s changed and I’ve also changed the frontal because it has been six months and there is no way your frontal will last that long, so actually fragile. This is actually my room from tour, but um yeah, so they initially sent me Brazilian body waived: 18, 22, 22, 24 and an 18 frontal. I will put the right lemon in the description box, but yeah they had a 13 by 4 joke. This is a 13 by 6; they don’t do you thousand by sixes. So so far the hair is actually like. It’s lost it really really well in terms of my shedding every hair sheds, this hat was made for me. My wigs are made for me. I don’t remember, though, if like she caught the West, but many more shedding, there’s no hair that does not shed using a D by Willis parole, that’s what I use and it gets some nice curls going first question: have you ever received a product tried? It didn’t like it and then decided not to review it. Yes, definitely lots of times are so many products. I ski like. I want to try out and perhaps see like other people’s reviews, and then I try it out for myself and it’s led analysis. We’Re filming. There’s been tons a few of the aviate pallets, definitely for sure. I’m so anxious to try it out that end up, trying it before the biggest film. So I’m just like nah. It’s not gonna work, so yeah a few mascaras as well that a lot of people hype that I tried, I’m just like no product, you use alone, but don’t show or use online. The only thing I’ll show you might my routine is my select sunscreen. I use some speed before I apply my primer and foundation stuff. Does that count? It’s nothing special though, when it comes to like moisturizing my face, I use sunscreen as men washer, either, because i can’t double moisturize because i have oily skin and my sunscreen actually is like I must find so screen.
So it’s meant for your skin, so yeah sunscreen. That seems such a boring response, maybe like some skin care stuff them trying out popery. You know I do do a lot of like at home, peels and stuff, but yeah, maybe that product you want but won’t buy, because you don’t support the ground. There are a lot of products, they don’t one, not because I don’t like the brand, but just because I thought either not worth it or over you hat or I don’t need it, but the only brand I don’t support is you know, Jess, I’m not Rhian the Whole canceling culture like it’s it that needs to be counseled. If I’m honest, so I don’t believe in like driving a brand and fashion them, maybe even people making the remind when it comes to certain situations and not trying to coerce followers. You know or, like you know, lurking manipulate them into changing their their way of thinking. I don’t really have anything they want. I don’t that I can’t box. I don’t support about what the hell I want. You know. Do you have any blocked words? I have tons of blocked words yeah, I have to kind of after a while about kind of annoying happens, certain comments, you know so the certain like racist words or like inappropriate words. We should tolerate certain behavior and language, I’m twisting my hair. So it’s not like I’m doing my regular curl. So I took the hair and let you twist it around the wand. Okay, next question: do you delete comments? If so, but just no power reason could just work. They want like a response from other people, so they feel like they’re, saying something relevant, so I hate having to have like psych. I don’t agree. I don’t like, like.. So, yes, if your, if your comment is again inappropriate or irrelevant pointless, then sometimes I just don’t have the energy to respond to you, so they will be deleted. I can see that this is gonna cause drama. Then I’d rather not have it I’d rather not have that kind of energy. In the comments, I’m definitely offer constructive criticism. I can respond to fair. You know a fair amount of them, but if it’s just a comment, start drama or maybe expose other people or try to bring other youtubers down or the people down, I don’t like that’s what they get to meet it. Do you block people? Of course, I do like a lot of people like need to be checked the same way.
You have it the energy to leave certain comments. You know on someone’s you know platforms on this page, then you should also be aware of the consequences of that. So yes, I do not be read your book, you know you get trolled, you get know. Everyone deserves a lot. I feel like some people just want an attention, so it’s it’s actually more effective to ignore and not respond the National blot sometimes, and then you get the ones who get upset like. Oh, my god, you grew up to you. I don’t put any when they get like they get surprised, set that you block them like. What did you expect? You’ve been rude, you’ll be nasty. You’ve been aggressive, there’s no way that wasn’t gonna happen. You know if I do respond, those usual work saying: why do you think you were blocked because no one’s blocked for no reason it has to be luggage? It’s a reason: why have you ever lied about a product to stay on good terms with the brand? Absolutely not, I have been kicked off PR before back in the day, a BH. They brought up they’re popping your brow, pomade. I think I did review it. It wasn’t like. Oh my god, this is so amazing and since then I never really got any PR. I still buy her stuff, which is really really funny. I should buy her stuff. I love her lip products. Lipstick. Some lip gloss is highlighters as well, but like since that review what I just don’t get anything from them, but it’s like it’s gonna be killer. Like I do not really want, I don’t feel a title when it comes to PR it’s nice not to have to spend your money and it’s nice to get things ahead of time and heard of like launches and start to review. But honestly, it’s not that beautiful. What about, if I really really want it, I’m gonna get it myself. How do you ever initially like to products when you reviewed it and then changed your mind, but didn’t let your audience know? Ah it’s usually over around. I sometimes would start off not liking. Something and then give it another, try, few more tries and end up liking it, but everyone knows I did. I’m so honest I would never ever I don’t really care like issues know if you’re Familiar with my channel right now me, you know that I don’t really care what backlash I get. I am very honest. so first impressions, don’t really give you like a lasting, like it doesn’t give you like a full final verdict on a product, it wasn’t my shade, you know a couple of other products I think, might end up liking. After you know, I’ve got away from filming with my lights and building natural lighting. You know my natural setting in you don’t trusts. Oh well-well look people that have watched.
You this, but you none of them were able to actually say some more. I guess you know nobody wants to start drama. Nobody wants to get you out for being honest, but I’m only mate, I’m really enjoying that unproblematic life right now. So no name will be mentioned. However. However, however, I don’t trust, influences who say one thing and do another who were all about a specific cause only when it suits them only when it doesn’t affect their back their money. I don’t get that I don’t get lose new integrity just so your English, not in good terms of the brand. Just so you make money, everybody I mean come on everyone’s about the money. I’m not gonna lie. We all I make my gonna do better. You know impressed in are in this game, but I’m all for being authentic, I’m all for not losing yourself and selling your soul. Because of this, I’m all for not trying to preach a certain narrative but you’re living a different life like I don’t. I will get that on it. The reason why I only have like a certain like set of YouTube friends is because a lot of a lot of them aren’t exactly aren’t what they are or what they say. They are online in real life. I can’t say none of us are doing it for the money, but they’re just they’re, just a limit and they’re just a line that you just don’t cross when it comes to certain things. So just people who could not honest with their followers about different things, about maybe their lifestyle trying to prove they are about this light, a certain life and forget, you know where they come from or just trying to make their followers not feel adequate. You know stuff like that, so when you know them a person, you see them before or you’ve met them a few times and you just like you are not likely in real life like. Why is it like this? I’m gonna come back to this. So far, this is what it looks like I’m gonna do this side. I am definitely all for being a learner, but still like keeping my values and not losing myself in the process, because it is so easy to do that in this industry. You know the best way to know if an influencer is being genuine when it comes to reviews watch you to see if they actually use that product again after the review, that’s usually like a telltale sign if they actually believe in what they’re saying or they actually Be truthful of their reviews if they’re raving about a product, but if it’s a favorite of yours, if it’s so amazing, it’s a surf sesh with it.
We want to see you use it again. You know we want to see you the multiple times influencer, you trust the most hmm actress myself, that’s a good one too. I have names, the ones that you just know have been have been consistent in their character, so they haven’t changed over the years. They just remain them selves, I’m sure they’ve grown as a person or as people. You just tell they’re not trying to be someone that they’re not there are very few. I don’t really watch everybody that I used to watch I put back in the day. I think everyone is evolving in different ways. Everyone has changed some people who might have changed their content or just kind of grown out of the YouTube game. I did have a lot of people do, who I watch regularly, but not so much now, not for any particular reason. I just I guess I’m maybe I I watch YouTube for different reasons now and things they were popular back there. I miss you, I miss. I miss you look books. I miss like that. The productions that people put in to look books, you know everyone’s doing different things, they’re all moving up and changing. So it’s they’re all like YouTube is not what it’s not what it used to be, but there are still a few of us who still kind of remain true to ourselves. You know we have grown as well, so you can kind of tell it’s being genuine humor. So and everyone’s like motive so I’ll leave that to you, maybe you can let me know you can write the comments. Who do you trust who the influencers, you trust secret tips or product application? You don’t show. While on a camera, I thought I show you guys everything I may like go back home to learn something out, because when I do tutorials any honest people, when I tell you I actually can’t see, I actually cannot see my eyesight is so bad. You know. So a lot of time you might think something is in blend very well but, like I would pop the camera and go back to my back my vanity and V blend. I pet go to the mirror behind me and let go close up influence stuff. So, besides the extra blending and maybe extra applications here in there, I don’t think I have any secret tips. So I guess what I would what I usually do before my tutorials. I use a face mask so I usually use them sort of like exfoliating face mark or a brightening face mask just so I can get my skin look a little bit of a hide because a lot of the time my skin is dead. These lights are really helping me a lot, not a lie, but a lot of time. My skin and looking hella dead have you ever shown one product but we’re actually using another hmm how’d. I ever shown up products, but who is using another product? I would say the only time I probably would do that it’s like for me.
I find it’s very hard to find a really good black eyeshadow. So a lot of time – and I do use like new, palates and stuff that have that I should like a black actually or touch that does have a black eyeshadow nine times out of ten they’re. Just not very people to do it come up with a light gray. I love the only that’s so far. My favorite black eyeshadow is the one by makeup geek. I think it’s called bullet bulletproof or something like that. I’D show myself using the black shadow and then I would obviously cut off the part where I’m applying the makeup geek one, but don’t even think that everybody else doesn’t do this they’re doing it. It is if they see the door they’re like have you ever notice? How, like a lot of times like say you before you someone’s at aura, and why does their shadow look a lot more pigmented a lot more vibrant than mine? Does he ever hit? He ever felt like that. Let me tell you now a lot the time they are mixed in shades. They are probably using on their favorite palettes and to telling you that it’s not it’s a palette that this show in your camera. It happens very, very red. I will do that, but most of time it’s just yeah black shadow, I’m probably like substitutive or something else. Oh, I remember things or liners liquid Martinez as well. Not all of them there was pigmented or was like for pink as they appeared to be so sometimes I might go over. It look like if I, if I happen to have not, I don’t know what I rarely use like liquid liners now. If I was to use liquid liners, I probably go over it with my job, like that and my favourite, your liner is the Inglot 177, so yeah you’re just got to do what you gonna do so don’t and you ever not disclosed a sponsorship. I try as much as I can to be to let everyone aware I mean right now: it’s like it’s a law. You can’t you have to know you have to disclose this, but I have always explode my sponsorships. A lot of the time. Brian, send you products, but not necessarily pay you to use them, so I don’t count them as a sponsorship. But if I pay the flat out fee to know to show products online or on camera or to actually use it at Oriel, then I would say in as soon as what supplies on the time so have you ever had a bad interaction with a brand one Or two like – and it happened to me – black-owned Brunton, nothing really matters what who’s owning it but yeah. I did a review or did like a picture for them and i was honest and they didn’t like that.
I was honest and the emails weren’t very pleasant, and since then I just haven’t, I don’t f with them. I well. I don’t appreciate on professionals in look, but I’ve never like I’ve, never like malicious. When it comes to my like my reviews so but being the person she was, she tried to flip and I was like let’s happen at me. I have other brands. I can you that I don’t have to be yours, so it’s okay and janilla. but said I don’t make that mistake anymore. The make the mistake that I made was not to us under contract stay tuned. I would be paid regardless. So I actually did painting, but yeah that was that was very unpleasant. That wasn’t just I was very impressed unprofessional, but now, usually I’m in good timing. The brands I’d love to leave like a positive taste in grunts mouth. That’s an analogy to explain. I I don’t like to have negative vibes or brands, but she cuz. You know you never know. What’s gonna happen in the future, because then you get like there have any type of water brands and in deep like come back to work with me again. So it’s always good to have a nice positive relationship with Brown by the way. Just because, if I’m sends you PR, does it mean that’s a relationship, your is a part of a list of names, just means that they hope to make money from you. So when it comes to relationships, I’m talking a one-on-one conversation makes meeting it for lunch. You know breakfast those kind of know, one-on-one, meeting, email back and forth just because you’re an influencer do not assume you will also get pure. That makes sense a lot of brothers. I don’t have I’m not on the pianist for a very long time. I wasn’t online. You know the fancy beats me on there, so people just assume like if you’re, not honest, if you’ve not honest about your brand’s and present new brands manner. Like you blood, I was a vegetable in P, honest, so that just goes to show being genuine and being authentic, pays, never lose yourself, ladies and gents, because it will eventually pay off having Emma bandwagon with other people’s thoughts on a particular product. I mean you guys should know the answer to that already, like you guys know, I’m running I’m modern jumper. I stayed true to myself. I already came, I get dragged, I don’t care if it’s not my popular opinion, I’m always honest when it comes to things, and I think a lot of people also watch me because of this. I always they true honest, and I would never want to make you spend money that you didn’t need to spend, because I’m also consumers what I wouldn’t want to have Someone recommend me a product and I’ve owned by and it’s trash.
So I look out for my balls I look out for my supporters Final question things Other creators do that get on your nerves Where do I begin? I’m joking? Nobody, not joking, sir Where do I begin like? Where do I actually begin? But now I feel, like everyone’s got, that thing you might really agree with everyone’s way of doing things For me, I feel like just people that lie I hate liars I just I hate line of a passion who enjoy bumper Joe’s when you just pulling faces for no reason whatsoever Like I don’t know, I guess showing a chunk of product and just like what just show your tongue go like show the product, I’m good Why are you and why are you doing extra stuff? You know, I don’t get it, yes it What maybe works for them and people might like it, but it’s just so annoying like and then everyone starts to do it because one person is doing so just starts like a it’s like a Mexican wave type thing like just Do you be yourself if you weren’t doing it to begin with? Why are you so you not making face as a pulling like it’s just yeah anyway? Don’t you just be quiet? You know me people think, I’m being Anita, so just it’s yeah yeah pretty much already to the hair, quick curl, I’m gonna just do a quick spray This crazy night, the squared my views, is the Loreal Elnett, the white one L net, flexible, hairspray extra hold but doesn’t need to have that crunchy and the smell is in the fastest smells like a sprayed, but it it definitely has a good hold to the hair So what I’m gonna do not admit Chico like I don’t want to be so credit, I’m gonna brush it out So it’s a nice like loose wave, see you there sure that gonna put some earrings on yeah This is a finished look I really hope you like it straight honestly The head, like holds a curl, really well, I’m not sure on to the bathroom about shooting the back I don’t know how the backs looking I did it real quick, oh yeah actually love it and let’s see this, this pearl will last for days I hope you like this tag I don’t know if they’re really popular these days, let me know and I’ll trying in the store for you, but thank you so much for watching the hair info will be in the description box Thank you So much for watching and I’ll see you in my next one bye, guys

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