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In a game of Song society, Kelly Roland sang Aretha Franklin, the children of fate, and more.

30 Sep , 2019  

This is a great game We’Re gonna play this at home Hey I’m Kelly Rowland and I’m here to play a game song association without the rules of the game are simple I’ll be giving a word, and I have 10 seconds to sing that word in a song I don’t know what’s going to happen in this game I know if I to come up with something quickly in 10 seconds or else here we go Oh damn, son, sorry, honey All I could think of is a wraithers honey, honey, baby honey Oh, how I love you so much honey! Oh, how I love you so much something like that I think honey bills Can you pay ma? Can you pay my telephone sit there you go bills I am really broken that I could not have time to saw a broken broken Oh damn, son, sorry kiss! I, like my kisses down low, Oh y’all, know what I’m saying gonna be like they don’t know Yeah I, like my kisses down low yeah, get out of me name say my name Is they were named uh crazy Does that make me crazy, hey night at night, it’s actually funny when I miss it, it’s actually funny She was like okay love I just think about so many people use your name I can’t get that long, but love dance, dance from here on out I’ll Be your commander dance That’s a net song I don’t sing it I just go dance I got you, I promise, I know the words blue Oh, you can sing blues name anyway Blue yeah, except I didn’t go to LeAnn Rimes LeAnn, Rimes blue I was trying not this thing like these song I was trying to think of another blue record, I’m like okay angel angel, I know or in the arms of an angel, far away from here that one, oh yeah, I need a baker If you don’t know now, you know, if you don’t know you need to get it, I don’t need to make woman Oh my will man? Oh independent, independent woman, yeah, sweet, oh sweet love, hear you calling out my name I feel no shame I’m in love You don’t sweet, love, deep, deep Oh my time is up what y’all thinking about black streak Yeah we go, dig dig I was like what are they laughing it 1-1 This is a great game We’Re gonna play this at home, so I got 10 out of 15 songs, but I think I should get a extra three points because I sang angel three different ways: three different songs Thank you so much for watching I hope you had as much fun as I did You can check me and other women in all of our stories about style and fashion and evolving into our own individuality Out on max you project calm like a subscribe, [ Laughter, ]

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