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I’m late, but we’re here at the Fundy hydration foundation to review kenniedd.

1 Nov , 2019  

Wow welcome to another edition of Kindles the last one to review something welcome. I’m Kendall, if you’re new around here, welcome if you’re not new around here. What is up, comes Gilliam biscuit, I’m late, I’m really! I’m sorry! The thing is. I was gonna review this. I was behind and everybody doesn’t review it now and I feel like if you wanted it, you probably would have bought it already, but a few people who told me that they actually are waiting for this review.
So here you go today: I’m reviewing the Fenton moisture, moisture pool the pro filter, hydrating long wearing foundation. If you’re, not in my channel, you probably don’t know that I upload on Saturdays and Tuesdays else, Lake else move yeah. I see that coming. Okay, I have dry skin, and so when I tried the Finn T Foundation the original finding foundation, it was not it. The first time I tried it, I didn’t have a color in the range, so it was too light and it made it look real ashy, and then I got the right color in winter, so this color is probably off. You see that tan line. I found my exact match and it looked better, but I was still dry. I was still driving this Sahara. It was not it. I feel, like that’s the foundation, that I would only wear for a very particular situation. I haven’t figured out what that situation is a very particular situation at that, so I’ve been sitting here thoroughly. You know waiting for the hydrating foundation to come out for a hydrating foundation to come out from penty and alas, here it is, there go that’s better thumbnail. Okay, I will say this is not a first impression it would have been, but I was filming and it was a hot-ass mess like the whole day was a hot-ass mess. My contact fell out and I started crying and that’s much the makeup and it’s like whoa. How am I supposed to review it now? I was like patting my concealer in, and I guess I’ve had too hard and that bad boy just flew. I had the foundation getting gunked up in my lace glue – and I was like I can’t put this today. So we’re here again I don’t really have any opinions of the foundation giving the first time. let’s try it yet so sis Suman and get better acquainted. So the color I chose was 345. That was my exact shade match the last time I tried it and then I you know forgot that the Sun exists.
So this is just us. I I’m pale more times than I’m tan out of the year, so I figured do I care like, like. I only go outside, maybe a month they’re, so out of the year you see me outside fewer times. Have you seen Bigfoot on camera? I feel like it’s cause, whatever it’s workable, why not here go if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you have a foundation that comes in a pump and a tube, I’m just being bratty whatever. But, like you see how cute this is, it’s got the little glass and it’s so substantial and it’s all sexy, looking and whatnot and in toothpaste like I just need so you’re supposed to massage the foundation like this, which is admittedly fun I enjoy doing this now. I applied the primer, not the new venti primer, because at this point I have so many primers that I don’t use. I don’t need another winning. They don’t work that different from each other. I don’t even know a private really work if you’re planning to use them for anything other than like a finish shift. Sometimes they can be like a really luminous than the finish and so like. If you want it to last longer, I never noticed that it matter anyway, just to keep like textures very similar. I applied some of the Laura Mercier hydrating primer. Now I’m gonna apply just a wee bit of the foundation. This is a pump. Don’t want to apply too much at first cuz. You want to just like see how it sits on the skin and then move accordingly. I don’t know if anyone else is taking note of this, but it’s milk, I’m trying to remember this – is the original pearl filter foundation have a smell OOP? No, no! It doesn’t this foundation smell good. It smell, like cookies, a little bit a little a little cakey cookies. Some rather I don’t. I don’t know how good that is first again now that I think about it, but whatever we out cheer, I’m discipling a pre, a thin layer, yep I’m getting a little bit of light bulb. You know a little bit of light bulb realness. It’s not bad, though I expect you to be way off color, because I got my cute little tan right now, god it smells so good. I don’t apply this simply because of that now from the first layer we’re looking good, it’s even giving me some of that milk that, like shine from the side looking like chocolate, milk, I’ve always said this that I really really like Korean foundations.
If they’re my color, particularly the ones that are like dewy, because they give me this hyper shine right here, just like uh, it’s all juicy look at. Oh, I don’t want to powder it. I’m gonna. Take, I guess, I’ll take one more pump, don’t overdo it, but I want to add just a little bit more coverage on like my cheeks here, because I have a little bit of discoloration there. I see how that how that builds up. This is so off topic, but I’m super traumatized because, like I just saw Simon DS, but the one that’s really like stuck with me, he’s wearing a holographic bomber, Jackie holographic shorts and a Barney purple do-rag, and I’m just I’m traumatized gonna bring that down the neck. This foundation is supposed to be long wearing. I don’t know to what extent that is true, because I’ve never worn it for a long time, but my knee-jerk reaction is nope, because if you touch it like see that see, I think see how you can see on my lies through this little lookingglass right here. So if you like, going about your day, put your hand on you on your face or something your whole face. Gon na look like a stop sign. Stop I make really bad jokes for the living, but hey, I could be working a nine-to-five and I’m not working a nine-to-five hummer, keeping it all in the family just going in with the Fenty beautycon Sheila profil till 3:30, and I’m just gonna take a brush And put a pretty thin layer that I’m trying to keep it very like skin like and everything kind of still thinking about. It’s like what some Donita do right. What oh? What waves? Are you protecting? There’s just some situations. You can’t defend your faves like that. That’s that was that was one for me, the pro filter banana powder and probably the honey powder too, which is a little bit darker and closer to my skin, to like overall skin tone. But I’m going to start with banana under the eye and also around the note, like the nostril. Sorry, I’m still thinking about it. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I I don’t want to put too much powder because obviously it’s a dewy foundation. I want that dude is still kind of come through, but this is not our foundation that you can get by with, like.
Oh I’m, just gonna not set it. I’m just gonna live that dangerous life late, but I do find that even after setting it at least with this powder that it does still look pretty do it, it still looks pretty skin like and kind of kind of shiny or whatever. I kind of just want to do like nothing on my eyes. I think I’m just gonna go in and highlight my brow bone and like blend the edges of where my concealer and stuff was but yeah. I’m just gonna do nothing going in with some eye linting high key one of the best bronzers gotta say it’s quite fired. Well, I come from. We would cool that fire. Okay. So far, I would definitely call this foundation like a. I got natural skin finish. Not quite isn’t that true, let’s say like a Pat McGrath soul foundation. By the way I did a review of that one. If you haven’t seen that that should be up David. That’s super skin like this definitely looks more like makeup, certainly, but not to the extent that it looks like max key and stuff. I think it looks nice I tan so weird like I never get it even tan. You see that it looks like I did. A faux tan nope, that’s just me watching that’s what I hate getting a tan cuz, it’s never even I guess I could do the whole like lay out in the Sun and get naked type thing, but I guess I could just do two layers. I’m the girl. Next year we plan in low key that’s what I’m working out for people do. Hmm, so you don’t wish. I worked out for the first time in like a week and I feel so good. I feel great, I get it. I get why people like doing it for a very long time. I was like what do you mean stress relief? Well, it doesn’t give me and low key I’m just working out now, so that I can be more naked next year. Once I get my the stallion booty, y’all gonna be annoyed. Well, has it ever tell me going if they only see you but, like you changed kidnap, though we’re creasing like we’re, crease increasing, like on the mouth area, see that sexy, so I’m definitely gonna need to set more thoroughly in this area. Black only cracks. If you let it going in with a little bit of benefit roller lash yo, this might be my new favorite mascara she’s gonna fire. Oh whoa they’re very like feather, but it definitely did something a lot of times he’s like feathery mascaras.
Don’t do nothing like! That’s the thing: it’s like! Okay, you tinted my lashes thanks. I don’t think I’ve ever used to this. I must’ve there’s a mark in it, but I don’t recall ever using this. This is the fenty what a brat kilowatt highlighter, so it might be hell out of place considering this is a relatively like natural, whatever look, but I want to use it so I mean she’s glittery, okay, she’s, real glitter e, alright she’s, not she’s, not everyday, not The one that you talked to all the time about you problems were so like. I need to go in out, but yep mm-hmm, just to going out. Fran highlighter wouldn’t call her your ride or die per se, but certainly one that has been there for a lot. Uh, I think that’s safe to put them on those, so I’m just gonna go in with me money hustle baby, I’m going with hustle baby. Who am I kidding just a little bit? That’s a lot of it, but I feel like they not tied together. If I do that, though cuz I feel like I’m gold right here and then pink everywhere else, okay, we’ll put a little bit of the pink one in the inner right here to buy both of them together, yeah little bit on the nose, I might be able To get away with doobie Doo bit on the nose, okay, it’s just a we beat a gold one like under is that done was that a dumb idea think I’ll just go around all the pink and just do a little bit? No, I kind of look like a sperm blend that out a little bit that, in part mm-hmm finish up with one of these Roman lip. Tints I’ve been wearing these all time and every time I wear one someone’s always like what is that there are four Burkhardt. I mean I like way more, like pink on camera, which is interesting, so I’m gonna put a little bit of gloss on tap a tone down, and some of this this is from M cosmetics. This is their lip glazes. I would have Scott true gloss in caramel glaze, which is just like uh brown, like a taupey brown glossy, I so far so good. I think it looks nice, but anyway it is about 5:30 p.m so I will be testing it out, at least for, like four or five hours, um we’ll see how well it holds up and not particularly strenuous circumstances.
I’m gonna go now because people are making dinner and it’s loud so I’ll see you guys in a few hours hello It is now 9:30 ish I’m tired, and I want to take my makeup up Also, I look different I was playing around with Pat McGrath I decided to get this one It’s for a sale Cameron I was like Oh that’s, funny, proceed, hey You know we put a little on the eyes, felt a little art Howe So what are the final thoughts on the foundation? I think it’s nice, presumably gonna, need to do more we’re tests, but I will say I did notice a bit more like creasing here, even after we powdered, I just tapped that out in my hand, but that does leave me to believe that this isn’t really A foundation that will last a long time on me, I kind of want to try mixing like a squirt of the hydrating and a squirt of the regular and see what we get there as far as like longevity, because their original really really lasts on me cuz It’s so freakin dry I know I just feel like this one’s, dare I say almost too moisturizing to the extent that it’s so malleable that I have to be careful If I don’t powder sufficiently like, I showed you before, it’ll just come up like I’d, give it I’d, give it a beat, feel like longevity, and I know I don’t know it’s what extent that’s true I feel like you, have to be very, very diligent about powdering At which case it’s like well, why did you buy a moisturizing foundation? I guess I’m here a person that likes to do glam, but you have dry skin, so you can’t start off matte and then put matte stuff on top of it I guess I get hydrating foundations because I wanted to look dewy on the skin It all depends on preference, maybe actually I’ll probably like this more in the winter fall winter I’m gonna test, you know I’ll be I’ll be using it I don’t think it’s bad enough that I need to take it back by any means, but I want to try it when my skin is even drier and needs that extra TLC and maybe I’ll find that I like it more during that time Also, the color will match better, but anyway, if you found this Follow me on social media Instagram and Twitter, both of which are Can you JT and I’ll? See you guys next time,

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