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In 2019, 13 affordable new products will be launched for high-end products. | makeupbamarie

30 Sep , 2019  

So it’s that time again, I’m pretty excited it’s been about four months.. Y’All know this channel is all about beauty on a budget, so I really wanna show you guys some more affordable options for higher-end beauty products. Now, before we begin, which is an all new makeup line that I helped co-create alongside seven other Beauty. Influencers on the interweb. We are actually launching some hot new products. This fall, so you guys are going to get a sneak peek into these launches and it’s gonna be an awesome time.
So if you are not subscribed to my channel, make sure you guys press the subscribe button and while you’re at it click that Bell, because it’s free and YouTube actually notifies you anytime, I upload, which is every Monday Wednesday and Friday with that. We’Re just gonna hop right into the do ticket trust. When I tell you, we got a lot of stuff to get through. Let’s go! The real question here is: where do I begin literally have so much stuff to get through. So, let’s actually start off with liquid lipsticks. I only have one liquid lipstick to do for you, and today, I’m gonna be dipping these smashbox, always on a liquid lipstick in the shade out loud now, fun fact. I really do adore smashbox liquid lipstick formula just because it is extremely comfortable on the lips, it’s not to over drying, but they do retail for $24 and i’m sure you can imagine picking up. Multiple of these liquid lipsticks can be very, very, very pricey. So i definitely wanted to do this shade, not only because it’s literally the perfect color for fall, but again it’s a little bit pricey, so I am duping it to our collab mat addiction, liquid, lipstick in the shade private affair. This is a brand new shade. Launching this fall we’re actually launching an additional eight shades to our matte addiction, liquid lipstick line, these do retail for ten dollars, and the formula is incredible: we have a very nice soft velvety matte formula that dries down completely transfera proof, and it’s very very comparable to These smashbox always on liquid lipstick, if not better again, this is $9.99 ten dollars versus $24. Take your pick by the way I am wearing private affair on my lips in case, you guys were wondering anyways moving on. Let’s actually talk about face primer. This is a face primer. I’ve talked about a ton on my channel, and I am talking about the milk makeup.
Hydro grip primer, this right here, retails for $30, which is so crazy, expensive for a face primer, but I will definitely say when I first tried this out. I was blown away, one. It’s silicone free, and sometimes you know it’s nice to kind of step away from a silicone based primer. It’s also oil free. It has this green tint on it, but it goes on completely clear on the skin and the best way I could possibly describe this is like glue for your skin, like when I put this on my foundation. Stick to it. It does not go anywhere, it doesn’t smudge or budge. Doesn’t crack crease anything whatsoever again $30. I did find a spot on do for this, and I am talking about the elf jelly pop do primer. This is fairly fairly new, and since I got this, I have been using the elf one non-stop on my channel, simply because it is very, very affordable. This guy right here, retails for $8 $8 $30. What I am wearing the elf one today on my face – and let me just say my foundation – has not gone anywhere. I put my foundation on at 1:00 p.m. and the time right now is 12:30 9:00 at night girlfriend it’s late foundation, locked and loaded love, love, love this little guy highly recommend. I will definitely say I went into older recently completely sold out. I don’t know if it sold out online, but if I can find it, I’m definitely gonna link it down below in the description for you, because I got you I look out for you come on all love. This next dupe is a dupe that I just found out about, and let me just say when I put them both on in side-by-side my mind was blown. It really really was today. I’m gonna be dipping the mac prolongwear soft ochre Paint Pot. This does retail for $22 and not to say that I run out of this quickly because I have had this and I want to say, like this spring 21 days of beauty, sale event from Ulta like I’ve had it for a little minute. I put a little bit of a dent in it, but it does last a really really long time. So definitely take your pick, I’m not here to tell you what to buy what not to buy, but I really just want to give you guys more affordable options for me personally, if I could save a little bit of coin and get the same effect, I’m all About that, so I didn’t want to do this today to the brand new revolution Pro. I elements eye primer. This one right here is in the shade core.
As you can see, they are so incredibly similar. It’s almost unreal this one soft ochre, this one is core. Like girlfriend crazy, crazy good, nonetheless, I still wanted to do swatches up on the screen just so that way, you can get a side-by-side comparison of the shades in the opacity now both eye primers are extremely opaque for me personally, whatever I’m looking for an eye primer, I’m always looking for something that is very, very buildable, something that’s gonna cover up discoloration and Vonage, and these do just that. The one from Mac doesn’t lean slightly more like yellow beige, whereas the one from revolution Pro it’s a little bit more of a bone. Colored eyeshadow base both are incredible again: the Mac ones $22 and the one from revolution Pro is. Eight definitely wanted to show you guys this one as a cheaper alternative. If you want to save some coins, soholla you guys know, I love the color corrector, especially a good peach, color corrector and if you didn’t know you must be new here, but it’s okay, I always apply a peach or salmon colored concealer underneath my eyes. A reason being is that peach or salmon really helps combat dark circles. So it’s gonna cover up all the blues greens purples, whatever the case may be, if you don’t get that much sleep or you just struggle with darkness in general, a peach color corrector is really going to brighten up those areas. So it’s literally a step. I do not skip I’ve made it my personal goal to test out as many peach color crackers as I possibly can, and I did come across a do for the Urban Decay Naked skin a color correcting fluid in the shade peach. You guys this is so beautiful. Underneath the eyes it blends out like a dream again, it really really does brighten, but it retails for $29, which is goes over my head every single time. I say it out loud. I did find a personal dupe for it. This here is our no flaws. Liquid color corrector in the shade peach – I know very innovative, but it literally is such a beautiful shade underneath the eyes it brightens, like no other, and while these two right next to each other, may not be like spot-on color matches for each other. They do the exact same thing and I will definitely say the formulas are very similar if not spot-on, dupes for each other, while the Urban Decay Naked skin formula is a little bit more full coverage all at once.
Our collab no flaws formula. It’s a little bit more buildable, so it’s definitely medium to full-on coverage which I like, because if you don’t want full coverage, you definitely don’t need to go in full coverage all at once. You can apply a very nice, thin layer and kind of build it up to your desired coverage, and that’s what I love most about it. Also this product right here, retails for $12 $12.99 to be exact, which is a 16 dollar difference. Hello love that so, let’s talk about foundation today, I’m gonna be duping the Too Faced perfect peach, comfort, matte foundation. The shade I have right here is light beige. I alsohave another shade, which is warm nude. I kind of interchange between the two. It really just depends on if I’m self tan or not now what I love about this foundation is that it really is a comfort matte foundation, and now, during these summer months, even going into fall. My skin is a little bit more drier than usual. So sometimes I can’t really get away with wearing like a mattifying foundation, but since it is a comfort matte, it’s not too over drying on my skin, I’m actually wearing the Too Faced perfect peach foundation on my face right now, because it literally is so incredible. I would literally purchase this a million times over the price on this. Oh, it’s $36. So for me to say, I purchase it. A million times over is a blatant lie because girl, don’t nobody got money like that. I did recently come across a foundation from Target. This is the Haley’s foundation which again is sold in Target now. These are currently on sale for $10, and this right here is a matte foundation. This is a liquid matte formula, so, while it is not it’s not very very over drying on the skin, and when I put this on, I immediately thought of the perfect peach come from matte foundation by Too Faced. I will definitely say that the shade range on this is a little bit weird, so I dohave two shades. I have been trying and testing out. I have a 4.30 warm in 2.50, warm obviously the 2.5. It’s a little bit lighter for me. So I do like to cross mix the two to get my perfect shade, but literally these formulas are spot-on, if not identical, for each other shades are a little bit off, so I didn’t want to swatch them right next to each other. Just so that way, you can kind of see what I’m talking about when it comes to the shade range, but again ten dollars each 20 dollars total two of them together is still cheaper than the two faiths perfect peach.
Just saying I do want to switch gears. A little bit, I definitely want to talk about setting sprays now for me personally, I’m just not wowed by many setting sprays that is until I came across the anastacio. Do we set, as you can see, I have about this much left in the bottle, and I was honestly this close to going into Ulta and picking up another one until I came across bigotries Prime and fine dewy glow fixing spray. This is more of like an illuminating spray, so it’s gonna give me a really nice dewy aluminous feel very, very comparable to the dewy set by Anastacio. Now this is 26. This is $7.99. While I do know that you get more product in the dewy set by honest hacia, even if I was to go to Oulton pick up two of these – that’s $14 versus 26 and they do the exact same thing. I mean for me. It’s a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how much I love this blush palette right here buys away. I wear this almost every single day. It’s a palette that I always travel with like I can’t go anywhere without it. That’s how much I love it. I am wearing it on my cheeks today, I’m wearing this orange and also this shade right here, mixed together. By the way, look so make sure you guys follow me over on the gram, because you’re not gonna want to miss out I’m a little too okay anyways. This palette right here does retail for $42, which is so expensive for blush, but don’t get me wrong still my favorite palette hands down to date. I was going through my makeup collection and I saw the blushing and Bali palette by BH and I definitely feel like some of the blush shades in this palette were very comparable to the shades from these away palette. And now, let’s cover up the highlights, you can definitely see that it has very very beautiful kind of like pinky, mop, berry shades in the palette, and, if you hold up, as you weigh one, I definitely feel like B shades right here in this little area are Very comparable to blushing in Bali. I also wanted a thorough swatches up on the screen. Just so that way, you could see a side-by-side comparison of those three shades while they aren’t like spot-on color matches like dupes for each other. They are very, very similar.
So that’s definitely an alternative if you didn’t want to spend $42 on these, you a blush palette since I know how much everybody loves the Sela, glitter and glow liquid eyeshadows.. It’s called plum on. It’s a really really beautiful purple shade! That’s going to look incredible for fall now. These are really really awesome because they are very, very poppy. They really stand out on the eyelids, but on the flipside of that they do retail for $24. You could definitely see how that can add up over a period of time, so from collab we are launching a brand new glitter and glow liquid eye shadows. These are gonna retail for $9 and I found a spot on dupe for plum on by Cielo. This one right here, it’s called ice owl, I’m gonna put them right next to each other, and you can see they are spot-on dupes for each other, which is so crazy to even think about, like my mind, is literally blown. What I love about the Clapp formula is that it has a really really nice base color to it, so you don’t even need to apply a lychee. You can put this all over your eyelid as your lid. It alsohas really nice glitter and shimmer reflex in it. So your eyes are really gonna pop and stand out again. This retails for $9.99, the one from Sela is $24, which is a $14 price. Difference honey go get you some! So, there’s no denying how much I love my Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder is like girl, I’m Aiki obsessed. I have two different shades. I have one Fair, which I use underneath my eyes to kind of like brighten, and I have two medium, which I use all over my face. This is actually a backup like a replacement, because I use my other one. I hit pan. It was completely gone, but we’re not gonna talk about it. We’Re not gonna talk about how much I spend okay, because I spent a pretty penny on the EC’s. Do retail for $45 each $90 total face powder drop, because that is so crazy to think about, there’s something so incredibly special about these powders. It leaves like almost like a soft focus veil on the skin that really blurs out any fine lines and imperfections, which is why sometimes I can justify the price point, but I do go through those powders pretty pretty quickly. So I recently came across a dupe in my collection by flower beauty. This right here is the light illusion perfecting powder this powder on its own retails for $32.
99, which is a thirty one dollar price difference. I didn’t want to swatch Bowl shades right next to each other. Just so that way, you can kind of get a feel for how they sit on the skin, both powders really blur out. All of my imperfections, they’re very, very lightweight on the skin, almost feels like silk, like I’m, not even gonna lie like that’s how fine these powders feel on my skin. When I put this one on from flower Beauty, I was like wow. This looks and feel so similar to something I know, and then I realized it was my Charlotte Tilbury powders girl. You can’t even beat it $13 for this powder versus 45 I’ll wait. It’s an authority on the topic of powders. Let’s actually talk about a dupe for my fancy beauty powder bronzer this right here is he son, Sokka instant, warm bronzer in the shade shady biz, you guys know. This is literally in my perfect bronzer shade. What I love most about the bronzer is by Fenty. Actually, let me show you when you take your brush and you kind of swirl it around. You don’t really get that much kickback in the pan. While you get a little bit, it’s not half as much as like a typical bronzer. So it’s very very fine on this skin. I also really love how buildable this powder is. This definitely is more of a warm bronzer. Let me just say that it definitely is warmer than what I would typically gravitate towards, but I love that going on at first. It is a little bit sheer, but it is definitely buildable this bronzer right here, retails for $30, which I don’t ever see myself replacing this. But if you guys want more of a cheaper alternative, I definitely wanted to recommend the number-7 bronzer in the shade caramel. The shades compared to shady Byzantine are so incredibly similar when I put them right next to each other. On the screen, I was literally blown away. Also. The number seven bronzer is very, very buildable on the skin very very similar to the fenty Beauty. One, like you really don’t have to apply all that much at all. You apply a very nice thin layer and then really build it up to your desired intensity. The one by number, seven does retail for $12.99 again, whereas the one from Fenty is thirty. I don’t ever see myself replacing the one from Fenty with the one from number seven. I don’t know what it is about this formula. They are just slightly slightly different.
I do prefer the one from venti, but if you guys are looking for a similar color match, the one from number seven is really really great. You know what’s funny, is that this next tube? It’s a dupe that I had my dupe drawer for quite some time. So I’m really excited to finally sit down and talk to you guys about it. I am gonna be duping. The anastacio liquid glow face highlighter. I know this is face highlighter, but this is such a universally flattering product. You can mix it in with your moisturizer. Your lotion pop a little bit onto your shoulders collarbones highest point of your cheekbones, literally whatever it is that you want. The shade that I have right here is called Perla. It literally is liquid gold in a tube, not even kidding like I’m gonna put some on the back of my hand, you can see just how blinding this product truly truly is again. You can share it out. You can put it on ice, opaque as it is on the back of my hand whatever it is that you want it does retail for twenty-five dollars, which, for me personally, is just a little bit excessive for that kind of product. So I did want to dupe it to something a little bit more affordable and very, very user friendly. I will be duping it to the Milani strobe light. This right here is a liquid highlighter in the shade de glow. I’m gonna put this one on my hand as well, because I really want to show you just how blinding this one is as well literally liquid gold in a tube. So incredibly beautiful you can do the exact same thing for not even half the price point. I dohave swatches up on the screen just because I really wanted you guys to see bull shades right next to each other. Honestly, I can’t even really tell the difference I feel like for 9.99. I would definitely go with the one from Milani versus the one from ABH, but that’s just me personally like I would rather save a little bit of coin, especially if I’m gonna get the same exact effect. Okay, let’s actually touch on mascara, really really quick. Today I am going to be duping at the Lancome a month, your big mascara. Now you guys know I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to go out and spend money on, like high-end mascaras, to get really really beautiful lashes, and I still do believe that. But sometimes I do like to splurge on higher-end mascaras this one right here.
Retails for $24 – I really really love it, and the reason being is that it does have more of a fatter one. It coats my lashes very very nicely, but the downside to it is that it is $24. I’m almost out of this. So for me personally, I’m like okay. I need the next best thing, if not better, and I dohave a better alternative for you. This one right here is by collab. This is our new fantasize fan effect mascara. When I pop out the wand here, you will definitely see that it has a bigger one. Just like the Lancome wants your big mascara, but what I love about this brush in particular is that it is more of a fan defect mascara, so it does have more of like a tapered tip. Where is the one from Lancome? It does not not a deal-breaker, though I do love this wand, a lot better because it really coats my lashes very very nicely. It does not clump, it does not smudge, it does not budge, it’s extremely black and it also curls my lashes. At the same time, this mascara retails for $14.99, which is more of a give or take $10 price difference between the two. This mascara is incredible again. It is launching this fall with collab and is definitely a game changer. The last and final dupe. I have today is a highlighter dupe. Today I am going to be duping the Ofra and nikkietutorials highlighter collab this one right here is an ever glow and it is that highlighter that has three different shades. I love that there is a light/medium and deeper highlight Shea for all different skin tones. What I love most about over highlighters is that they are actually pigmented and foiled. It’s also that highlighter that really just melts right into the skin. So it’s not powdery to the point where it sits. On top it really just melts seamlessly into the skin. Give you more of like a natural glowing from within glow. If you get me but retails for $35, so crazy to think $35 for a highlighter. But I did find a cheaper alternative by Milani. This right here is the Milani stellar lights. Highlighter palette in the shade Rose glow. What I love most about this is that it comes with three different highlighter shade, so you have light medium and also deep. The only stipulations between the two is that the one from Milani the deeper shade just isn’t as copper as a one from the nikkietutorials collab I definitely do love the formula of the Ophir one a little bit better.
But if you want a very, very similar color story, I definitely feel like this One from Milani is a seal because it only retails for $899, whereas again the one from Oprah is $35 These are all my dupes I know but I hope they’re well well worth the wait, because I really try my best to find the best dupes possible to sit on camera and share with you guys I do want to let you guys know that we are actually extending our Brush line in Sally Beauty with collab, so I did design a few four brushes with collab just to extend the line because we only had one blending brush As you guys know, we did have this brush with collab, which is an awesome brush for blending shadow All in the crease, but I definitely felt like we needed a little bit more selection when it came to our brushes So I came out with a smudger brush right here that is going to allow you to release smudge out the lower lash line What I love most about our smudger brush is that it isn’t stiff in any way It is more of a rounded flat smudger brush, which I like, so it’s very, very comfortable underneath the eyes when smudging out the product, I alsohave a crease brush, which is very, very similar to a morphe m5o 7 You can actually stick this right here in the crease for more precision blending It is such a dope brush You could also use this a smudge out your very lower lashline pop color right there in the very inner corner This is definitely more of a universal brush that you can use for so many different things also Lastly, we have the overall flat shader brush, which is a little bit more fluffy You can actually use this for brow Bone highlight to really blend the brow bone highlight in with your transitional shade You could also use this to pack shadow all over the lid All these brushes will be available This fall so definitely be on the lookout I just wanted to give you guys a little stink paint No, no, I love doing sneak peeks, and that is it I love you Thank you a so much for watching again check out the description box I love you and until next time, I’ll be sure to catch weights all on the next one, deuces

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