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I’m going to throw up the makeup all over my face!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens, I’m gonna be doing a makeup tutorial and products that I’m gonna throw out. So this is gonna be fun. I just went through my cupboard – and I always give here my cover – to get rid of perks that I never use, because I feel like there’s no point ordering it in there, so I’m just gonna give it away to people that would use it more than Me this is just perks that don’t work for me and that I’m over or I’ll tell you the reason when I’m using it.
So let’s go ahead and jump in okay. So let’s go ahead and start with the eyebrows. This one is from the brand a billion dollar brows, it’s called the triple threat and this is a brow pencil. So it has this bully on one end and then it has the angled brow pencil on the other end. To be honest, I never ever use pencils and this I think this is been sitting in my cupboard for like well over six months and there’s like no point and having it. If I never use it, I know someone else will use this, but I want to just give it at least one go cuz I haven’t even come in to chance, yet I guess I’m just gonna start filling in my arch. I just never really felt like brow. Pencils got really defined like how I see look. I just, and I also feel like brow. Pencils are kind of hard to like reshape the brows. If you already have really nice shaped brows – and you just want to like make them a bit darker and fill in sparse areas, I think they would work for you, but I like to do the whole shebang hon. This really isn’t that bad. To be honest, but that’s because they’re, my breasts, how do you don’t so i’m just darkening them a little bit next job, i’m gonna go in with this else. Concealer and highlighter by me use a concealer end, and i’m gonna use this to prime. At my eyelids, i remember – i use this a really long time ago, and it really just didn’t do a lot for me like, although these products is super, super affordable, you’re, obviously not going to get the best like coverage and everything and some people can’t afford like Expensive makeup and that’s fine, but for me i just have so many products that work a lot better than this. So i don’t feel like there’s a point having it any more. I’m gonna blow it out with my Beauty, Blender, I don’t know. I do certainly feel like it does a whole lot and I definitely do still have some affordable concealers that a great a few guys are on a budget. The Maybelline fit me. Concealer is really really good. The next product that I’m planning on getting rid of is the Kylie Jenner, the burgundy palette, and don’t get me wrong. This palette is actually a pretty good. It’s just like how many palettes look exactly the same as this like.
In my opinion, this is like the perfect warm tone palette. You can do quite a few different looks with this, but this one from Anastasia, Beverly Hills. The modern renaissance palette has all of these shades by just took a chunk out of the ugly shade. That’s alright! It was an ugly shade, I feel, like this palette can do so much more than this one and it has all the shades that this one has anyway. So, in my opinion, anastacio is a little bit more pigmented a bit more buttery. These are my favorite eye. Shadows like in the world – and this is my favorite palette in the world, so I just don’t feel like it’s really a point having this one. I’m gonna take this orangey shade right here. That’s in the shade penny and I’m just gonna take that in my crease. I just feel like when I look at this palette, I’m not like overly inspired with what I see in there and with the anastasi one, I’m just I’m just obsessed with it, and I can I like imagine different, looks that I can do in my head. But this one just doesn’t work for me next up, I’m gonna take this shade right here and that’s gonna go in my crease to deepen it. Oh wait, orange and purple I’m gonna take this one. Instead, that’s more of like a brownie purple and as much burgundy in it. So I think that’ll be a little bit better, just gonna pop this in my crease okay. So now that I’ve blended, that in another fan of the colors together, I’m just gonna go in with this gold and I’m gonna pack, this all over my lid with my finger, see that’s very pigmented a like that shade I’ll go ahead and finish the Eyes off later, I really feel like we need some big lashes, because I wrote the I should hop really high, but it’ll. Look fine, sir! Well to an extent. So let’s go in with foundation at this. One is the Fenty Beauty foundation and I have this shade. 300 and the reason why I want to get rid of this one is because this honestly oxidizes so bad, and it literally makes my face look orange, which is sad because I feel like it is a pretty good foundation. If I go to a lot of shade, it would be fun. I just really don’t like how it oxidizes. I just got the wrong shade to begin with. It’s totally my fault, I’ll use it. Once sir, please tell me I’m trying my absolute best to get this foundation off. I just took the lid off the pump thing. I think it’s gonna wear. Ok, so this foundation dries very very quickly, so we got to work fast, got this much and let’s go in see, first of all, it’s way too yellowy orange for me, but then it goes even more orient.
It actually does make the face. Look beautiful, though I just have so many foundations and I’m like worried about spending money in getting the wrong shade. Look at that! Okay, sorry, boo concealer, I’m gonna go back in with that elf concealer and I’m just gonna pop this underneath my eyes so watery. Oh, my god. I really need something light under here, because this hand Asian is so off right. Now I’m gonna go ahead and blend this in it did a really nice job of brightening under the eyes, and it definitely feels nice and hydrating. I’m gonna put this here as well to lighten it up. I might keep this just because it is so affordable and I could use this to like a really minimal makeup. It looks but when I’m filming because it doesn’t look horrible, you know I just don’t. I know I’m not gonna use it in my own time, but at least I can share it with you guys if you ever need an affordable concealer that looks very natural, sorry, ugly, okay, so next, I’m gonna go in with the original awesome a powder And, oh, okay, I’m definitely! Oh my god. I’m definitely gonna get rid of this one, because this leaves the worst white cast under my eyes and take self foundation. I just really don’t like it if you have very pale skin. This will probably look really good on you. It looks really gonna Michael but on me because I’m tan um, it really shows up like the white costume, really shows off. So I’m gonna put this on my life lines as well. Cuz I get really bad creasing they’re, just crazy. How sometimes products work for you and sometimes they don’t. I swear to god. I used a foundation the other day. That was more of like a wet finish, see this one here is more of a dry finish. It dries pretty much matte, so the awesome, a powder didn’t stick to it as much as the other foundation, so it didn’t even leave a white cast at all. So now I know when I’m going to use this one, I only use it with a foundation that drives matte on its own. Don’t you don’t use this to set like a jus, ikan sealer or like a thick concealer or a really jewelry foundation. For me, I’m loving it let’s go ahead and finish the lower lash line, so I’m gonna go in with that dark brown shade and I’m just gonna pop this from outer corner to inner corner. So we can even that little puppy out this next one is the Tarte a lifted at mascara, this one’s a brown mascara, and I just don’t feel like it adds a lot of volume. When I apply this, I don’t know not the massive fan of it. So I think I’m gonna get rid of this one made him a little bit longer. This would be great if you want like a really natural look.
Okay. So let’s move on through the eyelashes. These are the ones that I picked out of my cupboard that I wanted to get rid of just because this style of them is definitely not what I like. I feel like that too there we go. I feel like that too. Black at the root they’re just gonna look super fake. I like really long fluffy wispy looking lashes, so I’m gonna go ahead and apply these babies all right. Let’s do this! Oh my god cute! This is literally the same size in my lashes. Just a little bit more volume eyes by the way. This is the brand slay all day, I’m pretty sure they have lashes that I was like obsessed with. I think this ban is just way too thick, because it’s really bending properly usually they’re fine. Let’s just be this style anyways, let’s move on to the cheeks, so I’m gonna take this a Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in lights. Sorry golden light one and to me I feel like this is just a little bit too cool tone I haven’t used in a while. So let’s see how it looks on my cheekbones, those aren’t even bad. What do you mean see? This can be a little tip for you guys if you ever feel like you want to throw any products out, give it one last chance, because not everything is as bad as it seems and don’t judge a book by it’s cover, because that’s actually great next up. We have the Too Faced dark chocolate Soleil. The only reason I’m getting rid of this is because my skin turn isn’t dark enough, but I do have the milk chocolate one that I really like. Oh yeah, this is nice to add a little bit of warmth. If you have a really light hand, it’ll definitely work, but I just do have like a lot of other wool. The brush hair is coming off. Why do I always do weird facial expressions? I just have other bronzes that I can kind of go crazy with and it won’t look orange and too dark on me. You know what I mean Oh see, look at this. This is coming together nicely. I mean wouldn’t wear this makeup clubbing, but let’s go in with the awesome, a powder and bake a little bit, so we have a nice contour line like we are you serious, literally just not all over the floor, like I’m not even kidding half of the tub. Just left the building bye have a nice life down there, because I’m not vacuuming up that the vacuuming you up, alright, I’m just going to brush this off well she’s, a bit dramatic. That side looks really good, just tend to blend that in a bit. Okay, this one is the zoeva blush in the shade gentle touch. This one is way too light and pink for me In my opinion, these formulas are amazing, though, what’s is one color that was like so beautiful lolita or something I love it, but this color is just not like a cup of tea or just gonna put some on the apples of my cheeks.
If you have very pale skin, though that would probably work for you, next up is highlight time So this one is the Physicians Formula pad appellate in trends loosen pearl I used to love, love, love, love this product, so much and then the first layer came off and it wasn’t as intense as it used to be so the first thing I had like a lot of shimmer on it It looked so beautiful on this skin It was a nice glory, but now I just feel like it’s needs help it just in my opinion, like it’s still pretty, but it looks a little bit ashy, because it’s so like white and like powdery, it doesn’t really have shimmers in it It’s just I think it’s meant to just be, like obviously a glow I know it’s definitely not the worst, but, like my face, is looking a hot mess right now Next up we have these products from fenty beauty and that’s just not my color, so I’m just gonna give to someone that would wear this So, let’s see what it looks like this is very frosty and I feel like 4c lips Look like kids makeup It’s quite pigmented they’re, not gonna lie, oh my god, but it’s seriously something okay! Last but not least, this one is really expensive I’m super sad about this, but it’s from Marc Jacobs It is the perfecting coconut setting mist Last time I use this It literally left white dots all over my face Let’s see if it does it again, because my friend literally just squirted in like massive balls after a few pumps and this spritz are actually oh, my god, okay, I want to show you what it does Can you see that wait? I don’t know if you can see it It’s like one light, but if you press really hard, it actually goes out really nicely I just pray that will live in my lap So if you do have this, just press really hard so anyways here we have the finish to make it look So what do I think about all of these products? Little rundown, nothing was horrible Honestly, you can tell if you just do, that it doesn’t look horrible kind of does this is not products that I hate it’s literally just products that either didn’t work For my skin tone, which usually is my fault – I’m not blaming any of these brands, these brands, honestly, all incredible Every brand has products that I love and every brand has produce I don’t love Sorry I love you guys So much and I’ll see you in my next year No, I

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